February 8th, 2006

I have no calling

My brother has always been fascinated by cars. It was natural for him to become a mechanic. My boyfriend always wanted to be a cabinet maker, so that's what he did. My dad has a natural ability to design and understand technology, so he became an engineer.

- Was your career choice obvious for you, like it was for my family members?

There are no career choices that jump out at me. I'm not exceptionally good at any one thing, I have no burning desire to do a particular job, and I'm not interested in anything enough to make a career out of it. You could say, I have no career-related passion.

- If you're like me, what did you end up doing for a career? How did you choose it? How did you know you'd be good at it/enjoy it? Please, elaborate as much as you like!
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A little background info.

I often organize my mp3s into strange "themes" when I listen to them. I need ideas for strange groupings. Ideas?

Currently I have:
Songs containing "a," "an," or "the," in the title
Songs containing colors in the title
Songs sung by women
Songs with one word titles
Songs released in the year I was born

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It's late and no matter how many times I repeat it I cant make sense of it

something I had strived for as long as I could remember

something I had strived for for as long as I could remember (and any grammar that would be needed)

Which one?

can you think of a synonym for dust? its dust, simple. and I cant really use ash since it would get confusing

context: The layer of dust coating the dresser
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Becoming Vegetarian

What's the best way to go about doing it?

I really don't want to eat meat anymore. I don't like the idea of eating something that was murdered for me to eat. I can't even stand to cook it. My only issue is ordering it in food I don't prepare myself. It's just too easy to eat it. It makes me feel like a jerk for doing it though.

So how does one go about really becoming vegetarian, and doing it in a healthy way?

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Inspired by a recent question from someone else...

I don't know how to classify myself for my dietary preferences. I don't eat beef, pork, or chicken - ever. I use eggs if they are required for a recipe like a cake (I have cake 2-3 times a year), and then only organic eggs. I've had seafood (whitefish) twice since I've stopped eating meat, and might eat it again if it was the same circumstance as the other times but I wouldn't eat any other seafood any other time. I don't use any dairy products besides bleu, cheddar, and swiss cheese (only because we don't have alternatives in my area).

Am I pescatarian, even though it was only twice in the past three years? Am I vegetarian?


*edit* Is there a term for my food preferences that I'm not aware of?
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Does anyone (ok maybe I should just be asking girls) know the trick to figuring out your bra size?

I know that its the difference between the number of inches around your rib cage and the number of inches of the fullest part of your bust, and that equals your cup size but I can't remember which inches equal which cup size.

I would google but I'm at work and the word bra would probably highlight in our filters....


I was measured last night... I want to measure my naked breasts against the size I supposedly am when wearing a slightly padded pushup bra. The girl swears the size will be the same but I don't believe her....
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is anyone here raised traditionally swedish or french? i am trying to better understand the cultures when it comes to family (more specifically my boyfriend) and traditions. thanks! when i mean that, what kind of family values and traditions do you have that intertwine? forgive me for vagueness, i was tipsy when i wrote the original post last night. but i still want to know and i am sober. haha anyway good morning!

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Im going to get my thyroid checked tomorrow and since we dont have school tomorrow, my friends having a party and, well, theres going to be alcohol. My question is, if I drink tonight and get my thyroid checked tomorrow at 10:30, is it going to affect the blood? Thanks for your help.
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Is there a member in your family who has been "outcasted"? Those who have been actually disowned count, but I'm looking more for the one who doesn't fit with the rest and is generally looked down upon.

On my mother's side of the family, I'm the outcast, because I'm not nearly as outspoken as they are and I don't think farting three times in a row is hilarious. On my father's side of the family, my father's the outcast, because he doesn't agree with their whole "pretend everything's always nice and dainty" routine, and because he's more spiritually inclined than they are.

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1. In what order do you eat starbursts (original flavor)?

Me: i like to save my fav. flavors for last to savor it. I eat yellow, pink, orange, then red. Red being the best.

2. What is your favorite type of blizzard from Dairy Queen? (A blizzard is ice cream all mixed together with candy topping or other delish things)

Me: Remember the brownie batter one? that one was super good. but my local one doesn't have it anymore. So my fav. is probably m&m.

3. When you go to subway what kind of sandwich do you get?

Me: Honey wheat bread with turkey, the white cheese, spinach, a little dijon mustard, and parmasean sprinkle cheese.

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What are some ways of exercizing self-control and developing structure in your life?

I feel like I live a very free, impulsive, unstructured lifestyle. My mother died (the disciplinarian, in my life) when I was 13 and my dad raised in a very free "whatever you want" environment. I was allowed to do and have whatever I wanted as well as come and go whenever I wanted. At the time, it seemed nice but I feel like it has done more harm than good in a plethora of ways.
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I'm thinking of buying my boyfriend a rose bush for Valentine's Day because he loves roses. So my question is, what is your favorite rose?And I don't mean like a yellow rose or a white rose, I mean a specific type of rose. And feel free to post pictures of them!!

