February 3rd, 2006

Kill Bill Question

I just finished watching Kill Bill: Vol 1.
I love the music that plays when we see Lucy Lui and the crazy 88's walking in the japanese club thing (the piece of music also plays on the dvd main menu, if that helps).

Is this an actual song? If not, what is the piece of music called? Can I get it anywhere (cd, download mp3, etc)?

kind of inspired by other questions from the day

1. Are you happy with your life?
2. Are you happy with where it's going?
3. If there was one thing you could change about your life, what would it be?
4. And for pure randomness, what's your favorite poem?

My answers: 1. yes. 2. yes. 3. i wouldn't have done as many drugs as i did as an undergrad. 4. "the voice at 3 a.m." Charles Simic
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(no subject)

i'm going shopping to stock up the fridge and cabinets in my new apartment, and i would love some input on what to get. i'm going to stock a COMPLETELY empty apartment, so anything goes.

(try not to say what anyone else said, just one long running list)

some thoughts:

olive oil

what do you think i should get??

(no subject)

This is killing me. I really hope someone can help me out.

I read a poem a long time ago and now I can't find it. Can anybody throw out names of poems that involve scars and/or wrinkles being something to be proud of? That's all I can really recall right now. I know it's not much to go off of but if anyone has any idea I'd appreciate it so much.
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I just found out that someone I graduated with died (c/o 05) we werent exceptionally close but we knew each other well enough. small school.

Anyway, I cant figure out what happened though. Id ask someone but I havent really spoken to anyone from my HS since I left. Ive googled obits. but came up with nothing...any other ways you can think of that I could find out what happened?


He died on Dec. 28th, 2005

He was living in West Bloomfied, MI (near detroit) Ive looked at the Detroit free press but not with any luck. maybe I just dont know how to search this.


I am going over to my girlfriend’s house on Saturday. Any suggestions on something I can do to just make her feel really special and good about herself, or even just make here feel more comfortable opening up with me or more comfortable with me in general? We have been going out for two months as of today.

Also, on a completely random note, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Burning DVDs

My new computer has a DVD burner. My Mom loves My Name Is Earl. Her birthday is next weekend. So I've downloaded the first 14 episodes of the show, and would like to burn them to a DVD for her. My question is: Do you need to convert the files to another format to burn them to DVD? Currently, the files I have are .avi, and are Xvid (I'm not quite sure what that means, but I had to download a driver or reader or something for my windows media player to play them.)

Obviously, I'm not a computer tech expert, is this going to be complicated, or as easy as putting in a blank and pressing "record"?

Based on past questions...

a lot of the members here are readers. Do any of you belong to book clubs? Discussion groups? Are there are active book clubs here on LJ or elsewhere? (I checked out a couple groups that have "book club" listed as their interest, but most seem fairly dead)

Would anyone be interested in starting a book club, if there's no good ones already?
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(no subject)

If all of a sudden (after downloading and NOT erasing) my digital camera starts displaying incompatible jpeg format when I try to view my pictures on the camera itself.... does that mean they are gone??

Is there any way to get them back?

EDIT- I have a cannon power shot A75

Interesting Movie Trivia Exercise

Here's a tricky question

Select an actor or actress and their body of work. Give me three characters they've played, and a SINGLE skill, trait or ability each one had that you'd like to possess. They can be skills like higher math ability or stunt driving, traits like confidence or beauty or cunning, or abilities like super strength or marksmanship. You get the idea.

Keanu Reeves
Kevin Lomax (Devil's Advocate) - blessings from the Devil
Constantine (Constantine) - knowledge of how to deter and combat demons
Neo (Matrix) - mad kung fu skillz

Your turn

(no subject)

I was thinking about this earlier for no reason:

If two friends are interested in and attracted to the same person, do you think its wrong for one to go after them?

Do you have a good luck charm? What is it?
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(no subject)

When you aim to buy something on eBay (come on, just admit it! We know you've done it!), when do you bid? Early in the auction? Last-minute plunge?

I'm selling a [musical] keyboard and it's been up for a week. No bids. 7 hours left.

(EDIT) Also, what is your favorite cuddling position?

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(no subject)

Do most Neo-nazis hate all groups at once or do they just tend to specialize in certain ones?

Meaning, I'm sure it must be exhausting hating so much. After hating a black person all day, you probably don't have the energy to go after the gays and jews. And then the mixed races. That could take a lot of energy. So my question is, have they become specialists? Does someone go "Yeah, I know you want me to hate jews, but I'm up to my neck in hating gays. Talk to Mike, he's really got something against jews. I don't know how he has the energy to hate them so much, I'm stretched pretty thin with my gay bashing."

