February 13th, 2006

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inspired by an earlier question

When I was in seventh grade, some kid got in trouble for calling a redheaded girl "fire crunch". (I got the impression it was supposed to be sexually demeaning.)

So my question is, what exactly does it mean?

Edit: Ha. You're right, they probably were saying "fire crotch". Thanks.
chicken legs
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(no subject)

Can you give me an argument for or against paying for your kid's college tuition?

(Assuming you can afford it by then, and assuming your answer isn't that babies are better as sushi than as people.)


I'm thinking of making a spinach salad with a raspberry vingaigrette to go with my Valentine's Day meal for my boyfriend. The recipe that I have calls for onions but he's allergic to them. I'd like to replace them with something, though, but since I don't know anything about cooking, I'm not sure what. I was thinking tomatoes, maybe? Or is there something that would go better with the spinach?

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Amuse me.

Ok. It's 3 AM and none of the sites I usually go to have anything new.
So, what are your favorite funny sites? I'd especially like some with stories, not just jokes or pictures. Or quotes - but not quotes from famous people, they're never funny.

Also: I heard this joke, it was one of those that ends with a pun on a wellknown saying, AGES ago and can't remember the build-up for the life of me. All I remember is the punchline; 'Absinthe makes the hearth grow flounder'

And finally, can anyone help me find the sad astronaut comic? It's drawn in a sort of bubbly style something like the Perry Bible Fellowship, but if it is one of their's it's been taken off the site. It starts with these two astronauts, one male one female, trying to fix their little spaceship. Collapse )
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AVI questions

1. Please recommend a free or inexpensive ($20 or under) AVI editor that is easy to figure out and use. I would prefer one that can take video that was shot sideways and turn it right side up, but it's not required.

2. I tried uploading a short AVI video but only the sound uploaded. Where did the picture go? Is there something special you have to do before uploading AVI video?
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(no subject)

Is there something you would love to do but probably never will?

I would like to become a certified emt-basic, but will probably never find the time to take the classes I need for it.
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(no subject)

1. What email program do you use?
2. How many emails do you have in your inbox?
3. Do you use folders/labels/whatever they are called? How many different folders do you have?
4. How many email addresses do you have, and what are their different uses (if you have more than one)?
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work question

I work as a student asst at my college library and it's not totally necessary that I be there today.
Now, after talking to the other librarians I was reassured.
I usually just help out with little problems and generally just hang around and do my homework if I need to-really great job and the people there are really nice as well.

I talked to the library director about my hours last friday, b/c I wanted to get off early this afternoon and I told her that I would come in sat to replace my hours, she didn't see that as too necessary since it was usually pretty slow then.
so, I had thought that she said something about today (I think she did but she meant it as "don't come in and work half a day") so I call her today and I got it all straigntened out but she still thinks I may be in during my shift. I usually talk to my boss about my hours and she perfers that I do (not in meany way,just like "i'm not in charge of student asst hours.") but she won't be in till 1pm and I might not be able to talk by then.
so should I call and ask to talk to the director and tell her I won't be in today or wait to call my boss later today and let her what happened?

I keep thinking it's no big deal since my boss is usually pretty relaxed about these topics as long as I keep her informed.

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i am trying to think of a word. if you see something kind of getting tossed around in the wind, what do you call the little tiny swirls of wind, like, miniature hurricanes, they look like. think american beauty paper bag scene.

what is this word?

(no subject)

1. what do you think of facial piercings?
2. honestly, do you view someone differently if they have them?

i'm asking because i realized that i get a lot of shit about having them. of course i get the normal: OH MY GOD! did that hurt?!?!?!!?!??!?! as well as the completely ignorant ones like: can you still eat? (in response to my lip ring), but i also get criticized by complete strangers, which i think is pretty rude. it really bothers me and i actually try to avoid situations where i might be insulted because i'm not sure of how to handle it.
3. any ideas on how to respond to people being jerks about it?
4. & do you have any facial piercings?

my answers:
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(no subject)

How would I take a teeny tiny portion of a .vob file and turn it into a .gif for an icon? I have no idea, except that it maybe involves certain programs and/or codecs.
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(no subject)

I currently have a cell phone with Sprint. Every 12 months, they give you a $75 credit toward a new phone if you re-sign a contract. Do other wireless companies have similar programs, or are you just out of luck when your phone breaks?

