February 2nd, 2006

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Does anyone know if there is such thing as a bar people would wear around their neck in the front and use it to carry things? I don't know how best to describe it (which is why google turned up nothing). It's kind of like a necklace used for carrying things. It would have been used in a tribal culture.

I had a dream about it last night (Ian McKellan pulled it out of thin air and then explained its use to me). I woke up convinced it was real and would like to see if I'm right or not.

Angry Songs

I'm looking for some more songs for my "Angry Mix" playlist, basically songs to play when I'm pissed off and don't want to deny it by listening to 'happy, fun, smilely music'. Here is what I have so far so any suggestions are welcome...

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at seven

hopefully not as lame as the usual "what should I write my essay about?" questions...

So I have to write my first short short paper for my Music in Film class on a movie's opening titles. Any movie. So I'm kind of blanking out of course, there are too many options.

Can y'all think of your favorite movies with particularly good main title music or a great opening sequence in general? For example, "Catch me if you Can," "Vertigo," "The Day the Earth Stood Still"...

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So far I've come up with "The Notebook," but it's not quite thrilling me... inspire me, kids :)

For curiosity's sake

If you have a boyfriend or sig other, do you talk to them on the phone daily? If not, how often do you talk over the phone? In addition, how often do you see one another? Daily, every few days or other?
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Oldie but a standard - weight loss

I am working on losing about 20 lbs in the next 4 months (I am at 150 and should really be at about 125). I know it is hardest to lose the weight when you're only moderatly/slightly overweight, especially when you've been at that weight for a while.

So my question is - is following Weight Watchers for the eating end of it, and an hour at Curves at least 4 nights a week (I know they're lame, but they're cheap and 1 block from my house) for the excersise end of it going to do it? Or do I need to consider something more hard core (i.e. appt with a nutritionist, signing up for a personal fittness trainer at a fitness club, etc) to do this in 4 months? Standard weight loss advice is to try for 1-2 lbs a week and I would certianly be falling within that considering my schedule, but I'm not sure what I am going to be doing is going to be enough.

I've been hovering at almost this exact weight for almost 2 years and though I eat well and have excersised (but not tried Curves or WW, just stuff on my own) it's never budged even a little bit (though I haven't put a totally 100% dead serious "I'm gonna lose this if it kills me" effort into it, I have been working at it). So I'm a bit skeptical if I can actully get it off with WW and Curves.

Anyone got a suggestion for a better place to go ask this? :)
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University admissions wants info on my felony

For the longest time I thought I was a convicted felon, and have been checking the "I am a felon" box on every form I fill out that says I'm obligated to tell them. The most recent one is a university admission application. Now the university wants details on the crime, any and all court documents with dates and disposition and all that. But I found out that I may not actually be a convicted felon technically.

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So in short the question is how should I handle explaining/proving this to the admissions office?

Crossposted to law_questions
Text - best is yet to come

regional dialects

1. What speech tendencies of your region have you picked up? For instance, I live in the south and I do say "Y'all" and I also leave the g off of my -ing words (goin', somethin', lovin').

2. What speech tendencies of your region have you bypassed and just don't understand? I'm never fixin' to do anything. I do not get it. I picked up the habit once, because I had a northern neighbor who constantly complained about how southerners say "fixin'" and I babysat her daughter, so I picked it up long enough for the 3 year old to start saying it.
Achewood, Tequila

Swinging Muzak

So, I heard this song the other night at a small coffeeshop I go to where we swing dance. It's a ton of fun.

Anywhooooo, the song is "Roxanne" done by Alien Fashion Show. I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE this song in general, and I really liked this cover version. Problem is, iTunes doesn't have it, and Amazon (the only other place it supposedly is) says it's currently out or something. As in, I have no way to get it. Please help?

Also; any other good neo-swing/swing revival music you know of?

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I'm trying to find a good freeware or shareware program that will allow me to add a musical track to a Quicktime (mov) video file... can anyone point me in the right direction?

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I know, I know - Ipod question. :x

What the hell can I do about this?: "Some of the songs on ITunes, including the song (song I was trying to copy), cannot be copied onto (my Ipod) because they cannot be played on this Ipod." Wtf. If I knew that, I wouldn't have bought the CD.
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Has anyone ordered cheques off a website that makes fun cheques? (like cheques with animal pictures on them)

Can you give me the link to a reliable website that ships to Canada?

yes, I can google it, but it doesn't mean it's reliable

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I'm expecting a call back on my cell phone (it's a very important call and I do not want to miss it) but I need to take a shower. Should I take the phone in there with me? And if it does ring, should I answer it in the shower (obviously I'd turn the water off)?

