January 26th, 2006

abby genius

Paper and Microwaves

Is it safe to tape a piece of paper/index-card to the front of a microwave? On the outside, not inside.

As in - will the microwave blow up/catch on fire if I do that?

(need to learn words in other languages, figuring a good way to pick up household object words is by attaching labels to everything in the house).

Might sound like a dumb question, but just want to check.
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A couple child-hood memory questions:

1. When you were a kid did you ever wrap a fruit roll up around your thumb and suck it off? I swear this was a big trend at my school but no one else has heard of it.

2. What was the show with the Dinosaur family? They were T-rex I think. The dad was in construction, teenage boy and girl and a baby. Grandma lived with them too. Not a cartoon... Actors in suits, live.


1) Do you talk about yourself too much during dates?

2) Questions you ask on dates?

3) Are you watching #1 Single http://www.eonline.com/On/Single/ or The Flavor of Love http://www.eonline.com/On/Single/ ?

4) Funniest date story? About yourself or friends.

5) Best gift from a significant other? Best gift given to a significant other?

6) You're offered a 10 million dollar home to use in complete seclusion for a year -- No contact (Face-to-face, telephone, snail/e-mail) with anyone (Friends, family, strangers) -- Would you take it?

What if the offer were shortened for 6 months? What if the offer were lengthened for 6 months?

What if the offer allowed e-mail? What if the offer allowed one hour of face-to-face time per month?

What if the offer allowed contact with your choice of 1 person? Who would you choose?

(no subject)

Does anyone ever notice how sometimes you'll read about something in a book or see on a TV show or hear someone say, or whatever... maybe a particular topic, or a phrase, or even a word, ... and then you'll keep hearing that topic/phrase/word in other places in the next few days or so in various places? I hope I'm not being too vague.

I was trying to think of an example but I can't... ;x

Does anybody know what this (phenomenon?) is called?

To those of you who have asthma

My asthma has been bad lately, and I forgot to bring my inhaler to work. How stupid am I?

I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago, although I've been having breathing problems since October. I am worried though- since I've started taking the medication, it has been steadily getting worse instead of better. Should I be worried? Ok, I'm already worried. But do you guys think this is a serious problem?

I'm a singer; I can't afford to have this shit going on. Dammit dammit dammit!!!
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This is probably really vague, but...

there MIGHT be a chance someone will know what I'm talking about.

I have these vivid memories of a movie I watched when I was little. I can't remember what it was called or what it was about, but I can picture certain scenery from it. I don't think it was The Last Unicorn, but I think it was similar. I'm pretty sure there was a unicorn or perhaps more than one in it, and I remember scenes inside/outside a dark castle (something involving being trapped), also scenes in a meadow-type area with a cottage, and I think the beginning might have started out in a cave-type atmosphere. I haven't seen TLU in a while, so for all I know it could be that, but if you think you know what it is or have any questions that would help you figure it out, please comment!

I remember being in love with this movie and it's driving me crazy that I can't find out what it was!

EDIT: Someone got it, thanks!
Self cleaning

(no subject)

At what point in a pregnancy can the sex of a baby be determined?

I know google could probably help, but the Surf Control filter thing at work has decided Google needs to be blocked today.


maids of honor

my cousin is getting married in a couple of months and i found out the other day that she chose to have her mom as her maid of honor. i immediately asked my mom "doesn't she have any friends?" in my experience (from other people's weddings, not my own), the maid of honor is usually a best friend of the bride. i've never really heard of anyone picking their mother as their maid of honor. when i asked my mom why my cousin didn't pick a best friend, my mom said "she said that her mom IS her best friend".

would you consider your mom or your dad to be your best friend?
would you consider choosing your mom as your maid of honor? (for guys, your dad as your best man?)

it just seems odd to me. what do ya'll think?
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update. i guess. dramadramadrama

a while back i asked about staying in an abusive relationship blahblahblah.

well i kept being stupid and seeing him when no one was looking (i was basically his dirty little secret yaknow?) and then we we arguing about the fact that i thought i was pregnant. (i wasnt). he started pushing me and tried to push me down a couple stairs but caught me.
after that he didnt return my calls for a couple weeks, i realized what a fucked up situation it was and decided it was over. now mind you i tried to contact him for over two weeks to make it official.
after that i figured that it was silly to waste my time on this fuck and moved on. i stated all this in my journal and mentioned reinstating a fwb i had going on before i was with the ex.
when i was talking to him i even stepped up and apoligized for the things i did wrong and told him im was really sorry that i hurt him.

now my question..
the ex and i saw each other today and was calling me a cunt and blahblah for not breaking up with him to his face and told me to come get my shit (which ive also left numerous messages about).
is he justified to be angry at me? should i feel bad? this is my first and only relationship so maybe i was wrong. it just seemed silly to drag something out that was really fucking me up emotionally.
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Stupid computer!