I'm most interested in details for companies that offer service in my area: Alltel, Cingular, T-Mobil, and Verizon. I've check the websites for these companies, but since I'm not a customer who can log in, they aren't giving me any details past "yes, you can upgrade your phone."
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Ethics and Morality in romance

I've got a speech to do in my philosophy class and I think I've narrowed it down to talking about romance and I may have chosen what I want to talk about but I want to see what peoples arguments are for and against this.

Is it okay to always be selfish in a relationship?

Write off on any tangent you can think of that relates to this. Any elaboration is very appreciated.

(no subject)

So, I bought a coat at goodwill to wear to work knowing this coat would get ruined. I got let go at work (not enough physical strength for the job), so the coat has only started to become fubared, and it's a good coat so I'd like to salvage it if I can. I washed it once and all the mustard and such is gone but the grease remains.

How do I get excessive grease out of a coat? Polyester outside, down inside, already washed once...

dish soap, maybe?

Valentine's Day...

Hey everyone :)

I have a question for all of you...

My boyfriend and I are a new couple, and Valentine's Day is coming up. Well...I'm somewhat broke...I can afford about ten or 15 bucks right now. Eep. I get paid on Friday, and I'm going to treat him to see a movie then, but Valentine's Day is tomorrow! I've been trying to think of some cute things, and I'm usually creative with this type of thing, but lately I have been having a hard time coming up with something!

Any ideas? I can be creative. :)
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Baldur's Gate Fans!

Hey, all. Already checked to see if there was a BG community, but it hasn't been updated in more than a year, so will ask here and see if there are any BG fans out there.

I'm looking to install the monster hack known as "Baldur's Gate Trilogy -- The Big Picture". Trilogy is meant to hook you up so that you can play BGI, TotSC, BGII, BG:TOB, as one monster game using BGII's game engine. The Big Picture is a conglomeration of additional mods that gives you a lot more to do within the scope of the game.

I've found a number of "How to Install" guides, many of which are conflicting and confusing, but I think I found one that concisely explains how to set everything up.

Has anyone out there ever done this? And were you successful, or did it just mess up the game? If it did work, which mods did you install?

once upon a time there was a school in outer space....

what's the wierdest TV/movie link that you can think of?

for example: I am obsessed with Firefly, and my favourite charater is Kaylee. When I was a kid, I was obsesed with the TV show SPACE CASES which was on nickelodion.

so, holy shit! the same girl who plays Kaylee on firefly (Jewel Staite) playes Catalina on Space Cases. (view a picture of her on space cases on the link here: http://www.spacecasestv.com/cat.html)

I mean, holy crap. I was OBSESSED with space cases when i was growing up, and now i am obsessed with firefly. and yet i never made this connection. a firned pointed it out to me yesterday and I flipped out!

any similar experiences?

(no subject)

Is there a FREE online program or website that helps you plan out a script or a story [like has sections for characters, plot lines for the characters, etc] to help you keep it organized? I have this really complex dream I had last night that I would like to develop into a script [or a series of scripts] but I'm having a problem keeping it organzied and all together.

And there's only one person in the world who I hate and get angry at, and that's my sister. The problem is that she lives with me, and seriously tortures me [calls me fat, punches me, etc...] AND EVERYTIME she gets away with it. My parents are pretty apathetic, and they definately side with her on everything. Any suggestion what I can do? [Fight back isn't really an option either, because she's stabbed me before]

Edit to say: I was only stabbed in the hand, so it's not like I could of been killed.

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When a teacher says that they want two excerpts from a literary piece to support your opinion, is there a certain expectation to how long an 'excerpt' is? It can be anywhere from a sentence to a whole paragraph, right?
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(no subject)

Inspired by this post.

