January 24th, 2006

coexistence ex.

What is the best way to reach you?

What about strangers induces you to be interested enough to spend time with them?

Personally, being approached on the subway or at a club doesn't work at all for me. I never return the phone calls of these men i meet. Reading a person's blog and enjoying it, however, or hearing them speak in class, will evoke enough interest to pursue further contact with them.
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(no subject)

Are any of you involved with the organization Amnesty International? Would you be able to give me some thoughts on what the ultimate goal of it is? I've already visited the website. I understand that they wish to free prisoners of conscience. However, what I don't understand is if they want to simply have them set free (even though they committed a crime?) or just have them treated decently and given a trial. Enlighten me, please. I'm not trying to be skeptical, I just want to know the purposes of this organization from someone who is actually involved in it.
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Call the Fashion Police

Alright, girls. I'm seeking your advice.

My basic wardrobe consists of button-up, long sleeve shirts (some dress shirts, some more casual, all with cuffs and collars) in various solid, striped, and otherwise patterned flavors. (I'm a chunky guy, but not wide, so these help hide the teddy bear tummy.)

This is how I have been wearing them: Black pants, black belt, black t-shirt tucked in, untucked / unbuttoned dress shirt.

Is this a good (read: visually appealing) way to wear these combos?

What would you recommend? Tucked (fully, partially), untucked, buttoned (fully, partially), unbuttoned, add a tie, differing undershirt color, add a jacket?

I beseech you, save my wardrobe!
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Welcome messages!

I just changed my cellphone welcome message (it pops up every time I restart the phone)... It was "Have you had your CEHK today?" (CEHK = Close Encounter of the Hayden Kind)... but now it's:

"You wanna fly?? F*CKIN' FLY! :D"

So, what does your welcome message say? :)

Extra points to the first person to guess where my quote/message is from... ^_^
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Just had election night in Canada - it's been interesting, to say the least.

Anyhow. What do you think of this statement:

"If you choose not to vote, then you have no right to complain."


edit: Why! :)
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Are there any websites that give direct, coordination advice for men?

Ala, you select what type of pants and it tells you what type of top goes well, you select what type of shirt and it tells you what type of shoes goes well, etc.
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Three things...

On a board I watch they were discussing the following question, and I would love to see your responses:

Name three things that you can buy at a grocery store that you would get the WEIRDEST look from the cashier.

Some noteable mentions so far were:

rope, duct tape and garbage bags
pregnancy test, coat hangers, rubber gloves
around halloween time...apples and razor blades

So, what funny combinations can you come up with that would you get weird looks?

(no subject)

A.In the movie Girl, Interrupted they refer to Susanna as a "wrist banger" when she's in the hospital. It shows bruises on her wrist. I've never heard of this before, and it's probably a dumb question since the term 'wrist banger' is kinda self explanitory, but..
1) what exactly is a wrist banger?
2) Is this a common thing, and do people do it for the same reason they cut themselves?
Anything will help, thanks.

B. What is your favorite Winona Ryder movie?
c. What about a favorite of Kevin Spacey?
d. Steve Bucemi?

special services for spinal cord injury?

I couldn't think of any better place to ask than the TQC.

My step-cousin's father in law's spinal cord was severed at one hospital--and life flighted to another hospital 5 hours away for emergency surgery--just after thanksgiving. He just came home from a rehab center, and the social workers weren't helpful at all in obtaining information and resources for him. He only got a wheelchair, that I know of. His wife had to quit her job to stay home and take care of him. I'm not sure if they'll be able to afford that.

My aunt e-mailed my mom asking her if she knew of any resources(since I was born deaf and she came up with resources for me). My mom had no clue so she forwarded the e-mail to me this morning. So far I can think of Independent Living Center and the Vocational Rehabilitation center.

Any better resources? He's 61 years old and in Southwest Missouri.

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(no subject)

Two somewhat related questions.

1. I'm stuck in a soul-sucking job that robs me of the motivation to do anything outside of it, as well. All I can do when I get home is lay in bed and watch tv. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can shake that off and actually DO things? I'm moving in 2-3 months, so quitting and getting another job isn't an option.