Ever since I downloaded that dialup accelerator from my ISP, every graphic that I view online is pixilated and the animated gifs won't work! The saved photos I have offline are fine.

What is causing this?

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petit prince

poll time

Poll #660410 great googly moogly

what do you think of google's decision to censor its searches in china?

i don't agree with it, but i understand why they did it
i think it's wrong, google shouldn't be adjusting their practices because of government pressure
i don't care
i think it's a good idea

see here for more info if you're unaware of the story.

edit also: why do you think this has been more publicized than google's censoring of sites in europe (ex: nazi-related websites that are forbidden in germany)?

does it surprise you that google does this?
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(no subject)

who was your favourite singer/group to see in concert?
who would you like to see again in concert, that you haven't seen in a long time?
what's you favourite song done live and by whom?
the most money you've paid to see (singer/group) in concert?
who would you like to see in concert that you have not seen before?
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Whenever my sister views her livejournal friends page, a login prompt window comes up that says Enter Username and Password for "Mail.ad.uab.edu" at mail.ad.uab.edu ... and it's got the places to put in the login and password.

It only happens when she's logged in. We share a computer (we have different XP accounts), and it doesn't happen to me.

What is it?

(no subject)

What's the name of that short story where a guy is alone on an island and he has nothing to eat or drink but he has a knife or something and he starts cutting himself and eating... Sorry, maybe I should have put it behind the cut.

(no subject)

so for the past 2 days i have been taking my finals at school...

my question is when you take tests and its all quiet did you ever notice that people sniff and cough alot? it bothers me so much to the point that i have to cover my ears.

Tenant / Renter laws

My boyfriend has recently had some very serious things arise in his living situation because of a roommate. His roommate was arrested approx 2-3 weeks ago, and my bf was interviewed for about 30 mins about the living situation. He has been lied to about the circumstances, however public records allow him to discover the true nature of the incident.

Tha landlord of the unit is his rommate's mother.

At this point my bf has no reasonable expectation of privacy because with the recent arrest, the roommates probation has been made more severe and the house can be searched at any time. The arrest was made for things of a delicate enough nature that *I* hate being there and kind of hide out if the roommate is home. My bf has a cat who he absolutely adores, and who he is now afraid may be let out by one of the aforementioned searches.

The roommate could be arrested again at any time and spend another 5+ days in jail, leaving him wondering if bills will be paid, or if he will get nailed with the unit's full rent.

Anyway, long story short, given his lack of privacy, legal search orders, and uncertainty of bill/rent situation, does he have any legal rights to demand his 6 mos lease be broken a month early? He has already signed a new lease for his next apt, and he is looking to not have to pay another 30 days rent for an apartment that he feels is no longer even safe to inhabit.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and links to actual regulations would be even cooler. Thanks!!
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(no subject)

I'm at school right now and recently a load of websites have been blocked. The most recent has been Myspace which everyone seems to religiously use at this school.

Now, I am looking around the room and I'm noticing people have figured how to get on to Myspace and possibly other blocked sites and I'm just wondering how? I really don't know much about that stuff. Also previously before when it was blocked people just went to home.myspace.com but that is also blocked now.

(no subject)

how do you make friends in an acting class when everyone has known everyone since acting 1 and been involved with them in plays and you come in at 3 and only plan to be there for the duration of the class and not any more semesters?

also-if you feel you cannot relate to them fully...which may play a role..a very substantial role...

I've thought about getting involved in a play there but I am trying to be a working actor and I need jobs where i get payed and-my transportation isn't always reliable.


Stain Question

Hello again!

I am the messiest eater ever, and I just dripped italian dressing down the front of a pinkish-red shirt. As I'm living in a dorm room right now, I don't have a ton of options for getting the stain out, and I'm really curious as to a couple of different things that will work to get the stain out (I'm assuming it's from the oil).

So, any tried and true methods?

Career changes

Have you ever left a potentially satisfying, secure job in order to try out something with less job security, not knowing if you're going to end up liking it less than your former job? How did it turn out?

