February 10th, 2006


Some daughter of a caterer I am

-I have 4 chicken breasts marinating. I do not have a grill, only a stove/oven. How can I cook em?

-Also, if they've already been marinated can I take 2 out of the marinade and refreeze them?

-How far over your miles will you go before you get your oil changed?

- How can I make a spreadsheet in excel that will tally up all the percentage in the row? a gradebook essentially?

- What is something you really want but can afford right now?

-Are you gonna get it anyway?

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As I'm in the process of my job search, I came across a potential job at Medaille in Buffalo. So, few questions...

1. I've never lived in a big city all my life... Will Buffalo be difficult to adjust to?

2. Anyone know anything about Medaille that I probably haven't found on the internet already?

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Has anyone ever tried an Elimination diet to see what foods might be causing digestive or other problems? Any advice? Also was it super expensive to buy all those substitutes?

About last night's episode of The OC...

I don't really watch it, but as I was flicking past it last night, there was a song playing that I've heard before, & love, but can never find out what it is. I waited till the end of the episode, but they only said "music featured on this episode by Rocky Votolato" I've looked that guy up on Limewire, and though I found lots of songs, I can't find that one, and I don't LOVE any of his other songs like I do that one.

It was played during a scene on the beach (it looked like a funeral or memorial or something?) and the lyrics have "I'll do anything for you" in it. Its mostly acoustic, it almost sounds like a banjo rather than a guitar, and the line I quoted may be "I'd" rather than "I'll".

PLEASE help me!!! I need to get that song onto a disc and out of my head!


for those of you who wear jewelry on a daily or very regular basis, what do you wear and why? i'm not talking about wedding bands/ engagement rings; the reason you wear those is obvious. i want to know what other jewelry you wear all the time...and if you don't wear jewelry, why not?

my answer: i can't leave home without a watch on...i feel naked without one...there's no specific watch that i wear; i just must one...i also wear a white gold ring i designed that's made with my grandmother's diamonds (she passed away last august)...i never leave home without it.
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On ebay, are you able to message a user if they are not selling anything and haven't messaged you first?

Just if you want to say a message to someone who's bidding, or something like that?

If so, how? And does it matter how many feedback you have?
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Connections maker

Is there some freeware or websites out there that allow you to input this:

Person A is friends with Person B
Person B knows Person C
Person C used to go out with Person A
so on and so forth

and draw a graphical chart for you, showing everyone's connections to each other?
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I thought of a character for a comedic skit and I need some feedback.

this would be a indie hipster guy with the typical torn jeans or cords with a track/indie jacket and converse shoes.
he would be wearing a t-shirt that has a picture of someone ironing their shirt and the character would be in a band or friends with a band that is very typical of the indie music scene, i.e. a skinny or fat short guy with messy hair and black rimm glasses and they would sing songs about how love is hard but when we love each other it's easier than not loving at all.
He would be a moderator on a poltical talk show panel that was making fun of all the different voices out there.
It would be set up so that during intros they would go to all these different people like he would be 'indie douche' then another guy would be radical foreign guy' then another would be 'indie douche with liberal tendencies(like jon stewart but jumps to conclusions b/c he hates the right so much)' then another would be 'anti war moms' then 'republican'

another skit might be indie douche goes to the dentist and he is complaining about medicare so much that the dentist drills his teeth for no reason.
then maybe another one complaining about how crappy music is but yet he likes really crappy 80s bands like the party and often does his own versions but they have too much technology and often come off as presumptious (for lack of a better word)
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How do I send a letter to Canada?

I have the address with some weird letters and numbers at the end instead of a US zip code. Is that the country code, or like their zip code?

Do I have to go to the postal office to get it airmail or something special?
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My boyfriend ad I are working on moving out. I am listing things we need. I have the the obvious things (pots, pans, dishes, linnens).
But what are things that people normally don't think of?
When you moved out, what did you forget to buy?
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What's your favorite smoothie recipe? We just found a blender and are excited to try it out :)

You can include alcoholic beverages too, but I'd really like some good fruity-type drink recipes.
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Dead Like Me fans-

Your favourite character:
Your least favourite character:


What's one show that you would love to come back on the air again? You know, if it could be the same people and they were the same age, etc. :P
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(no subject)

1. What's your favorite meal to go out for? (edit: I mean breakfast, lunch or dinner - not a specific entrée)
2. What's the worst experience you've ever had at a restaurant?
3. Do you like your teeth/smile?
4. What PART of your job do you hate the most?