2. I'm moving from Philadelphia to Florida and was wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how to adjust from a relatively cold climate to a very hot one. Do you just eventually get used to it? I don't handle extreme heat that well, but if you eventually adjust, I should be okay. I saw a lot of people in jeans and jackets and it was 80 degrees out.

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Fashion questions abound

What cliche fashions from previous fashion eras still are considered tasteful/cute?

Take the hippie era for example. Running around in colored John Lennon glasses, bright bold flower print skirts, and a beaded headband might get you a few funny looks in public. But at the same time, a toned-down version of hippie fashion is still acceptable this decade, what with long hair and flowy skirts.
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(no subject)

Ever since we got cable internet in December the LJ set-up doesn't show up on my computer. The bar isn't at the top and I have to scroll to the bottom to get the options. It's annoying and looks bad. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Also, do you like your job? And how did you find it and get it?
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Where can I get the type of clay that you have to bake for it to go hard? I have some clay but it's air drying and goes hard before I have the chance to do anything with it, since I work very slowly.

If there are any websites that have this kind of stuff (unlikely, but worth a shot) and deliver to the UK, or shops in England that would have some, I'd love to know about it. I have a desire to make a sculpture and I'll I've had to use lately is blu-tack.
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(no subject)

Things that you think reward people for doing something 'wrong' in the first place?

Like, we all make fun of the (mostly) emo kids with a zillion underscores in front of their names, but now they get a free rename token. (vs, say, just having the underscores confiscated removed)

Iowa does this 'lighten up iowa' thing, to try to encourage us to eat fruit and vegetables and get off our asses and get outside and such. Iowa State is doing lighten up iowa state, with competitions and events and prizes like ipods and such. I think it's kindof ironic that they're doign it right after we had eating disorder awareness week... but, at the same time... a person who's already at a healthy weight really can't compete. same thing for the biggest loser show.
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A dilemma

Sorry to post again so soon, but something weird happened today and I'm not sure what to do.
A few weeks ago I bought my textbooks on Amazon. The last of them came today, but so did another book I didn't even buy.
Normally I would think it was a gift from someone, but it's a writing textbook and I can't imagine anyone would just buy me that for fun. It was shipped priority and delivery confirmation and to my correct name and address, but I didn't pay for it or order it. All I have to go off of is the address on the shipping label because they didn't include a receipt or anything with the book. That address is for "Student Book Store" in Cincinnati, OH.
So what should I do? On one hand, I feel bad if this book was supposed to go to someone else and they paid for it and didn't get it. On the other hand, I'm more concerned with how some random book seller got my address. And on the other other hand (pretend I have a third one, for the sake of argument), I'm thinking I shouldn't worry about it and that I should just resell it myself. Thoughts?
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(no subject)

1) What time does your postal mail arrive everyday??

2) Do you play any computer games and if so, which ones?

3) Have you ever played Sims 2 University? Did you like it?

4) What is your favorite kind of nut?

5) Do you believe in love at first sight?

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(no subject)

1. Do you know what hogging is?
a. If yes, what do you think about it?
b. Have you or anyone you know ever participated in hogging or been the victim of it?

Edit// Here's a Cleveland Scene article from '03 that focuses on the hogging thing I'm talking about.

2. My younger sister recently lost a lot of weight and her confidence has really gone up, which is awesome. She wasn't very large to begin with or anything; she had a nice Betty Page figure, but she wasn't happy with it. Anyway, now she's quite thin and a flatmate of hers in Spain recently told my sister that she 'respects her a lot more now that she's not fat.' I expected my sister to display some anger or outrage at this, but instead she told me that she thinks her flatmate has a good point. My sister sister went on to explain that she thinks she has always subconsciously respected fat people a lot less than skinny people too.

So. Is that a common feeling people have toward larger people, or are the two of them screwed in the head? I've never met anyone who expressed feelings like that to me, but maybe that's just because I'm not a toothpick like my sister. It's obvious from the media and people on the 'net that there are sentiments like that out there, but I've never heard anyone say something like that in a no-nonsense, serious sort of way.
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(no subject)

The following people are drowning, and you can only save one of them. On impulse, who do you think you would save?

1) the love of your life, or your best friend in the whole world
2) the love of your life, or your sister/brother
3) your best friend in the whole world, or your sister/brother
4) the love of your life, your best friend in the whole world, or your sister/brother

(Btw, if you can't figure it out, each number is a separate situation.)

