February 6th, 2006

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Yesterday on the superbowl there was a commercial that showed a bnch of girls and things they didn't like about themselves.
Like... "Hates her freckles," "thinks she's fat"

What was that commercial for?
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I've been downloading comics on bittorrent, and a lot of them have been coming out in CD Display format. I dont really like it, but I cant get the files to display in any other program. Is there any way to reformat them so I can view the images in another program?

If it help any, they are .rar files. Someone has aid to 'unzip' them, but I am at a loss to what that means.

Answer as many as you like.

Does distraction from the internet interfere with your daily life?

What do you spend most of your internet time looking at?

How many hours do you spend browsing the net on an average weekday?

For students, are your grades and internet time inversely proportional?

What is your favorite lj community / which community do you spend the most time on?
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Say you have a video .. and you want to take a certain clip of it, to use for example, as an avatar .. what program has to be used in order to do this?

Edit: Not very clear w/ my words, I mean taking a video clip of an actual video .. like so .. what I mean

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Does anyone know a website where I can order a life size poster? Meaning I want to submit a personal photo to be a life size poster. I tried to google it, but it keeps giving me life sized cutouts, but i'd just like a simple poster.

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So, Hotmail won't save mail I've sent, for more than 30 days. But will they, if I put the sent mail in a folder I make myself? I don't have 30 days to test and see what happens so if anybody knows, I'll love you forever :D
Dom Lost

Cat question

We just recently sorta got a new cat. Previously it had belonged to our friend who lives a couple apartments down, however yesterday the cat came by when we were outside on the patio and it had all of it's whiskers cut off and was looking for attention. We felt bad for it so we basically stole our friend's cat, but we told them about it and no hard feelings so all is ok in that aspect. I'm just wondering does anyone know about how long it takes for a cat/kitten...not sure how old it is, just that it's young...take to grow back? We noticed yesterday when we gave it some water that dunked his whole head in the bowl since usually it has it's whiskers to tell him when to stop.

Also maybe someone can explain this cause I've never seen it before with my Mom's cats or our old cat. When I got home from work tonight Bert, that's what we named him after the dude from 'Mary Poppins', was about and wanted a hug...seriously this cat will reach it's paws up to hug you and sometimes try to jump on your shoulder like one of the rats, it's so cute lol. But anways back to my point, I picked him up and as I was holding and petting him he started kinda biteing my face. Not hard or anything, just kinda like in the way a lil kid would chew on things execpt well the cat has teeth already. I thought it odd and would tell him no and pull away cause I didn't know what the hell he had in mind. I found out later that he had also done the same thing to two of my other roommates. Is this a common thing or what cause I'm kinda confused.

Lastely any good solid ways to tell if your cat is deaf or just plain ignoring you? We think Bert might have some hearing trouble but aren't 100% positive.

Thanks in advance :)
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1.  What is your "get ready" routine? What do you do in the shower, what products?
2.  How old are you?  Has your routine changed as you've gotten older?
3.  Describe your bedroom. (Does this count as a question?)
4.  How is your closet organized?
*edit, added a little more to question 1.


I want to go to cosmetology school in the fall. How do I find out more information on it? Does anyone know requirements to be admitted? If you pay for it can you do it, or do you need to be accepted?

Thanks in advance. Sorry for posting so close together.
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just bored.

1. What do you put in your tomato soup?

2. What do you put in your top ramen?

C. When you are not going to be leaving the house, do you ever shower, put your pajamas on, and put make-up on anyway just to make yourself feel pretty?

4. How many hours did you sleep last night?

V. When you are eating at somebody else's house and you find a hair in your food, do you finish eating the food anyway? Do you mention the hair? Does it depend how well you know the person and their family?
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A twist on a common question

I teach junior high language arts. I'm currently teaching a poetry unit, and I'm using songs (in combination with "classical" poems) to teach it. Each day has a theme - things like Suffering and Pain, Snapshots of Life, Social Action, etc. One day will also have the theme of LOVE!

I want your suggestions for love songs that have particularly interesting, beautiful, or significant lyrics. Genre is extremely flexible - I've been using everything from Jimi Hendrix to The Beatles to Suzanne Vega to Death Cab for Cutie. The process is this: we listen to the song while reading along with the lyrics, and then discuss the "poem," and then sometimes answer some questions.

I'd appreciate your help!

P.S. If you have some songs in mind that are particularly "poem-like" (i.e. interesting lyrics, figurative language, interesting subject matter, etc.) but don't have to do with love, please suggest them anyway!
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A poll for MMORPG players

Male players: Are your characters mostly male or female?

mostly male
mostly female
about the same number of each

Female players: Are your characters mostly male or female?

mostly male
mostly female
about the same number of each

Feel free to comment/explain.

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have you ever done something sober, that you claimed you would do when you were drunk?
best way to cure a hangover?
do you believe in ESP? if so, why? if not, why not?
what is your definition of courage/bravery?

ANSWERED! (Thanks!!)

My family lives in New Jersey but I go to school in Maine, where should I file my taxes? There's no way I'll be back to New Jersey before the Summer, and I need taxes done before March. I'm going to have to sign papers right? So I'll have to get it done in Maine?

