January 25th, 2006


For the past two nights in a row on my way home from work, I have seen a man sleeping on a bench. I have seen homeless people before and I feel really bad for them.

I know you're not supposed to give them money because they might use it for drugs and that's not helping.

So, what can you do to help homeless people?

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This is kind of an LJ question but not really...I'm not sure it's something I would find in the FAQ section...If you post an entry and you make it PRIVATE is there any way that it could suddenly not be private anymore? Is there some sort of glitch? Or should I just assume what I automatically assumed, which is that my ex boyriend hacked onto my account and made it public? My password is easy enough to guess if you know me. (Though I am changing it now.)

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I have a question regarding a book and/or cultural phenomenon...I THOUGHT the book was titled The Assassination Game (fiction), and from it stemmed TAG-related fake assassination/hitman clubs (using dart guns) around high schools and college campuses nationwide, some time in the eighties...Sadly I was born in the mid-80s, so I didn't experience this firsthand. But from what a friend told me it sounds like a really interesting read...I just can't find anything still in-print with that title, and asking a librarian about a book on assassination clubs just seems a little strange. Does anyone know if there is a different title to this, or was my friend mistaken altogether?
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1. Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? What do you do to help fall asleep at night?
2. Do you have trouble staying asleep through the night? If so, what do you do to help you stay asleep?
3. When you wake up in the morning, do you feel well rested? Any tips on waking up feeling well rested and refreshed?
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Are there any good ways of getting rid of a cold? I've got this horribly stuffed up nose and sore throat and it's driving me insane.

I'm looking for various medications that would clear things up faster than normal. I've been drinking Echinacea tea almost constantly but I just ran out.

Any suggestions are great!

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1. Can you give me an example of two elements which on their own are fairly innocuous but mixed together are a bit more interesting?
2. Do you work with a bunch of rank cunts like I do?


1) Do you smoke? Regularly, or socially?

2) If someone who had never smoked before asked you for a cigarette, would you give it to them?

3) I notice a lot of smokers has this thing against introducing people to smoking. One of my good friend is a smoker, but I get hell from him when he sees me smoking (I started smoking recently). Have you noticed that, or is that just me?
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Do you take piracy and filesharing issues very seriously?
If you pay for mp3s on like itunes for example, as opposed to downloading them illegally or ripping the CD, why did you choose to get your mp3s that way?

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Desperatly trying to find an icon, and hoping someone here might have it! It's an icon of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprahs couch and it says 'Fuck Yo Couch!'..or something like that! I don't want it so I can steal it and use it as my icon, I just find it funny to look at

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what's an unnatural hair colour that you've worn?
ever been in a school/community play? if so - what was the play and who were you?
do you belong to any type of religious affliation? if so - which one?
what keeps you sane/grounded?


there is a website that i know exists and other people have no trouble accessing, and i used to be able to but now i cannot. this started a couple months ago and i thought their site was down because i knew the organization was going through an update.
it used to be at http://www.theatrealliance.org although it could just be http://theatrealliance.org
when i try to open that site, i get a "page cannot be displayed" error and have tried all of the solutions recommended there.

any ideas?

p.s. i use explorer, windows xp, all that jazz
p.p.s. i also remembered that i have the same problem with http://www.princemusictheater.org
perhaps they have something in common that my browser doesn't like?

FOLLOWUP: all it took was restarting my modem/router. sheesh.

Random List

1) Are you paranoid?

2) When was the last time you were surprised by family / friends / SO? What did they do? Did it have a -/+ effect on your life?

3) When cheating happens, who is to blame: The person in the relationship or the other wo/man?

4) What do you think of BAGS FOR RICH KIDS AT $450 -- http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/62004.htm

January 22, 2006 Rich rugrats across the city will be begging in their Burberry boots for next season's ultimate fashion accessory — a $450 alligator-trimmed lunchbox.

New York designer Barry Kieselstein-Cord is set to launch a line that includes the costly item and a $550 alligator knapsack that is certain to be the "It" bag for the tween and toddler set.

"I imagine some mothers will use the lunchbox as a purse," said Kieselstein-Cord, who said he was inspired by a childhood pet gator named Herbert, also the star of a children's book he is writing...

5) Are you happy?