Sorry if this has already been asked.

On a different topic, a while ago I saw some people filling out this number puzzle thing on a piece of paper. It is one big square, separated into a lot of little squares. Each little square has to have the numbers 1-9 written in only once. Every single row and column of the entire square also has the numbers 1-9 written only once. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and what these puzzles are called? Answered: Sudoku. Thanks, TCQ! =)

Anthroplolgy question.

I'm fairly certain someone here majored in anthropology or knows a lot about it, so this is a question of cultural anthropology. What's the term for when a group of people behave differently when they know they're being watched?

Answered. Thanks so much. Turned out to be the Hawthorne Effect.


On Monday, I'm having lipomas (non-cancerous tumors) removed from my lower back. Because of this, my doctor says I'll probably be stuck laying on my stomach most of next week. What can I do to keep entertained?

Although I really hope I can sit up!

If you've had surgery before, how did you keep yourself calm during the time you found out about the surgery till the time of the surgery? I am nervous already!
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Psychological question

Why do depressed people push others away?

So many people want closeness with others, but when it comes down to it, it seems easier to push others away. And then that makes you feel even more lonely and feeling like shit.

Anyone want to take a crack at figuring this out?

(no subject)

what is your zodiac sign? do you think you are true to it?
what sounds yummy right now?
ever have any body part x-rayed? if so - what, and why?
what fruit and/or vegetable do you absolutely refuse to eat?
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(no subject)

last night I forgot to burn the stove burners off after I was done cooking, and then accidentally set a plastic cutting board on top of that. Needless to say, the stove burned grooves into the cutting board, and some of the plastic melted onto the burner.

Other than replacing the stove burners, is there anyway to get the burnt plastic off the burners?
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HS yearbook

When you graduated high school, did you get to put together a little blurb about yourself for the yearbook?
We did, like, our activities, memories, etc. There was also a place for us to put a quote of our choosing.
This was mine :
Luminate the path I tread
I live to be the best I can
Now I’m moving forward
And I’m never looking back

It's from a Queensryche song.
I think my friends took it the wrong way. haha.
I'm surprised I remember that though, it's been a while. :-/
Did you have a place for a quote? If so, what was yours?

I have a twin brother and his was:
I'm going down in a blaze of glory...

Even scarier that I remember HIS.
And all that time, I thought I was the sole Bon Jovi lover in the house. HA!
He would kill me if he knew I said that. :P
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quote question

okay, i swear i heard a quote similar to this on a show or a movie, but i have no idea where it came from. it was two people arguing over what to feed children, and one said something about macaroni and cheese, and the other argued, 'what if the kids are lactose intolerant?' and the other (jokingly) said something about lactose intolerant kids being 'lazy eaters.'

i think there was more to it, but i can't remember. am i totally crazy, or has anyone else seen this?
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(no subject)

If you were going to visit Los Angeles on vacation, what would you want to do there?
If you already have visited, what did you do?
If you already live in Los Angeles, is there anything you recommend doing?
miss blue


How would you answer these?
(yes or no)

a. You would like to drive a fire truck at high speeds through heavy traffic.
b. Flying a kite is fun for you.
c. You would like to do stunt flying in an air circus.
d. Radical politicians should be deported from the country.
e. There are too many old-fashioned people who spoil your fun.
f. You would like to watch people do foolish things when surprised by a loud noise.
g. You always keep your distance from strange dogs.
h. You would like to think about how you would act after you did some heroic deed.
i. You would like to cross the Sahara Desert in a caravan.

These are a sampling of questions my hubby had to answer in a personality test he took for a prospective job.
They are kinda silly! The first one is a definite yes for me, but only if I get to run over stupid drivers! LOL

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European travel?

I'm going to Rome for ten weeks for a study abroad program, going from March to June. Yay! Very exciting.

So the program ends on June 9th, and like a lot of my fellow students I'm thinking of doing a little travel around Europe before going home for the summer. My question is, any recommendations? I've been to Europe twice, but the last time I was on the mainland was when I was about 7. I think I'll be kind of tapped out on Italy by the time the program is over, so where else should I go?

