January 27th, 2006

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A friend and I are currently working on a photography project for a class of mine. We're supposed to be taking pictures that utilize different techniques. We have to choose our own. So far, all we have are candid photos and macro photos. We're pretty uneducated in photography, so... do any of you have any ideas? If it helps, we're using a digital camera.

Thanks! ♥
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socks and cat

what is it?

I keep seeing pictures of this thing around LJ but I can't find any news stories on it. I wouldn't even know what to google for because I don't know what it is called.

what is this?

Could some one please direct me to a link that gives the story behind this creature?

Thank you!
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lately when i've tried to comment, i have to put my password in again. it used to just have me logged on all the time, but now, not so. it is really starting to piss me off, because lj made me get a weird password anway that i really have to think about. has anyone else had this happen? what can i do to make it go away? i've fidled around in management and whatnot, but i i can't seem to find anything to change it.


So my boyfriend and I rented an Adult Film *cough* from the local hokey video store. We forgot to return it, and figured at most the place would charge us the price of the movie, or never let us rent there again, or whatever. Skip to a few months later (yesterday) and his mom calls and tells us that SHE got a bill for $200 or so dollars for an "Adult Film" from said rental store. It's possible that the letter was addressed to my boyfriend and she opened it (we're both living in a house together away at college) OR for whatever reason it was addressed to her (perhaps he used his joint credit card that he shares with her, or something.) Anyway, does that seem a bit steep, or what? Is there something about video rental that I'm missing? I'd figure it'd be maybe $40 (porn is expensive, I know!) but come on now.

Anyone have any insight? What's the highest rental fee YOU'VE ever had?

because I'm bored

These are all musicians whose music I own.
Which of these do you like? Check all that apply:

Poll #661103 My Music

who do you like?

Ani DiFranco
Tori Amos
Tegan & Sara
Counting Crows
Sarah McLachlan
Tracy Chapman
Mazzy Star
Collective Soul
Louis Armstrong
Blonde Redhead
Billie Holiday
Alanis Morrissette

more choices....

Rebecca Coreia
Cat Power
Ella Fitzgerald
James Brown
Fiona Apple
The Doors
The Beatles
Blue Day Golden
Ray Charles
Natalie Merchant
Bitch & Animal
Indigo Girls
Dave Mathews

And yes, even more...

Neil Young
The Mammas & the Papas
Elton John
Jefferson Airplane
Bikini Kill
Deep Forest
Simon & Garfuncle
Peter, Paul, and Mary
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When the Fiona Apple "extraordinary machine" cd was leaked on the internet I got a copy. I like it a lot, though I haven't listened to it in a while.

I never did get the finished version that was released. I am opposed to pirating music--and at the time I thought I was sticking it to the Man at Sony. Turns out they weren't preventing it from being released.

My question is...for anyone who owns the final finished version...do you like it? How does it compare to the pirated version? Do you think I should quiet my conscience by purchasing a copy?
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just bought my first strapless bra this week. I have a very large chest so up until now, I couldn't find one that actually held the girls up. God Bless Victoria's Secret! Too bad it's hard to breathe in this thing...
Anyway, girls:
Have any interesting bra stories? What size are you? What kind of cra are you currently wearing?
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The girl I baby-sit just turned 4. She refuses to use a sippy cup, but spills everthing in a glass all over. When you try to give her a sippy cup or a cup with a lid and straw, she takes the lid off. I don't fill her glass that full, yet she still spills it. She either knocks over the glass or she misses her mouth and dumps it all over herself. I'm at a loss of what to do.
Should I refuse to let her drink out of a non sippy cup? Should I limit her drinks to just the table or what?
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Ok...So stamps here now have to be 39cents. So everything I recently sent out with 37 cent stamps has been sent back. I just bought new stamps but they say "First Class" no amount. So will first class work? is that better than 39cents...I fucking hate the postal service, especially on our campus

Migrane prevention

Okay, so I went to the hospital yesterday with a severe headache and I was throwing up constantly; so I was diagnoised with Migrane headaches. The doctor told me that I could never have another one again; or I could have one the next day. Is there anyway to prevent migranes? What should I do once I get another? I looked around WEBmd but couldn't find anything.

