February 7th, 2006

Normal people.

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Do you think it is better overall to get your real estate license and jump in, or to go to school and major in real estate?

I don't really understand it **brain hurts** but a friend of mine is working toward getting his real estate license and I'd love to be able to help him find more information on this...
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1) What are some funny/playful phrases/pictures you've seen on underwear?

2) What funny/playful underwear phrases/pictures can you come up with?

3) What's the weirdest pair of underwear you've seen?

4) Have you enver made your own underwear?

5) What do your favoite pair of underwear look like?

6) What would your perfect underwear be like?
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For those of you who are vegetarian or vegan:

Do you avoid products that say at the end of the ingredients that it was made in a facility that shares equipment with milk and/or meat? How about when the label says that it may contain traces of dairy and/or meat ingredients? Isn't it just an insignificant amount? It just seems like such a pain to avoid all of those products in addition to the ones that contain dairy and meat.

Thanks in advance.
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Oh! Thanks to andmiss for reminding me of this question.

For those of you who have worked tipped jobs... when someone puts a tip on their credit card, how do you know? Is there ever any doubt as to whether you've received all the tips you were given?

I prefer to tip in cash even when I use my debit card to pay, but I often don't have any cash with me. I always wonder when I leave a tip on the charge whether the person who waited on me actually gets it.

For those still baffled by my earlier "safety"/"doorknob" question:
The rules, as I learned them, are like this: if someone farts audibly, and they fail to call "safety" before someone else calls "doorknob", then anyone in the room can punch them in the arm until they touch a doorknob. I learned this on a Navy base about six years ago.
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Song ID question

This is kinda impossible to Google, and I'm asking for a friend.
Do any of you know what this song MIGHT be?
It sounds like new Madonna off Confessions on a Dancefloor, says someone else.
Another suggestion is Natural's Left 2 Right. But I don't know...

It is a dance song...like a club dance..... it goes "Na na na na na na na na.... all day long all I do is think 'bout you boy, all night long....." Something like that. It is a girl singing... but the "NA na na, na na na na na" is ALL in the song over and over again...

Edit: My friend says that it IS Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Thanks!
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What was the last movie you saw that made you angry? It can make you mad because of anything at all: script, direction, acting, plot, editing, production values etc.

For me, it's Underworld. All of the above.
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bed questions

1. How many pillows do you have on your bed, for how many people?

2a. Are you a cuddly person in general?
b. Are you cuddly when you're trying to sleep, or do you want your space?
c. If you want your space, do you still cuddle with a pillow or stuffed animal (etc)?

3a. What size bed do you have, and again, for how many people?
b. Do you want a bigger bed?

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Eco-friendly businesses

Asking on behalf of a friend:

What businesses out there are considered eco-friendly? And where is a good resource/listing for this?

(I know there's Google, but I was wondering which eco-friendly companies were you guys aware of)
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Do you try shoes on before you buy them?
I almost never try them on, I hate having people watch me. I'll try them on if I'm really unsure if there going to fit or if someone is buying them for me.
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inspired by a discussion with eulonia

Have you ever known someone who perpetually and firmly believed that they knew exactly what they were talking about every time they talked, even when they didn't?

...Like the people in those customer service nightmare stories who wash their silk blouses in the washer. Only younger and full of angry idealism that indicates that if that's not the way things are, that's the way they should be.

How do you deal with them as a friend, or acquaintance, or coworker?
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AAAAAAAAAAAARGH. My computer won't start. A few hours ago I was having trouble with the modem, so I decided to restart. That didn't help, so I decided to shut the computer down and give it a break. I forgot to close the CD drive, and for some reason that caused a problem. The computer kept trying to reboot itself, so I finally had to cut the power. I left it unplugged and went to have breakfast. When I came back and plugged everything in, it wouldn't turn on. The little "brain in a can" light won't even come on. There's no power. I've tried unplugging everything and plugging everything back in, I've tried using a different power cord and power source, I dusted everything out and even unhooked the CD drive, nothing is doing any good. So! My question is, what's wrong with my computer/what can I do to fix it?

EDIT: I've never had any problems at all with this computer. It's never crashed, never been terribly slow, I kept all my virus and firewall software current, and defragged regularly. I have absolutely no idea where this problem may have come from.

And on a related topic, how are you supposed to install new hardware on Dells? It looks like the case is riveted on.

food stuffs

1. for all those UKers out there (and other people who are in the food know) - what exactly are kippers? why are they so popular at english breakfasts?


2. what is the difference between quaker oats oatmeal and irish oatmeal?
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Gmail users: Has your spam filter been really crappy the past few days, or is it just me? I thought I had maybe signed up for something spammy, but the spam that's coming into my inbox is from email addresses that were getting directed into my spam box a month ago...

Stuck in my head!!