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I just moved to a new area with very dry weather and super hard water, as a result my hair and skin have freaked out. My hair is now insanely dried out and split ends abound - this is very unsual for my hair, and I used to swim (and was in the pool for hours a week which as you know can wreck blonde hair).What do those of you who live in conditions like this do for your hair and skin? shampoo and conditioner opinions? If it makes a difference my hair is really fine and gets greasy and weighed down quite easily.

Thanks guys!!
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(no subject)

You are in a competition and can make one of two moves.
The first guarantees you'll win but goes against your morals.
The second does not guarantee a win, but you have a chance and it supports your morals.
Which do you choose?
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Nerd alert!

Any trivia buffs out there?

In 2 weeks, my family is going to compete in a trivia night. We do this about once every 2 months, but this is the big one. This is our Superbowl of Trivia. Our team has won the past 3 years and we want to make it 4. (Yeah, we're geeks.) Everytime I Google for trivia study guides, I get links for tiny little trivia sites that are inactive or big giant pay sites that don't organize info well.

Does anyone here have any links to good trivia study guides?
I used to have some good one from my high school scholar bowl team, but they've gotten lost over the years.

Would I be better off just looking up general info (Presidents, world leaders, authors and their works, sports history, etc.) and trying to compile my own lists?

Also, is there a benefit to using Google's search over Yahoo's?
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two unrelated questions...

1) Has anyone watched Twin Peaks (the series)? I was considering buying it the other day but I don't really want to spend all that money unless I think I'll really like it (unfortunately, I can't find anyplace that rents it). If you've seen it...
a) did you like it? why or why not?
b) what other kinds of movies/books/tv shows do you like (besides David Lynch stuff)... or is there anything it vaguely compares to?

2) Does anyone here have a decent-paying/semi-enjoyable job (read: not retail/restaurant work) and DID NOT go to college? Or know anyone who does? I've signed up with temp agencies and the like and have not really gotten much response. I've worked at a restaurant and a video store but can't seem to find anything that pays well enough to support my bills/rent/groceries/gas... If so, how did you get the job? Any tips or ideas? I don't really have any special skills (except that I am good at typing/data entry... unfortunately, I've never had any job experience in these areas). How can I get employers to take notice if I haven't done much community service (besides volunteering at a library for a year) and don't have experience in anything besides restaurant work and video rental/retail? Do I need to go to school?
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Cake help needed

Right, I'm stuck with arranging the cake for my gay best friends wedding (otherwise, they weren't even going top bother with one!).
My sister dragged me to Asda (we have no working oven currently so we had to buy) to get a pain cake, she did a design on her 'puter and they put it on top of the cake. Great, eh?
Problem is it's a bit pants! I also bought a whole pile of stuff, like two grooms and stuff to go on it (I had been thinking plain white cake), all with a silver and white theme.
The design in NO WAY fits with the theme.

So, the question is (seeing as this is the Question Club and all!);
1. Would I be a bitch taking the picture of?
2. Anyone got any experience with taking stuff like this off without completely destroying the cake underneath?
3. Anyone got any bright ideas on how to incorporate white marzipan into it. Dunno about where you're from but here sponges don't come with marzipan while fruit cake does, but the groom doesn't want fruit cake!

So for your perusal, here is the cake in question;

Collapse )

So verdict?

EDIT: my sister is not going to the wedding and will never see any changes I make. I was thinking if we were going to change it put the extra stuff on and take a pic and email it to her, then do the changes and her feeling should be spared...
Still a bitch, hu?
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Random CD question

Who are the artists you always see when you're browsing through CDs, looking for something by your favorite artist? As in alphabetically, what bands are usually before and after your favorite band?

For me, it's Queens of the Stone Age and the Ramones. I don't know why Queens of the Stage Age are filed in front of Queen most of the time.
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question for the makeup mavens

What are MAC pigments?

Edit: How do you use them as opposed to regular eyeshadow? Please feel free to give me more nifty information about them, as they seem to be the rage among people who love makeup, particularly on Ebay.

