February 11th, 2006

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ok. just wondering if there's a way to politely do this or.. what. for xmas i picked out a small list of people that i was going to buy stuff for, since i live away from everybody, this also narrowed down the list to people who would also send something back. there were only about 8 total, nothing majorly expensive was bought and you know.. i put a lot thought and effort into what i was getting for who.

well, xmas came and went, and Jan.20th was my birthday. so.. one person who didnt send me anything back for xmas, i thought: okay, maybe it'll be a birthday/xmas gift combined, thats how a lot of friends do it to save money. no biggie, i dont mind.

well.. as you can see, it's almost valentines day and i still havent recieved anything from said person. normally, i would just be frustrated to myself and move on, but a few weeks back she IM's me. she tells me that the xmas/bday gift she was going to send me, well part of it was i guess edible or smelled edible and her dog ate it. so i was like oh, no big deal, my dog's done that before. whenever you can get it to me is fine.

she hasn't said anything since... is there a polite way for me to ask her if she's going to send it? b/c im dying here knowing that she's got *something* for me, but she just hasn't sent it. urgh. i dont know what to do. any suggestions?

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Most gangs like to run with a certain star... these are usually five-point (bloods, peoples nation) or six-point (crips, folk nation).

What does the eight-point star represent?
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All right, I've read practically everything on motivation and stopping procrastination and whatnot that there is to read. But none of it works. I just can't motivate myself to do anything productive, even if what it is I want to accomplish is something I want to do.

I think the core of all of this is my Internet addiction. The amount of time I spend doing productive or creative things has dropped severely since I started using the Internet (five years ago).

Now, I can't cut out the Internet, computers or LiveJournal out of my life - they are a necessary communication tool. LiveJournal and the Internet are how I communicate with all of my friends, boyfriend and so on. It is also how I find out about world events, etc. since I don't have any television channels.

Turning off the computer also isn't a preferred solution, since I need to have music playing to concentrate on anything, and while I have plenty of non-computer music, I infinitely prefer random playlists rather than one specific CD.

I have very little self-control when it comes to indulgences and luxuries, so telling myself "no" rarely seems to work.

I've also tried paying people to motivate me to do things, and this also hasn't worked.

So... my question.

How do I build up my self-control so that I can cut down unproductive Internet/computer use and do more creative/productive things?
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Probably a waste of effort, but...

So there's this girl, and she plays piano and likes jazz. If I wanted to seem like I knew anything about jazz, where would I start? Artists, albums, anything.

For the guitar players... I play mostly speed metal. I can read sheet music for saxaphone, but not guitar. What would you recommend for learning to play jazz on guitar if actual lessons are a bit priced out?

Random List

1) Craziest thing you did for love?

2) Craziest things your friends did for love?

3) Best sites (include URLs) for free ringtones? Especially for Sprint customers.

4) Favorite celebrity news of the moment?

5) Have you ever tried online dating? Tell us stories!

6) What song do you want to hear RIGHT NOW? Why?
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Crash! Boom! BANG!

I got in my first car wreck last night.
I have no idea what to do as far as calling the cops to find out all the info about my car, who's fault it was deemed, etc. and I really don't feel like doing it today because I'm in pain and I just want to lay around and forget about it for a couple of days.
So my question is...can I wait and call them on Monday? and do I even need to call them, or do I wait for them to call me?
I know at least some of you have been through this before, so could you pass on some advice to a newbie?

Sorry guys. I guess I should have put in my post that the cops were there,like, 2 minutes after it happened. Cops, ambulance, firetruck, the whole nine. My car was definitely not drivable and I was too banged up to really worry much about my car or anything else at that point.
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1) How would you describe your body type?

2) Do you think people treat you a certain way because of how you look?

3) What's in your refrigerator? Freezer?

4) Do you go shopping before you run out of food?

5) Do you use public transportation on a regular basis? What kind?