Thanks so much.
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Opening a file from a website

We're hosting our annual fundraiser at work on Feb 23. In conjunction with this, we have a silent auction with several dozen items for sale.

My question is, is there any way to publicize the list of auction items from the website in a way that it can't be altered?

The list is on an Excel spreadsheet (.xls) which I know you can make read-only (I don't know how to do that, but can figure it out), but it can also be saved as something else, renamed, and open to editing. Is the only way to do it via a .pdf document? I can merge the .xls with a Word document and then use an online converter that I found to convert to a .pdf... but is there a simpler yet safe way to do it? I know it won't be changed on the website, but it's possible that some schmoe would change it and bring it to the auction and make some sort of demand, or something...

Just for fun

1. Is anyone a big fan of 90s pop music?

2. What are some of your favourite songs from this category?

3. I know it's not cool to admit it, but does anyone like cheesy pop music like Hillary Duff, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears?
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no, I don't want to format!

I have a USB flash drive that I use to store all of my Photoshop things on--brushes, patterns, etc. Some of the images on the drive were corrupted and not showing up, so I deleted a bunch of the folders that contained corrupted files last night. I tried to open the folder today, and I got a dialogue box asking if I wanted to format the drive. I don't know why. What could be wrong with it? (I'd been opening it fine for months before, even with the corrupted photo files.) And will I be able to retrieve my other data?
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What is your computer history? What computers have you owned, how long, why did you get a particular one, what happened to it, etc?

Why did you originally join TQC?

I have an mp3 that I have shuffled through all the computers I am about to describe, over five years' time. It's called "Life in Mono" and the artist appears to also be Mono. It is beautiful and I can find nothing else by her (them?). Anyone know anything?

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01. How many days ago was September 9, 2002?

02. Why do things change colour when they burn?

03. Does the President/Prime Minister get a pay check? From who? How much per week are we talking?

04. Zoolander or Mean Girls?

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So my mom's computer is (or...was) infected with spyware. The kind that really messes with the computer. I had a similar problem with mine before, so I offered to help her. I started her computer in safe mode and then ran an ewido scan. It removed a bunch of infections and all was fine. Then I restarted her computer in normal mode, and all of a sudden everything is gone. All of the programs are still there (like ewido, itunes, etc) but all of her saved files (word documents, music, pictures, etc.) are gone. There is no spyware either; it's like it was reformatted except that all of her installed-after-buying programs are still there.

What happened? Is there any way I can get her stuff back? Would system restore be helpful? Any help is really appreciated.
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DVD Archival

Hiya TQCers. I just purchased a new laptop with a handy-dandy DVD burner and Windows MCE. I would greatly like to take a few of my DVDs and archive them on my laptop. Ala, I burn the DVD onto the hard drive, take the disc out, watch the movie without it.

What's a good program to do this with, preferably free?
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Watching TV, something completely unrelated lead to a train of thought that got me wondering...

Can women sell their eggs? Like men can sell their sperm? I mean obviously we can't just go into a little room, masterbate and sell some eggs... obviously it would have to be surgically, but can women sell their eggs?
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Gross, the kid I'm watching right now has had the STOMACH FLU for the past 2 days (I know, NICE, they leave me with her) and I REALLY cannot get sick right now especially with something that you can't exactly go out in public with where as with a cold I could still function.

Any tips on how NOT to catch this? I have to touch the kid at some point because I'll have to put her in bed and give her a bath, but other than that I'm kind of steering clear of touching her. This family really isn't very clean so I'm not sure what they have and haven't wiped down....I do have Clorox wipes though!
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Read any good books lately?