1. What are your favorite workout sites? Mine are ToneTeen.com and Pagentrymagazine.com.

2. When you're bored, what entertaining but mindless sites do you frequent?

3. Who is your favorite stand-up comic?
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(I apologize profusely if this has been asked before, but I'm pretty confident it hasn't been asked recently. If it has, I shall delete the post at your behest. It's a very popular philosophical riddle, so I wouldn't be surprised if this annoys half the people here. Sorry.)

Consider the orthodox theist's all-powerful version of God for a moment, and then let me ask you this:

1. Can God create a rock that is too heavy for him to pick up?

And, on a completely different note:

2. What color are your eyes?
3. Do you wear any sort of corrective lenses?
4. Does the sunlight really bother your eyes?

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Where are you from?
Where do you live now?
Whereabouts is that (east coast, west coast, middle
america, england, etc.)?
What do you like best about where you live, excluding
family and friends?
Where would you like to live?

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For chinese characters, they read left to right, correct?

If something were done in chinese characters, but vertically, would it still mean the same thing?

for example, instead of

a b c d

it was


Would it be the same?

(asking on behalf of someone without a livejournal :P )


Ok, after asking around a few communities (and a few friends), I have come to the conclusion that I probably have mild TMJ. The left side of my jaw pops whenever I chew gum or any other kind of chewy food, but it doesn't hurt. That side of my jaw also feels funny when I open my mouth really wide to yawn, for example. It's just annoying, basically. I have had orthodontic treatment in the past, and I have had jaw expansion done, so that's a logical explanation why it's come up. Anyway, I have a few questions:

1. Who should I go to to get properly diagnosed? A dentist? Oral surgeon? Doctor? Orthopedist?

2. How would I get properly diagnosed? What would they do?

3. What are my treatment options? I play the clarinet (I'm on a music scholarship), and I wouldn't want any kind of treatment that may hinder that. I would want something cheap and cost effective, preferably something like a retainer that I could wear at night. I do not like surgery. I want to steer clear of that, if possible. :)

4. Can it just go away on its own? Is there a way that I could steer clear of treatment altogether?

5. Do you or anyone you know have/had TMJ? Did you get it treated? Did it work? Any reccommendations on what I should do or any kind of treatment I should ask for/get? Any personal stories?
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Does anyone know where, besides the official website (not what we're looking for), I could find some screencaps/pictures of last night's episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? We've got a bunch of rabid knitters over here determined to recreate Carson's skull-and-bones sweater, and the official site has no good shots of it.
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Registration Woes

I'm in for a DMV shock this year and I'm dreading it. I bought a New!! car in September (so the fees aren't due til then) - my first ever New!! car. My old car's DMV fees were a whopping $45 a year. (Previous car? $29.) My mom always told me that a new car's DMV fees would be about as much as a monthly payment. [Note: I live in California.]

So my question for the new[er] car owning folk out there is this: Are your DMV fees about the same as your car payments?

I am holding some of my tax refund aside for the fees. I'm just wondering about how much I ought to be really holding aside. I did use the DMV calculator thing, and it says about $189. [My monthly payment is $289.] That just seems to be a little low to me.

Edit: And by DMV fees, I do mean registration fees. When I say "registration fees" to most of my friends and family, they think of school registration fees, not vehicle. I've just got used to calling them DMV fees. Sorry!

Question regarding email construction

UPDATE: Answered - Thanks!

I turn to you and hope you can help.

We've all received those forwarded emails that have a long list of pictures with cute captions in between. The one I have received many times has a bunch of pictures of cute animals, and between each picture is a little quote about how we should smile more, or hug each other, or befriend our enemies.

The inspirational email.

My question is this:

How are these constructed? Did the first sender create the original document in another program and insert it into an email? Did they drag-and-drop all the pics into the email somehow? Then write all the little captions? How does one go about constructing one of these emails with all the pictures and sayings?

If I put a picture in an email, it has to be as an attachment. It doesn't allow me to make something like this. I think.

And if I attach more than one picture, the recipient sees all my text, then the pictures. I don't know how to get the text between pictures. Just like those frequently forwarded emails.