1. What song is stuck in your head?

2. What do you do to get a song out of your head?

EDIT: I think I need the lyrics to get this song out of my head, but I can't find them!! Does anyone have the lyrics to Mary Jane/Mary Lane (Loved by Mary Lane) from Reefer Madness?? PLEASE? I can't find them on google.
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What the hell is with the Chuck Norris jokes?

I may have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks with a lot of work and a lot of school, but I have absolutely no idea what is going on...

Can you tell me?

Gender swop

If you could spend one day as your opposite gender, would you?

Here are the rules... You can look as attractive as you want, and no one will know it is you unless you want them too. You can also leave your current life and obligations behind for a day.

You have a free day to experience the world through the body of another gender.

Would you take advantage of it? And if so what are the things you would do?
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Switching Teams.... (Or not)

1. What member of the same sex would convince you to "switch teams"? (If you are gay, then what member of the opposite sex would convince you to go straight?) Celebrities, people you know, literary or movie/TV characters, whatever. They don't have to be homosexual to count.

2. What member of the opposite sex would convince you to change your mind? (Same thing, if you're gay, what member of the same sex would convince you to join team straight?)

*Please note: I know that sexuality is not a conscious decision. Please don't think I'm trying to trivialize anything.

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Please elaborate on these questions. I love it when people elaborate their thoughts. I like getting into other people's heads. :-)

1. What qualities do you look for in a friend? I'm talking about things other than honesty, loyalty, trustworthy, etc. Like, do you look for people with the same music tastes as you? Same sense of humor as you? Same political orientation? Different political orientation?

2. Say you're living after the fall of civilization. No electricity, no running water, no government, just you and a bunch of other people just trying to survive. What would you do?

3. You have the opportunity to make any sort of movie you want. What genre would it be in? What would it be about?
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I heard a song on a mix tape that my girlfriend has that a friend of hers made her.

one of the songs on the disc I really took a liking to, the chorus repeating "... I am a mighty little man"

I searched for it online and came up with the fact that it is a Steve Burns (the old host from blues clues) song on his album "songs for dustmites"

I proceeded to buy the album, upon its arrival I immediatly went to "mighty little man"
and then realized.. this was an entirely different song, well.. almost.

the chorus remained the same as the one I had heard, but the tune, and the rest of the lyrics were different.

My question is...

Does anyone know what the other song is? who plays it? and most importantly how I can get it? (one of the key lyrics is something like "I have found from appropriate sources, I am louder than bombs")

any help would be greatly appreciated as always.

x-posed ad naseum

*EDIT* thanks to obfuscate I have learned that the song I desire is in fact the original song http://www.steveburnsrocks.us/songlyrics/NonAlbumSongs_MightyLittleMan(OriginalVersion).htm
now I just need your savy help in finding away to obtain said song...

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Artificial sweetners

I know nothing is proven about Splenda yet, but I had some questions for you, based on personal experiences.

1.) Have you had NutraSweet, or a product containing aspartame or phenylalanine?
2.) Have you had a reaction to any of these products? If so, what?
3.) Do you use Splenda as alternative to these products?
4.) If you use Splenda, have you had any such similar reaction to it, or any other reaction previously not experienced?

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Odd question

Does anyone know what a parcel tax is?

There's a story in the paper about the pros and cons of a parcel tax versus a half-cent sales tax... but doen't really explain what the parcel tax is.

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How do you eat sushi? It's impossible to cut, but if you eat a roll in a single bite your entire dinner is done in 5 bites. I'm confused.

edit: I don't eat that much! Am I just screwed?

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Is anyone here diagnosed with ADD?

Does anyone really think they have ADD, but haven't yet gotten it diagnosed.

Anyone ever suspect they had it?

What are your opinions about ADD in general? How much special attention should those with the disorder have; should they be given extra time in tests like people with dyslexia and the like?
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For the Skype users:

How well does it work if one of the participants is using dial-up?

I've been using it, but never tried it with someone who uses dialup. Broadband isn't even available where my mom lives yet, so she of course has dialup. She's also totally hopeless when it comes to computers, so if I try to teach her how to install it and set it up, it could take hours. For this reason, I kind of want to make sure it will work on dialup before I go through the trouble of attempting to teach her.

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 How did I not hear that Coretta Scott King died??!!!  I heard a little blurb on the radio about the funeral today, and that was it.  any one have any info? 

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Question 1: How bad is swimming a lot (ie: daily or every three days) for your hair and skin? I mean, I know the chlorine dries it out, but is it a very significant change? What can you do to treat hair/skin that has been damaged from chlorine?

Question 2: ATTN People at college right now...do a lot of people who swim in the school pool wear rubber caps, or is it still considered a complete NO-NO fashion statement?

