January 29th, 2006


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Does anyone here use Crazy Browser? My boyfriend has it and I love it so I decided to download it myself. Well for some reason the damn thing refuses to work. I keep getting the message "Action canceled" or "Page cannot be displayed". This is strange because AOL and IE work just fine. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? It's drivingg me nuts and I'd really love to start using this browser instead of AOL. Thanks in advance. :)
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just curious

i don't know why anyone would know,

but by any chance does anyone know approx. how long it would take to choke to death hanging yourself with a rope?

would it be fast? does it depend on anything? is it realistic when they portray it on tv or something?
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So my iTunes just made this song come up on random. (just telling you so you know where this comes from)

Both times i've been pulled over I was listening to the song fast car by Tracy Chapman. Apparently it makes me speed, I think it's because it's about escaping, and I feel the need to escape alot... I don't know for sure, but I'm prety sure it's more than because it talks about a fast car.

so my question is:

Is there any song that you have realized sometime that always makes you speed in your car?
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So right now, as I type this, there is a pick-up truck driving down my street (I live in a pretty small town) and pulling in to every driveway. I just watched the truck pull in across the street, and a person got out of the driver's side, went to the front porch of the house, and then got back into the car. They are leaving the car running and the lights on, and they are turning into more or less every single driveway. They don't appear to be doing anything when they go to the porch, and they've already been in my driveway (which is how I noticed it in the first place); there doesn't seem to be anything on my porch or door or anything.

So, what would you do if this were occurring in your neighborhood at 1 am on a Saturday night?
What could this person possibly be doing?! I am more curious than alarmed now. The only thing I can think is that they are ringing the doorbell, and since our doorbell doesn't work, I didn't hear it.

What's the craziest thing of this sort you've ever witnessed someone doing?
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i have no life

do you know of any games such as
"the Game" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Game_%28game%29
or The Sandwich Club http://www.thesandwichclub.com/ ?
I think my friends will get tired of The Game...and quite frankly we don't eat sandwiches that much.

EDIT: another question, probably will get more answers. How many of you actually play these games? Do they work out well or do people tend to get sick of them? Any funny stories related to these games?

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Has anyone ever had their eyebrows lightened? There are places that do that, right?

Are there such things as DIY kits for that? Face bleach, like for your upper lip or whatever, is that what you would use and just not leave it on as long? Or would doing it at home just be a really bad idea?
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I have somehow managed to get the end of a qtip stuck in my throat. How the fuck am I supposed to get it out?
My dad can see it with a flashlight and said he could probably get it with a tweezers, no thanks. I've been trying to gargle it out and all sorts of similar things. It's been in there since last night. Help!

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Edit: found. thanks!

I tried looking on imdb but couldn't find it.

i want to get some of the songs from the movie "for the boys" with bette middler. i love that style of music and the words were really sweet in a couple of the songs. there's gotta be some sort of soundtrack. apparently not on imdb....please help...how to phrase as a question...can somebody find the soundtrack for "For The Boys"?

thanks in advance!
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What's something about you that people are always shocked to find out?

For me it's the fact that I dress and act like a goth (I don't like to label myself, but if I had to, that's what I'd be) and yet I listen to, enjoy and just outright love Robbie Williams
Also, people are shocked (mostly on the internet) to find out I'm a girl, because my name is Joey. I'm a girl, dammit!

So what about you guys?
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I hope this post isn't too soon...

1. Do you drink and/or get drunk?
2. How often do you drink and/or get drunk?
3. Why do you drink and/or get drunk?
4. How many drinks does it take to get you drunk?

A few random q's...

1. Do you tip at places like Starbucks or Sonic? If so, how much?

2. What do you do when you want to treat yourself?

3. For those of you married or in an equivalent relationship -- truly the person of your dreams or did you settle?

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Does anyone know where you can go to find how legit a website offer is? I saw an offer that if you pay $50 and become a member, they'll give you 2 free flights to your city of choice. You have to pay for a hotel room though. I know there has to be a catch.
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LJ etiquette

Sometimes, when bored, I go to some of your userinfo's to check out what other interesting communties there are on LJ. So my question is...how do you feel about me doing this? Is there any unspoken etiquette rule about not doing that?
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I need some help from gamers and I really don't feel like joining a gaming community to ask this, then leave. (I will if I must.)

