January 31st, 2006

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For those more computer-savvy than I..

Bear in mind:
-For Windows (XP)
-Preferably fairly aesthetic
-NOT Gkrellm2

Are there any good programs that monitor CPU use, fan speed, temperature, memory use, storage amounts, bandwidth, and the like? All in one convenient little thing that I can leave up or minimize?
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(no subject)

How many of you are minoring in Philosophy at university? How many hours is required for your minor? How many hours have you completed so far, and if you wish give a short description of the classes you've taken so far. Also, which school you attend :)

I really want to study philosophy intensively, but unfortunately only a minor in the subject is offered at my university. I figure I may as well, though. I just wanted others' experiences.
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(no subject)

I'm curious about car insurance. Since I'm moving out of the house, my dad wants me to start paying my car insurance. This is not my problem, as I think that is very fair. The problem I have is that it is $1200 every 6 months. I got a quote from geico, and they want less than half that. I'm going to have a talk with him. Heres what I want to know:

-What company do you recommend? What company do you NOT recommend (not based on the advertising strategy, just the service and price)
-I have a '97 Ford Escort Wagon, i'm 19, honors student in college, female, no accidents or tickets. Anyone in a situation anything like this? What do you pay? I know there are a lot more things that go into figuring a price, I just want ballparks at this point. I'll be living with my boyfriend, but he will not be droving my car. I will be the only driver of this car.
-What should I definitely get, options wise. Deductible amount? Bodily injury? AHHH!! so many things.
-Anything else?
Good and Evil


1) If you were waiting on a W-2, how long would you wait before you called the company to see where it is?
2) If you did end up having to call the company, who would you deal with? Human resources?
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(no subject)

I'm trying to do job research and I was wondering if there is a website where you can take job categories, say for instance "animals", type that in and it will give you all the careers that deal with animals, and so on?
The Aquabats!!!
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Music Questions

Which of the following would you say best describes the importance of music to you?

-It's hard for you to go a whole day without music, let alone a week. You like to listen to music as frequently as possible, while working, while just surfing the web, as background whenever possible.
-You like to listen to music sometimes, but not all the time. You turn on music sometimes to soothe yourself, or to put yourself into a certain mood.
-You rarely listen to music, and if someone plays it (at a decent volume, and not objectionable content), it's fine with you. You sometimes listen to music on a long trip, or when waiting for something to pass the time and take your focus off of a stressful or boring situation.
-You could probably go the rest of your life without listening to any music, and that'd be just fine with you. You never go out of your way to listen to music, but if it's played in certain situations, you don't object.

Are you somewhere in between any of those? Explain as best you can, elaborate.

What type of music do you listen to most? Do you listen to a wide variety of music? What are some of your favourite bands or artists?

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Would anyone here happen to know if it's possible to spell/grammar check or double space a document on WordPad with the click of a few fancy buttons? Those options don't exist in the toolbar, but I was hoping maybe there were some keys you could press to make it happen.

I have a paper due tomorrow morning and I'd rather not have to manually add a space between each line and use my AOL email spell check, so any help would be appreciated.
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(no subject)

This is probably more directed to the women, but even guys, if you carry backpacks or anything of the sort .. do you carry it with your right or left hand /on your right or left shoulder?

And are you right or left handed?

(no subject)

Anyone listen to STAR 98.7 in LA and taken notes on the Mix and Match game? I have a few pieces filled in but I want to get the rest from yesterday. So far I have: 5-Sheryl Crow, 8-Prince, 10-Kelly Clarkson, 14-Alanis Morrissette, 19-Nickelback, 21-Gwen Stefani, 25-Sting

Got any more that you would be willing to share? Thanks!


Do you think that the end of the world/humanity as we know it is going to happen during your lifetime? I.e., nuclear holocaust, the extinction of the human race, world war III, uncontrollable global warming leading to mass extinctions, etc.? Heck, color me catastrophic if you will, but I'm nineteen now and I'm not entirely sure history is going to keep on going.
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(no subject)

The new Yellowcard CD is the music I've been listening toand there's a song on it called Martin Sheen or JFK, which leads us to the question of the day. Get out your history books people!