Have you ever done this?
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Is it true that when you are on your period, your metabolism is higher??

Has anyone tried the weightwatchers flex points system? How many points do you get and how did you like it?? I've read the webpage, but I want real answers about how it was... Was it easy to follow and did it make a difference? I want to do the online version if that makes any diffenece.

Thanks in advance!!
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To all the smokers: What brand of cigarettes do you smoke? Is it because of flavor or price? What's your favorite brand? Least favorite?

I'm not a smoker per se, but Collapse )

(And yes, I'm sure we all know that smoking isn't good for you, and that many people find it disgusting. Thanks for not being a jerk :)

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Greets, all.

My phone/dsl have been out all week, and I would like to celebrate getting 'em up and running again by filling up my inbox!

What's your favorite instrumental song?

edit -- it counts if there's only one word, or just a few.

My Secret: I think Frank is selfish


Does anyone else find it funny that Frank from Post Secret is asking for free legal services? He published a book of other peoples work, and displays other peoples work (and surely charges to see that). I know some money is donated to suicide help lines, but does anyone know what percentage? I'm not saying Post Secret is making him a millionaire, but he is getting paid for posting 15 secrets once a week, and now he's asking for free stuff?

Has anyone ever sent in a secret? Was it posted?

side dishes

I am going to be making pork chops stuffed with a mixture of bread crumbs, roquefort cheese, mushrooms, onions and spices. What are some good side dishes to go with this? Feel free to be specific about to cook said side dish. I am not good at side dishes :) Thanks!
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Anyone do their taxes yet?

We were all happy about doing them, thinking of all the money we'd get back and what we were going to get.. only to find out that we OWE around nine hundred dollars. Aiiiee! Not happy.
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Hi. *feetshuffle*

I have the sincere need to get sick by the end of the weekend. Actually, I’d prefer to get sick by Saturday, catch a cold or something, not just faking it.. and that’s something I’ve never tried to do before.

Sooo, how should I go about getting myself sick?
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There's these websites that will tell you how one band is related to another band... Anyone know what I'm talking about?

What band/artist are you currently OBSESSED with? Any notable past obsessions?

I need a hand cream/lotion that works on really dry hands but isn't greasy. My hands are raw to the point of bleeding in some places. Any ideas?
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I've tried Googling this before, but oddly enough, I can't come up with a full list. Does anyone know the non-extradition countries [eta: that won't extradite to the US]? I know of a few, but I mean a full list. I've always just been curious, and even more so since I can't just find a list.

Is there anything cool to do in Kansas City (KS or MO)?

Any recommendations on a REALLY comfortable shoe that's all black? (I just got a job working at Cracker Barrel, so we have a dress code.)

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Is there a site where you can calculate road distances between cities in South American countries? Mapquest only has N. America and Europe, and Google Maps isn't being any more helpful.

If somebody happens to know, these are the distances I'm looking for: Lima to La Paz, Santiago to Lima, Quito to Lima, and La Paz to Buenos Aires.
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I wanted to do something extra nice for my hair this winter... so has anyone ever used mayonnaise or cholesterol (yeah I think that's weird too, my friend was telling me about it!) or anything like that? What do you recommend? And how exactly did you go about using it?
Thanks ;)
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My crafty hoarding has gotten out of control. Most of what I do is fabric or paper stuff, so I hang onto old clothes, old magazines, etc. to use someday (and I really do use most of it--I'm usually able to tell whether I'm actually going to use something or not, hence why I hate to throw good stuff away). I have very little storage space, and I've actually gone to lengths to try and make space for things...for example, my bedside table is actually an old hamper I painted to look nice, and is full of stuff. There's not much else that I have a whole lot of, except 800+ books (don't have shelf space for all of those, either, but at least they stack neatly, unlike balls of yarn). Even the clothing that I actually wear constitutes a fairly small percentage of my belongings. What the hell do I do to organize all this stuff? Any organization tips? I might also add that really, what I have isn't an unreasonable amount of stuff--I just don't have very much space.
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Fluorescent... or not to fluorescent

OK, standing argument with my wife...

