February 1st, 2006

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Does anyone know the statistic of
the percentage of drunk driving incidents caused from under 21 compared to over 21 persons?
What percentage of drunk driving accidents caused by people under 21.
Not exactly dying..accidents really.
How many drunk drivers were youth.


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1. just a simple yes or no: as a cruel child on the playground, would you make fun of a fellow classmate named lux?
2. if you answered yes to the previous question, how would you go about doing so?

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Here's a question:

I have BearShare. I downloaded a file that ended with .rar When I clicked to open it, it sent me to WinRAR(evaluation copy).

How do I get the file to play on Windows Media?

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have you done any drugs?
if so, which ones?
what was your favorite?
least favorite?

ps: please spare the omggggggggggggggggg..drugz r badz lecture. that's like telling a smoker that cigarettes cause lung cancer. we know.
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Firefox question

I just downloaded Firefox after being told a zillion times how much better it is than IE. I am digging it, except for one simple but annoying thing: I can't figure out how to disable underlining of links (my preferred setting in IE is to underline on hover only.) Pages with tons of links on them look messy and cluttered and it's driving me crazy! I've searched everywhere and have found no setting or extension that will fix this. Help!!

Thanks in advance. :)

stupid job question

so i gave my two weeks notice in at my job and was removed from the schedule two days later.

should i call? i don't know what to do. i happened to have the rest of this week off, but was really counting on working next week. i'm guessing they wanted to get rid of me quickly because they kind of wanted to fire me anyway. =/

this sucks because it means my last night was just some boring night where it was just me and someone else and i didn't really get to actually say goodbye to anyone or anything. i worked there for a year and it was my first job. :(
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Prehistoric-era Livejournal.

Does anyone know the site for where you could look at livejournal in its older formats? I know I've seen it before, but I can't find the URL anywhere, even on google since I have no idea what it was called. From what I remember you could see older entries and so forth there.

I've lost half my userinfo (possibly due to the happy hackers that have been going around, or whatever else it was I don't know) and I'd like to be able to copy it back in since I don't even remember half of what was there.

I don't think this fits the no-LJ-stuff rule for the community, if it does, please go ahead and delete this post.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Pescatarian?

I just created a new recipe site called Simple Vegetarian Recipes - located at http://www.simple-vegetarian-recipes.com

Most of the recipes are vegan, but I figured there are more people out there who are vegetarian than vegan. Also, I'm trying to highlight which recipes are good for families who have one vegetarian... things where you can make the whole recipe and then the meat-eaters can add chicken or something.

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What's your favorite pair of underwear look like?

Mine are black and sheer, and kind of boycut, with red lining and a couple of cherries made out of sparklies in one of the corners.
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Should I call him?

I knew a guy in high school - gorgeous, funny, as cliched as it sounds, the perfect guy (for me at least). We hooked up once, but it wasn't the right time then. We stayed friends, things weren't akward afterwards or anything, it just wasn't right.

He moved away a while ago, and we lost touch. But I still think of him, especially when my dating life is lame (as it usually is). I just looked at my matches on Yahoo personals, and he's on it! He just moved back to town, and is single & looking! Being the super spy I am, I found his phone number, too! (OK, I looked in the book - but I still have it!)

So my question is this: should I call him, instead of waiting for a response online? My idea is something like this-

(First off, I intend on calling during the day - he'll be at work, then I can leave a message, which he can ignore if he's not interested) "Hi, this is *my name here*. I was goofing around online today, and I found your yahoo ad. I figured, since I have inside information, like your name & all, that I'd beat the rest of the pack and get to you directly, so I looked up your number. Anyway, if you'd like to get together for a drink or a movie or something, give me a call. Its been too long."

Any suggestions for not sounding like an insane stalker? HELP ME!!! "Its been too long" has a double meaning, if you get my drift, and I need to remedy that ASAP!!

(On the plus side, I'm not insane. I thought I saw him a couple of weeks ago while driving, but my best friend told me I was nuts, because he moved away, and it was just wishful thinking)


My mother and I are practically clones of each other... except she's much cooler than me. My dad, however... is fucking nuts. The creepy thing is that he appears to be normal at first. Those are the most dangerous kinds.
Anyway, what about your parent(s) really confuses you? And unexplainable habits or behaviors or thought patterns?
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I was driving by the courthouse when I saw a policeman with a long white stick with a piece of chalk attached to it. He was going around to all of the cars parked at the courthouse and the businesses across the street drawing a mark on all of their tires. They were parked in regular parking spots and there are no time meters or anything. What was he doing?!



1. What's your first name? Do you like it?

2. (if you want to share it) What's your last name? Do you have any feelings about it?