Who is your favorite real President? And, if you could pick any President, including those fake ones on TV/Movies, who would it be?
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Shoe polish.

I'm looking into buying a pair of slightly worn shoes on the cheap.
There are a few small scratches near the toe which I wouldn't really be comfortable with.
Can I take red shoe polish (the shoes are red) and polish out the scratches? Does that work? Anyone ever do something like that?


(no subject)

Is it necessary to attach a cover letter to your resume if you're going to be handing a ton of them out randomly? I plan to go around town handing them out, so my cover letter would have to be generic. Is that okay?

Also, are there rules on how long a cover letter should be?


So, I know there are sites that will freely host pictures, such as photobucket.com, but do I have any options if I want to upload, let's say video clips, or music clips? I know about yousendit.com, but those don't last very long.
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(no subject)

I'm history impaired. I HATE history classes and when I do take them I get confused as hell. Haha, I'm a JR in college and I'm taking my 'Making of America' course and I'm really baffled on what the Articles of Confederation are, my book explains it in a really wierd fashion.

This is what I got:

They're an article that asked for a national governemnt, and it took 5 years for all the states and congress to ratify it.

BUT I'm confused, was congress....the 'government' before there was an actual government? What was Congress? I know, I sound crazy and like I should've learned this in 8th grade but I forgot it all and I'm not a history major.

And what is the house of burgessess? I mean what was its function?

No, none of this is my homework either, I'm studying for a test and I need better knowledge of this stuff.
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(no subject)

Which of the following statements do you most agree with? (You're welcome to choose more than one, or to come up with another option--this just seemed like the easiest way to do this.)

Regarding such things as affirmative action, minority only scholarships, etc:

I think these programs are good because

- they are a safeguard against discrimination

- they help minorities who may not have had the opportunity/ability otherwise

- other reason

I think these programs are not good because

- they discriminate agianst people who may be more qualified

- they are potentially harmful to minorities by implying that they are "not good enough" to compete normally

- other reason

its not easy bein' green.

EDIT for question mark appropriateness:

CAN YOU Describe your perfect salad...???
from the lettuce to the toppings and the dressing.

mine: butter lettuce w/ little bit of spinach, sliced hearts of palm, olives, bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what the poverty level is concerning income?  I made about 13,500 last year, and am wondering how big my refund will be.  I've heard it's more when you're below the poverty level. :)
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Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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Do you rememeber how you learned to read? Parents: how did your kids learn to read?

I don't remember learning to read. My mom read to me a lot, and then the next thing I rmemeber, I was doing it myself, well before kindergarten.

(no subject)

Where would be the best place to donate a printer? It doesn't work, but I know there are places that take printers and fix them and give them away to people who need them. Anyone know of a place? I live in kansas if that helps any.


Question about the FASFA and Tax returns

Okay, right now I'm very confused/frusterated/stressed. I'm filling my FASFA for 2006-2007 school year; and it says I need to submit my taxes or estimate my income. I worked from June-November of last year, is this what they are talking about? I always thought that what I earned from last year was only applicable on my 2007-2008 FASFA.

Also, if it is applicable, I never got my last three pay checks [my old manager was jerk, and never gave them to me]. Do these count?

And do I use my parents tax returns from last year, or this year?

Thanks so much for any help, the FASFA is so confusing.
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I have asked this before, but I thought saved it, so I am asking again! I am trying to eat healthier, but one of the problems I am having is figuring out the nutritional value of foods I make myself. The example I used last time was this - I use 1 1/3 cup of sugar to sweeten a gallon of tea*. So would I figure out the calories of 1 1/3 cup sugar and then divide that by the ounces in a gallon and then multiply by 8 to figure out how many calories is in one standard 8 ounce serving? I have math phobia that is worsened by fractions which is why I think stuff like this is so hard on me!

And to have something new since I personally have asked the other question before, here's another one! If humans were like bears and got to hibernate for the winter, what would you pig out the most on before the big sleep? I think I'd go with Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, Alice Springs chicken from Outback and more pasta than you could shake a stick at!