Any help?
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For those who have worked with service dogs

The dog that I've raised since 4 weeks old (shouldn't have been that young, not my fault, long story) has developed, naturally, some seizure alert behaviors that help me figure out when I've had one. I have nocturnal seizures primarily, so unless he's walking on my legs and chewing on my hands or licking my face to completely wake me up, I often don't know. He also tends to alert before I have mid-sized (but not grand mal) seizures during the day. I'd love to have the benefit of his behaviors during the day, at work and classes and such, because his alerts are long before my auras, and because his response tends to ground me afterwards.

So my question is: in the state of Colorado, can I get him certified as a seizure response/assist dog? Do I have to to get the full benefit of his abilities (because I'd prefer it)? What kinds of proof and tests are necessary, given that his response likely developed because of our personal bond and not through training? Where can I get service dog equipment such as harnesses or jackets that will help him discern "work mode" in public? He is already well-mannered in public and obedience trained, and though he is quite stupid for a dog he has a great deal of emotional intelligence when it comes to me.

Also, in a couple of years I'll be going to graduate school, and during that time I'd be living alone, so I'd need a well-trained seizure-response dog above what I believe my dog has the capability of doing (pulling out blankets and pillows during nocturnal seizures, preventing my getting up immediately after a seizure, bringing me the phone if it's an emergency, etc.; my current dog is a little guy, and anyway I have a husband for the heavy stuff). Has anyone had experience with getting a seizure response animal or with training them? What kinds of tips do you have? The only significant experience I've had with trained service dogs is a cerebral palsy assist dog, and he was well into his period as a service dog, so this is new to me.

Food questions

1. I've got some frozen turkey burger patties and I'm wondering, does anyone know how long it'll take to cook them in the oven? I don't really want to fry them and I don't have a grill.

2. When you eat cereal do you have equal amounts cereal and milk, more milk then cereal or less milk then cereal?
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Alarm Clock

1) Do you use an alarm or alarm clock to wake you up?

2) What do you use as an alarm?

3) Does your alarm ever fail you?

4) Are you generally early, on time, or late?

5) If you're someone who's always late: Does it annoy you when someone else is late to meet you?

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Now that I've moved out, every time I stay over at my parents’ house I come back home with a cold. This is because my parents and sister are heavy smokers and I am allergic to the smoke. (I can't tolerate it at all. The smoke makes my physically ill.) They light those smokers’ candles and such but they don’t help that much. I can't keep coming home sick. So, would it be unfair of me to ask my parents to stop smoking in the house?
Has anyone used any allergy relief medicines that have helped them tolerate cigarette smoke? (I would need a non-nasal spray as I can't breathe out of my nose most of the time)
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While discussing hairstyles with someone, we came upon a disagreement on what pig tails are. She says one thing. I say another. So . . .

BEFORE reading the other comments, please tell me: What do YOU think pig tails are?

(no subject)

Anyone wanna help me with stupid university crap? :)

If anyone would be so kind as to answer some questions for a ridiculous project I'm tryint to do (a survey, basically), there are lots of questions Collapse )


Do you have a favorite Tshirt?
Did you buy it or was it a gift?

mine: super soft, cantelope color with a logo for Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park that my sister got me on her vacation.

(no subject)

Earlier today, someone in my hometown's LJ communty posted a want ad for election clerks - basically they just need people for one day to sit in the voting area and monitor things. She lists a couple of requirements, and one of them is 'must have voted "Republican" in the last primary'.

Why? I live in Texas, if it matters.
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once upon a time

Am I the only one?

I suppose this would be directed more towards those whose first language was Spanish and then later learned English, but this can go for anyone who learned English later.

For those of you who learned Spanish first do you have trouble with the "th" sound?

If I say it real slowly I can do it [i.e. brother], but if I'm talking real fast I end up stumbling and mispronouncing it [or as my mother says “me como la palabra”]. I want to say it's because we don't have a similar sound in the Mexican dialect of Spanish, but maybe I'm just a dork.

For those of you who learned English later on, what sound do you have trouble with?

