February 5th, 2006

bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I was just wondering...what is the safest way to send drugs through mail without getting caught? Does the old method work...where you put them in coffee or peanut butter jars?
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1. do you usually tell the truth on surveys, or do you make things up? if you've worked in market research (or somewhere else) doing surveys, do you you ever make up surveys? how often? does your boss approve/encourage it, or do you do it on your own?

2. when you call someone who doesn't know you, do you spell out your name (if it's not a common name)?
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This post is designed specifically to make all the women in this community feel better about themselves (by finding out that everyone is in the same boat)

Do you have: Cellulite? Stretch marks? Grey hair? A mustache? Pimples/acne? Anything else about your body that magazines tell you you should despise?

I, unfortunately, have items 1-3 (thank-you-very-much crap genetics!). Granted it's only a stray grey hair every few months and the stretch marks are now only silvery lines (around my boobs: stupid sudden growth spurt!) but I still hate them with a fiery passion!

EDIT: Now doesn't everyone feel so much better about themselves? We've all got something we hate about our bodies!
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Music and appearance.

I was thinking about how people's (especially young-ish people) style of dress, corresponds with or is associated with them listening to a certain type of music (indie/emo kids, goths, punk rockers etc).

But what about 'ordinarily' dressed people? The average, everyday, person - do you judge them as having certain musical proclivities, or do you simply not associate them with music at all?

What clothing style/music taste stereotypes do you have?

At first glance, I know I see converse, black hair and tight jeans (or is it baggy jeans now? My fashion knowledge is lacking) and think 'indie', or the guy walking past with baggy everything and a slouched, staggered stride and feel the rap/hip hop vibe. Sure on the second thought I dismiss my assumptions, but they're there. But when I try and pinpoint (or stereotype) say, the bus driver (an ordinary-looking middle-aged guy),or the 40ish woman behind the shop till, or business-people, then I draw a blank.

And really, these questions are really a front for my main one, which has been annoying me for a while, after some people expressed an inordinate amount of surprise during a music-related conversation.

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We all have people who have affected us at one point in our lives a great deal. Some positively, some negatively. But we don't always get to tell these people how much of an impact they had on us; they may go through life never knowing what they mean to us, for better or worse.

If you could somehow step outside of society's expectations, or the confines of time, or whatever keeps you silent to tell these people what they meant to you...

...what would you say to them?
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What's your favorite musical?

it can be a movie or a stage musical whichever

i supose it could be a tv show too...?


(if you don't like musicals, that's ok, you just don't need to tell me that 'cause I hear that alot being a theater major)
Yet Care...

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Would anyone be interested in receiving a Tarot reading of your choice from yours truly? Leave some way that I can contact you and it shall be done. *

If that doesn't count as a question or merely annoys some people, what is the most outrageous or offensive question you have ever been asked? What about seen on TQC?

Me, I'm hardly offended by anything, so I can't answer that one.

*With all of the enthusiasm of the replies, if anyone ever needs or wants one, feel free to comment on my journal with route of contact, and it shall be. I love helping people & I enjoy giving readings. :)
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Okay, I have a slight dilemma.

I have student loan money, and I'm trying not to spend too much of it, since I still have a nice chunk of money and it has to get me by for a while.

I did my taxes online the other night (did finally get it figured out) and I'm getting $1100 back from state and federal combined. I want to set some of that aside for August rent (I'm paid through July and my lease is up in August), get an iPod (student discount!) and a new digital camera (my old one is really on its last legs).

Well, I got up this morning, and happened to check the Best Buy ad...ALL their digital cameras are on sale, and so is the memory card I'd need for it.

Poll #667198 oh, dear...decisions, decisions...

So what do I do?

Take the money out of your college money, go for the deal, pay yourself back when you get your taxes.
Your taxes aren't a 100% thing, even though there's no reason they won't get accepted. Just wait for the next sale.
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bad hair day

I'm trying to bleach the tips of my hair. I just died the rest of it black. Aaand the tips dont seem to be bleaching. I've been using peroxide (I know, its really bad for your hair etc) and it doesnt really seem to be getting much lighter. And I left in there for like an hour. Why?