*Last time there was some confusion about the sweetening of my tea by the gallon, vs using Splenda packets or something similar. I live in the south and sweet tea is simply just not made by the glass! :)
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sending liquids in the mail

how does it work if you need to send a perfume in the mail? or a lotion? or a face mask? I know that whenever i send a package they always ask, does your package contina anything LIQUID,FRAGILE, or PERISHABLE  and i say no because it doesnt, but happens if your mailing something that IS liquid,fragiel or perishable? extra fee?


(no subject)

1a. What's a good site to tell me what kinds of salads go with what kinds of meat / main meals? I'm new to this cooking thing.
1b. What are your personal favourite salads? Any kind of salad that you think just doesn't work?

2. I don't know many gay men and the few that I do know are very much stereotypical (they are hairdressers or interior designers, fashion concious, effeminate looking). I figure it is just a coincidence, as stereotypes are supposed to be meaningless and I don't hold much store by them. What stereotypes have not been debunked by your personal experience (not judgement, not expectations, just experience).

3. For those of you who wear makeup, what's a good eye makeup remover? I like the Body Shop's chamomile remover/conditioner.
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(no subject)

You know how in almost all american movies, when someone is talking on the phone, they never say goodbye or anything like that to signify that the conversation has ended, they just hang up on them. Is that normal over there? Do any of you do the same? I think its absolutely rude as hell to do that.

(no subject)

1. I am currently in University, my third year of a 4 year program. I'm studying recreation and leisure studies. What do you think of when you hear/read that I'm in a rec program? (I just want to see what people think...)

2. I live in an apartment with 2 other females. One of them never washes her hands after she flushes the toilet. I know this because my room is right across from the washroom and our faucet is really loud, but all I hear is the toilet flushing and then her coming out. I've only known her for the past 4 weeks, but never really talk to her. We basically stay in our own room all the time, not much contact with each other. How should I bring it up with her that it slightly irks me that she's not hand washing?


I just got my paycheck, and noticed that it had the words "NON-NEGOTIABLE" printed on it. I've actually noticed this on a number of other checks. So...

Are there any checks that ARE negotiable?
If so, what does that mean?
Padme Interrupted.

We all need someone to lean on.

I know that posts relating to taxes are this week's black, and so I'm sorry for continuing to contribute to the hodge-podge, but I'm wondering if this is something that can be answered generally or if it's a case-by-case basis:

I live with my parents and they claim me as a dependent. I'm finished with the first four years of college (as of June of 2004) and took out two loans for financial aid; I've been paying on one, and my parents are paying on the other, which has been going on since about January of 2005. Am I able to claim the one I've been making payments on (of about $96 per month) as a deductible or something, or would I not be able to since they're still claiming me as a dependent.

And for the contingent of the 'club' that doesn't give a rip, uh. WHO LIKES MOVIE THEATRE NACHOS? I think they're swell.
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you should of scene it!

inspired by this gem (from an imdb board about hostel [don't even ask...]):
"I was VERY VERY dissapoitned by the LACK of torture and gore scenes. I went specifically to see those scenes because of the previews. There was TOO much story and TOO much leading up to it and then what? Only like 5 min. of stuff? I want to know if anyone else had the same feelings I did. Granite this is some sick stuff to watch, but I figured finally a movie to show us what some of the sickest stuff people could come up with to do to another person."

1. what's it called when people write sayings incorrectly because of sort-of-homophones in those sayings? for example: "for all intensive purposes" instead of "for all intents and purposes."

2. what's the worst one you've ever seen?
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This one isn't about music!

What is the most embarasing thing you've never let your parents live down?

When i was in late elementry school, My mother, brother, some friends, and I went to this water park near our house. It was really hot that day and the place was really busy. So we took our friends home and we were driving back to our house on the road directly behind the park when this bus that was coming the other direction passed us. As it passed an apple came flying out of the bus and hit our windshield. My mom fliped the car arround and chased the bus three towns over, untill it was just about to get onto the freeway (about 10 miles from where we had started). She pulled in front of the bus in the turn lane, put on her blinkers, got out of the car, goes back to the bus, motions for the driver to open the doors, gets on the bus, tells the driver what happend, and walkes off the bus. (my brother and I were in the car slouching as far as possible). My mom got back into the car, told us "don't tell your dad." needless to say, the car wasn't even stopped by the time my brother were in the house going "GUESS WHAT MOM DID!!"


i love that story

and she'll never live it down.
Yet Care...