Just wondering if it's illegal (or whatever) to do my taxes here. I have a work-study job here, and had a part-time in New Jersey.

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In your experience, where is the best place to order digital prints online.

Please elaborate on the following factors:
1. ease and speed of upload onto site
2. print quality
3. price
4. time it takes to receive photos in mail
5. versatility and creativity of site (ie is it only for prints or can you create photo gifts)
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i posted in here like friday asking about the best deodorant and a lot of people said mitchum or axe.

I bought Mitchum and it left white stains on my black shirt.
I guess I'll try axe..unless someone has any ideas?

thanks again.

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People in San Diego!

Okay.. I've looked online and the closest hotel I can find to the San Diego Convention Center is 5 miles away. I'm looking to book a trip over there for Comic-Con for my husband. I want a hotel that is of walking distance.

Are my internet findings wrong? Is there possibly a hotel closer than 5 miles?

If not, I guess we'll be cabbing it or taking public transportation. Is the transit system down there pretty simple?

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My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. He was my first "true love" as cheesy as it sounds, and I still love him, but I'm trying not to. He didn't give me a reason either.

I've never been through a breakup like this, so my question is, what do you do to get over a rough breakup with someone you truly loved?

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Any tried & true ways to get rid of a hickey fast? Or am I just going to have to glob on the concealer and hope for the best? (I have to work in 4 1/2 hours, and a turtleneck is not an option.)
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Like you really FEEL it...

1. Is there anything about yourself that makes you feel superior to most people?
2. Is there anything about yourself that makes you feel inferior to most people?
3. Is there a color you wear more often than any other color?
4. Do you like to drive? Why/why not?
5. Why do you think you like the music that you like?
6. Do you have a defining physical characterstic? What is it?
7. Do you smile/ say hi to people you pass in hallways or avoid peoples' eyes?
8. Do you have a talent for anything?
9. Are you horrifically bad at anything?

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What's the difference (if there is one) between a black suit and a basic tuxedo? I don't mean the fancier tuxedos like the ones with band lapels and suchlike, I just mean a basic tuxedo.

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Single people:

Does Valentine's Day depress you? Are you indifferent to it? If you've ever been in a relationship on Valentine's Day, did you view it differently then?

Do you think it's kind of a made-up holiday?
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I got some dvds for christmas and they play fine, but the dvd player makes a kind of hissing sound when they're playing. It's not loud enough to interfere with watching though. None of my other dvds make it sound like that.

I tried taking them back and getting a replacement, but the new one makes the same sound.

Any idea what is causing this? I can still watch them just fine, but I don't want it to somehow damage the dvd player.

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The color of my computer is a yucky beige and I dislike it. Is it safe to paint it? I just want to make it look more interesting because even though it works wonderfully, it looks ugly. So...can I paint it? If so, could I use acrylic paint? Or if not, what kind of paint will work best?
nathan red

i've always wondered...

so this is a little embarassing, but whatever...

1. have you ever imagined music videos while listening to a song you really like?
2. what was/is your favourite song to do this to?
3. what happened in your hypothetical video?
4. was there a real music video produced for the song?
5. if yes to 4, did you like it better than the one you imagined?

yup, i'm so very lame.

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A few years ago, we were supposed to find out the meaning of our names and explain how it fits us. I found a website during my research, and I really want to find it again. I remember I either typed my name in or selected it from a list. It had a name meaning part, then it had nicknames for your name, along with a list of names a bully could use to make fun of your name. I also remember it had either a bright orange or yellow background, and when I was searching for websites, it wasn't on the front page. I had to search a few pages back before I found it.

Could anyone help me?
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1. Suggestions for a home gym? Best elliptical trainer to get? Any comments on this one?

2. Why do some recipes only call for egg yolks? What do egg whites do to food? What do yolks alone do to food?

3. Which is more important in your wardrobe -- Clothes or accessories? Favorite accessories that you own right now? Dream accessories?

4. Stalking tactics that you are guilty of?

5. Do you like dragons?
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When you apply to a college, are you required to list any previous colleges you attended?

Long story short, I went to college for freshman year in Fall 04-Spring 05. A lot of bad things happened and I ended up failing some classes and my GPA dropped to a 1.7. Well I took a year off and now I'm ready to go back to college, but not at the same school. However, all the colleges i'm applying to are rejecting me based on that shitty year.

Can I just not list it? Is that illegal or can I get in trouble someway for it? My high school grades and stuff were good enough that I know I'd get in some places if I didn't have that crappy year. I've tried including a letter explaining why the year went bad, but I don't know if I'm not wording it right or they don't care, because they still are rejecting me.

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what product do you absolutely love right now?
did you discover it recently or is it an old favorite?

mine: burt's bees beeswax lip balm. it has totally gotten me through this winter. i love that it's all natural and it tingles. i just picked a tube up last month at borders.
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I had my laptop screen replaced in December- we had some issues where the screen would go black, and there were spots where the screen was just darker in general.