Also, how much cheaper is it to go to a beauty school to get your hair done? Would they bleach the tips of my hair for me? Any idea how much that would cost (at a beauty school or a salon)?
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another eyecon

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If you were in a situation where you couldn't, say, walk around your apartment, and you had to be waited on, would you have trouble with that, or would you soak up the attention?

Corollary: any good "I sprained my fucking ankle and I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself" movies? I have a feeling I'm gonna be spending a lot of time in front of the TV.
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So when I do ctrl-alt-del I see various programs running. Some of them I recognize, many I don't. Is there a site I can go to to check and see if any of the programs running on my computer are malicious? I don't mean to get it checked for spyware or viruses, just like a database of 'core' programs a (Windows) computer will run.
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Whenever corporate comes in to our call center (I work for Orbitz.com), we have to dress "business casual." What does this mean to you? Could you supply a picture of what you think is "business casual?" I bought a pants/jacket suit set (I'm a gal incase you were wondering) - and a silk shirt to go under that... Is that too much?

More about meanies

"jezemel brought up something good in my post about mean people who are shitty to those who are kind to them. It was one of those people who say that they're assholes like it's a badge of honor who had told me that being kind is overrated and that most people just like to be treated like shit any way.

bbsy adds to this by talking about people who "can't really be your friend unless you show them your claws when they poke you."

I consider both type of people mentioned above as contemptible human beings that I would have nothing to do with. You can't trust somebody like that. Somebody who decides they'd only be your friend if you berate them after them poking at you will stab you in the back sooner or later. It's a given fact. I've dealt with somebody like that before. When they stabbed me in the back and I confronted them, they tried to place the blame all on me when they KNEW that it was unethical behavior. So now I just don't even deal with those people. If somebody wants to be my friend, they treat me with kindness and they don't play idiotic games. I have no time for that kind of bullshit.

Any way.

Why are they like that?

Why do they brag about being assholes and act like it's a badge of honor?

Why do they pick on others as a test for friendship?

Absolutely none of that behavior makes sense to me.
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I'm going with the recent blood/donation theme inspired by jaded44 and ifancylust.

Do you come from a country where they pay you to donate blood?

If yes, is that the only reason you donate? Would you continue to donate if they stopped paying?

If no, would you ever accept a payment for a blood donation?

In Australia a blood donation is exactly that, a donation: no money exchanges hands (although they will give you a cup of tea and some biscuits). I find the idea of being paid for my blood a little bit creepy. To me, getting paid for what naturally grows in your body makes a charitable act a business transaction. What are your thoughts?


Let's say that a person (who you are really quite mad at) signs online on to a messenger that you are also on.... However, you have to continually tell yourself that you will NOT make the first move, and that they will need to start talking first.

I'm sure many of you know that this is much easier said than done... So do you have any thoughts/advice/experience about how to keep your cool while waiting for them to say something?
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books = good

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I pretty much turn everything into a PDF anymore--I'm on a Mac, so it's easy. However, I'd like to be able to make big documents with a table of contents on the side...I can't remember what that's called, but I can't figure out how to do it. Is there any way to do it on my computer, or do I need different software? And if so, what software would that be?

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Is there a way to convert a mpeg file to an mp3 in Windows Media Player? Is there a way to save a movie file that someone sends you through YouSendIt? I can download it and play it but not save it. I hope this is all clear, I'm computer braindead.


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What are some little annoying habits that your family, friends, and/or SO have?

I mean stuff daily stuff like: dishes in the sink instead of in the dishwasher, having drawers/cabinets open, no cap on the toothpaste, etc.

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A question for students in university:

For those of you in a sorority/fraternity, what were your main reasons for wanting to join (if you had any)?

For those of you who are not members of a sorority/fraternity, did you have certain reasons for not wanting to rush or be part of the Greek system?

For those of you who deactivated before graduating, why did you do so?