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So.. I feel like causing a little torment today, leading to these questions.

My boyfriend was singing along with something on his computer, and missed a 'key change', which he then said something about. I looked at him blankly. He played the song again. He cut from mid verse 1 to mid verse 2. I continued the blankness. He looked back at me horrified/concerned. He played Mary Had a Little Lamb in many different keys on a keyboard on a website.

We determined that I cannot hear a half step difference in a note. A sharp or a flat sounds the same as the original note.

I took piano lessons off and on, about two years worth.
I was in Choir for three years, stepping down from Soprano to Alto to Lead Tenor.

The questions:
Are you a musically inclined person, and if so, does this weird you out severely?
Is this what tone deaf means?
Is this a problem with me, or did my Choir master fuck up somewhere?
How the hell did I get through three years of choir, including being the one audible voice in the tenor section, with no-one noticing this?

(no subject)

A coworker of mine told me today that there are FREE programs that I can use to create PDF files with... What are these programs?

I really like Adobe, but don't feel like paying for the professional service. I'm submitting a lot of job applications via e-mail, and I want to make sure everything is in a PDF file.
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Movie suggestions, follow ups

1) something dark romance?... I forgot what those types of movies are categorized as, but something like Closer (Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts) but not...? Either content or style.
2) Or anything smiliar too/better than, Requiem for a Dream?? Either content or style.


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Underworld/Underworld: Evolution

1a. Which song is played in Underworld: Evolution in the end credits and in the scene where we first see Tanis? (I'm too impatient to track down the song on the soundtrack, I'm hoping somebody can save me the time.)

1b. How irritating is Kate Beckinsale's accent?

1c. Which movie had the better setting? (One was filmed on location, the other wasn't, but I won't say which if you don't know. ^_^ )

2. I've never read any Dean Koontz books (yes, I know, shame on me, I've been meaning to for ages). Which was your favourite, and which should I start with?
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Okay, so I just got the Griffin RoadTrip thingy for my Ipod Nano. I tried hooking it up in my car and playing music while I was parked, but nothing happened. I tried a few different stations, all just static, and all I heard was static when I tuned the RoadTrip to the same station as my radio. Everything seems to be attached properly and whatnot. Am I doing something wrong?? I'm really frustrated here... any help would be appreciated.
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(no subject)

i'm new here ((finally decided to join after lurking around forever)) and i have a few questions for everyone!

1. i'm trying to begin apartment shopping for the first time in my life! i was just curious if yall had any good questions to ask the managers so that i don't get swindled/lured in by false advertising? or any questions i should definitely ask in general? i'm really just kinda flying alone out there and have very little idea of what the hell i'm trying to do.

2. this summer, my roommate and i will be counselors at a camp in Pennsylvania for three months, two and a half hours outside of New York City. we get a lot of time off to go exploring on our own, and i want to see the lovely northeast and still avoid all the big, well-known tourist traps. so would anyone have any local information on Philadelphia, Boston, NYC, or Toronto? it would be very much appreciated.

3. i bought a purse recently with some possibly-japanese writing on it. i usually don't own things that i can't understand, but it was really cute and i needed a purse at the time. it's a shot in the dark, but does anyone know Collapse )

thanks a lot, everyone. :)
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What historical/famous site would you like to visit the most? Why?

Do you live near anything historical or famous?

Me, I really want to visit Port Arthur in Tasmania. I'm really interested in learning about serial and spree murders, since I've always wanted to be a criminal psychologist. For those who don't know, Port Arthur was the site of quite possibly the worst spree killings in history. And in a sense, I'm rather lucky since my boyfriend lives near there, so by the end of the year I should be there. Yay.

I also live near an old Norman castle, and an hour and a half away from me is Carlisle castle, where Mary Queen of Scots was held for a short time. Nothing too fantastic if you're not into history, but it's all pretty cool.
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flying in snow

there is a snowstorm forecasted for my area (philadelphia/northeast) tonight/tomorrow, and i am supposed to fly to my parents house in north carolina tomorrow morning at 9.

i have been watching the weather, but they seem like they are just trying to scare people into buying groceries. i haven't heard anything about how much accumulation, or when it is supposed to start.

so, do you think my flight will be delayed/cancelled?
i realize you guys obviously can't predict for sure, but do you have any experience with this sort of thing? i have no comprehension of how serious things have to be for a flight to be cancelled.

also, if my flight IS cancelled, i would assume that the airline would assign me to another flight, correct?