She says that fluorescent bulbs only cost money (in terms of electricity bill) to turn on, but once on don't cost any money.

I vaguely remember that electricity companies have problems measuring the electricty used by fluorescent bulbs, but I can't believe they don't show any money on a bill relative to a tungsten filament bulb (although I know this uses more electricity for a given amount of light).

So do fluorescents only cost money to turn on? And not add to the bill if left on?
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cleaning- blah!

How would one write "free clothes" in Spanish? I don't trust any of the online translators- I know that babelfish sucks.

I'm putting a bag of clothes out at my apartment complex, with a sign on it that says 'free clothes', but I want to write it in Spanish as well, seeing as the majority of the people in my complex are Hispanic.

Also- okay, I admit it, my room is a freakin' mess. Here's the situation: I have a bed AND a futon mattress and frame in my room, which I plan to sell at some point. I want to move it to the dining room before I do this, but I have a couch and an entertainment center that's just sitting there: I'm going to sell those as well. I just have so much STUFF. I'm finally going to clean it up and get rid of all the stuff that I don't use anymore. Most of the mess is clothes, hence my giving them away.

They say that if you haven't used something in a year, you need to get rid of it. But it's just so hard! I'm a pack rat by nature- I still have 'sentimental' stuff from elementary school. How can I bring myself to get rid of these things?

So... where do you keep all your 'stuff'? Stuff that you really don't need but want to hang onto, for whatever reason. How do you keep it stored? And how the hell did you decide what to keep and what to pitch? Gah. I'm stressed- I need to get it all organized but there's just so much of it...


About 10ish years ago I read a collection of spooky stories for children.

One of them was about a woman named Ruth who was afraid of flying. She had a big faithful dog. One day Ruth had to go on a trip somewhere, and she was going to have to fly. Her housekeeper noticed the dog moping around all day, fetching Ruth's things (cushion, hairbrush, stuff like that). Later it was revealed Ruth had jumped from the plane.

Has anyone else read this story? Do you remember the title and author?
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Help with dresses!

It's time to start thinking of what I would like as far as a prom dress goes.
However, I'm afraid to get stuck with a pink, poufy thing, which isn't really my style. (My style has been described as a sort of a punk/badass type).
Do you have any ideas for atypical prom dresses? Pictures, descriptions, or patterns would all be fine. I'm even cool with pants as long as it all looks formal enough :)

(I should add that I don't want anything reminiscent of a witch, like this. I am considering making something like this in black, but am a little dubious as to whether or not it's comfortable enough!)

Also, I really don't know what style of dress would suit my body type. I'm a B-cup with a 25" waist and 37" hips... does anyone have any suggestions?

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What are some of your favorite songs that have been covered by another artist, and you enjoy both the original and the cover? Yeah, the phrasing of that is about as clear as mud. I'll give some examples.
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1) You're being sent on away on a week long trip, would you rather be partying with the popular kids in NYC or hanging with the geeks in a cabin in the middle of the woods?  Why?

2) Water -- Sparkling or flat?

3) Pencils, ballpoints, markers or crayons?

4) Best way to get a good night's sleep?

5) What is your trademark scent, makeup &/or piece of clothing?

6) Six simple pleasures? How often do you indulge?

jon dance

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how old are you?
do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? is there any special story behind it?

My answer:
yes, his name is pengui, hes a penguin thats filled with sand or something else grainy like that, i cant really tell. my brother gave it to me for christmas two years ago, because i absolutely love penguins.

EDIT: while responding to another comment, i became curious about this. i know theres obviously no official english usage rules for this, but which sentence has the correct (internet) punctuation?
I feel sick :(.
I feel sick. :(
I feel sick. :(.

Dating query

What would you all consider the "rules of the phone" between a girl and a guy who are interested in each other yet haven't met offline yet? Though they do plan to. Like, should the guy be the only one making the phone calls, etc., or what are acceptable reasons to call each other about without coming on too strong or eager?

A bunch of random questions

1) What is your favorite knock-off of Dr. Pepper?
1a) Of any soda?

2) If you could have a shirt that said ANYTHING what would it be?
2a) What color, shape, and details would it have?

3) What is the one hair style you want the most in the world [attainable or not]
3a) Would it look good on you?