I have a Metal Gear 3 Solid Snake Eater standee that's in pretty good condition and I was thinking of selling it on ebay. How much would I start something like that out at? What do you think it would go for or would be a decent "Buy it Now" price?

Also it's probably... five feet tall when put together, and taken apart it was shipped originally in basically a cardboard box flattened and with the sides taped. I know you need more info than that to determine shipping but would anyone care to make a wild guess on how much to ask for?
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How can I capture images/make screencaps from a DVD (for free)? Is there any way? I toyed with Windows Media Player and WinDVD for a few hours last night and Print Screen won't work for me even when I turn off overlays. I just want to make some cute pictures! Any free downloadable software I can use? ...Legally?

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I have to e-mail a resume to a company now. It's not going to be an attachment so it's just the body of the e-mail. Should I include a note before it begins or just send the resume as is?

What do you like to answer?

What are your favorite type of questions to answer in The Question Club?

Are there any question categories you take particular joy in answering, or ones you feel you are a good source of knowledge at?

My personal favorite questions to answer are ones about:

Moral issues

I'm sure there's more, but those are my top 5.
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Spawned by a comment in another thread:

What are some jobs that require a lot of travel? Other than the obvious ones, like pilots and flight attendents. A lot of people hate traveling for work, but I'd love it!
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dumb question?

ok, this is probably dumb, but:

i'm applying to a grad school in london. i am american. do i spell things in my personal statement the american way or the british way?

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products that supposedly plump your lips seem to be v. hot on the market these days. does anyone have any fairly cheap ones they recomend? i've already used the rimmel stuff, which didn't seem to work too well.
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Alright, I asked some Certain-Dri related questions back in December before I started using it, and now I have some follow up questions:
For those who use Certain-Dri:
1. How often do you shave your armpits and how does this affect your CD use?
2. If using CD made your armpits itch or gave you a rash, did it go away after a while and you still use it, or did you stop using CD to make it stop?
3. Right now I'm using a little bit of Arrid Xtra Dry antipersperant during the day, and I think it might be counteracting with the CD to make my pits itch, so what other anti-pers could/should I use, or should I try just Deodorant instead?

I really love the no-sweating thing that CD is doing for me, but the armpit itching might be killing it for me, and that sucks 'cause I usually sweat A LOT without the CD :-/
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so, if you are overweight and you try to lose weight, i know the whole, if you dont eat all day, or dont break your meals up into small meals to burn the calories, you will go into starvation mode and store your fat blah blah,

but really, say you barely ever eat for a long period of time, like maybe a can of soup and some bread every 2 days with lots of water,
are telling me you will just stay fat forever as opposed to losing weight significantly? with or without exercise, but speficially without exercise.

without keeping health in mind, for example anorexic people, do you have to be fat for it to not work.

just stupid questions on my mind that maybe i don't think about clearly, so i look to you...

thanx in advance.
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hair care questions

1. Approximately how long does a blowdryer live? I mean... about how many months/years could I expect it to last if I'm using it for 20ish minutes almost daily?

2. I use Nexxus Mousse Plus, which is an alcohol-free volumizing mousse. Well, at the start of the year, Nexxus decided to stop being sold in salons only, and they're currently making the transition to be sold in regular stores. I spoke to a woman at the salon and she has no idea when Nexxus products will be on shelves again. Well, I'm almost out of mousse. What other brand could I try? It MUST be alcohol-free (I have eczema on my hands and the alcohol makes my skin too dry), and volumizing is pretty important too.

3. I've been thinking about dying my hair red again. Life is slow and I need to spice things up a little and make a change. The thing is, my best friend (you know the story) really has a thing for redheads. His girlfriend and I are both currently brunettes... and he has said several times that I'm the most beautiful person he knows. His girlfriend is well aware that he's more physically attracted to me than he is to her. So... would it be a bad idea for me to go red? The purpose of dying my hair would NOT be to win him over; I don't want to make it harder for him. But at the same time... I need a change of pace!

If you advise against going red... any other recommendations for what I should do to mix up my life a little and keep me interested? haha. Not a haircut, I don't feel comfy going to anyone but my usual stylist which means I won't get it cut til I'm home in March.
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So my friend and I are planning on watching movies. So my question is:

What are some good 'lesbian' movies?