(Bonus points for those who tell about how they tested the waters of the new job before making the switch or for those who have stories about returning to their former job.)
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inspired by the Sims question

Is there anyone else out there who's just not interested in gaming? Like, maybe you were hooked to a few Gameboy or SNES games back in the day, but you have no desire to play WoW or Neverwinter Nights or learn Halo until no one wants to play with you anymore. Or read the many tomes for various RPGs?

What do you think makes you different from those who play hours upon hours of games?

To those who are gamers: what do you think makes you/them different?
cliffs of insanity

Culprit = Medication?

I never get sick. I never go to the doctor. Whole family doesn't do things that way. ::shrug::

I went in for my yearly physical 2 Mondays ago and I happened to cough and the lady attacked me with a swab. She sent it off and called me back last Monday -- turns out I have Strep Throat. (umm yay!? and why the hell did it take her a week to let me know that? grr) So they hooked me up with a script for erythromycin. I have been dutifully taking for the past 10 days. My script is done today but.....

A couple days ago, my face broke out in pimples. This never ... ever... happens. Around the same time, my right arm pit will not stop sweating. Left is dry as a bone but the right is flowing freely. Today, my chest is broken out in pimples. Again, NEVER happens. I blamed my boyfriend for the face break out because he hasn't washed his sheets in ... way too long. But with my chest breaking out, too, I'm not so sure he's to blame because I haven't been over there since the weekend. (but it's a good excuse to make him wash his sheets)

Any ideas what's causing my breakout and sweat? If it was the medicine, hopefully the symptoms will go away soon but if it's not I want to be on top of this.

Edit: In a related question -- I know its been asked before but I can't find it now. What is the method for getting yellow sweat stains out of white shirts? I seem to remember something about vinegar.

(no subject)

Just a few questions:

1- What time of the year do you think it would be best to take senior pictures?

2- Can anyone think of poses/settings for the pictures?

3- Can someone tell me some majors in college having to do with ANIMALS?

4- What can I do with an Animal Science degree?

5- What would you do if you caught your significant other looking at porn?

6- If you are the FIRST person that your significant has been with sexually, would you be scared that later on he would want to try other people?

7- Would you take the ACT test the day after prom?? Yes, the ACT is scheduled the day after our prom. RIDICULOUS, I know..

(no subject)

every like 10 min or so i go to my favorites and there will be a folder called "links" and there will be nothing in it, so i delete it, and sure enough it comes back... anybody know what causes this and how i got about getting rid of it??
Friends: Unagi.

(no subject)

I've posted about this before in here and since I have a question about it I thought I should post again.

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Now the question: How much should it cost extra for Apple to save my files? And Would there be a list online somewhere that says how much Apple can charge for each thing?

Question two to make this more fun for everyone: Less apple related and more fruit related: What's your favourite fruit? Mine's melon or maybe mandarins. I don't actually like apples at all.
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(no subject)

I'm not sure how to phrase this so I hope it makes sense....

You know how when you have a "craving" it's because your body is lacking something that that food offers? Like, if you're craving oranges, you might be lacking in Vitamin C?

Well, do you only crave things that you CONSCIOUSLY know contains something? Like, if you've NEVER been told that tomatoes contain Vitamin C, might you still crave them when you are lacking in that vitamin?

What about if you've never even TASTED a tomatoe, would your body still know that tomatoes contain that vitamin that it needs?


Am I the only female here who doesn't own a single skirt or dress? I mean, not even an "in case of funeral/recital/wedding" dress. This came up in a conversation with a friend, who thought it was really weird that I didn't own one.

I am by no means a tomboy, either.

(no subject)

A friend of mine has been feeling really shitty, nearly passing out a few times... called her mom about it, apparently there's a family history of coeliac disease/gluten allergy (thanks for letting me know before, mom!) she's always been anemic, so she figures going on a mostly ramen diet just set it off that much worse.
It occurs to me right this second that a mostly ramen diet would probably make her feel like ass even without a gluten allergy. hmm.
At any rate, she currently has no health insurance, so she can't get diagnosed, so for the time being she's going to try cutting all the gluten-y things from her diet to see if that clears stuff up.

question: recommendations for college student-appropriate food? Right now she's got soem frozen vegetables, eggs, rice, and instant potatoes(lots of them have flour, for some reason, but we found a brand that only has flour in a few flavours).
She can't have ramen, pizza, sandwiches, or beer, so her college experience is going to be a bit skewed.

Lacrosse gifts?

For anyone out here in lacrosse:

What would you appreciate before a game? I'm on Stick Chicks, our school's lacrosse support team. We buy each player gifts before their games (Friday, tomorrow so I have to get this stuff tonight) as a support/ego-boost gesture. I realized I have no freaking clue what to get my player. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!
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reviving a lava lamp?