4) What job can a senior in high school reasonably be hired as and make a lot of money?
4a) That isn't as a stripper or drug dealer?

5) And, finally, lets be hypothetical and say there's someone you have a crush on. They're in a few of your classes [your workplace, whatever] but you never speak to them- how do YOU break the ice or get them to notice you?

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I can't find this in the FAQ's, so maybe somebody here can answer this for me.

Okay, so if I get a paid account, just for a month, and I buy the 100 userpics thing, which you can only do if you're a paid account person. What happens if after a month, I don't continue with the paid account thing, will I still get to keep my 100 userpics feature? Or is it gone?

EDIT: Answered, thanks.

New Question...

Are you addicted to anything?
What's the next thing you have to do today?

ME: Coke, and I have to go catch the bus to make it to practice in time.
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for soap fans and messageboard dwellers alike

How would I go about advertising my forum (dedicated to the NBC soap opera, Passions) and the soon-to-come site? Are there any suggestions as to where I could advertise? ...or perhaps how I could get members?

What attracts you to a messageboard where people share your interests?

Also, what is the cheapest domain out there?
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This is probably a long shot, but is there a site somewhere where you can draw a path on a map and it'll tell you how far it takes you to get from point A to point B? Like what MapQuest and Yahoo and stuff do when you put in point A and point B, only you choose the route?

Wow, I'm sure that didn't make too much sense. :|
Ahh! Babies!

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What do you think of this? I think its hilarious. In the commercial I saw, not only was she singing stupid kids songs, she was also wearing pigtails and kids pjs and then later, she was dressed like a little girl. Scary stuff. It definitely scared me when I saw the commercial for it on TV. I thought it was a joke. Who would buy this for their kid?

curiousity killed the trumpet player

Hi all. After a particularly grueling routine with the pep band this past friday, I can't help but wonder about a little issue that has plagued me for years. Sometimes, when I play a particularly high note, I'll suddenly get this MASSIVE headache. It goes away pretty quickly, though; It's exactly like an ice cream headache. My question is: why does this happen? What makes my brain start screaming "NOOO!!!" whenever I hold a note like the C two octaves above middle C? Pure curiousity here, nothing more.
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Some "cool" questions....

1. Spurred by an earlier question, I want to know either who your favorite standup comedian is, or what your favorite standup comedian performance was?

2. What car/vehicle do you own or drive?

3. Favorite cologne scent (yes, both guys & girls answer this about "cologne")?


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(no subject)

1) Do you play any sports?

2) Did you play any sports when you were younger?

3) Are you/were you any good?

4) What sort of active things do you do for exercise (excluding going to the gym)?

5) How much does your gym membership cost?

6) Do shop at Costco? What do you buy?

7) Are you a snob? What kind?

8) Do you take pictures of your cat? (pixplz)

9) What sort of questions do you generally ask people when you're just starting to get to know them?

10) Do you have a dishwasher?

11) Do you work in customer service?

12) How many stairs do you have to climb to get up to your house? OR How many stairs do you have to climb to get to your bedroom?

13) Is there a college/university in the town you live in or the town you're from?

14) What do you think of community colleges?

15) Is this too many questions?
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i marvel at the wonder of it in our soulless age

so, let's say you were to meet five people, living or dead, who had truly Touched* you, musically.

who would they be?

for me:

1. john lennon
2. paul mccartney
3. elvis costello
4. sarah harmer
5. gillian welch

* as in, if you met this person you would probably be a mess.
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lactose intolerant

the office

where can i download some episodes of the office?

all that comes up on limewire is a batch of porn and whatnot, and thus far google has only provided links to such things as downloading microsoft programs...


The Hollow Men –T.S. Eliot
Ash Wednesday –T.S. Eliot
Annabel Lee –Edgar Allen Poe
Lenore –Edgar Allen Poe
Journey of the Magi –T.S. Eliot
A Dream Within a Dream –Edgar Allen Poe
As I Grow Older –Langston Hughes
The Colossus –Sylvia Plath
Mad Girls Love Song –Sylvia Plath
On Looking into the Eyes of a Demon Lover –Sylvia Plath
Tulips –Sylvia Plath
Cut –Sylvia Plath
Fever 103 –Sylvia Plath

Out of these poems which do you think would be the best to do a five page research paper on?