Please be tactful in your responses; I don't wanna start no drama. I am genuinely curious to people's views on this sort of thing.
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Ok... I'm teaching science to a class of 7 year olds tomorrow. Science is not my strong point, and I don't want to talk rubbish.

Can anyone give me a simple explanation as to why some types of paper are more absorbent than others? Is it anything to do with the length of the fibres?

Thanks xxx
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1. How did you meet your significant other?

2. If you went to College/University -- how much did your education cost?

3. If you could live anywhere NOT in your current or native country -- where would it be?

4. South Park -- Cartman or Butters?


1. What is your favorite highway?

Mine: CA-1 - see icon :)

2. What do you call a multi-lane, divided, high speed (55+ mph) roadway with onramps & offramps where you live? They are called freeways here in California, but when I go to Illinois (grandparents) I have to remember to call them expressways or tollways, or people get confused.

3. What is the speed limit on interstates where you live? It's 65 or 70 in California.

4. What states & countries have you personally driven in?

I've driven in California and Illinois.

killer queen


1. Worst concert you've ever been to?

2. Best concert you've ever been to?

Details, please.

3. Do you know what Three Mile Island is, and where it's at without googling it?

4. How does one go about getting a job as a roadie for a band? Or even as just a techie in a rock concert hall kind of place? I absulotely love the whole process of setting up and taking down the stage and tuning guitars and stuff and, of course, getting to hear music nearly every night. I'd love to be a part of it.

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Does anyone have any information about Sweden's stance on immigration? I have and indirect need to write a paper about Sweeden and whether they like immigration and such for the Model UN.

Thanks for any help, this is kind of vague I know.
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lead me


Who's watching the Puppy Bowl???

My favorites are the little black one with the purple collar and the brown and white one that looks like my dog when he was a puppy.
Roger and Mimi//RENT

Straight Hair

Is there any magical way that I could straighten my hair fast?

-I'm a girl (I'm sure that could be inferred).
-My hair is just above my shoulders.
-My hair has been color treated.
-My hair is an absolute coarse and curly mess if I don't do anything to it.
-I use "Smooth Down" on my hair (it's hair products only available in a salon).
-I usually straighten my hair right after I wash it, and my flat-iron works really well, but it takes about an hour to straighten all of my hair because it's INCREDIBLY thick.

I think that's all that I can think of that might be important to know.

Thanks for anyone's help!!
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all you need is love

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I think they're picking on the Seahawks. Who here agrees that the Steelers didn't get that last touchdown? It was TOTAL BULLSHIT! I have to see if my family is the only one slightly (OKAY, REALLY) irritated about that touchdown.

Feel free to use this as a post to talk about the Superbowl :) I don't mind, and its better than having 0283048324 posts over the Superbowl.
Dancing Bunny

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Anyone know of a LJ community or a website with some good guides to computer technology?

I've always built my computers from bare components but I've been out of the loop for a while and not sure whats good, whats not, whats compatable with what older technology.

Just curious if anyone knew of any good places to research. Most places I've come across are either too detailed (benchmarking of a specific item) or trying to sell me something (and thus bias).

Kyouya - Outside the Lines

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To all you Solitaire nuts (and I know you're out there):

When you're first starting on a game and you're using standard scoring, if you don't get more than at least 100 points do you reshuffle?

I do. Lost points! I am a quitter.
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Random List

1) How do you react to/cope with needy people? Are you impatient or do you try to help?

2) How does a needy person forge a stronger bond to another needy person instead of someone who is actively helping them A LOT? http://ethernetbunny.livejournal.com/672791.html

3) What do you think of this theory?

They say that a relationship is unlike addition. Rather, it is like multiplication:
1/2 a person X 1/2 a person = 1/4 a relationship;
even 1 person X 1/2 a person = 1/2 a relationship;
There is no winning, unless:
1 person X 1 person = 1 relationship.

Somehow, the fractious seek one another out.

4) Funny women don't impress men? http://ethernetbunny.livejournal.com/674394.html

5) Were you taunted as a child? What kind of taunting? How did you cope?

