February 12th, 2006

Les Claypool
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I know that when making a movie, one needs to get permission from the artists/bands they want to use on the soundtrack to legally be able to use their music.

What about when writing a novel? Does one need any kind of permission or anything to use band names, song names, or anything like that?
What about cars, and car models? Movies or film titles?

This is probably a convoluted question, but I don't really know what else to say or how I could better phrase it.
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inspired by another question

do you like your username? if you had a rename token would you use it? why or why not? and what would you change it to?

my answer: i like it now, I got a rename token (a friend bought it for my birthday) and I changed it from tigrelisfleur to fleurdelista
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First, sorry for asking so many questions tonight.

Secondly, oh my god I am really cold. I just saw the six inches of untouched snow outside and turned into a five year old. I was out there for ten minutes doing snow angels and running amuck in my pajamas without shoes on. Yeah, I know. Dumbbbb!

I can't go upstairs for a new change of dry clothes. The only stuff down here is my grampa's smelly work jacket, really expensive fancy blankets, and a shirt and jeans I puked on last week. What would you do to keep yourself warm and make your feet stop hurting?

Third, did you know that they're making a sequel to Jackass? Would you go see it? Do you think Jackass/Viva La Bam/Wildboyz/Team Sanchez are the dumbest things ever or can you find the humor in them?
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If you accidentally leave a crayon in your pocket and do the laundry, you get wacky stains on everything.
Basically, how do you get out crayon stains?
Crayola crayon- color red
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Not really a question but a favor.

I'm wondering if anyone from TQC is from Albuquerque, NM?
specifically near here
or goes to the middle school near that location.
I'm trying to track down my half brother, IF you somebody lives there or near there and either goes to middle school nearby or knows someone who does I really need to know if my brother and his mom live there or not.
and if someone knows him, maybe that person could connect us.

IF you are nearby and can help me reply and I'll contact you.
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Hello all!
So I desperatly want these part of boots, that I saw in a now older issue of Marie Claire. They're from a Danish shoe company called Duckfeet (http://www.duckfeet.dk). In said Marie Claire, it says to email them and they will give you a store that sells them in the USA. I emailed them, and nothing, they said they had no stores that sold them. The shoes I want are under Products>Woman and the first boots that appear. They're brown and awesome. I've thought of all the places I could find them (Ebay) and nothing. Any suggestions? I want these boots like no other!
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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Help! Teh Intarwebs don't like me!

for the past week, I haven't be able to log onto AIM. I use Adium, but tried it with iChat. I can't even get www.aim.com to load, much less try it from the source.

My computer doesn't so much like Google right now either- I can't search with google or get my Gmail. many toerh websites are either really slow or just won't load. LJ, thank god, works fine.

I have a iBook. Ideas?


What do you give a man for Valentine's Day?

Try and think of something non-sexual; sex is a given. I'm looking for something I can gift wrap (other than my whole body).
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Junior High Language Arts

I teach junior high language arts. I'm doing a poetry unit with my grade 9 class. The last question I asked you was to give me your favourite lyrics about love - thank you all for your input. I really liked hearing your suggestions and wish I could have used all of them! I used the following songs: All My Loving by the Beatles, and Teleport: A & B by the Spill Canvas. I used these to teach about overt vs. subtle poetry. We also looked at Sonnet 130 (My Mistress' Eyes) by Shakespeare and How Do I Love Thee? by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Honestly, I could have spent a couple of weeks looking at love poetry, but I could only spare one 52 minute class.

Anyway, here's my next problem: The next theme I'm looking at is Protest Poetry. I am using:
-" I Hate that Drum's Discordant Sound" by John Scott
- "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2
- "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
- "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
- "What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield

These are Canadian 15 year olds and I want to give them some information for the political events the above poems are commenting on. Could someone in here give me a brief description of the Vietnam war and why it was such a protested issue in the US? From what I gather, Fortunate Son is about the fact that people could pay their way out of the draft...

Everything I'm finding on the Internet is far too long and complex. I'm sure there are people in this community who have a good working knowledge of the issue. Can you help me?
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I'm trying to make a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 (so I've got 10.5 years to accomplish the things that go on my list).

Do you guys have any sort of list like that? 50 before you're 50, things to do before you die, etc.