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You know the girl in Edward Scissorhands? The blonde one who fell in love with Edward? What is the name of the actress? I know I know her, the name is on the tip of my tounge...but I just don't remember.
Anyone know?
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(no subject)

There is a possum (which must be the size of a Golden Retriever for all the noise it's making) banging around on the roof above my room and I can't get to sleep.

Are any animals (wildlife or domestic) keeping you awake?
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I'm not a native English-speaker, but I've studied it for many years and I enjoy it. But there are two things I never understood. Any language-geek who care to help me? :)

1) Why, oh why, should the word 'I' always be capitalized? Is there any logical explanation?

2) Can somebody please tell me - once and for all - what the difference between lose and loose is? It's driving me crazy aargh.

Have a great weekend!
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(no subject)

For my birthday, I received a shirt from Hollister. Not caring about name brands or labels or anything, I never have owned anything from Hollister, Abercrombie or anything before..so on to my question. This shirt smelled amazing... so amazing that if I knew what it was I may want to take on that smell as my smell. So was the shirt itself really good smelling (aka did they buy it that way? are all Hollister shirts so good smelling? not like new clothes smelling, but like a nice perfume-ish type smell) or was it just from the person I got it from? And if it did come from Hollister that way, do you know what the smell is so I can have it?

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I just remembered that today is the final deadline for self reported midyear grades for UNC-Chapel Hill. On their form, they have the option of clicking this, "I did not take/complete this course last semester/quarter." What does this mean?

Is it a question basically asking if this is a REPEAT course, ie say I failed AP CAL when I took it last year, and now I'm taking it again??? or no?

There's also, if it matters a follow up question, if you clicked that, "If you did not take/complete this course last semester/quarter, please explain."

My school is 2 semesters (broken down into 4 marking periods = 1st qtr, 2nd qtr, midyear exam, 3rd qtr, 4th qtr, final exam.... then final grade).

Help me! Do I click this?

(no subject)

I am going to have a show in a radio station. It's not a talk show, although I might talk about some things, once in a while.

I'll be playing Japanese music (Pop, Rock, Metal, anything), same for Russian, and Portuguese (Portugal, not Brazil)... and whatever else I come across with, it's basically a world music show.
It's during a Sunday morning.


What should I name my show?
I'm looking for something creative, simple and funny... All you JP-ers out there, help me out! :)

I came up with "Baka de, atashi" which means "I'm an idiot" ... Which I'm not..

*cough cough cough* help!
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Ringtone Question

I just got in the mail the other day my replacement cell phone + battery since the old battery had become warped and I eneded up just getting a new everything from Cingular/Motorola. Because of this I now have to restore my wallpaper, screen saver, and all my ringtones. I figure since it's like basically getting a new phone I would make some new ringtones and plus I was growing tired of my old ones anyways.

What I would like are any suggestions for good songs that I can make into ringtones. I reformatted my computer a few months ago so I don't have too many good songs on my computer so I can't look there for inspiration and going through all my CDs would take a lot of work so for the moment I would rather see what kind of suggestions I can get from other people. I'm looking for really anything since I like all types of music and am really open to hear what is out there. That being said I do tend to favor punk/pop/rock, but don't let that hinder the suggestions, I'm just mentioning it for a starting point.

I'm going to make the ringtones by opening them with an audio editor and then just trimming the track until it's around 20 seconds, the length of my ring. Then I just convert tweak it down to a ringtone size file and use bluetooth to transfer to my phone.

Um I think that's all the info really required and I'm really looking forward to any suggestions that I can get. Thx in advance.

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I don't want to give a bunch of lunatics any kind of credit but do you think she actually might make it out alive or is she as good as dead??

I have hope for her personally. I mean they've set deadlines before and yet she's still alive. They haven't done that with anyone else they've captured.

I think the fact that she speaks the language and has such a love for the country has really, REALLY help her stay alive this long.

What do you think?