February 9th, 2006


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How long does food poisoning take affect? Tonight my roommate and I had Mu Shu vegetables from the same Chinese restaurant, although made by different chefs. Shortly after she ate, she started feeling pretty crappy, then about three hours later she started puking, and she has been puking once every hour.

Vomit + me = panic attacks. So I spent a good 10 minutes on my closet floor with fingers plugged in my ears. Now I have ear plugs in and Fantasia 2000 playing quite loudly on my television.

I'm just trying to decide whether I should flip out more thinking she has the stomach virus.


(Prompted by a conversation with someone I was in school with at age 10 who was looking at old pictures)...

If you could meet the little boy or girl you were (say, in the 4-10 range), what would you say to them?

What would you say to yourself just before you reached a major turning point in your life?

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1st question, a silly one.
Can you people please stop posting for the next 3 months? I have university work to do!

2nd, philisophical....

from this song by Trans Siberian Orchestra

Thinking what is eternal,
The man or the moment?
the act or the reason?

3rd, odd.

see the person in my icon? that is me. what that picture does not show is that, for some reason, over the past 4 months, some of the hair at the front is chaning colour, do a light brown. any ideas why?
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So... James Frey is an idiot, but I still love memoirs! What's your favorite memoir? (NOTE: If you don't know what a memoir is, look it up.)

Me? Well, I'm a big fan of Angelhead, by Greg Bottoms... but my journalism instructor from my undergrad just released her first book, a memoir, called Miss New York Has Everything, which I'm inclined to think I will enjoy immensely.

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is there a way one could empty a small can of mace without hurting anyone? say, directly into the ground or soemthing?

Edit for why, c&p to comments: because in this situation, Anne has expressed willingness toward physical violence to Faith, and Faith basically replied with "Bring it". Now, they're about the same physial stature, and I think that if it were just the two of them they wouldn't be able to hurt eachother badly in the time between starting and someone breaking it up. But Faith carries a can of mace, and I think that could give her an unfair advantage... or give Anne an unfair advantage, if she got it away from her. If this goes down it'll be better for everyone involved if there is no mace.
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two questions

Whenever I get something that won't fit in my mailbox, my landlords usually put it in my apartment. I just found out that this is illegal, they are supposed to give 24 hours notice before entering my apartment. How do I tactfully point this out to them?

What should I get on the second engravable line of my iPod? The first one I'm going to put my name, but I'm stumped on the second line. OR, if you have something so killer that it would need both lines, I'd consider it.
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Are there any weight watchers people out here?

I was thinking of doing weight watchers online, specifically the flex points plan. I was told that you figure out your pointws per day by your weight and as your weight drops, your points per day drop (thats logical...)

Before I join, I'm wondering what your weight is and how many points you get per day and also how many pounds lost equal a point gone for the day??

* I was trying to look at the site, but I ran out of time to look and couldn't find info on figuring out the points... I woulda kept looking but the finace needed the computer for homework and thats way more important than me dropping a few pounds...
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1. How do you pronounce the Fiore part of Isabella Fiore?
I think I've been saying it wrong.

2. I'm going to be fairly late to school today, do you think "I couldn't find my keys!" will be an adequate excuse?
My excuses are usually much craftier.
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Anyone here into scrapbooking? We're adopting a kid and we have to put a book of our family together. I'm looking for fun/funky/bold additions to stick in.. I've never been into scrapbooking before, so are there any sites to check out?


Where can I find some decent wallpaper, lj icons, celebrity blends, etc sites?

I don't mean a generic site found on google filled with ads, pop ups, etc, I mean personal graphic sites (or graphic lj communities).

I hope that made sense :P

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what phone numbers do you have memorized?

i've memorized my boyfriend's number, my boss' number, my girlfriend courtney's number, campus safety and pizza hut (only because it's one number off from campus safety). all other numbers i have to look up in my cell phone.
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I don't shave my legs very often, which means that when I do, it's a big ordeal and takes forever. To make it easier, I was thinking of getting an electric razor, but I've never used one before so I don't really know what to look for.

1. Do electric razors actually cut the hair off or do they pull the hair out? If they pull hair out, how uncomfortable is this?

2. If you use an electric razor on your legs, what should I look for when buying one? Any recommendations?
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Is there a toothpaste made for adults that DOESN'T taste like mint?