Not porno, but in the vein of Velvet Goldmine or Brokeback Mountain -- ones with sex, but a story around them. So far we've figured Bound and Mulholland Drive.
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There's a Japanese erotic/fetish artist out there who is known for his hyperrealistic drawings of women with various biomechanical implants and even being physically wounded by mechanical appendages (one drawing I'm reminded of is a woman with a mech tentacle stabbing into her mouth and out the back of her neck). It's that combination of pretty and squick that intrigues me. Does anyone know who this artist is?

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so, basically, i have to write a 400-word opinion article on...something. anything. i just don't know what to write it on. any topics that come to mind that would be good to address in a high school newspaper?

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Perhaps some might call me stupid but.........what is the significane of 420 with Weed? Like, April 20th, at 4:20 PM/AM, why is it 420? Why not..........613?

Also, what book in your opinion do you think every person should have in their personal library and why? Title, Author, and information about it is preferable.
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Death & Taxes.

For anyone it applies to in this community (read: if you are/were employed in 2005), how many of you are doing your own taxes this year, and if so, what method(s) do you/have you used? (I took a week-long class with H&R Block using their computer programs, but I've found that TurboTax is cheaper and does basically the same thing.)

If you don't do your own taxes, where do you bring them - an agency? A math-savvy friend/family member? Any interesting stories to share (read: funny/painful run-ins with the IRS, and/or ways you've gotten back way more/less of a tax return than usual)? Are there enough question marks in this entry to make it a qualified thequestionclub post yet?
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Cheese fetish

Could someone please explain to me what a cheese fetish is???

Explain everything you know about it...
because I'm really confused and curious as to how someone could have a fetish with cheese
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1. If you're on a road trip and are going to get back home later than you thought, do you call home so nobody worries about you? (I'm getting annoyed and worried, since my boyfriend is traveling across the state, and said he'd be home around 4 or 5. It's almost 7 and he's not here yet and hasn't called).

2. What was the best part about your weekend? For me, it was just being able to relax at home with my dogs and have no obligations.
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Mmm... potatoes

I have a big bag of potatoes that I need to use up. I'm planning on making a large batch of mashed potatoes*, but I need other ideas, as well. What would you do with a 10 lb. bag of russet potatoes?

*This is assuming mashed potatoes can be frozen with minimal effects on texture/taste. My Google-Fu has revealed that it is possible to freeze mashed potatoes, but I am not convinced that they taste very good when they're thawed. Have you frozen mashed potatoes? If so, how do they taste? Do you have any other recommendations?

What do you like on or in your mashed potatoes?

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Why do keys just suddenly get stuck in the ignition? :(

And, how might I get my key out? :( :(

EDIT: I finally got the key out! I did try your suggestions and I guess maybe they worked. I mean it didn't come out while I was turning the wheel or playing with the "gearshifty doodad" lol, but the point is, the damn thing is out! It's bent now, but I do have one unbent copy so I am getting another copy of that made ASAP! Thanks for all your help, TQC :D
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What foods have you been surprised to find out that somebody has never tasted?

I have a friend who has never tasted sweet and sour sauce. Another friend who has never had a Big Mac. One friend has never had peanut butter!

What foods have YOU never tasted that you think most people have?
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Home lan, Mixed OS environment

Ok, here is the OS list for the home lan, as it will be later in the week when I get the Ultra 10 set up.

1x Windows XP Proffesional SP2
1x Windows XP Home SP2
1x Slackware Linux 10.2
1x Mac OSX Panther
1x Solaris 10

The windows machines, and the mac, are basic client systems... mainly running local stuff and accessing the net, rather than sharing resources. The Linux box has the same role, it's also a testbed server. The Solaris box is going to be a dedicated file server- mainly a backup server hosting disk images of the other systems for recovery purposes, but is also likely to pull general file serving duties.

There are also two other systems that may be brought in(Two thinkpad 600's), likely will run some variant of the Windows NT series or Linux, possibly a BSD.

These are currently networked via a Linksys WRT54G, but I'm likely to add a gigabit switch for use with my systems(all of them except XP Home).

What would the best strategy be to share resources and files? I can get NFS working on all of these systems, but thats a royal pain in the ass to work with. Is SAMBA(or some other implementation of Windows file sharing) available for Solaris?

What disk imaging software should I use for the backups? Basically, I'd like it to take an image, and said image does not take up any more space than the actual disk spae *used*, rather than an image of the entire drive. Plus, of course, a small tag at the end denoting how much free space to throw on when the image is restored- otherwise I'd need a HUGE hard drive for this.