Childhood Regrets

1. What is something you regret from your childhood?

2. What is something you regret from your childhood... that wasn't really all that bad, but for whatever reason you still felt remorse? Why do you think you felt guilty?

1. When I was nine, I had this one friend who was picked on by a lot of people, and I never stood up for her.

2. I ran outside to pick flowers for my mom when I was five, but in the middle of it, she caught me and was really furious that I'd left the house without telling her. I'd only wanted to pick flowers to make her happy, but I'd made her upset instead, and I couldn't get her to understand, and I felt really bad about it for a long time.
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(no subject)

1. I have to write an essay on a time when I was falsely accused of something. I'm writing an essay about the assumption that because I'm bisexual, it means that I'm also polygamous. I don't really know how to make this conflict into an essay. The only idea I have is to write about the dangers of stereotypes. Any other ideas you have?

2. Do you do any kind of martial arts? Today I signed up for a beginning Aikido class. I'm so excited!

3. Was your high school history class taught by a coach? My US history was, and today I found out that that is remarkably common (at least in California) because our schools are CRAP.

Thank you all, especially those that help with the first question! Essay is due TOMORROW! (In my defense the assignment was only given yesterday.)
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(no subject)

1. Can you tell if someone's bag is fake?
I can a lot of the time, certainly not all the time. If I could see the inside I would be more able to tell.
EDIT: I didn't ask if you cared, I asked if you can tell. There's really no need to be rude.

2. Would you wear this shirt?
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(no subject)

Why is thequestionclub itself ungoogleable? At least for me - all I get is the frappr site, and the greatestjournal community formed by a bunch of rejects. And references to other people's userinfo pages. But seriously, you'd think you'd get posts from this particular community peppered all over the place, but you don't.

(edited for clarity)
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for those who live in the dallas fort worth area or have seen commericals like this

have any of you seen the hms loan commerical?
this guy has the most bizarre ads.
They're usually random and make no sense.
they just showed one where he tells a story about how his wife says "well,bless your heart" to show how much she cares about someone.
he said she told him the same thing when he got his thumb caught in his mailbox.
He then goes on to say how what they really mean is 'dumb fuck.' 'fuck' being bleeped out of course.

(no subject)

This is entirely out of curiosity. Let’s say you want to kill yourself. You take a whole bunch of energy pills and a whole bunch of sleeping pills.

What would be true?

~The effects of the pills cancel each other out, and you’ll be fine.
~No matter what pill combination you have, taking too many will kill you.
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(no subject)

I'm thinking I should start taking vitamins of some kind... what do you recommend? I'm 21, female, and trying to lose weight- I just want to take vitamins of some kind for general good health. Thanks!

(no subject)

What are some movies you can think of that have some outside narration?

One's I can think of are Princess Bride and Forget Paris.

What are some movies you can think of that start out in the middle, or end, of the story?

One's I can think of are The Emperor's New Groove, and maybe Spanglish, but it was awhile ago that I saw it.
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(no subject)

In reading for my business class I came across Thomas Malthus - he believed that the population of the world is growing too fast for the planet and the economy to keep up, and that the best way to solve this is to practice birth control, including forced abortions and sterilization.

My question is, that the book says there are some countries that currently practice this belief, with forced abortions and forced sterilization... what countries do this?
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Assassination Conspiracy

1. Did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK?
2. If he did, were there other people involved? Was Oswald just a patsy?

What I'm basically wondering is if you believe in any conspiracy surrounding JFK's assasination. I'm asking out of curiosity, not for a project or anything like that.
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(no subject)

Those of you who are in long-term, committed same-sex relationships: what term do you use to refer to your significant other?

I know a couple who seem to use “boyfriend” and “partner” about equally, and another couple who uses “wife” and only “wife.”

If you say husband or wife, did you actually get married/a civil union?