January 28th, 2006

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1.) Does anyone know how to retrieve deleted documents that have also been deleted from the Recycle Bin?

2.) Also, a few months ago, I sent a friend MANY pictures on AOL. I saved them on my computer and deleted them from my digital camera. My friend didn't save the photos, and my computer crashed. The photos were deleted (I had to use Gateway GoBack, if anyone is familiar with it, to "revert the drive" to an earlier state). Any ideas where I could get my photos?

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I was in a hurry at the grocery store today and accidentally grabbed a bottle of laundry detergent that is designed for "high-efficiency machines." I'm pretty sure my washer is just a normal one.

Is there really any difference in the detergents? Can I use it as directed, or do I have to halve/double the amount of detergent used? Will using it cause my washer to explode in a giant, soapy fireball? (Just kidding on that last one...I think.)

Random questions...

Random questions... because I need to procrastinate and wanna read lots of random answers...

1. Have you ever been to Gobbler's Knob on Groundhog Day?

2. Favorite gaming system (atari, nintendo, super nintendo, sega, etc. etc. etc.)

3. If I'm gonna be in Indianapolis for a few days, where are some must-see places to go?

4. How old are you?

5. What do you think about MYSPACE and/or FACEBOOK? Have you read anything interesting about either lately (post a link)?
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Do you prefer your books in hard cover or soft cover?
Do you prefer your movies in Wide Screen or Full Screen?
Some of the best movies started out as books, what one are your favorite?
What are some of your least favorites?
Favorite Comic Book movie?
Least Favorite Comic Book Movie?

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What was your first word?
Mine was "chit". My grandma said "shit" a lot.

What is your first memory or the earliest memory you can remember?
I remember I had a potty that was had wooden arms and legs and it had a plastic back with a lion cartoon character on it and it had a plastic seat. It was one of those that had a draw that emptied they hadn't invented the toilet seat covers yet. My mom said I was about 15 months old. I also remember using the big toilet and almost falling in it.
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I'm on a teaching placement in a class of 7 an 8 year olds, and have to do a science experiment on materials next week. So far the children have had 3 lessons on the properties of materials, and why we choose, for example, glass to make a window.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do? I'm thinking of maybe testing the strength of different types of paper, but it's just not very exciting! I've seen a couple of ideas online, but they involve scratching surfaces with sharp nails (not a chance in this class - they would go wild) or putting heavy tins in plastic bags until they break (I value my toes, thanks...) so if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it :-)

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anyone know somewhere online where i can find files of that 'pat' sketch SNL used to do in the early 90s? the one where they weren't sure if it was a guy or a girl or not?
much thanks in advance
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What do you think of World of Warcraft's policy against GLBTQ-friendly guilds?

Do you play WoW?

How in the hell does "if queer players are allowed to tell other players about their sexual orientation, that it might arouse discriminatory or unkind remarks from those players, and that would violate the anti-discrimination rules of the game" make sense for censoring the GLBTQ players?

What other forms of mind-boggling stupidity have you encountered lately?
don't stop believin:-)

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Is there a polite way to blow someone off?


If someone keeps calling you to say hi/to try to hang out with you, and you don't want to, so you say you are busy for the next three months with school and in two and a half months they start calling you again, what is the appropriate response?

Share a stalker story?

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Was there any subject at any level (high school, college, grad school, whatever) that you had to take that was positively the bane of your existence, which took everything you had to get through?

For me, it's physics. Whatever part of my brain physics rules, I'm pretty sure my creator left out. I'm fine with math, logic, analytical chem, anything else similar, just NOT physics.
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Does anyone know any ACTIVE communities for women to discuss nutrition/diet (as in a nutritional diet, not crash/popular/silly/restrictive diets), exercising/working out, and becoming healthier? NOT PRO-ED COMMUNITIES, which LJ seems to be overrun from.

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Have you ever had to get a throat culture at the ER without insurance? How much did it cost?

I really want to get one done as soon as possible. I work in a classroom of 3-6yr olds and there's been 11 cases of strep in the last two weeks, but I'd really like to have a guestimate of how much it might cost me, so I won't be surprised to death.

I'm in Denver, Colorado.

I did call the hospital, they did not know and the billing dept. is not around because it's Sunday.
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Interview With a Vampire.

I saw this movie for about the millionth time last night and I still love it after over 10 years.

But that's not what I'm posting about. I know the movie is based on a book, and I know it's by Anne Rice, but does it have the same name as the movie? Is the movie totally different to the book, or is it a pretty close adaptation?