My last name has no vowels. Literally. Yeah, that was fun when I was in school...
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If you have Yahoo e-mail

Apparently Yahoo e-mail now has "voicemail" and every time I log into my e-mail there is this bright bold message telling me I have one unheard voicemail. I don't want to download their software to hear it (my computer's memory is too full) nor do I ever want another voicemail message. When I click "help" on Yahoo's mail page to find out how to delete it without listening to it, it takes me to a page that says "You Do Not Have Permission to View This Page." I didn't know we needed permission to ask Yahoo for help.

How can I make this annoying "You have one unheard voicemail" message go away without downloading their software? I don't want to listen to it. I just want it to go away.

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I'm probably going to end up feeling stupid for asking this, but can you think of any English words in which the letter "O" makes the "W" sound, as it does in "One?" I'm stumped.

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Ok, for those of you who have seen the movie "But I'm a Cheerleader"....

Do you remember that ridiculous blue t-shirt Rupaul was wearing that said "Straight is Great"? I have been looking for about a month now for a picture of it, and I can't find one anywhere. There are no really good sreen shots from the movie anywhere on the internet (at least, anywhere I've looked.)

Feel like helping me hunt for it? It would be greatly appreciated!
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To Camwhore, or not to Camwhore

Let's say your daughter (or son for that matter) started camming on the internet, and eventually opened a paysite.

They're a minor so they never get naked, just post seductive pictures, bra shots, etc.

They make a decent amount of money doing this, more than one would working as a cashier or some other normal teenage job.

Would you condone it?
Would you approve of it?
If you did approve, would you make her/him put some portion of the money in savings?

I'm just curious.

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when making a sandwich, what do you put in the following -
egg salad?
tuna salad?
also - what kind of side and drink do you have with either, or both?
what do you do to de-stress yourself?
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What's your favorite Frank Zappa album or song?

*side note, I went into the Sam Goody at the mall and asked the girl working where I could find a Zappa CD.. she had no clue who he was. Is it weird that she didn't know, or was she just stupid? (she looked like she was in her late twenties)

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Does it bother you when artists, writers or musicians you deeply admire have views with which you severly disagree?

Does anyone know why there is not a new "Lost" screening in the USA tonight?
credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

calling all personal trainers

After how much time does your body run out of "fuel" during cardio exercize and being to "eat away" at your muscles?

I hope that makes some sense.... Someone in another community said after about an hour but I want to know if anyone out here is a trainer and knows better?

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what's your astrological sign? (&birthday for that matter)
me? i'm a cancer. (7/8/87). i am quite the palindrome.
EDIT: & if you have a significant other, what's their sign/birthday?
my boyfriend is a cancer as well. (6/29/87).

Viagra for females

Has anyone here ever used Viagra to help them achieve orgasm? (I'm directing this to females.) What was your experience?

Also, did you have a problem getting a prescription from your doctor? Did you just say, "I'd like to try this because it might help me to orgasm" or did you have to obtain Viagra from a male with a prescription?
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Your brain fart moments!

What was your last brain fart?

For those who don't know, a brain fart is basically when all higher functions seem to stop and you do something uncharacteristically dumb, usually in public.

My last brain fart was this morning. I woke up and put some pants on, and now, 6 hours later, I realise I put them on backwards. How I managed to not realise this is beyond me, but I had a good giggle at it - just thank Buddha I didn't go out like that!

So, what was your last brain fart moment? Have YOU ever put your pants on backwards?
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Tenancy Issue

What's the correct procedure to follow if, once you've moved out of an apartment completely ad cleaned, and then the landlord suddenly becomes unavailable? My boyfriend has vacated a less than desirable living situation, and he has moved out completely. He has tried calling the landlord for 3 days now to turn in his keys and do the final out inspection, and she won't answer he phone, return his calls, or respond even to the letter that was mailed both regular and certified mail.

Is it acceptable LEGALLY at this point to just drop off the keys at the unit (the other tenant is remaining, and is the son of the landlord) with a letter indicating his numerous attempts to set up a final out appt?? Will this end his obligation?? Or does he HAVE to make contact with the landlord directly??


Music help


My boyfriend is CONVINCED that there's a Tori Amos song called "Circus" that is a rare/unreleased track. I can't track it down anywhere. Part of me suspects that he's looking for "Carnival" but he's sure sure sure.

Has anyone ever heard of this song and if so, any ideas on where I could get a copy?

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Loan payments

I was reading an article about repaying student loans, and it mentions how one student took out loans (didn't specify through who or what kind) and no one contacted him about repayment. The money he owes is taken out of his paycheck.

After you graduate and go through the 6 months grace period (for Stafford Loans, I think Perkins loans get nine months), how do you pay the money back? Does your lender bill you automatically, or are you responsible for contacting them and making arrangements for payback?

oh, grammar.