I have a lava lamp that I turned on once for only half an hour, causing the wax to melt and drift up in a column, but then I turned it off, and it hardened in that shape. I've had it on for about an hour now and the wax is still not melting. How can I revive my poor lava lamp?
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(no subject)

Forever ago I saw a webpage with a lovely rainbow fetus necklace. Each fetus was a different color, and they were all together to form a rainbow. But all my googling attempts have failed miserably. Does anyone know where I can find these?

EDIT: I found out from a friend that the person who originally made them has stopped doing so; evidently they were handmade.

She doesn't even have pictures up anymore, which sucks, because those things were awesome. :(

If they still made them, would you buy a rainbow fetus necklace/bracelet/charm? Why or why not?

What's the craziest fetus-related jewelry/clothing/etc you've seen?
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Where can I...

Does anyone from the Bay Area know of any places I can go sell my comics [well, manga if it really makes a difference] to?

I know I could do ebay, but I would rather take my things to a place and get the money ASAP.


(no subject)

I've heard that when you drink soda with food it deplenishes (destroys, eats, makes go away, etc.) the vitamins and minerals in the food. Is this true?

Does that also mean if I take a vitamin pill with soda (as opposed to water) it will dissolve into nothingness? As in I might as well will not have taken the vitamin in the first place?

(no subject)

1. Did you have different groups of friends in your childhood?
2. What were the different groups?
3. Do you still hang out with any/all of those friends? Which ones?

and on a completely different note....

4. if you had to split up your journal into percentages, what percent do you spend on talking about different things (daily routines, boyfriend troubles, world news, surveys)

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rider tied

Trolls! And not the kind with the funky hair!

1 - Have you ever, in moments of complete boredom trolled someone else's LJ/MySpace/Forum/Whatever?
2 - Have YOU ever been trolled? Did you find out who it was, or did they just randomly stop one day?

My answers:

1 - Yes, a couple of years ago on a forum I used to post at but I gave up when I realised the drama I was causing wasn't even all that good.
2 - Nope. Which, I guess probably explains number one, heh.I'm pretty sure that if it had happened to me though, I still would have done it back then, I mainly did it because I was bored and had a grudge.
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(no subject)

So here's the deal, kids... I really, something different but girly. I have a rounder face, sort of like Kelly Clarkson. (I don't look like her, but our faces are both very round, I think.) For the past couple years I've had hair that is just very simple.. parted down the middle, kind of doing whatever. Sort of like this:

Collapse )

Very simple hair, but not very classy. I'm ready to look a little more... done up, so to speak? I suck at makeup and hair and all that stuff. I'm very casual, but like to look good. I don't know the first thing about getting a haircut that I can actually restyle myself the next day.

Bottom line: I need a haircut idea.

Any suggestions/pics of potential cuts? I prefer medium in length.. something long enough to at least clip back if I need to? If it's any sort of a push in terms of what I'm looking for, I really love Mandy Moore's hair when it's medium length.

Thanks guys! Sorry if this post doesn't meet your fancy... I just know you're all famous for good advice :) Plus, how cool would it be to have a thequestionclub haircut? I mean, come on... ;)

Should I Go to the Docs?

Alrighty-today, I rammed my elbow into a door frame in my hall-I mean rammed the fudgy ducks out of! Within 45 minutes I was a hurtin', took some Advil, tried to lay down and nurse my daughter and my elbow made a pop click, making me cry. Now, it hurts to put pressure through hand actions, my arm has a tingly numb feeling from fingers to shoulder, and I am getting a deep bruise under my skin above my elbow where I hit it. It really hurts like an MFer around the joint, both front and back.

So, should I call the doc tomorrow, or just let it go? What Would You Do? :P

(no subject)

I'm looking for information about pyromaina, specifically diaries/journals of pyromaniacs. Any books, or journals with interviews or just deeper information than what I have found would be awesome.


It's for a fictional piece thats INMYHEAD.
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(no subject)

This is going to sound vague, but...

For those of you who have children or know someone well who does, how old is the child and how much do you spend on him/her per month? Spend = as in food (say, baby food), clothes, hygiene items, toys, health care (unless you have insurance), outings, and so on. Basically, how much does it cost for you to support a child?
Instead of using dollar values, you could simply compare the 'childcare' expenses to what you spend on yourself in an average month.
I'm asking from the point of a couple who is trying to decide what their budget is going to be like when the baby comes along :)