Question 3: Wasn't there some snazzy little trick to get water out of your ear? Stand on one foot and hop three times with your head tilted or something like that? Because I've been jamming Q-tips in my ear and shaking my head vigorously for the past half hour since my shower and I still can't get it out.
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donating blood

There's a blood drive at my school in a few weeks, and it'll be my first time being eligible. (As in, seventeen.) I really want to do it, but my mom was like, "no way, you wouldn't be able to take it." I have a really low tolerance for pain. Basically, I'm a baby, haha.

Is it really that bad?

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WARNING: spoliers for the movie 'when a stranger calls' below the cut. though it was go godawful you might as well just read them & save seven bucks. but, anyways, i have a question about the ending...
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Have you ever tried peanut butter and jelly flavored chicken wings?

If yes, did you like them?

If no, would you try them?

I've tried them, and they're delicious!

*edited: remember, a lot of Thai dishes have peanuts or peanut butter in them, so peanut flavored chicken is not all that unusual!*

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For musicians (especially instrumentalists), what do you do if you come across a difficult rhythm that you can't correct after three or four repititions? Does it help to listen to a CD of the song you're trying to play in the context of the rest of the group or whatever? What helps you get difficult rhythms?

Thank you!!
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Who is a singer that you didn't like at first but then finally had to admit, "man, he/she can sing? What song was it that made you change your mind?
Mine is Christina Aguilera when I heard Fighter
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Would it bother you if you had a friend who had a (sexual) shoe fetish, and he/she asked to see your shoes? (not because the fetish is weird/bad/anything like that, but because they are JUST A FRIEND and they are trying to involve you in their fetish.) This person also has a ?dentist? fetish where he loves looking into peoples mouths and fantasizes about being shrunken and eaten, ala "Honey I shrunk the Children" just for the view. I find it very uncomfortable, and I don't know how to explain to him that it bothers me that he tries to involve me in his fetish, when we're just friends. The acts, to me, of showing him my shoes/letting him look into my mouth aren't sexual to me, but they are to him.

Confusing, kinda I guess.
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ATTN shopaholics...Clothing Brand question

Months ago I went to Pink Ice (clothing / accessories store) in Santa Monica and saw these kick-ass bomber-style jackets they had. I went back later and they were all gone, and for the life of me I can't remember the brand name. I thought it was Miss Me, but it isn't; it's another two-word brand name, similar to Miss Me style.
Other brands I would say it's similar to are Blue Tattoo, Baby Phat, True Religion, Morphine Generation, etc.

Can you help me out? I'll know the damn name when I see it. Even just a list of every two-word apparel brand name you can think of would help, I've been searching forever but can't come up with anything.

Other things that may help somehow are...
-the tag is very slim and verticle (as opposed to horizontal like the majority of clothing)
-it is not a person's name
-there were several different styles; ones with zippers, ones with buckles, ones with faux fur, etc.
bah, that's all i can think of right now.

ps, yes I did ask when I went back to the store, but they aren't very helpful there, and they don't have a website.

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What city do you live in? If your city/hometown was a food, what would it be?

I live in Austin and I think it would be something along the lines of hummus or a durian.
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What are some basics that a person should know if they are babysitting? Such as what to do if the child is choking etc. What first aid tips would you want everyone to know? Any other advice that should be standard knowledge?

I've been babysitting for years. I was prompted to ask since I was talking to a parent for the first time for the possibility of a job and he asked what I would do if his 4 year old were choking. I realized I didn't really know for a small child, and I just didn't want to be surprised by any little things like that I should know.
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1) Do you have a webcam? If so, do you use it often? For what?
When it's not in use, do you feel like someone is watching you?

2) How many computers are there in your current living arrangement? For how many people?

3) If you could only visit one website for the span of 6 months, which one would you pick? [If you pick something like msn.com, you won't be able to click the links on the sidebar. Only the links that are on the main frame.]

4) How much memory does your hard drive have?

5) Does anyone use floppy disks anymore?
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Valentine's Day for a Recently Dumped Friend

My friends just broke up Friday (because he's going away to school). Right before Valentine's day and in March they would have shared a 1 year anniversary. I'm thinking of getting her some flowers (like daisys or something friendly) for V-Day. Would you see this as nice or almost more like salt in the wound?

I'd rather do nothing than make her (inadvertantly) feel worse!

Poll #668842 Better or Worse?

How would you feel if a friend did this for you?

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(no subject)

(FYI: I am not getting married, nor do I ever think I will get married. This is just a question out of pure curiosity)

If I wanted to get married in another country, such as Ireland, what steps would I have to take legally? I know that here (in the US) you have to get a liscence first...would I have to also get a liscence in Ireland? And would getting married in Ireland be recognized in the US, or would I have to be married by a Justice of the Peace when I got back? Are there any other complications that I haven't thought of?

...and a random question, just for fun...
For those of you who ask for advice on TQC (or those who commonly read advice questions and their answers) who gives the best advice?