1. Have you ever used a bathroom designated for the opposite sex? Where?
I've used the men's bathroom at school, Yellowstone, Arches National Park, the beach, once in the mall, and in a hotel. I'm sure there are others I can't think of.

2. What do you think should be the cut off age for bringing your son into the women's room, or your daughter into the men's room with you?
I worded that strangely. I'm not sure, but it really creeps me out when women bring their 10 year old sons into the women's bathroom.
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(no subject)

1. A friend of mine wants to have a laptop shipped from Japan, but obviously, the operating system will be in Japanese. I'm told it's still Microsoft Word. If she has it shipped here, is there a way to change the language of the OS to English? Is it easy, hard, expensive?

2. Is it easier for you to memorize numbers in sets of 2 or 3? For example, do you prefer to remember 230821 as 23 08 21 or 230 821? Does one or the other feel "shorter" to you?

3. Do softspoken people annoy you? To the point where you'll get irritated? How do you deal with them?
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On assessments, worms, and teachers I don't know.

My college does assessments. They are held in August for all new students, right before their first semester starts.. and again in February for anyone who has 45-70 credits. Well, tomorrow is assessment day and I'm taking them. Until 5pm, classes are technically canceled. There are two assessment sessions - 9-12 and 1-4.

The bio lecture I'm in has nine lab sections which each meet once a week for three hours. The labs are coordinated so that all nine sections do the same lab in the same week. Makes sense. My lab is 9:30-12:20 on Tuesdays, and I've got the 9-12 assessments. Yes, technically classes are canceled but in order to stay on track we're still holding class and the four of us who have morning assessments have contacted other lab instructors and are joining different classes for the week. So I'm joining a lab section Tuesday afternoon.

In this week's lab, we are working with earthworms, crayfish, and grasshoppers. This presents a pretty big problem for me, in that I am TERRIFIED of worms and my eyes water at the thought of having to touch one or even look at it. If I were in my own class working with the lab group I've gotten to know over the past month, I think it would be okay because I could tell them that I can't do it and they would understand.

But I'm not. I'm going to be in a class with students and an instructor I've never met. And I am really freaking out about this whole worm thing. I was talking to my best friend and he said I should e-mail the instructor, but I feel like that would be really obnoxious of me. She's doing me a huge favor by letting me join her class and I don't want to turn around and complain to her about it.

Sorry, this is too long. Anyway, my question is... what do I do? Should I try to suck it up and deal knowing that it will probably REALLY upset me? Should I e-mail the instructor? And if so, what should I say and what should I expect of her?

(no subject)

1. If you're going to school (or ever have) did your school do something for valentines day? what did they do?

2. Is it weird for girls to spoon? in a friendship way, not lesbian.

3. Is it possible that twins spoon while in the womb?

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have any of you ever boiled an article of clothing to shrink it? i have a 100% cotton silkscreened tshirt that i really want to shrink, but i don't know what to do. i've googled it and have gotten a million answers, but i was wondering if anyone has had any practical experience?

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(no subject)

Can you use a prepaid calling card (like these) on a cell phone (with a monthly plan) and NOT get charged for the cell phone minutes?

My mother and I are arguing over it, she wants to give me one of those and then just tell me to borrow my friends cell phones and use the card, because all the charges will go on the card. However, I'm fairly certain my friends would get charged for the minutes anyway because it still using minutes on the cell phone.
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(no subject)

This is more or less a silly question.

How do photocakes work?

I mean, I know how they get the image and everything on to the cake, but can you just print off a picture, bring it in and say, "here, I'd like this on a cake"? Or do you have to do something else?

I'd like one for my birthday on Thursday, so my mom has to do it in tomorrow.

ETA: Answered, thanks.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics to Carlos DaCosta's It's Not Fair

edit:: I think he may have been in a band called The flying Todas when it came out.

I've been googling for awhile, and haven't found them yet. ;_;
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(no subject)

i was watching friends tonight, im not sure if it was a rerun or what, but it came on right before wife swap. anyways, i only caught the end part. but who was playing joey's pregnant little sister? i know i've seen her before somewhere.


