February 14th, 2006


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Okay, what do i use to open a TGA file? because I just took some nice screenshots in WoW, and I'd like to be able to see them... along with all the other ones I've taken in the past and not looked at... because it'll be hard to get in that position with my succubus again.

Birth control pills: I know when I first went on them, my doc said something to the key of "look, if you start feeling suicidal, let us know, we will give you different pills"- that the pills could make you mood swingy. ... I seem to get moodswingy -off- the pills. Today is day two of my placebo week and I didn't go to two classes because I just. didn't. care.
Is that what she -meant- in the first place? If not, is that any direction of normal? and when I finally have the money saved for a (hormonal) IUD, will I not have this effect anymore, since I would be constantly on the hormones?
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1. So my extra userpics are about to expire, and I really don't feel strongly enough about them to renew. I wonder though, are there any websites out there that has some gadget that can tell you which userpics you use the most? I really doubt it but it would be awesome. It's hard to pick which ones I'm going to "let go"...

While I'm at it, I'll add:
2. Sorry to be boringly self-centered, which of my userpics is the absolute lamest and *has* to go?

3. Which of my userpics would you definitely keep if you were me?
If you hate them all with a firey passion, no need to answer really. I learned my lesson with the glittery shoes opinion post ;)

late night pondering.

1. What operating system is your computer running?
2. What Internet program are you using?
3. What resolution do you have?
4. Do you have an optical mouse?
5. Do you have a mouse pad?
6. Split or normal keyboard?
7. Old big monitor or cool LCD?
8. Ink jet printer or laser?
9. Do you have a microphone for your computer?
10. In general, do you like laptops or desktops more?

Plate Tectonics

I know I'm really late to the table here, but could someone explain to me what is up with the "Stop Plate Tectonics" "Movements" I heard about on college campuses (and I saw referenced in an lj icon recently)? I still don't get it!! Thanks!
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So I lived in Illinois for the entirety of 2005, and all income that I earned was paid in Illinois. On January 9, I moved to Indiana and began earning income. Now, I'm an IN resident. So do I file my taxes in Illinois or Indiana?

Online Stuff

Is there anywhere you would recommend for E-Valentine's? I did a google search and found a few things, but anything you'd recommend? I'm looking for my mom.

Also, is there anywhere online I can watch the last two pairs skaters from last night? I got tired and went to bed before it was over. EDIT: Nevermind about this second one, I see I can get a recap online at NBC.



Do you know why your parents named you what they did?

Did they just like the name? How'd they pick it? Named after a family member?

I have no clue why my parents chosen Kristen for me, but I am totally wondering now.
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who else is starting an office (circle of friends) pool wagering on how many times today you'll hear some variation of the following: "Valentines day is silly, its just corporate, why can't we just express our love every day?"

I'm already up to 7 and its only 10:30

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how many cups do you think this recipe would make?

2 Cups chopped onion
1 Teaspoon minced garlic
1 Teaspoon Italian seasoning
1 Teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
3 Cups prepared chunky vegetable spaghetti sauce
4 Sprigs fresh basil, for garnish
The Receptionist Classic


Did you set up one of those Johari window things, too?
If so, what trait did people pick for you that seems the oddest?

Yup, I'm a lemming. I did it. And people seem to think I'm witty. I'll let them keep thinking that. For now... ;)

Edit: Here is mine. If you don't know what the heck a Johari window is, clicky that and take a peek.
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we're doing the dinner thing tonite with the girls...going to some place called "texas roadhouse" which for some dumbass reason, i keep calling "the north forty"

do you have any plans tonite? if so - what are they?
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I got a promise ring for Valentine's Day and I don't know which hand to wear it on! Engagement rings go on the left ring finger, but what about promise rings?
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Soap Operas

Does anyone watch soaps? Which ones? I used to watch Another World, for over 15 years (I started when I was about 5 and my Dad was home on Worker's Comp. It was our "bonding" time)

Since it was cancelled, I haven't really watched any other ones. Occasionally, I check in on Days Of Our Lives, as it was on just before AW. Since I've been laid off the last couple weeks, I've been watching it more regularly, though not every day. The current storyline has me scratching my head, and I was hoping someone could answer a few questions.