Also, with the background on the networks OS's and the brief overview of how they are connected, if you've got any general tips and tricks for making a multi-OS network like this work well, I'm open to them. Be it techniques, specific software, extra hardware...

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1) If you could move to any country, what would it be? Why?

2) How would one go about moving to a country like New Zeland or Austrilia?

3) What is your least favorite band/performer?

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My friend and I are trying to figure this out....shes heard of a drawer that somehow connects to your bunk or loft bed on the underside and hangs down...kind of like a desk drawer. anyone ever seen anything like this?
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Workout Results

I've started working out just this past Friday, hoping to fulfil that wonderful New Year's Resolution. I have no desire to lose any weight, I just want to tone some areas (abs, arms, back of legs) and I want to increase my endurance. I've been using the weight machines, the ones I have in mind are an abdominal machine, bicep and tricep machine, leg curl machine and a cross trainer to help with endurance. I absolutely hate to run, so I figured the cross trainer or elliptical would be my next best bet. I've been working out for 1-2 hours each time.

If I only exercise on Fridays and Saturdays, is there going to be an improvement? My class and work schedule really don't allow me to exercise Sunday-Thursday. I'm not expecting perfection in a few weeks, I just want to know if what I've planned sounds like a good idea. Also, are there any other weight machines you would recommend using? I go to my college Rec Center and there's a pretty extensive weight room.

Thank you tremendously.

Networking issues

We've got roadrunner cable hooked up to our computers with a Linksys WRT54G router attached to it. We get internet just fine when one of the computers is directly connected to the modem, but when we put it through the router the internet cuts out. Sometimes the other computers can't even detect the signal. We've had to set the IP/Gateway/DNS manually to the other connected computers. We have a MAC address filter enabled but otherwise no security. We lose internet daily or the connections are weak as shown through gaming latency and high ping times. We're stumped on what to do. Any ideas?

This may be a hard one....

What is the name of this animal? - edit: it's a linsang :)

I think it's a type of civet but I can't find a picture like it when I search images on the word civet. I know it's a member of the mongoose family or is at least closely related.
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A friend of mine is looking for a word. She says:

Once upon a time, I knew a word that was American in origin (I think) and which was used to refer to those early innkeepers in America who set up a tavern in the wilderness and waited for a traveler to come by so they could kill kim, take his belongings, and dispose of his body in the nearest bottomless pit or whatever.

Such a place is rumored to have existed in Ohio. I think it was Pott's Tavern. The story is presumably embellished, however, as the tale about their son returning home in disguise and his father murdering him is believed to be untrue since the couple had no known children. There have been, however, other early tavern sites that have yielded bodies in places where there should not have been bodies... such as the cellar.

So the question for someone with a better memory than me is: What is it that the westward moving Americans of the 1800s would have called these people?
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1. Do any of you know anything about SUNY Fredonia? Specifically their music program...I'm thinking about attending a camp there this summer, but I don't want to spend $600 plus airfare from FL to NY if they have a crappy music program.

2. Those of you that are religious- what religion/what denomination are you?

3. Are there any shows that you hadn't watched because you thought that they looked bad, then watched them&started liking them?

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I have long-ish light blonde hair that hasn't been colored at all, which I blow-dry almost every day. I don't use any hair products on it other than shampoo and conditioner, and most days I just use 2-in-1 Pert Shampoo. Am I damaging my hair by blow-drying it so often without using added mosturizers?

If so, what's something good to keep hair moisturized without weighing it down or making it feel sticky?

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I think I am having a dumb moment when it comes to MSN messager.
I seem to have v 7.5 open, signed in as 'appear offline', but I am still getting messages so people must be able to see me...I assume I still have v 7.0 running, but for one I cannot see it running, then secondly I cannot see it in the add/remove programs (I can only see MSN IM v 7.5) - How do I fix it?
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Ok, two questions, which are really very closely related:

1) What is the strangest sign you have seen in real life?

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2) Has anyone else here ever seen the sign in my story, and if so, do you happen to have a picture of it you'd be willing to share?

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Ok, so I have a weird question. My Firefox won't open GMail (the site) -- it just hangs and won't load. It also slows down any other tabbed windows I have open, so I can't get it to work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the same result. I know it works elsewhere on campus because I tried it there, same browser. It loads in SlimBrowser. I am at a loss. Help, suggestions please?

ETA: Never mind, it seems to work now. Knock on wood.

So barring that, are there any superstitions you abide by? I knock on wood all the time.
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