I know I need to brush my teeth, but I despise doing it because I cannot stand the taste of mint. Even mild mint toothpastes are too much for me. The only ones I can find that taste like other stuff are made for children, and I don't think that would do much for my fully grown adult teeth.
I live in the UK, so US brands won't help me too much unless they also sell them in England.
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Does anyone have the slightly longer and more acoustic version of Bif Naked's "Lucky" that they could send me somehow? The version that doesn't skip the lines starting with "The first time we made love I/I wasn't sober/And you told me you'd love me over and over..."? Every version I have found is the other one and it's just not as good dammit! Thanks in advance!
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Okay. Right now I'm on a computer which has user restrictions- namely, I can't do much along the lines of changing settings, etc. However, I want to use a USB port (with cable and camera) in order to get photos onto this computer. Is there any way to do that without the administrative privs?


I flushed the toilet this morning, and it turned out to be clogged! It filled up with water to within an inch of the rim. Horror! I search for a plunger. No plunger in the house!

How do I fix this without a plunger?? Quick, HELP!!

EDIT: Problem solved. I tried the boiling water trick. It didn't work, but I found our plunger. It hidden in the garage. Some one used it last summer to stir a big bucket of paint and left it back there.

Laundry help?

I want to start taking better care of our clothes. So I was wondering if anyone knew of the best products(cheap if possible) to make your clothes really soft and fluffy, but not lose the color? Also, with our whites they get dingy, but I'm WAY to afraid to use bleach. Plus our whites aren't completely white, some have little designs or something on them, is bleach still ok or is there something else I can use on my white to keep them white?
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I haven't hunted for scholarships since 1997, so I'm hoping some of you might be able to help me out in my search.

What are some good scholarship search websites?

(If it helps, I am not in high school and I am not a graduate student.)
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Magazine Subscriptions.

I just ordered a subscription to Cooking Light. It said it would be about 6 to 8 weeks before my first issue, but I know they usually come sonner than that. What's the usual ballpark for your first issue of a magazine to show up?

chocolate contest

every year we have a chocolate contest at work. last year my friend and i entered together and won. we made mini milk chocolate shells and filled them with a white chocolate mousse. on the top we put dark chocolate curls and a strawberry garnish. soooo....what can we make this year?!? the contest was just announced and it is tuesday, so we don't have much time to think and plan. we need to make something awesome so we can win again! every year there are a ton of chocolate chip cookies and cakes, so we need something that will really stand out. thanks for your help!
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Intercultural Youth Programs

What sort of youth programs are out there that bring youths from different countries/cultures together to work on a common task/project/goal?

(good examples: Raleigh International, Up With People, Global Youth Leaders Conference, Model UN)

I'm familiar with AFS, Rotary's international scholarships, and Youth For Understanding but I'm not sure if they necessarily bring people from different cultures together or if they just send people out to different countries. Anyone have any info about those?

Any ideas for resources would be good too.

Thank you :)

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my friend makes cake shots for a certain party every year. I hate them and am looking to make another kind of portable shot that doesn't involve jello. Anybody know of any interesting shot like this or variations on it?
EDIT: cake shots are small pieces of cake soaked in vodka or rum placed in a plastic container with a lid like one you would get a sauce from a resturant in.


There is a small, kind of hard bump on the back of my head, near my hairline and the nape of my neck. It hurts pretty badly and I obviously cannot see it so I dont know if its discolored or anything. Does anyone know what the hell this could be? I havent had any perms or anything lately, so I'm out of guesses...
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cortisone injection for kitty.

I know some of you are very knowledgable on animal-related stuff, so I figured I'd ask here....

For the past week, my cat has been having trouble walking normally. His back legs are completely unstable and he just stumbles and wobbles, he can't really make it more than a few feet without stumbling. It doesn't stop him from walking and he doesn't seem to get frustrated with his legs, he just keeps walking like he expects them to keep up.

We took him to the vet yesterday morning and his x-rays and bloodwork all came back normal so they don't really know what is wrong with him. The vet wants to give him a cortisone injection to see if that helps his legs at all. I was trying to ask questions at the time but knowing NOTHING about it, I didn't know what to ask other than "what does it do" "what are the side effects" and "what if it doesn't work?"

Well, after googling it, I have a few more directed questions but I don't want to call the vet back and bother them just with questions so hopefully somebody here can answer.