Any ideas? Thanks :)
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A long time ago (elementary school), I bought this keychain that says what people are like, given their birthdate. Now, I've recently stumbled upon it while cleaning up my closets. It says, "People born on this day have a high self-esteem. They sometimes lack self confidence. Someone with a mature sense of responsibility. They crave love and attention."

Now, everything (from the 3rd setence on) is surprisingly correct. But, the problem I'm having is the 1st 2 sentences. What is the difference between self-esteem and self confidence?

Valentine's Day!!

I've been dating someone for about 3 weeks, and I'm wondering what I could do for Valentine's Day. I'm a girl, and we're both in college. I'll probably not see him for that long on V-Day. We have one class together that day, so we'll probably see each other for maybe 2 hours at most. We're both 18 (but his birthday is about a week after Valentine's Day... so nothing TOO big... ;)). I was thinking of maybe giving him a bag of candy... but that doesn't seem right to me. I can't go too big, because I am a college student on a very tight budget. I'd rather make something, if anything.

Can anyone offer any help? Thank you!!
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Moi 10/08

An exercise in classical conditioning

Inspired by this post, my subsequent chocolate craving, and my need to study for a big test.

I am thinking about doing somewhat of an experiment. I hate to study and am a horrible procrastinator. I like to eat chocolate. Since chocolate induces pleasurable feelings, if I eat a little bit of chocolate each time I study, perhaps I can condition myself to equate studying with feelings of pleasure and eventually get to the point where studying = yummy happy goodness.

What do you think? Could it work? Thoughts, tips? Am I just ridiculously silly for thinking of this?

Neighbor brats

At what point would you talk to the parents of a neighbor kid that was, for lack of a better word, harassing you? Any of the below offenses? 


How would you deal with:

a: TP/ egging the house

b: ringing the doorbell & running away

c: stealing yard decorations

d: destroying flowerbeds/landscaping

What's the worst "bratty neighbor kid" you've had? How did you deal with it?

Were YOU a bratty neighbor kid?


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(no subject)

What's the name of that TV show that shows the back of a man, a robot, and something else (and what was that something else?) as they watch a B-class movie (usually a sci-fi film)and throw in jokes as they watch it?

(no subject)

For those that don't live in english speaking countries....

What are the popular, non-english, songs in your country? Preferably not pop. Can you indicate what genre they are?

Thank you!
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I received an issue of WIRED in the mail on Friday. I don't have a subscription to WIRED, though I do like reading it when there happens to be one in the Y's cardio spaces.

There is nothing on or in the magazine that indicates that it is a special one-time copy sent in the hope that I will subscribe in the future. No mention of special offers or "subscribe now."

I have not signed up for any related mailing lists or trial offers. And no one in my life has mentioned buying me a year's subscription.

Any ideas?
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(no subject)

I read somewhere that Seattle is the most literate city in the US.  Would that also mean it could be the 'smartest' city?  If not, what is the smartest city? or what would you guess might be the smartest city? 

I need to get the hell out of my town.  I swear it's made up of 85% complete morons, and 10% clueless idiots!!!
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I'm sorry, this is a lame question and if I looked harder on google and in my brain I could probably find it, but so far no luck and I am supposed to be writing an essay and not googling forever.

So does anyone know the website where you can listen to a ton of classical music? You can't save the downloads but you can hear them. It's something like Nexus or Nexis I *think* which is the name of the label that makes all these classical CDs. There's a piece I have to listen to before orchestra rehearsal tonight and I can't remember the site!

Failing that, does anyone have the first movement of the Lalo Symphonie Espagnole they could YSI or IM to me? I tried yousendit_ with no luck...

Thanks in advance

EDIT Found! It's naxos.com. Thank you, brain!
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random questions about art supplies.

1. For the artsy people, which do you prefer: chalk or oil pastels?

2. Did you ever own the 64 crayons box of Crayolas? Did you ever get a bigger box? (like the 72 or 96)

3. Tempera paint or watercolors?

4. What was the most interesting project you ever did in a school art class? (my two favorites were making rubber stamps and making a basket in... sixth grade or so.)
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(no subject)

Dumb question ahead.

I am thinking of downloading Shareaza today. Is it similar to Kazaa or to Bittorent???

Or should I just stick to Bittorent? Why?

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(no subject)

Which Friends episode should I watch?