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Senior week ideas.

So, me and my buddies want to do something fun and cool for senior week that is different than the usual 'drunken beach orgy'.

What did you do for your senior week, if you had one?

Can you think of any cool cities or areas (preferably somewhere in the north east-ish, or southern east coast) where a group of girls could have a very cool, interesting week long adventure?

We want somewhere kind of new for us, so that wipes out D.C., Baltimore, Philly, New York, Pittsburgh, and Salem.

Pretty much just suggest the craziest, most awesome idea for a vacation in the northeast because my ideas so far are the suck. All I can think of is going to Arizona and doing Lake Havasu and Joshua Tree national park (is that even in Arizona) and Phoenix and stuff, but I don't think we can make it to that part of the country.

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More photography class questions...

We have an assignment due where we have to make a compilation picture in photoshop, like this...http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a63/Alexandra_17/comp.jpg

My idea is a movie theater. Have one of my friends sit in various seats and reacting differently in each picture. The problem is if we get to the theater early we can probably get it to ourselves but the house lights will still be up and my prof. will notice, so is there any way to get a blue glow to the shot? think of when you watch tv or see a shot of a movie theater in a movie. the screen emits a blue light resulting in a blue glow in the room. I dont want to use flash and he hates it anyway so...any tips on how to pull this one off? or something and someway I could use a gel?

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what was the last thing that made you angry?

the last thing that made me angry was my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. she cannot get over him and she's acting like such a tool.
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Does anyone know where I could possibly obtain an internship scholarship?

Google isn't my friend on this one- keeps turning out things that have both internships and scholarships, but not scholarships for interns.

The internship is research based- it's an observational study of bottlenose dolphins. I'm a psychology major, with minors in animal behavior and zoo biology.

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Now that I FINALLY have $$$ (TRIPLE DIGITS BITCHES), I am torn between two things - one of these and an iPod. I think I'll get the black ones (or the brown ones :(). For the iPod, I don't know. Maybe the 30 GB one?

I think I'll get the glasses first, and then the iPod. That way I'll have SOME money left over so I could build towards the 'pod. But...which ones should I get :(? PLZ HELP.

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I don't like medicine. I know, that's really, really bad, but it's me. I was diagnosed with mood disorders and slight bipolar tendencies ages ago, and prescribed to take lithium (trileptal) but, I've been off the medication for about a year and a half. I don't want to be medicated, I hate it, except I haven't told my parents OR my doctor that I've stopped. We did try different medications, so its not just this one type and I should try another. But anyway, I'm considering telling them, but before I do, are there other ways to help the symptoms? Irritability, mood swings, etc., or are they going to persist medication?

What are your views on medicating teenagers for mental disorders, or a person of any age for that matter?

quick question

Does anyone know if theres a way to make pictures black and white in microsoft photo editor? The help section kinda really sucks at life heh and I'm not very familiar with the program. :-)

answered now, thanks for the help!
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Music Question

Hey you guys, I have a weird music question to ask.

In the summer of 1991, there was a jazzy, instrumental song that was really big on the radio. I think the primary instrument was a saxophone, and I want to say that the musician was female (if I'm wrong, please don't make fun of me, I was only seven.) I think the song is gorgeous, and I want to find it, but I can't remember the name of th song for the life of me. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Any help will be much appreciated.

EDIT: I found the song, thanks to the brilliant members here! :) Thanks a lot, y'all.
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Does a Brita water filter change how water tastes? I don't like the tap water in my current location and feel bad drinking out of pre-packaged water bottles.
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I was washing my dishes and I discovered that due to my ungodly slobbery, a few items had begun to grow mold. One of which was my ice cream scoop, and I could not get the stupid mold off! So I filled a cup with a little bit of Greased Lightning and the rest water and let it soak for a while. When I took it out there was all this black shit on my ice cream scoop! I'm thinking I stripped the color or something and it formed into the black shit. My questions are...