One more. I was watching this movie with a friend once and she pointed out that she thinks the relationship between Claudia and Louis is more like a father-daughter one. Me, on the other hand, I think that, while it is father-daughter, Claudia really wants it to be more, but knows she cant because Lous seems her more as a daughter than a lover.
What do you think?
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Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro?

I've been using a trial copy of Paint Shop Pro that was free with my computer. I've only ever used it for basics - cropping and rotating and little things like that.

I'd like to get more clued up and able to use different effects and things, but it seems that Photoshop is far more popular.

Now that I have to start paying to use it, would you recommend that I go ahead and buy Paint Shop Pro, or that I switch over to Photoshop and learn with that instead?

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My cousin died on Tuesday(suicide)..i knew him, but not that well... been to the funeral and said good bye and all that. why do i feel so bad? and how do i make it stop?


Are you somebody who has everything organized? Is your house a place where everything has its place and it is totally spotless? If so, how the HELL do you do it?

I'm queen of clutter! I don't have dust and dirt around, but I have so many little things that take space that I am about ready to go loco-coco-puffs over it!
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Random questions

1. What's your favorite short film?

A.What's your favorite website?
B. Online Game?

3. If you could have any car regardless of price, what would it be?

4. What influenced your college and/or career choice?

5. Does anyone remember the following book: It took place in a orphanage in [I believe England, lots of Guy Fakwes references] and it was in the same vein of Harry Potter. The only exception is that magic was feared, and only about half of the kids had "magic powers".

stopped up ear

i have severly stopped up ear...it's so bad that i can only hear out of one ear right now. i can't exactly go to a doctor right now to get it cleaned out, as it is saturday night. i would like to be able to hear soon, as i was planning on going to see a local band play downtown tonight...so, any suggestions on how to unclog it? i have been using hydrogen peroxide, but it doesn't seem to be cutting it. thanks for any suggestions.


i'm trying to remember the title of this movie, but everything about it escapes me. all i can remember is one scene. there's a secretary or some woman in a room. she's either in a bikini or some slinky outfit, dancing really funnily. in the foreground is two men, talking about something. it keeps going back, as they're walking, to the woman dancing. it's either from the sixties/seventies, or it's just set in that era.

does anyone know what movie this is?

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1. Have you guys ever seen those things that are plastic and you put money in it and close it and then you have to get a ball through a maze and push a button and the thingy pops open so you can get the money out? If you have any clue what I'm talking about, do you know the name of it or who it's made by?

2. If you shop at Wal-mart (Notice the "if." Yes, I know that Wal-mart hires illegals, discriminates against women, is the anti-christ and eats babies. So don't bother...), do you prefer the stores with the grocery area on the right or on the left? For some reason I prefer the right.
My Kansas icon.
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So there's this girl, who's your friend. She's a very nice girl. She's just ever-so-slightly clingy. Like, you'll be walking along to the computer room, you'll bump into her in the corridor, ask you where you're going, and then proceed to come with you. She won't use the computers or anything. She'll just sit there and watch you. Then she'll cling to you like a stubborn spot for the rest of lunch hour. I've tried subtle hints. I've tried ignoring her. I'm just worried that I'm the only friend she's got - no wonder, if this is how she treats everyone she considers a friend.

How does one go about telling this girl, that whilst you're flattered she feels the need to follow you around all day, you really do not appreciate it? How do I tell her that her behaviour is creepy and yet somehow manage to not hurt her too badly? This post is inspired by the last one, in some measure.

We never meet up outside of school, although she did used to have a bothersome habit of using me as her homework diary and calling me every Sunday to check she's done her coursework. I feel slightly indebted towards her as I once left my History coursework questions at school and she faxed them too me. Not that she ever let me forget that.

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1. Do you bother applying for a job that says you have to have so many years of experience, even if you don't have it?

2. Would you rather your SO hide little things from you, or tell you and risk having a fight about it?
Examples: He/she supposedly quit smoking, but has a cigarette every now and then.
OR He/she spent an excessive amount of money on something and told you it cost half that much.
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Can anyone tell me what the word "Flugrekorder" in German means in English? It's on the front of one of the Rammstein cds. Please don't laugh at me for being a Unilengual speaker (especially if the word is made up). Thanks ( =
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I want to apply to the new H&M at the local mall as a sales associate. However, the application says you must be at least 18 years old to be hired at H&M and I am 17. The store opens in...March (I think) and my birthday is in November.
Should I forget about H&M and look for a job somewhere else or is it OK to submit the application anyway?
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I see that a lot of people who do icon journals have icon communities were only they can post in... what is the point of that?

Is it just so they don't have to log out before posting their icons? I keep meaning to make a specific icon journal but now I'm wondering if I should hop on that merry old bandwagon and do a community instead. o_O
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