6) Are you watching the Super Bowl or are you a football widow? I'm the latter.
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Inspired by a question in another community:

1. Which celebrities have aged well?
2. Which celebrities have not aged well?
3. Which celebrities need to start dressing their age?
4. Which celebrities have the best style?

Large and Small Caps

How do I make it so I can type large and small caps? In other words, I want the first letter to be capitalized, and then the lowercases to simply be smaller versions of the caps?

Other than the painstaking task of highlighting all the lowercases and shrinking the size of the font, is there a specific way to type like this? Thanks!

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so this may sound odd but i will give it a shot

a while back, maybe 2 years ago i typed in UGLY or SCARY in google images. and i found a picture of this scary guy, who i believe was a nazi. he had awful red eyes. and the website address had something to do with a college. if anyone saw this or knows where it is please help me.


Poll for the guys, or girls going on what guys have said:

How do you feel about redheads?

(a) I find them unattractive

(b) It doesn't matter

(c) I find them especially attractive

yeah, kind of a stupid question, but this will settle a debate with a friend.

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Is there any free story organizing software out there, even if it's just a demo? Any GOOD ones that you have to pay for?

What is the best deal you've gotten in the last week?

And, finally, if anyone's ever tried Sun In and/or Touch of Sun how did you like it?

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i need examples of genocide going on in the world now or recently- the past 10 or 15 years. not only genocide, but mass killing in general. i have the sudan, congo, and bosnia. what else can i use? thanks

(no subject)

What is a good, funny, memorable sentence with each word starting with these letters- VSPST- in order?

It's going to be mnemonic device, and the test is tomorrow, so make it good, and I'll love you forever!
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Do you know if you were born before, on, or after your estimated due date? How many days?

I was born one day before, my sister was born two weeks after.

hand-sprains: the artists' hell

If there are any doctors or people who've experienced this, I would appreciate it IMMENSELY if you added your input!

Apparently I've sprained a muscle in my right-hand thumb. If you look at this image, I believe it's the one in blue. Stolen from http://www.eatonhand.com , sorry! Collapse )

Q:Is there anything I can do, aside from applying heat, to help the healing process move along smoothly? Not necessarily make it quicker (although that would be smashing), but also some activities I should NOT do with it? Maybe some warm-up motions to strengthen the muscle and make it less likely to pull/sprain again?

The WONDERFUL thing about this is: I'm an artist. I was in the middle of a very important project when this happened. Q:Do you suppose if I work in very short spurts every day or so, it would be ok, or could I cause permanent damage? Won't it atrophy/heal too stiff if I don't use it a little?

Of course I'm also going to consult my doctor on that last one. Her attitude so far is "no big deal," which I'm hoping is a good sign since she semms to know exactly what she's talking about....
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anna friel

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For any of you who commented on my thread last night. Just though I'd let you know that I lost my virginity to the guy. It was painful like f***ing OUCH. But worth it. To say sorry for hurting me he gave me my Valentines Day present early which was a ring from Tiffany's and Co. which is gorgeous and I love.

To make this post not completley useless to those who don't care about my personal life (which to be fair is probably most of you) a question. Probably been done before but...

What is the best Valentines day present you've got?
How old were you when you recieved/gave your first Valentines day present?
Have you ever given something to someone and not got anything in return. Details...?
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  • ontheqt

actors or non actors! got any ideas?

I usted to like to perform Shakespeare, now, I am begining to be fustrated.

the same scene I cannot seem to be mean to her. (demetrius-helena-midsummer nights' dream)
I think it's due to the fact that I am attracted to sweet pixie chicks.
and the character is a type of one.
The actress seems to have this white like vibe about her, I can't figure out what it is. that's what it seems like. like a block of some kind.
if I ignore that feeling, I get attracted to her sexuality and I am supposed to be annoyed with her to the point of threatening death. (think of isla fisher from wedding crashers and I'm -I think- Vince Vaughan)

any ideas on how to overcome this?

chicken legs
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Where do you crazies go to buy sheet music (piano) on the intarweb?