~what do YOU think happened?
~how the hell do I get it off?!?!??!
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What can a teenager with no money do (so that they don't die of boredom) on a weekend in New York City?

Me and my sister are slowly wasting away. FOOD NETWORK/ANIME/ohnotheydidnt CAN ONLY BE SO INTERESTING WITHOUT THE BRAIN MELTING. D:

...Thank you. :D
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I restarted my computer, a fairly normal thing for me. and then when I tried to log on under my name (the only name on here) it said it couldnt log onto there now due to possibly security issues or a corrupt profile. it logged me onto a temporary one (grassy field, default settings) I tried restarting again and now when I click on my name it logs me onto the default one. Some of my icons are still the same. not all and my picture for my account is still the same. Did I lose everything? HOW?

Running XP and fucking despising it


I just ran a search to find imperative programs and everything is there just...its as if now there are two users except there arent. Im not making sense I know but I almost had a heart attack, I have papers due. So, why did this happen? Will I be able to go back or should I try to move everything here...wherever here is.

I find all my files etc, by going computer=--documents and settings-user - etc...
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Ok, you guys are awesome at the songs (you helped me when my boyfriend was leaving for Iraq get songs together for him) now I need your help again! I want to make a cd for my parents saying basically things like "I love you" "thanks and I love you" you get the picture. Like a song I am definately putting on there is "Baby Girl" by Sugarland. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I know I already posted today, so I hope this is ok:

1) Which do you think is worse, older teenagers sleeping with younger teenagers (IE 16 or 17 year olds sleeping with 12 or 13 year olds), or adults sleeping with teenagers (mid-twenties+ sleeping with 14+)?

2) What's the height difference between you and your SO? (What genders are you?)

3) What's the height difference between you and your mom (females) or you and your dad (males)?

4) How long were your parents married or how long have they been married?

5) How many people have you slept with in the past year?

6) What is your favorite fairy tale?
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Hi! This a probably a really stupid question, but this year was my first quarter of college. Soon we can start to register for Spring Quarter, do I register as for my next classes in the mind set that I'm going to pass these current Gen-Ed classes? Thanks for your help!
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has anyone had to get their horn repaired in their car? Whether it was the entire horn... or just get the wiring fixed... around how much did it cost? The car guy wouldn't even give me an estimate... i just want a general price range, because i have no idea.
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why do we change the names of foreign cities in English? Names shouldn't be changed. They are names. I think its stupid and sort of disrespectful to change the name of a city.

For Example:

Italians call it Firenze but we call it Florence. Why can't we call it Firenze? its not that hard.
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Does anyone know why my computer is "allergic" to sound?
It freezes up when any type of noise happens. I can't listen to my music or check my email anymore.
This has been happening since around Christmas time.
I've asked a few people and they didn't know, so I figured I would come to you guys since you are all so smart!

I miss my music. :(

Montreal, Quebec, or something else?

Which is better-Quebec or Montreal or another lesser known city?

Specifically, for four 18 year old girls, one of whom is decent at basic French, if that's even a factor, who want to have fun in places outside the city, too?

So baisically, which has a cooler surrounding area? Because generally cities seem to be kinda the same, but we'd want some other things to do. Or if one of those cities totally blows, that'd be good to know, too I guess.

Tell me all about your Canadian adventures. And if you are Canadian, share with me things that Americans should do so as to not piss you off while they're in your country.
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1. What is one thing that "everyone" has except for you?
2. What is one thing that "everyone" does except for you?
3. What is one thing that "everyone" likes except for you?

(as examples, a car, an ipod, sex, drugs, etc).

And I put "everyone" in quotes because obviously not EVERYONE does/has/likes everything but sometimes it seems that way.

4. If you were to move somewhere within your country within the next six months to a year (time enough to plan getting a job, etc), where would you move?
5. Are you the type who could just get up and move or would you need everything planned out?

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