These things might just be those illogical Soap things that don't make any sense - I mean, this is a show where a woman was possessed by the devil, there was an island full of "dead" characters and mind-control is as common as a snowstorm (as in, a couple times a year). Anyway, on to the dilemma:

A girl (Chelsea) is charged with the hit-and-run death of her younger half-brother (Zack). As far as I can remeber, I think I saw something leading up to this just before New Year's. I'm fairly sure that the accident was supposed to have happened on New Year's Eve, as it was mentioned the girl was allowed to use her Dad's truck because, as a non-drinker, she'd be safer than if she had to catch a ride with a drunk friend.

1. Did it really happen on New Year's? Because today, Zack's mom (Hope) was looking at a box of his stuff from school, and there was a Valentine in it. (And what little kid - I think he was 6-ish?- would make a Valentine 2 months before, when he's mroe likely to be doing Christmas crafts?)

2. How is it that a little boy was hit by a truck late on night on New Year's Eve? Why aren't the parents in trouble for the kid wandering around in the first place?

Again, I'm pretty sure that these are both things that you're just not supposed to think about when you're watching soap operas. But a LITTLE bit of sense should come in to play, occasionally. Maybe that's asking a little much for a show where they had a character named "Swamp Girl" who turned out to be a beautiful opera singer. I guess that's why they're cancelled.

Which brings me to one last question: I heard that Days has been cancelled. When is it over?

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i am and 18 year old girl
i have just acquired the chicken pox

whats the worst that could happen??
and what should i do to occupy myself in the solitary confinement of my room?
i am thinking of doing a lot of art. photography. pastels. painting. a whole series.
it will be called chicken pox.

anything else?
thank you.
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Yay for complexities!

So I learned enough about jazz to not be completely clueless. (And in the process downloaded most of Brian Setzer's stuff, who I liked anyway, which I will need to go get on CD right behind all the Swedish metal CDs I still "owe".) I also discovered that a bar (with a restaurant, so no age restriction, I'll get to that in a minute) that has jazz bands two nights a week. I formulated an idea...

I will ask this girl to go with me sometime, and I might or might not pay for her if we go alone, but the plan is to make it an open invitation for a group of friends - anyone she wants to bring, friends of mine that I can find (or possibly my sister and brother-in-law, who would be shocked to see me go to that sort of thing, even though they do all the time), and anyone we can get from the student organization we both belong to. (Global Friends of Japan, which gives you some sort of idea, and hints at one more of my questions.) I'll wait to invite anyone (other than seeing if they will be working that day, just in case) until a couple days before, and call her and see if she's bringing anyone, and if not, I'll just go alone with her. On to the questions...

Is this a good plan? Does the group idea help it any? Is it a good thing to invite her to when the majority of what I know about her is that she knows nothing of Japanese politics but studies piano and jazz? Anyone forsee any issue with my plan when I mention that she's Japanese and 19 and I'm American and 27? (I don't look it or act it! :) )

Umm... crap, I had more questions than this and forgot. I'll probably see her some night this week at a rehearsal/practice/thing forJapan Night, the organization's big yearly event, but definitely Saturday and Sunday for the final rehearsal and actual show. (She will serve food and perform in one dance, I will be running the lights for the fourth year in a row.) That leads to a new question I thought of... Given that they're every Monday and Thursday, when is an optimal amount ahead of time to invite her to something like this? (Assuming, of course, that she'll agree to it, but I'm at least confident in that part. :) )
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ANOTHER tax refund question!

My tax refund is going to be about $1600 this year. What would be the smartest way to spend it (of the following choices)

1. Pay off (in full) a credit card with a balance of $1050, split the rest between my high yield savings and US Savings Bonds for my kiddo.

2. Use most of it to pay part of a credit card with a balance of $4800 ish, even though last time I made a big payment to that card they actually LOWERED my credit limit to within a couple hundred dollars of my balance (long story... it was a secured card, when they gave me back my deposit and switched me to a regular card, they upped my credit limit too... then even though I had a stellar paying record with not only that one, but the only other card I had at that time, they "re-evalutated my credit situation" and decided I was only eligible for the lower amount... BOY was I mad!)