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Quinn Twin


I have my lj set up to be a picture of Harley Quinn on the left, and the boxes of text and such on the right. It's based off the generator style and has been that way for months. Um, I just went to my flist for the first time today and the text and everything is no longer shifted and the picture is gone. But there's no box with a red x or anything. Is lj having problems I am unaware of, or is it just my journal?

PS - Why does lj randomly decide how to sort my icons?! Sometimes they're listed in alphabetical order with all the ones with capital starting letters first and sometimes they're just in regular alphabetical order. WHY DOES IT KEEP MESSING WITH ME!?
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 what's more appropiate?

I am thinking of possibly looking up this chick i knew in high school and then calling her up.
we were close aquaintances. (I even gave her a birthday present..so i was a little apprenhensive about getting to know her b/c I really wasn't attracted to her like I thought I was, but I sorta liked her personality. It's silly of me to say this, but I always felt that if she and I ever really got to know each other, it would be a major attraction from her and not major from me. or if anything, fractured.
some part of me would like her and some part of me would not.)

however, part of me believes this is considered stalking.

and from what I remember of her, she never liked being forced into situations.
she liked events and oppourntunities just happening.

Now, she left in the last part of my junior year(she was a sophmore) and like some cheesy teen soap, I ran after her to ask if she wanted to keep in touch and a chick I knew stopped me and me not wanting to be rude(and maybe kind of wanting to miss her b/c I was going through unecessary crap and wanted to start fresh or missing her on purpose) I stopped and talked to her, then the bell rang and I had to go to class. I felt, though, that i would be seeing her again in a year or two,so wait till then. well, that is exaclty what happened. I went to community college in 2000 and a few weeks into it, I saw her in the parking lot. I also saw her in the halls the next semester and this went on after a skipped semester, then I saw her at a fast food joint-she waited on us (I was all in my head and figured she knew who I was, so I made a rude face when I saw hers.. probably ruining her entire day. she didn't seem to enjoy the work. I felt horrible afterwards and tried to go back and find her to no avail.) Then last summer, I saw her in the library of the college that I go to now. but that was it, I was half frozen when I saw her but i figured it wasn't her and upon reflection, knew it was her.

so what should i really do?


coexistence ex.

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For those of you who go to college, do you live on campus?

If you don't, how long does it take you to get from home to class?

Me, i don't live on campus and my commute to school takes longer than an hour.


I have an appointment tonight for a facial, hand treatment and brow shaping. How much is appropriate to tip the aestetictian? Does the 15% apply here, or is there a different rule of thumb I should be following?
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blood phobia

My boyfriend told me he's got blood phobia. For him it means that I can't talk about blood, show him a bloody wound (even a tiny cut on my hand), or even have a nice academic discussion about the circulatory system's normal operation.

Is this normal for such a phobia? I've never really had a concrete phobia like that and I just don't understand. I can understand not wanting to hear about female bleeding or see a blood gushing wound, but we had an argument where I was asking about how the circulatory system makes blue blood red or vice versa, and he got all disgusted and told me about his phobia.

Do you have a phobia that hinders you in this manner? To where you can't even discuss things related to what your phobia is about?
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So I went to the post office like I do every year to get my tax books for 05... and they did not have the federal book there... anyone know where I can get one?
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I think about it over and over again...

Do you re-read your own journal entries? Old ones or new ones?

I re-read my most recent ones ALL THE TIME, over and over, and I don't know why; it's not like I don't know what they say....

And occasionally I'll re-read old ones and get sucked into this time warp where I forget I'm not actually in that time period anymore.

Anyone do the same?

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what are words you just hate & think are really annoying?
my answers:
thunk (a slang version of the past tense of think)

& what are words you use that everybody else hates & thinks are annoying?
i shorten a lot of words. it's really annoying, but i do it anyway. (examples: psychie referring to any sort of psychologist, psychotherapist, therapist, etc., vaggie for vagina, poose for pussy, mos def as in most definitely..although i don't really use that one seriously...the list could go on.) i also have a really dirty mouth in general. i won't even go into specifics.
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Last night I was watching a rerun of CSI (9pm Eastern on Spike TV, in case anyone saw it). It was an episode where a guy raped a woman twice and then killed her, and had done it to other people before... she described him perfectly to a forensic artist (after the first rape, not after she died lol) and picked him out of a lineup, but when they tested his DNA, it wasn't a match. Well, the DNA in his mouth wasn't a match to the semen but it was apparent that they were brothers.