Or are there the really ambitious nazis that just tear into everything? Maybe they start out but they get burned out quickly. Like an all day black hating day and then his buddy comes over and asks him to spend some hatin' juice on gays. Just a long ass day I imagine.

Any thoughts?

For the stylists

My question is regarding people who work in salons, either doing hair or nails.

If you get a customer who, on their first visit with you, doesn't tip, what do you do on a return visit?

Let's say they show up a month later and don't tip again.

Do you stop accepting appointments with them? Do you say something about tipping being customary? Do you put out a tip jar?

(I'm not a stylist or nail tech - just curious.)
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(no subject)

1. When you go to the grocery and they ask if you want paper or plastic, which is the officially more earth-friendly choice? I'm never sure.

2. I'm trying to incorporate more local and organic foods into my diet, and trying to eat healthier things. I eat meat and all that good stuff. However it's inconvenient for multiple reasons to do things like cooking. What are good ways to snack/eat on the go within these parameters? I'm sick of driving through Taco Bell and Wendy's all the time.

3. Do all Muslims disagree with homosexuality? My boss is a devout Muslim and the other day he said that "if some queers came into his restaurant [for a proposed valentine's day special] he would get pissed." Is this characteristic of the whole religion, or is it subject to variation within Islam?

4. If a person who has always been very overweight wanted to start moving more (I avoid the term "working out" because I hate the concept of spending time in some stupid gym or running around like an imbecile or whatever), what would be good practical ways to start? I kind of want to be able to ride a bike around for transportation, too, but last time I tried I was so out of shape that I rode it downhill to class once, couldn't ride it back up, and ended up picking it up at the bottom of the hill to take back to the store.

5. My cat is 1.5 years old and she is MEAN. Is it too late to re-train her to be nice? I love her fiestiness but my roommates and friends think she's evil.

Thanks y'all :-)

Okay, there's a pattern with my friends, how about the rest of the world?

Alright. This for the ladies and guys who shag/fool around with men, whatever your sexual orientation may be.

1. How long is your tongue? (can only get tongue down to the hollow between your lip and chin, Short. Can make it to your chin, Long.)

2. How do you, you personally, feel about you giving head? Hate doing it/won't do it? Love it("That's my favorite game." "What, tormenting boys?" "Well, oral sex, but same thing, yeah.")? Feel kinda like -meh- about it?

Also: For work, I'm not moving fast enough, so it's been suggested I bring in fast songs that I like (he knows I play DDR) to put me in that mindsset. I'm currently pruning down a big long list I picked out, weeding out any songs that I thought were fast and turn out to have big slow spaces. So far I've got a fair huge range of stuff- alot of techno, some classics like Joan Jett & Rancid, some more interesting newer stuff like Less Than Jake and OK Go, some more mainstream stuff like Pink and Matchbox 20, some foreign stuff(Gackt, Tatu, Wir Sind Helden), some fun stupid stuff (C is for Cookie, Yakko's 'The World' song), and some stuff that should bring out interesting reactions from the drunks(Dragostea din Tei[numa numa])...
All that matters is it uptempo for the vast majority of the song. And I'd personally prefer not screamy.

SO's and their money.

How far into a relationship do you start to have a say in how the other person handles their money?

How do you feel about the way your SO handles money?

I can foresee a problem in the future between me and my boyfriend when it comes to money, because we both approach money from a different perspective, and handle it differently. I just wonder if I should start getting upset about it now, or wait until we're married to nag him. ;)

(no subject)

1. What's the longest book series that you've read that covers the same basic story arc?
1a. Were all the books in the series written by the same author?
1b. If not, were the differences in the writing styles noticeable?

2. How much fluid (water, soda, juice, etc) do you drink per day?

3. How often do you clean your living space? (apt, house, dorm room, bedroom, whatever)

4. If you eat fast food, which place has the best french fries, in your opinion?

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1.Is anyone else sick today?
2.If you are sick, did you go to work anyway (like I studpily did)?
3.If you aren't sick now, when is the last time you were sick and what was wrong?
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Ghetto contest

Is there anything about where you live that's really ghetto-like?

Can we have a contest to see who lives in the most ghetto place?

For instance, where I live, you can get beer and cigarettes delivered to your house by a guy on a bike.
When we moved in, the "welcoming committee" was a guy with a pad of paper asking us if we wanted to sign up for the local food bank.
Half the people are on welfare and just sit on their front porches all day. When I leave for work in the morning, they're there, when I come back, they still haven't moved.

I love this place though!

(no subject)

Suppose you live in an apartment building, the kind that has a garbage chute on each floor. The chute leads to a trashcompactor, and a few times a week you hear the garbage being chewed up/smashed. One day you open the chute to put the trash in, and you hear what sounds like a baby crying. (like maybe they were put down the chute) What would you do?

Do you make up weird situations like this in your head, then try to think of what you'd do? I seem to do this all the time.