If it makes a difference, I'm a junior in college.
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Hell's Librarian

TV Shows

I'm looking for a new serise to buy (on DVD) to watch int he evenings.

We've gone through both CSI's, and have seen NYPD Blue and Law & Order in their entireties (or mostly). We also watch Mythbusters religiously.

So, recomendations?

Thanks in advance!

*edit* the sweety doesn't like Sci-Fi, so no Vamps, aliens, or other things that fall under that...
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(no subject)

What the hell is up with all the reruns??!!!  Didn't most shows just go on a freaking month plus vacation?? I want House damnit!  :( 

and also, why can't I seem to read my lj, friends pages, or TQC for that matter?  I'm going through withdrawl people!
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(no subject)

What is this cereal? It's a healthy one, big pieces (like, over an inch), rectangles with holes in the middle. The box is small and dark blue, has a white bowl on the front with a splash of milk, a slice of strawberry, and a spoon. My husband said he's been searching for it for years, lol.

Edit: Thanks - it's Kellogg's Cracklin' Oat Bran. I've never even heard of it. :x

more opened eyes, anyone?

In 1872 the story Green Tea by J S Le Fanu was published. Collapse )

Apparently, overdosing on green tea was blamed for a group of Canadian nuns becoming very nervy and anxious. This is partly inspiration for the story.

What I want to know is more about those Canadian nuns! Google-sensei merely turns up a few blogs that mention the incident in passing. Does anyone know about this incident?

It changed your life!

Have you ever had an experience that put a positive end to a period of your life that you were extremely down or depressed, or held down by some negative personal demons?

Any tale of some profound personal revelation that changed your life for the better?

Please share :-)
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Tailbone injury

I was snowboarding last week (more like learning) and I fell really hard on my tailbone. It still hurts when I sit certain ways, like when I'm driving. It doesn't hurt a lot, but it's still there. I'm not usually the type to be bruised or injured for a long time, so I was wondering, how long does it take normally for one's tailbone to stop hurting?

Anyone have any experience with this?
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Which film?

So, I've got some spare time tomorrow, and I've decided to go to the cinema.

Poll #659202 Yee-haw hoo-ha.

Which film should I go and see?

Brokeback Mountain

Cowboys or soldiers?


I've already seen Brokeback Mountain, so I know I'll enjoy it the second time round, but Jarhead looks... interesting (but I'm wary, because it's had some very mixed reviews).

Any other suggestions? (But I'm not interested in seeing Narnia or King Kong for the third time/again).
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(no subject)

Does it bug you when people give their opinion on something when you never asked for it to begin with?

Why are first time passports 97 freaking dollars? Jesus.

What's on your mind?

borders.com and taxes

Has anyone bought anything with a Borders or Waldenbooks gift card via the internet?
It won't let me simply pay with a gift card, or even tell me if it's possible. It has a space for them, but it demands I have another method of payment. I don't really have one, and for this purchase, I don't need one. I know the local store won't have what I want. I've bought from Barnes and Noble online with just a gift card, does Borders simply not allow it?

My mom and I are disagreeing on this.
I made approximately $1,500 in 2005. Do I have to fill out a tax form?
I Shot the Sherriff

Music Savvy People!!

1. How do you count a measure in 7/8 time?
2. 3/8 time?
3. 5/4 time? Never mind. I know the last two. :)
4. 6/4 time? ^

If you need rhythms, then I can give them to you as needed. I'll say now that most of this is rest, and I need to know how to get through the rest. :)

Thank you!!

the smell of death

Something has died under our house (we think). It smells TERRIBLE - most specifically on one side of the house.
Does anyone have experience with this? We have tried burning incense but it just smells like Nag Champa-flavored death. The weather has been unseasonably warm too, so while that is probably helping to decompose whatever-it-is, it is making the smell worse. It's hard going to sleep at night. Ugh - it's really awful!
Any suggestions?

I'm investigating!

My friend and I are going to get our ears pierced (second for both of us) together sometime in the near future. However, we are both under 18. My question:

Do you have to have your parent/guardian with you when you get pierced or can you bring some sort of note/video confirmation/anything along with you as a form of permission? Do you know of anyway around the 18+ rule (besides doing it at home or some shady place)?

Thanks in advance. ><'