Later, Grissom was taking pictures of the man and saw lines on his back, in a V-shaped pattern. Grissom recognized it and looked it up - it was called "so-and-so's lines" and the name started with a B. Apparently it happens when initially there are fraternal twins (meaning two eggs are fertilized) but early in the development process, the zygotes unite and end up being only one person. So we learn that even though the DNA in his mouth didn't match the sperm from the victim, both sets of DNA were his.

The only thing I can remember Grissom saying was that the guy was like a chimera - part lion, part goat, part snake. I'm not sure what the relevance was, I just remember it haha.

Does anybody know anything else about this... um, condition? or remember the episode and know what the name of the lines were so I can look it up?
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Pop Quiz.

Recently I posted a 'who's your favourite Spice Girl?' poll.

Well, there's a new expanded poll.

Groups to vote on: Backstreet Boys, *Nsync, Westlife, Take That, Boyzone, Spice Girls, S Club 7, The Corrs, Busted, McFly and Steps.

So who is your favourite member of _____?

Edit: Don't know who they are? Feel free to choose at random based on name, appearance (picture links included), or 'special vibes'.
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Slow sink drain + drain opener + Idiot = ?

You know when you put that "Red Devil lye drain opener" stuff down your sink drain, and aren't supposed to run water for 30 minutes? Yes, well... I'm an idiot and I completely forgot about it, and I did. The water some of the stuff in the drain that came up won't go down. Plunger? Didn't help. More lye stuff? No go.

So. What now? My mother suggested the Draino stuff (I know, we're great with technical/proper names and terms) for standing water, but I'm not sure.
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if you found the website your teacher uses to make multiple choice questions for your AP [advanced placement] class, would you look at it? why or why not?

keep in mind that each test/quiz also has fill ins/short answer questions that you wouldn't know about. you'd still have to study to do well, or it would look suspicious.
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Important decision.

So, here's the situation.

In the summer of 6th grade, I met this boy. We hit it off right away. There was just a connection there that I have yet to feel with anyone else. Fate kept putting us together in this odd situations and I think we were both thinking something along the lines of 'is this who I'm supposed to be with for the rest of my life?'. Anyhow, he moved, and I only saw him a few times after that.

He IMed me today asking for advice. I haven't seen him in four years, and I haven't really talked to him that much online. But it just amazed me that we'd grown up into the same person. Who we were in 7th grade is very different from who we are now as seniors, but I suppose that's true of everyone. But there's still that connection. He wanted to know what I thought of him moving to Arizona with an older friend, the 'older brother' type, getting a GED, and starting at a community college and eventually transferring somewhere. As opposed to staying at home with his crazy mother and graduating and being stuck with her for even longer.

We decided Arizona would be better for him. But here's the funny part. Earlier this year, I tried something similiar, only it was Colorado and I didn't have a friend to get me there, so it fell through. Now I am so amazingly tempted by this and I want to see if he and his olderbrother friend wouldn't mind me coming, too.

It's just-I don't know if it's better to stay or go. I have three very cool best friends here in Pennsylvania, but even combined, they could never match the connection I have with this kid moving to Arizona. I have a family who is very difficult but who supplies me with money. I'm two hours away from where my pop culture obsession(s) of the moment all live, which I know is silly, but that matters to me right now. I doubt it will later, but for now, it's nice.

I know I won't be amazingly unhappy if I don't leave and stay here, but what I'm not sure of is if I might miss out on what could be the best experience of my life. I think the concept of love is silly but...this guy is 'the one'. It's been nearly 7 years and I still have never dated after him, have never had an actual crush after him, have ALWAYS compared people to him. We get along so great and it's one of the few relationships I've ever had where everything is easy, and no one ever gets hurt unless we squabble over something silly.

It baisically boils down to this...

Should I risk throwing away my life for 'true love'? Or should I stick with what I have?

What would you do?
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miyu- red

"crisps" for our friends in the UK.

What's your favorite chip flavour?!?!

Basic flavours-

plain / original
sour cream & onion
salt & vinegar
dill pickle

Fancy stuff-

sea salt & pepper / lime
smokey bacon
other (do tell)

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After many years of trying you and your partner finally concieve your first child, the pregnancy goes fine and the child arrives.

Theres a problem. The doctors cannot determine the gender of your newborn baby and it is declared intersex.

How do you raise your new baby? do you choose a gender for it...or wait and see what happens?
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Gel or Acrylic Nails?

I'm a ferocious nail biter and I'm trying to stop. I want to get either gel or acrylic nails to give my own nails a chance to grow by themselves.

So...which is better, gel or acrylic? Why? Give me details on either/or!