In particular, anyone have recommendations for a well laid out version of Liszt's Liebestraum? (I'm also looking for a good anthology.)
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

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I was wondering... in other cultures with a religion other than Christianity as the most prevalent one, do they say their equivalent of "Jesus!" or "Christ!"? What do they say? Are there people in India saying 'Brahma!' when they're going down the road and someone almost hits them? In the Middle East, 'Muhammed!'? What about 'Buddha!'?

EDIT: Specifically, as a curse.

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My friend has been waiting a long time to get a car. She finally saved up enough money but when she was going to buy it the guy said he needed someone with a liscense to sign the title. Her boyfriend signed it. Now the car is in his name and he is acting like it's his. She needs to get it in her name asap, is this possible without a drivers liscense? She has an i.d card of some sort and is old enough to drive but just hasn't gotten her liscense yet.Her boyfriend said that they would get it in her name right away but now whenever she brings it up he gets an attitude and leaves on the car. Is it possible to get it in her name now or is she just screwed and out all of her money?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Isn't the Super Bowl being played in Detroit?  Why does it look so nice there, when I live 2 hours south and it's freezing and windy here?  And, who's the guy on the Steelers with all the hair sticking out of his helmet? 

(usually I don't care, but I'm waiting for Grey's Anatomy!)
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  • shoshie

(no subject)

does anyone here have a recording of the Super Bowl (WITH THE COMMERCIALS) If so, and you'd be willing to burn a copy for me, or figure out a way to send it to me online, please comment below. If you want, we could even work out some sort of financial exchange, especially if you'd be willing to mail it to me.

Anyway, yes, comment and such, and thanks so much!

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Is anyone else out there not celebrating Valentine's Day with their SO at all?

And I don't mean celebrating it on a different day from February 14th or being unable to see them for this 'holiday'. No stupid dinners with candles, expensive cards, presents or anything else connected to Valentine's Day. Nada.

I'm not celebrating it with my SO and we're both happy with that. However, my SO did say if his friends ask what we're doing for Valentine's Day and he replies "Nothing" all his friends are going to think our relationship is on the rocks. (It's not BTW, it's still going well)

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What are some good home remedies for getting thicker hair / covering up bald spots? For example, I've heard of drinking more milk, but is there anything else? No suggestions of chemical solutions or black spray paint for the scalp, please (worries of side effects)!
mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx

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I'm going to dye my hair soon (purple highlights). I am not bleaching it first or anything, so I know it won't last a terribly long time, and I want to use a good shampoo and conditioner to help prevent fading as much as possible.

Could you recommend a good shampoo and conditioner for this for me? Please? I've used some Bed Head products and I like their stuff, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on something and have it be no good. I'm not against salon type brands and such, as long as they work.
rider tied

Stupid questions from Joey

1) Have you ever felt like a part of a country you've never been to?

2) If your boyfriend tried to make you choose between him and your best friend, what would you do?

3) For the girls - do you buy magazines that are mainly aimed at men? Why?

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Wolf- Fantastic Mr. Fox

Random Poll

Poll #667583 Random Poll

Are, or were, you a...

Single birth?
Quadruplet or higher?
Had (or possibly had) a miscarried or absorbed twin?

Do you knit?

I sort of know how

Do you crochet?

I sort of know how
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Can you name any romantic comedies that end with the girl (or guy) NOT getting the guy (or girl)?

I can think of two....so beware, if you don't want romantic comedies spoiled for you, don't look behind the cut because it's gonna be Collapse )

There's also this Keg commercial where this couple goes out to eat, they have a shrimp cocktail and stuff, and I'm trying to place the song in the background. It's kind of a syncopated tango. First off, what's the song? and secondly, where the heck do I recognize the song from?

(no subject)

So I don't have Microsoft Word installed on my computer.. but I have Word Perfect and I have it in the "Microsoft Word" mode.

I just finished writing a paper and now I want to double space it, but I can't figure out where to go to format it. I went to the format tab at the tob of the screen but line spacing isn't an option.

I don't want to go through and manually putting a line between each line.. such a hassle..
Anybody have Word Perfect & know what I'm talking about and/or know how to help?

Thanks in advance.