I have every single one so whichever one is your favourite I will watch. Because I am that willing to please.
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I forget if this has been asked yet, but who do you want to be the next American Idol of this season's hopefuls thus far?

Also, how long does it take you to go through one roll of toilet paper? How many people are using said roll of toilet paper, and what brand is it?

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Edit: I just read emilythemanic's userinfo... LMAO at one of the quotes and how it directly relates to this entry.

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How does a gas station work?

Specifically, when you go inside and pay the cashier for your gas, they then enter it into their system and presumably some sort of command is sent to the pump to direct it to pump and how much. What kind of command is this and how is it sent? Is it like a radio frequency? How does the whole system work?
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(no subject)

1. What is the ugliest item of clothing you own/have owned?
2. What is your favorite item of clothing you own/have owned?
3. How many hats do you own?
4. (stolen from a random survey I just took) reach out your left arm as far as you can. What can you touch?
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This question is for my older brother:

Do you know the name of a short story (or the book it's in) about a baby and in the end you find out it's baby Hitler? He said he read it in was in a book of short stories and another story in the book was about a guy who fed his baby some kind of bee-honey-byproduct of some sort and the baby grew really big.

George Foreman Grill!

If you have a George Foreman Grill, what do you use it for?
I use it for ravioli, grilled cheese, cinnamon apples, nutella wanton ravioli, mozzarella sticks, snow peas, vegetarian chicken, and english muffin sandwiches.
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I have WinRar on my computer and it says that since I've had it for more than 40 days I either need to buy a license for it or delete it from my computer. I haven't bought it and I don't plan to, but it still lets me use it. If I keep it on my computer without a license will the company contact me and will I get in trouble of some sort?

I'm guessing probably not because I'm sure Windows has better things to do, but I just want to make sure.

And a question for everyone...

Favorite Disney character?
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Split or straight?

I like the split. They fit much more naturally with how my hands naturally align themselves. Rather than twisting my wrists out of shape, I just let my hands fall naturally. They also force me to use something resembling proper typing, combined with the greater comfort I can type a lot faster, more accurately, and for a longer time. Well, once I'm used to them. I used one for a while, it died, replaced with a spare(straight) keyboard for months, just got a new split keyboard. Within a couple days I'll be back up to speed.
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I recently downloaded a bunch of video clips as .wmv files. Can I burn them onto a CD and watch them on a regular DVD player, or do DVD players generally only play certain file types? Or could I take these files and burn them onto a DVD (without converting to some other file type first)?
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maxx love

Last minute Valentines music question

*gasp* It's yet another variation of the the question people are probably sick of hearing by now. So, I want to make a CD of love songs for Valentine's day. But I want songs that my boyfriend may not have heard. Anything but emoish sounding is ok, but it can't be well known. Okies, so in other words, what are your favorite obscure love songs.

Oh, and any songs that have a "I'm crazy, and you're stuck with me, but it's your own fault" theme would be great. ^_^

(no subject)

Is it bad if someone were to leave their game in their playstation 2 on overnight, like if they just shut the TV off to stop the noise and went back to playing in the morning? Would anything happen to the game or the playstation 2?
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If you have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend, how old are you?

Have you ever been kissed? Been on a date?

Just curious. I'm 18 and have never done/had any of those three things.

[edit:] Also, is it by choice (you're not really interested in having a relationship) or you have wanted to, but for some reason never have?
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Cereal and milk

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "not at all annoyed" and 10 being "completely and utterly pissed off," how much does it bother you when you've poured too much milk into your cereal?

What about too little milk (assuming it's impossible to put more in, such as the carton running out, etc)?
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I have a very big test tomorrow that I haven't started to study for just yet. I am not confident in this class at all, and I hate the material. It's very subjective.

I'm one of those people of the school of thought that everything I do is worthless, I'm a pathetic person, and I'm a perpetual failure so nothing I ever do really matters, I fail anyway. (Even though I'm a half decent student, my argument is I really don't know why. I suck at everything else in life and everybody makes sure I know it.)

So how do you suggest I keep from physically injuring myself after I take this test tomorrow? As of right now I'm planning on slamming my fist into a wall, which is an overall bad idea because I'm a (horrible) musician. I deserve it anyway.

*very fucking depressed and pissed off at the world. forgive me.*
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