Suddenly, on some images, instead of normal, behaving pixels, I get green, blinky pixels. What could this be? Another trip to Best Buy?

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On myspace, is there any way to mark messages as unread? So when you sign on, and it says 'New messages', is there a way to read the messages and make it so that next time you sign on it still says 'new messages'?
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Speeding Roadiquette

Poll #668068 Speeding Roadiquette

What's generally the (highway) speed limit where you live?

50 MPH
55 MPH
60 MPH
65 MPH
70 MPH

How fast do you usually go?

Follow the speed limit or exceed by 5mph
5-10 above SL
10-15 above SL
15-20 above SL
20mph or more above SL

In US the leftmost lane is the "fast lane".

I know this.
I didn't know.

If you're in the US, or the above is also the case in your country, do you drive in the fast lane if you're going slower than others?

Yes, because I didn't know about this.
Yes, because if they want to speed, they'll go around me.
Yes, because they shouldn't be speeding
No, I stay in the middle or right lane.
No, but I don't usually go slower than others.

If you picked other or feel like discussing this in more detail, please feel free to comment.
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How do you start over a friendship after causing each other so much pain for a long time? The beginning was fun, the middle was angst, and the end was raw anger. Is it even possible to get back to the beginning? How do you go back to the start?
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Do you think celebrities deserve privacy?

Pesonnally, I dont think so... thats what they get paid millions of dollars for.

"blah blah blah... I deserve privacy" Bitch.. I deserve to know who your cheating on him with... ehehehe... you wanted the world to love you and know your name... and I want to know all your embarrassing secerts...
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I've had two pet turtles since November, but I've not named them yet. They're paints (like red eared sliders). One's a boy, one's a girl.

What should I name them? I don't want typical turtle names (like Myrtle and whatnot).

Bob Marley fans?

Did Bob Marley ever sing the song "Red, Red Wine"? My mom put on a Bob Marley playlist for his birthday, and when I suggested Red, Red Wine wasn't one of his, she insisted it was. I always thought that it was just the UB40 version widely mislabeled by the internet. Am I wrong, or is she?
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1. What kind of pickles do you like?

2. Which lotion from Victoria's Secret smells like Hawaiian Punch?
My sociology teacher used to use it all the time, I could tell that it was from Victoria's Secret, and that it was pink but I couldn't tell which one it was. I was in Victoria's Secret on saturday and smelled them all and I couldn't tell which one it was. I'm definitely not going to ask her.
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Food question.

Alright, I started Track in January and since then, I've been a lot hungrier when it comes time for dinner. Should I be eating more than usual? Or will that offset any benefits gained from the exercise?

What's been bothering me more though, is what should I be eating (particularly for breakfast and dinner)? I split my lunch up throughout the day, but I eventually eat a Nature Valley (?) granola bar, an apple, a fruit (mandarines are in season now), a turkey sandwich, and a cup of low-fat yogurt. I exercise for two hours in Track; the first hour we warm up, and that's more or less 1.5 miles, and the second hour we actually run, which can be anywhere from 3-5 miles.

What should I be eating? What do I need more of?

And did I use that semicolon correctly? :P
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For Valentines Day I am planning on making some fondue. Cheese for the main course, chocolate for dessert.

Anyway, I don't have a double boiler or a fondue pot, so I am planning on making a makeshift double boiler by placing a metal mixing bowl on top a pot of hot water, would that work ok?

Also, I can't decide on what recipe to use. If you can help me choose one, OR suggest a easy but yummy recipe of your own, it would be great.

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Any other tips for fondue making, since I never done it before, would be helpful as well.

Also, suggestions on what to dip in these fondues are great too.
Here's my list so far....
Cheese Fondue Dippers-
French Bread
Cocktail Weiners
Cherry Tomatoes
(should the vegetable dippers be cooked or raw?)

Chocolate Fondue Dippers-
Vanilla Cookies



I made a simple Raggedy Ann-type doll out of white canvas. It's all sewed up and ready for stuffing, but there's a hitch. I want to make it look like a zombie. My original plan was to sew it all together, cut strategic spots and then sew it up with green thread. But now that I have the base, I'm thinking that's too simple. I'm up for any ideas, I just want to make it look awesome. Any suggestions would be great!

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As a collary to my earlier question, have any of you had a "Duh!" moment for yourselves recently?

(Additional question EDIT) Have you noticed the trailer remix fad that seems to be going on? If so, what's your favorite?

There seems to be these types of fads that circulate now and again (one person has a brilliant idea, someone else tries to capitalize on it). What are some of your favorite copy-fads from your lifetime?

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What are some foods/beverages you like, but hate the after-taste of?

Mine would be: bananas, anything with garlic/oninon, milk, cheese, sometimes really rich chocolate.
That's all I can think of right now.

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Does anybody here watch The Bachelor?
Was anybody else shocked about who was kicked off?
Who do you think he's going to end up picking?

What's your favorite reality tv show? Be it past or present.

game programming

how beneficial would you say it is for me to continue learning openGL when my pursuit is to get involved with game programming when i get out of college? also, are there any other languages you would recommend looking into and why?