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as i was being hired, my work asked me to sign a contract saying that if i quit without giving 2 weeks notice they could take a week of pay (maximu 40 hours) off of my paycheck. i ended up missing a day of my last 2 weeks and they didn't end up taking any money off my paycheck, but could they have legally done so? i left the job a while ago so it's not an immediate concern or anything, but i was just curious.

and if that's allowed, then what isn't? if someone is over 18 could they pretty much sign anything away? i mean obviously if i had signed a contract saying they could kill me if i quit without notice that wouldn't be legal, but where is the line drawn?

i live in canada if it matters, but i'm assuming the laws are similar in the US as well.

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Im getting frustrated with my organization. Its my second semester of college and Im dying already. I like to use a big 2inch binder because I like having all my classes at hand (in case I get bored in one, I can study for another) however so far it feels like its just a mess of papers.

Anyone have good binder organization ideas? Anything simple and revolutionary?

I usually just use one pad of paper to take all my notes and divy em up at night into their appropriate classes....because I dont like writing while managing the big binder.

Your assignment

Your assignment is to find the weirdest, most bizarre icon and post it onto the question club.

Oh dear. I'm sorry. That should be the form of a question!

Would you please post the most zany icon you can find?

Here's one that I've seen float around LJ:

Image hosting by Photobucket

(no subject)

I need help picking a concise topic for my senior seminar paper. I'm a major in Politics with a concentration in theory. I've got to write a 30 or so page paper on some topic of my choosing, approved by the professor and peer-reviewed along the way. I'd like to write something on political philosophy as it's the topic that I enjoy the most. I've got a 10pager on the philosophy of the early development of Federalism in the United States, and I was thinking of contrasting it with modern American political philosophy. However, my knowledge of modern philosophy is rather stunted -- I'm familar with all the early "greats" but not really any modern American philosophers, if there is such a thing!

Basically, I'm looking for ideas and a shove in the right direction. I start researching tomorrow night, so I'll just flip through journals for some general ideas, but any help anyone could give be would be fantastic. :]

Crossposted a few places.
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weekend in the hospital

My mom has to have fairly major surgery tomorrow, and she'll have to be in the hospital all weekend at least. I'm going home to stay with her as many hours as I possibly can. Besides watching movies and listening to music, what fun things can I plan to do with her? I'm sure she won't be too mobile and maybe on pain meds, but I want to help her pass the time. Any suggestions?

Also, what kinds of things do they allow in the hospital? My mom has parakeets, could I bring them to visit her somehow? She wanted me to play the sax for her- would they allow that? Thanks in advance for suggestions/advice.
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I'm full of questions.

Are there any words that are impossible for you to say?

For me, it's abominable.
I just cannot say that stupid word. And it's such a good word, too. But, I just make myself look like an idiot when I try to say it. It always comes out sounding like abdominal.
kiv dancin.

ooohkay, i'm gonna have to carefully word this.

this is a strange question. i'm not looking to offend, first of all. i'm just strangely curious.

why do some christians get angry about jesus' death? why do they act like it was a tragedy?

from my study of the bible, i understood that he knew it was going to happen, and that furthermore, it was necessary, so that he could symbolically sacrifice himself for their benefit?

why do some groups get angry at the jews or the romans or whathaveyou? shouldn't they be thanking those groups? without jesus' death, there's no christianity, is there?
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Give Peace A Chance

Mozilla Thunderbird/email question

Is anyone else's Thunderbird wigging out on them? Telling you that you have 200+ new emails when you have none, and saying you have 59,000+ emails in your inbox when you have about 150? Mine's been doing this for about 3-4 days now, I installed the updated version tonight hoping it would correct it, but it hasn't... A virus scan with the latest updates also reveals nothing... and cleaned out the spyware 2 days ago.

any ideas or experience with this? Not really important, I guess, but annoying as hell.
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(no subject)

Could you recommend to me some really good books?

I like a lot things, but I'm not really into thriller, scifi, or books like 1984, Farenheit 451, or Brave New World.

I did like House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, and Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. I also adored Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events.

I'm open to anything, really, and I know that this club has a lot of intelligent well-read members.

Thank you in advance :)
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Asian girl

(no subject)

I know M&Ms have that 'personalize your M&Ms' thing going on, but it's just for regular ones. Does anyone know where I can find valentine-themed peanut M&Ms or the new peanut butter hershey's kiss things? If not, any ideas for something cute I can do with them if I buy a bag or two?