After roughly a year of reading nothing but classics, I need a break. I had decided to get back to my literary roots, buckle down, and read a bunch of classics I had never read before. Now, I love the classics but many of them are pretty heavy reading. I need a few weeks of brain junk-food.
So, that being said-
1) Do you have any recommendations for any good "non-classics"?
2) After this break, I'm going to pick up some classics again. What are some of your favorites?
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if someone acts all friendly and open with everyone else but you-there is no hope or maybe some?

if you meet someone and get to talking and it eventually dies...no hope right?


So an update on the video situation.. my boyfriend went down there and told them that he thought he returned it(he looked and couldn't find it and didn't remember if he did or not -- personally, I think he's being a weiner and lying!) They then waived the entire fee, saying that next time he'll have to show ID when he next rents. Apparently the gigantic fee is just to scare you into coming in and giving the movie back or dealing with it.


So this isn't a total waste... um, if you could hold one profession for the rest of your life, what would it be?
kiv dancin.
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i would like to know if you have done this thing.

okay, so i'm poor and i'm out of college and i just want to get the damn student loans under control.

i'm looking into loan consolidation. have you done this? how easy was it? did you go through an agency, a bank, etc? did it help you with month to month payments? i want to put a credit card in with my two student loans. total, i'm looking at about fifty grand that would be consolidated.

i want personal experiences, peoples. good? bad? ugly?

i'm gonna keep investigating on my own, but i'd like a few personal stories.
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Library Catalogues

For those of you in college or university (anywhere in the world)...

Could you please provide me a link to your school's library catalogue? That is, the place where I can search for what books your library has. If you have links to other library catalogs, that's awesome too. I've got the ones for most Ontario universities already, but the more the better.

For a part of one of my assignments this semester, one of my professors has given the instruction of "find every book ever written on topic X". We don't need to read them, we just need to have bibliographical entries. So the more library catalogues I have to search the better.

If you go to a non-English-speaking university, I may want a bit more information from you (that is, how to say what I'm looking for in whatever language the catalogue would be in), but the books I can include in this list can be in any language.
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Tips and dreams

1. My friend and I just ordered a pizza from a place called Palermo's. It was a $7.50 college special (large pizza, two sodas). We usually pay cash, but we don't have any on us and we're both really hungry (he's just got a big appetite, whereas I, due to unusual circumstances, have only consumed 8 oz of water today). The lady on the phone asked, after I gave my credit card info, if I wanted to add a tip. I added $3.00. She seemed a bit surprised. Palermo's is literally right down the road (we only order delivery because we're lazy, haha). But when I pay in cash I always tip three dollars.

So...was that too much? Too little? I'm completely clueless when it comes to tipping delivery people.

2. What's the most lucid dream you've ever had? Where you upset when you woke up and realized it was just a dream, or were you relieved?
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Asian girl

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I feel silly asking this, but I don't really pay attention to celebrity gossip at all.

What happened between Paris and Nicole?

Also, a rephrasing of a previous question:

My boyfriend really likes peanut M&Ms, so I was going to get him a bunch for Valentine's day, but I can't very well just hand him five bags of them, so what cute thing can I do with them?

Dreamweaver Question

Ok--in Dreamweaver there's this little box at the bottom where you can click to change font size, bold, whatever, plus do links and all that. What is it called? Because I accidently closed it and I don't even know what I'm looking for to bring it back.
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'fess up, ladies.

who here actually does a breast self-examination on a regular basis?

(certainly not me.)

however, one of my friends is deathly afraid of touching her boobs lest she find something that might be cancer... which is... strange, but i'm trying to help her with it. i've told her if she'll learn to do this, i'll do it too. because it's nice not to be dead of something you don't even know about.

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Having cocktails in my apartment next week, before a party. The roommate and I have never really tried mixing drinks before. What are some easy ones to make? Nothing with Kahlua please, I've sworn that stuff off after a bad experience.