1. So cortisone is basically a steroid, right? I kind of don't understand how if they don't know what is *wrong* with his legs, how they can assume cortisone will help it? I just don't understand why he is getting a steroid shot. I don't mean that in the way that I am opposed to it, I'm just confused by it.

2. This website I'm reading said that one of the benefits to cortisone is that it lasts for "days instead of minutes." But if it lasts for only days, then will he need to get cortisone injections every few days...?

3. It also says that cortisone is typically used as an anti-inflammatory. But his legs are not inflamed they are just weakened or something. I'm just confused...

I know this is long but I hope I get a response....
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When we moved my grampa from his trailor to an apartment for older people, his mother's table wouldn't fit. One of my uncles couldn't come up from Texas to get the table and the other was going to make room in his basement. So, my grampa got impatent and sold the table to the man who bought his trailor. Well, everytime I see my grampa he mentions that he wished he wouldn't have sold the table. Now, with my boyfriend and I working on moving out, we'll need a table. I am thinking about seeing if I could buy the table back, but I'm not sure if I have anywhere to store it.
Should I try and get the table back?
Anyone have experences with close friends/family members selling soemthing that they wished they hadn't?
Did they attempt to get it back, and was it worth it?
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I really should know the answer to this, considering how many fillings I've had in my life but...

Earlier this week I went in to have a cracked molar repaired. He did two teeth at once so it's a bigger filling than I've had before. The rest of my fillings are a shiney silver but this one is a dull gray and feels rough on my tongue. Is it going to stay this way or do they become the shiney metal color as they harden?
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Does anyone have any good travel websites - specifically for airfares within europe?

Some type of site that compares various websites prices (I know one exists, I was on it today before my mozilla crashed)?
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1. For those of you who drive and live anywhere near an interstate with access roads: where you're from, does the traffic getting off the interstate yeild to the cars on the access road, or the other way around?

2. Do they have dry counties where you live?
2a. If yes, do you live in a dry county?

3. Where you live, do they sell alchohol on Sundays?

4. Where do you live?
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1. How old were you when you started working?
2. How old were you when you started working full time?
3. How old are you now?
4. Of all the jobs you've had, which has been your favorite and why?
5. What's your favorite depressing song?
6. What's your favorite song to relax to?
7. Have you read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? Did you like it?

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How long is a performance of the vagina monologues, generally?
Like, if it starts at 7, and I'd probably have to be at work 9:30ish, and my last performance piece is part of the "how would it smell" bit, would I be able to duck out on time, or will I have to plead for an emergency understudy for that part?
Good god I'm special.

also: editedededed the mace question with why.
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I want a future job with lots of traveling. Even better... a job that requires traveling around Europe and Asia, or moving there.

... I need help seeking information on such jobs. Any suggestions?

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Recently my laptop started being difficult in that it charges up to 68 percent then goes on AC power. I don't know why since it always charged to 100 percent before and it's also pretty annoying since the battery only lasts about 50 minutes now.

Do you know what caused this and/or how I can fix it? Thanks.

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1. I put in some new printer cartridges and printed a PDF, it worked fine. Now the printer is refusing to print a word document. It just prints a line of symbols on the page and then scrolls. I don't see any control programs for the printer on this computer, any ideas how I can get it to print?

2. If you don't graduate and keep going to school, will you have to start paying back your student loans at some point? Usually loan repayment is deferred until you graduate. What's to keep someone from being a perpetual student and just borrowing more money every year?

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1. Are digital bathroom scales off by a few pounds?
2. Have any of you taken a CLEP exam for extra college credit? If so, what exam(s) did you take?
3. What's a good and healthy food to snack on in between meals?
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What information can I get from having someone's IP address?
I googled IP address locator, but it only provides me with the internet provider and that company's location. Any way to make it more specific?

I have those IMchaos things in my aim profile, and this person keeps on clicking my link, so I just really want to know who it is, btw, he/she doesn't use a real sn.
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I'm about to purchase a domain, this is the description, and it's why I'm confused:

* Custom domain name registration
* 24-hour toll-free phone support
* Simple one-page starter web site

If I buy a domain, does that mean I can create more pages, or just that one page? eg, if I purchase blahblahblah.net, do I get just blahblahblah.net, or can I create more pages like blahblahblah.net/yaddayadda?