3. Put the whole shebang in the high yield savings and/or bonds for the baby and just continue paying my cards down as usual. (my husband owns his own business and we budget for paying more than minimum, but when he has extra money we use it for credit card payments)

4. Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance :)
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Attention snake owners

Do snake owners really seek out kittens to feed their snakes? I thought it was usually limited to feeding them rodents :( I know big snakes have to eat small mammals, but a friend of mine who works at the animal shelter was telling me that people call pretty often asking if they can have free kittens and small cats for snake food, but of course the shelter won't give them kittens unless they go through the adoption procedure and pay the fees, and the hungry snake owners aren't interested in $80 snake meals.

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Has anyone here been to San Jose, Sonoma, Chico, or Arcata (Humboldt county), California?

If so, what are they like; how's the general atmosphere? What is there do to there? What's the landscape like? What are the people there like? How's the political climate? Is it urban, suburban, small town?

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would you or would you not agree that bomb.com should be an absolutely AMAZING website?
if you go to it, it is absolutely not bomb.com.

or better yet...

would anybody here want to create such a website? i would give props by the truckload to the individual who does.
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1) Who is your favorite Olympic athlete of 2006?

2) What do you think of Bode Miller?

3) Would you ever be in a relationship that you knew wasn't going anywhere?

4) Do you have any online friends that you feel are "real" friends?

5) Are you good at math?

6) Did that girl from American Idol who sang the national anthem with her mouth closed get kicked off already?

7) Did your parents play sports?

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Left shoulder influences.

Have you ever thought of either a prank or trick to play on a friend that is so clever and witty, that it is down right vicious? Things that you feel the little devil on your left shoulder whispered in your ear.

Or have you just thought of something so clever to say that could be potentially hurtful to someone, but your conscience made you bite your tongue? Yet it would have been sooo good to have let them have it...

Feel free to share some of the things you wanted to say or do, but didn't, and why....
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2. How do I go about finding a good Chinese restaurant?
The one I've always gone to had a sign on their door about a month ago explaining that they were closed due to family illness, now the store is up for lease. I'm guessing they aren't coming back. I really hope that they're okay since they were super nice people. Anyway I've asked people around here where they get Chinese food, and the places just haven't been good. I've looked online to no avail. I've tried at least 6 places and they've all been pretty shitty.

3. If you're carrying a bag on your shoulder, which shoulder do you carry it on?
I always use my right shoulder, I can't keep bags on my left shoulder to save my life.
Computer (Smash!)

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A computery one...

Firstly, when using ADSL type Internet connections is the upload speed *always* less than the download speed? My understanding is that this doesn't have to the be the case although ISPs tend to skew it this way. So I guess my question is does using ADSL mean that the upload speed MUST be lower than the download speed, due to the technology?

Secondly, are there any guides on how much Internet bandwidth you should provide per person in a small business using email, with a Windows WAN, and some minimal data copying between offices?

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Inspired by the question of finding a good Chinese food place, which do you find to be true:

A) You can tell the food will be good in a place where all the staff is Chinese.

B)To hell with the staff, be they Chinese, Mexican, or Martian. The test is whether there are Chinese people -eating- there.

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If you read and follow this, thanks.

This person's name will be Person.

*Person has a past that she has yet let to let go of...a past that is 6 or 7 years gone.
*Person still can not talk about it/has guilt they feel they need to cover/is over-sensitive and paranoid.
*Person got stalkerish with these people in her past and only recently stopped when she met and became serious with her to-be-husband.
*Person has struggled with heavy drinking/partying/denial issues, mild bulemia and has pretty serious body image issues.
*Person got married recently, after a very rocky and psychologically unstable engagement.
*Person whom she married is divorced / older with children. 
*Person has shown themselves to be psychologically unhealthy in dealing with her step-children and what it means to be a step-mom - guilt trips, high expectations, screwy perceptions after she saw how the children were and how the children were parented by the father (her husband) before she decided to engage and marry into the family.
*Person tried to commit suicide over the holidays and as with most things in her life, did quite well at hiding such a thing from everyone in her life; family, friends, etc.
*Person has always fooled people into thinking she is a quirky, fun person with few problems - part of the denial/survival method ... this normally is okay if the person is trying to get help and comes to terms with their issues and does not put anyone else in danger...like having offspring.
*Person is basically trying to get pregnant now, amid all of the issues.