"I became used to the their schedule, sleep all day, out all night."
"I became used to their schedule: sleep all day, and out all night."
"I become used to their schedule: sleep all day, out all night."
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If you were to get up to clean your bedroom in its current state, what would you need to pick up, put away, organize, etc... and how long do you estimate it would take you?

How many glasses of rich chocolate ovaltine is too many?
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Pineal Gland

When was the theory that the Pineal Gland is the production center of DMT in the human brain first proposed?

If it was before the writing of the Principia Discordia(1965), would the authors(Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley) likely have known of the theory?


Is anyone around here familiar with the book called Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger? I believe it's set in the 1860's in NYC.

If you're at all familiar with it, then could you give me the gist of exactly what it's about (or tell me someplace where I can find the information)?

Thank you very much!!
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1. slightly urgent: at my old school photography course we used porter's film to (iso 400) to shoot and develop our photos. i recently made myself a darkroom at my house, having already graduated and left said school. i've been using kodak tmax or tri-x and likewise with the developer. however, i had a leftover roll of the porter's that i shot and i need to develop it tonight. does anyone know the time/temps for developing porter's film? or perhaps any comprehensive list of times and temps for various films?

2. what exactly is the mpg for an h2?

3. and how exactly do creationists go about explaining prehistoric life?


I'm a sociology student and have an interest in a wide range of areas, including sexuality. Recently I have been looking up BDSM entries on Wikipedia and I found the following article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domination_and_submission

The following sentence interested me 'There also exist D/s relationships outside of the BDSM community, or where the dominance and submission is not sexual or erotic in nature, which are not referenced here.

Can anyone give examples of such D/s relationships that are not sexually or erotically based?

Are you in such a relationship, whether it's sexually based or not?

What attracted you to such a relationship?
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1) Is Prince Harry going to Iraq? I heard on the radio he is, but I went on bbc.com and it said that it was a rumor.

2) Does anyone have a video Milli Vanilli messing up and it was revealed they were lip-syncing?
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Help T_T

I'm trying to figure out something to write a javascript code but I have NO google-fu. Do you know what I should google if I want to find how implement a counter which counts how many times an action got looped or executed? For example...I have a program that lets you convert fahrenheit to celcius FIVE times before you have to refresh to start again, and I need a counter that will tell you which turn you're on. (I.e. This loop has been executed 3...4...5 times.)

Everything I've looked up gives me instructions on how to make a counter that counts hits to your pages and the likes of that. :( Thanks for any help. :]

got it at last!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D thank you everyone for their input T___T you have no idea how excited I am!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

boredom inspired

1. How many e-mail accounts do you have?

2. How many online journals do you have?

3. If you wear jewelry: add up the value of it all.

4. When you boil water in a pot, do you use hot, warm, or cold water?

5. What is your favourite thing that is currently in your fridge?

iPodling issues.

iPod G4. Old.

When I sync to my computer, the screen shows a disc (spinning) with a magnifying glass and a bar that looks like a loading bar, but nothing is loading and it's not filling up across the screen. iTunes doesn't recognize it.

Wtf is happening?!
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So I might lose my virginity tomorrow. Shaved my legs, got condoms and have "mentally prepared" myself.

Anything else?

Oh and what are you thoughts on underwear? Should I go coy and shy (lilac lace) or flirty and outrageous (actually I don't have many of these black with hot pink edge is really the best I got)...
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1. What magazines do you have subscriptions to?
2. What magazines do you regularly buy?

My answers:
1. Newsweek, Time, Tennis, Atlantic Monthly
2. Harper's, The Economist, Mental Floss

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I don't think anything like this has been posted, so I'm gonna go ahead and ask it.

I live in a suburb of Detroit and went downtown last weekend to see all the craziness for the SuperBowl being set up. Here, the media is going crazy, saying how wonderful Detroit is and how much progress we're making. It actually made me kind of sad, because even though the downtown is so nice, the outlying areas are worse than one can imagine. Nevertheless, I loooove visiting Detroit because there is so much history, culture, and just the whole urban decline/upswing thing intrigues me.

Anyway.. like I said before, our local news channels are going crazy excited over the SuperBowl coming here.

I'd like to know... what are other people around the country saying about the SuperBowl being in Detroit?
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I should be sleeping...

  • Why do you reckon Steak N' Shake decided to come out with limited edition Halloween milkshakes in January?

    (Because quite honestly...I'm stumped.)

  • And while I'm here: I'm trying to figure out the best way to get a custom slogan in pink, vinyl lettering onto a brown long-sleeved tee, without any minimum orders.

    I've looked into several online custom tee shops (forsaking the complete tee due to my pickiness of the shirt's color/design) and decided on maybe a custom iron/heat transfer. (Though I'm wary of purchasing without a preview.)

    For those of you who've dabbled in such ventures, do you have a site/store you'd recommend?

    Answer either, both, or none at all. Whichever you choose, thanks in advance.
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