Answered, but you can still help if you like. Thanks! :D
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Hey folks,

I've registered myself to take CLEP exams (American Government and Spanish 2). Before I take the tests I want to brush up, what are good books for both subjects?

I'm a good test taker(ACTs were a breeze), and I've heard they're similair, is there anything I might be surprised about with CLEPs?

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on powerpoint, is there a way to make a soundbyte play throughout the whole slideshow, rather than only on one slide? at this point, whenever i click from the slide with the little sound icon, the music stops, but i would like it to continue all the way through, since its a song.
any ideas? any help would be appreciated!
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Of technology, happiness, and starving for one's art, whether it be good art or bad.

1. Do you have a digital camera? If so, what brand/kind, etc.? Is it a good quality?

2. If you had neither (or if you had one and it was really old and poor quality), would you rather by a new mp3 player or a digital camera?

3. I've been pretty depressed and unmotivated lately. So have most of the people on my flist and in RL. Have you?

4. If you were a starving artist, what sort of artist (painter, writer, musician, etc.) would you be?

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does sprint have pre paid plans??

& what movies are you looking foward to seeing?? (in theaters)

-i want to see big mama's house 2, the hills have eyes, pulse, and the one with samuel l jackson

your final soundtrack

ok...lets say its the end of the world...the apocolypse is upon us. You have 5 minutes til it all goes kablooey. All you have is your iPod...you have time for one song...what is it?

EDIT: you have AN ipod and with the apocolypse coming and all...all phone lines are down. So it's either music or the sounds of people screaming.
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If a piece of jewelry is sterling silver, does it have to be marked 925?

I wore a necklace today that I thought was sterling, but it broke me out pretty bad (I have a nickel allergy) and I think just the charm is sterling.

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i have this ring.

Collapse )i love my ring but i dont like the gap and i wish it were a full circle. ive been told that my best bet is to solder it. so i have some questions.

- what material should i use to bridge the gap, given the ring appears to be bronze?

- is there a certain technique i should use to attack the material to the ring?

- is there a better way to do it?

thank you in advance for helping me.
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Favorite websites

What are some of your favorite websites? The design and ease-of-use aspect: how they look, or how the internal links work, or graphics? Content doesn't matter except that they be safe for work, please, and also please provide a link if you can, and tell me why it's something you like.

:-) Thanks...
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1. If you've been depressed twice, how did you know it was The Real Thing (tm) come back the second time, rather than a series of bad days? Being shortsighted, I didn't manage to label it last time until hindsight kicked in, and I would rather avoid that, if that is what needs avoiding. Or just kick myself until I stop being so whiny. That would be good too.

2. On a lighter note, do you ever deliberately go out and buy stuff you see in magazines? I've only done it once. Trippy feeling. But if no one does, why would they do all those pages of stuff?
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A Valentine's Day cat

Today my boyfriend couldn't keep my Valentine's Day present any longer and announced that he was buying me Mannix, a lovely orange point Siamese mix. I volunteer at a no-kill shelter for cats and this is the second one we've adopted from there. We have three cats in all now.




So, what pets do you have? Show me some pics!
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Ahh! Babies!

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If you took music in college,

when you sang in a minor key in solfegge, did you use

do re me fa sol la te do

or did you use

la ti do re mi fa sol la

What would you say are the benefits of using one over the other? I've always been told using la based minor scales is correct, but it doesn't make sense in my head. When I think La, i think the sixth scale degree and all the chord progressions that implies. I don't think home base. So, its really hard for me to think that way because it seems harmonically wrong ending a song on La. Also, since we have moveable do, why doesn't that apply to the minor scale? I don't get it. I asked my college teachers this and they just said because this is the correct way. Anyone got a better answer?

EDIT: I'm NOT asking what a minor scale is or what a relative minor is or how to sing a minor scale or what solfegge is. I'm NOT asking anything about what is correct or not correct or for you to explain anything. I'm asking what you think is the benefit of one system over the other.
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Bakery Stats

If a new homemade bakery was going to open in or around your neighborhood, what kinds of things would you want it to have?

Can you give me a slightly itemized list of price ranges you'd be willing to pay for things (IE, large slice of cake $2-5, loaf of bread $2-4, etc)?

Have you ever opened your own small business? Any tips/experiances you'd like to share?

Thanks guys and gals!!!
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