The questions are: 

How would you react to this person if they were in your life? 
How would you take the news of pregnancy? 
What advice would you have for this person?
What is the best way to go about being honest/ true to yourself about seeing things for what they are, even if the person doesn't and yet not butting your nose into their business?


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George Carlin wants to ask you some questions.

Did you ever notice how important the last bite of a candy bar is? All the while you're eating it, you're aware that you have less and less remaining. Then, as you get to the end, if something happens to that last piece, you feel really cheated.

When you pick up something with your toes and transfer it to your hand, don't you feel, just briefly, like a superior creature? Like you could probably survive alone in a forest for a long time? Just briefly.
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I have no credit history. I try to sign up for credit cards at stores where I usually shop at...but it always turns out that I'm not allowed to get one. And my friend says it's because I don't pay for my expenses. But I pay for my cable! Doesn't that count? Is there any other way I can get a credit card other than something called a secured credit card?
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dental care

1. How often do you brush your teeth?
2. What brand of toothpaste do you use?
3. Do you have a regular toothbrush or a fancy, vibrating one?
4. How often do you floss your teeth?
5. Do you use mouthwash?
6. How often to you go to the dentist to get a professional cleaning?
7. How many cavities have you had?
8. Do you still have your wisdom teeth?


Can someone please tell me everything they know about how smoking weed is bad for you?
The long term consequences, short term consquences, whatever. Just everything bad that it does to you, and why people should quit.

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What are some good hit songs these days that are good for dancing and parties? For example, Rich Girl (Gwen Stefani), My Humps (Black Eyed Peas), Fall in Love Sometime (Tanto Metro & Devonte), etc? Any of those popular dancing songs on Z100 any other hit music stations would be good, or just stuff you've heard at recent parties. =P Thanks in advance!
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

1) How do you make it more comfortable for yourself?

2) How badly do you get  "episodes**"?

3) What triggers your "episodes"?

I) I take Hysocymine when I start to feel gross.
2) I get them badly. I cry during.
3) Certain types of cheese, and I usually get them if I take a nap, or sleep, and then eat a big meal.

episodes** = when you expell everything in one fell swoop.
it's pretty painful
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On toys

What are those toys called that make an imprint of an object by using two plates of glass or plastic, one holding soft-edged needles and the second keeping them from being pushed out? I know they sell it at children's toy stores, though the last one I saw was in a shop in Ventura, CA, and it was used in the latest Nine Inch Nails video (Closer? Only?).

Candy. :o

If you saw a bag of candy in the supermarket that was open would you take one?
Or do you think it's wrong?

P.S. The candy is individually wrapped.

...I do it all the time. Well. It was open. :D


Ok, so here is the back story.

I sent my girlfriend of 2 ½ months this Haiku today.

I have a feeling
I think that I might love you
Do you love me too

I don’t know why I did this. I was caught up in the whole romance of the day I guess. I don’t love her. I will know that I love her when I no longer have to ask myself if I do. I do care about her a lot though. When I talked to her after she got this she kind of freaked out. This is weird because she is normally not a very emotional person. I on the other hand am very outgoing with my emotions. My friend once said that I am moodier that a girl on her period. Anyway, I can tell that this really freaked her out and I feel really bad about it now. She told me that it wasn’t possible to be in love with someone you have only known for six months. I have been in love in under a month in the past… and I know with all my heart that that love was real love.

So my actual question are…

1) What in the name of god should I do?
2) Is there a time limit to wait until you say that you love someone?
3) How do you define love?
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Computer commands

If you had to pick one, what computer command (apple/ctrl quit-undo-find-save-edit-print-copy-paste-etc...anything!) do you wish worked in real life?

I'm a college student, so I often find myself frustrated when I can't do a "find" search in a textbook when I'm looking for a particular word that's not in the index. >=o\
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Do you remember useless information, but forget important things? Any examples?

I don't know my own phone number — it's 650-something-something. However, I've memorized the lyrics for opening songs from Saturday morning cartoons that I haven't seen in fifteen years.
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