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1. Has anyone said, with the intent of insulting/hurting you, that you had a mental disorder?

2. Do you intervene if someone is making fun of someone else's physical or mental disability?

3. What's the most genuinely nasty insult you've been given?

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This is so simple and I can't figure it out and it's really making me angry. So angry, in fact, that I'm having run-on sentences with bad grammar and GRAWR.

HTML is awesome, right? Yes. On a Mac, is there anyway I can type up the code in TextEdit and open it in the browser and get actual results instead of just the words of code? Please SOS. I'm bored and need my HTML fix- I refuse to use Geocities/Tripod/Angelfire because they pretty much freaking suck. :)
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Switching Political Parties

Three questions, one each for Americans, Canadians and Rest of World. All related.

1. Americans - If an elected member of your government wishes to change political parties, what happens? Do they step down? Just switch to another party? New election for that position?

2. Rest of World - same question, but you'll have to elaborate more on how your political system works, since I'm only really familiar with the Canadian and US systems.

3. Canadians - you know why I'm asking this question. What are your feelings on the situation?
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does someone who is a member of 200+ LJ communities, and has over 50 people on their friends list ever have time for life away from the computer?
how would you read thru over 250 posts each day and not be confused?
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Do you wash your hands when you come home? How well do you think you wash your hands? Do you wash before you eat?

I always wash my hands when i come home.. it's the first thing i do after i take of my shoes and coat if i'm wearing one... and i wash my hands before i eat probably 90% of the time.. And i think i wash pretty well compared to other people i've seen washing there'. I wash under my nails and massage my hands around each other.
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Fill in the blanks:

You're at a club that plays your favorite genre of music. You've been hoping the whole night that one certain song will play, and it finally does- the song that you can't help but dance to, the song that makes your night complete. That song is ______________ by ______________.

Later that evening, you find yourself dancing with a lovely member of your gender of choice, and a song starts playing. The two of you start slow dancing, and you feel like you're in heaven. That song is ______________ by ______________.

(If you can't tell, I'm trying to put together the ultimate music for a party I'm throwing this weekend.)
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what do you use to clean the stove burners?

when I use paper towels, cloth towels, or a sponge - little pieces get stuck on the burners so I don't know what I should be using when I'm scrubbing them

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i apologize if this has already been posted/asked, but can anybody give me a link to this Danish cartoon that has caused such a ruckus?

this will be merely for educational purposes, because it's topic of discussion in my civil rights and government classes right now.

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ok how the hell do you carmelize onions?

I've been trying to follow recipes I got online, but I just can't do it right!

They keep coming out burnt or not cooked. Or half burnt and half not cooked. I'm stirring them but it doesn't seem to work much. Also, they are so hard and crispy. When I've had them in restaurants, they were soft and sweet, not hard and burnt and crispy combined with oniony and sharp tasting.

can you give me really specific instructions on what to do please?

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Fucking hell! I was at the movies tonight, and at 8 oclock I have to take my birth control, so I had to take it in the theatre. I was all 'okay, gotta be reaaaaaalllll careful I dont drop it!' ....and I DROPPED it. After the movie my friend and I searched the floor. Then we went to wait for our ride, and as we waited we went back and searched more, this time the light was on and it was easier to see, and one of the cleaning guys helped. NO luck.

It's my first pack of birth control I've ever taken, and after today, I have only four more left to take in the pack, then I'm supposed to stop for seven days, then start again.

I'm just wondering what this all means. What could possibly happen from me not taking it today to my period cycle/the way the pill will work when I start a new pack, or anything else you can tell me about it. I'm so paranoid and mad at myself for this!

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Can you take a razor on a plane, in your carry-on luggage? By razor I mean a disposable shaver, like a gillette venus or something similar.

Are there any decongestants that don't make you drowsy? I usually take some before flying to open my ears, otherwise there is this painful stabbing sensation. But it makes me pretty sleepy, and I don't want to be sleepy when I get there. Any other remedies for flying to help my ears (just chewing gum is not enough)?

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What's the image, held on a similiar level as a swastika? It's a hook like looking thing and something else, associated with communism or something like that...I just cant think of the word.

and how come the geico lizard suddenly has an australian accent?
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tax and rent questions

I'm going to be moving in with a friend in March. I've never really done taxes before and I'm concerned about next years taxes. My name won't be on the lease, and I'm concerned about having proof I paid rent for next years taxes.

Should I pay the rent right to the landlord? Or should I pay it to my friend, and simply save copies of the checks, bank statements, and have her sign something saying I paid that much? What do you need to submit for proof of rent for taxes? I'd be filing in Maryland, if that matters.

Sorry if these are stupid questions. I've never been out on my own before and everyone I know either lives at home or in a dorm and has no clue about taxes.