Anyone up in the North East bits of the USA? What does the view from your window look like? Post a photo if you'd like.

How many of you are stranded in your homes?


It's coming up, and out of interest...

1.) Are you giving anything up?

2.) Why that?

3.) If not, why not?

I don't just mean if you're not giving up due to non-christian-ness, but is there a specific reason why not.

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ETA:And I din't just mean if you are a christian (and I know several Protestants who give stuff up), but if you give something up purely to test your willpower, and choose Lent as the time of year due to the fact that others do it at the same time. And on that basis...

4.) If you don't give up for Lent, do you abstain st any other time of year for any other reason?
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(no subject)

Are there songs you equate with certain things? 

for example:  since I ran a red light listening to Lou Reeds Walk on the Wild Side, when ever I go through a yellow light, I think of that song.  I have songs I think of while shopping or while online as well. 
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(no subject)

Anyone know where I could find pictures of a moose's antlers after the moose has been castrated? I saw it on a show today and it was so horrifying that I have to show it to my friends. :D I've tried Googling and have had zilch success.

What's the weirdest deformity on an animal you've ever seen?
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stupid car insurance question

I got into a pretty bad car accident on Friday and today I picked up the accident report. Good news. All his fault. Which is great because I have no car insurance. So my question is, because I'm a doof when it comes to all this, is...will it make my insurace quote/rate be insanely high even though the accident wasn't my fault?

1. I KNOW I should have had insurance to begin with. It was an irresponsible move, yes, but that does not mean that I am an irresponsible person. I'm definitely getting it now. I have learned my lesson.
2. I don't know why, maybe from the pain pills that I had been taking for my injuries, but when you guys said illegal I immediately thought felony illegal. Sorry for the mistake. I haven't recieved a ticket yet, but I'm sure I will and I'm saving up for it already.
3. I know that, by asking this question, I may have set myself up for criticism. And while I'm not trying to start anything, I must save face a little bit. So, while most of you answered my question directly, and thank you for that. This is directed to those of you who didn't... my question was not "does this make me an irresponsible person?" "should I be driving?" or "would you like to criticize my actions and tell me what I already know?" it was, as asked above, "will this make my insurance rate higher?" . Thank you to those who answered my question without criticism.
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brain exploded

1) What time is your earliest class?
2) My high school classes ran from 8:15am -> 2:50pm. How about yours?
3) Do you think you get enough sleep?
4) What are some healthy snacks? (You know, not just celery and carrot sticks...) I'm asking because everytime I study for a midterm or exam, I'm always munching on junk food. XD
5) Which instant messenger program do friends in your area (like your neighbourhood and schools) usually use? Most (as in all the people I know from school) use MSN to communicate with each other. ICQ was like the old MSN here until...um, well I don't know what happened. MSN just kind of tookover a few years ago. =)
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(no subject)

When was the last time something went wrong and you denied responsibility for it, even though it was at least partially your fault? Did people believe you?
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(no subject)

I just ate a bowl of homemade beef stew. I got the bay leaf. My dog eats the leftovers.

Who thinks my dog's gonna eat the bay leaf?

(and i failed the test, btw, but one of my piano students gave me flowers and chocolate today. and that makes it better. okay, i won't sleep tonight, but...)
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(no subject)

You know those marabou feathers they sell in craft stores? Where do they come from? The only marabou bird I can find is a weird stork, and I doubt they're from that. Are they real feathers, or artificially created, or goose down rejects, or what?

ETA: My SO and I mutually agreed to ignore Hallmark Day tomorrow. Instead, we are wishing everyone Happy Phil's Birthday, since it is our friend Phil's birthday. Who has "alternate" celebration plans?


What brand(s) of toothpaste do you use?
What non-sale price does it typically cost?
Where do you purchase it?
Where do you live?

[Not for a class, just for my own curiousity.]
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Fertility testing for teens?

Is there any reason for parents to have their teenage son's fertility tested? (besides a curiosity for their likelihood of getting descendents)

...for example, following hormonal treatments, medications, etc.

(a student I work with mentioned this today, so my curiosity was piqued)