If so, what are some of the situations you've come up with?

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(no subject)

1) Have you, or anyone you know, ever made clothing out of duct tape? How did it come out? (I truly am curious).

2)What are some careers to consider if I plan to major in chemistry?
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Me--State Fair

grrr, I hate taxes.

Okay, I went to the IRS site to find the free file sites for incomes like mine (a paltry 8 grand) and I don't know WHY, but Turbo Tax is trying to charge me.

Where can I find one that will let me file federal and state for FREE? I live in Iowa.
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New Bopp
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Help me find it!

I'm looking for my PS1 memory card. It's the only one I have and all my games are saved on it, but in addition to that, I just got a new game and really want to play it, but I can't unless I cfind that card!

Where is it???
It's nt in the PS1 (duh), it's not on any of my cd / movie shelves near the tv, i've gone through every cubby hole I can think of and I can't even fathom a reason on why I took it out of the machine in the first place!


Blogger.Com question

I realize the irony in asking this question on LJ, but I'm having some trouble finding my answer through the help on Blogger.Com. My dad wants to create a community there (he likes the interface better, plus you can upload photos on a free account) but he wants it to be akin to the friends only communities on here. In other words, he wants to have multiple people posting to it (something we've already figured out) and he also wants it to be private, so that only people who are logged in and also memebers of the community can view it.

I've played around with the settings, profile, and posting pages but can't seem to find anything that will let me do this. The closest thing I can find is one of the help articles,
here, that talks about something called intranet as a means of posting a private team blog.

If anyone is familiar with Blogger.com / Blogspot, could you help give me a push in the right direction?

pulled muscle

I am pretty sure I pulled my calf muscle last night at cheerleading practice. I don't remember a time when I actually felt it pull, but it was sore a little last night and this morning it was 10 times worse. The pain is in the back of my leg from right underneath my knee to about 4 inches above my ankle. I can't set my foot flat becuase it hurts way too bad to set my heel on the ground. So I have to walk on my toes, and putting too much weight on it that way hurts too. It's fine when I'm just sitting still, but whenever I start to move it KILLS.

My questions, does this sound like a pulled muscle to you? I have to go to a competition out of town tomorrow, but luckily I'm not compeating and only going to support the other teams from my gym. What do you think I should do to treat it before then? I will probably have to do a lot of walking, so I borrowed a crutch my aunt had laying around incase I needed it. So far I've used heating pads and a whole bunch of sports cream.


(no subject)

Im back to seeing my psychologist, and when I mentioned something to her about having low motabolism (spelling, Im sorry), she said I should go get my thyroid checked out because hypothyroid causes low mot. and can have an effect on depression. Anyone familiar with this? Has this happened to you? When they gave you pills to correct the hypothyroid, did it help your depression? Thanks :)

(no subject)

Anyone have any experience with the APA Style Helper Software? How easy does it make it? Im in a Research Methods in Psych class and the prof recommends we get it, but I really don't want to dish out the dough if it's not too helpful. So, what say you? Oh, and if you own it, where did you get it? How much did it cost?
I Heart Boobs!

Silly Faces!

Post a silly/funny/odd picture of yourself! Recent is preferred, but if your best one is older, that's ok too! Or, post them both!

Please entertain me on an otherwise dull Friday night?
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Meta - Berries

Sparked by the ps1 post lol

1) What's your favourite video (console) game? One that you'd recommend to anyone and everyone? :p Any system is fine, or tell me your favourite for all your systems!

2) Which video game do you want to play, but haven't gotten a chance to?

3) Which "underrated" game out there do you think deserves more attention because it's actually really good (in your opinion)?

Night Clubbers!

Hello there, people with more style than me!

Well, this is the deal: Tomorrow night I'm going out to a small club, at a local small town... And it's been more than 4 years since I've been to a night night club, AND it was in Portugal, not the U.S.A.

So, this is what I look like:
body pic 2-3-06
face pic 2-3-06

Do you have any recomendations as to what I should wear? I don't really have many pretty clothes, but I might go to the mall tomorrow if someone recomends good things :)

Please consider the shape of my body, and the kind of girl I come across as, as you see those pictures (By the way, what do you think of me, based on my looks? The hair is messy yeah, rough day, no time for a shower in the morning, what do you expect? :P )

Make up? Like what? Hair? Tell me! :D

Any comments about my looks are apreciated.

Bonus question. Give me some of your best tecno songs.
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Cadbury Creme Egg
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(no subject)

For dinner this evening, I ate something with heaps and heaps of garlic in it, forgetting that I have my first day at a new job tomorrow.

Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of a yucky garlic smell? Of course I'll be brushing my teeth and wearing deodorant/perfume/etcetera, but I'm worried that that won't be enough...