January 23rd, 2006

Me--State Fair

quick questions...

Is there anything you ever wanted to know about sexually transmitted infections? We've got a speaker coming for a class of mine, and we have to submit 40 usable questions by Tuesday for everyone in the class to get two points of extra credit.

Why, on a hard drive, if it is a 200 gig drive, for example, is it NOT 200 gigs?
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minnie and zeus

sucky work experiences

Who feels like sharing sucky work experiences?  Customers piss you off, kids you take care of do crazy stuff, boss is a jerk, coworkers treat you like shit, way too much work for no pay, injured on the job, crappy uniforms, etc.?    Who's had the worst job?  entertain me! :P

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Question about Tablet PC's...

Do you use one?
Do you like it?
What do you use it for?

I'm looking for one to take to class so I can stop carrying legal pads everywhere. I want just the tablet, not the pc part that has a USB connector and can be used as a freestanding thing. One that can be translated into notes, etc.

Any ideas?

Un-scare me.

Okay, so there's a morgue/funeral home behind my house and we have a pool and it's late and all I can think of is Poltergeist and zombies and ghosts and holy crap, I am way freaked how.

I'd normally unscare myself by going to watch MTV2, and I can hear Viva La Bam is on now and hoo boy I love that show but it's in the room at the end of a totally way too dark hallway and I'm such a pussy tonight and holy crap things keep making weird noises and moving. eeeeee.

How do you unscare yourself, guys? Whistle? Sing? Imagine the music video for Dragostea Din Tei? Dear lord help me out before a zombie gets me.
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My fish get more action than I do.

I've had five baby platies in a little separate tank since birth--I moved the very pregnant mother out of the community tank and into there to give birth. Now one of my mollies is about to have babies, and I'd like to put her in the smaller tank. The platies are about six weeks old and are maybe 2/3" long. I hate to put them into the community tank just yet, since there are some good-sized fish in there (it's a very peaceful tank, but I still don't want the babies eaten). Would it be safe to put the molly in with them to give birth? For the record, the small tank is a 12-gallon hex tank, filtered and heated and all that good stuff. So there's definitely space...I just don't want the babies eaten.

Random List

1) Have you ever been an emotional cheater?  With friends or a significant other?  Why?

2) Was the first person you kissed the first person you dated?

3) Did you have fun this weekend?  I did!

4) What do you think of my friend's words: ...[He] was a wonderful chapter in my life. I was loved, and I felt loved, and this was a first. He was an exciting, romantic adventure. Now that it has gone south, I don't want to rack up the bad memories by further negative contact with him. ...I have such varied memories of men, and know that I want this one to remain special.

5) Do your friends think you live an exciting life?  Would they want to be you for a day?  Why / not?

6) What are good tips to improve my pool game?  My crappy skillz have improved oh-so-slightly with the recent advice I received: Loosen grip on cue stick & keep it as parallel to the floor as possible.

books = good

Sorry for the nearly double-post, but it's 3:30 AM and I'm bored...

Do you have any "unique interests" on your interests list? What about in-joke interests shared by only a few other people who you know well? Collapse )

Why is it that everyone who sees my alpaca wool automatically thinks the alpacas are killed for it? (For the record, they're shorn just like sheep, and I'd think that would be obvious...)

Has anyone seen Wicked yet? We just got tickets (that was an adventure), and I'd like to hear some feedback. I've read the book/read the Grimmerie/heard the soundtrack, but I still don't really know what to expect; also, this will be my first "real" musical that wasn't put on in a high school auditorium or by a summer stock group. So how is it?
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(no subject)

In your opinion, what's the best free Windows program for ripping tracks off a cd into multiple formats, primarily mp3?

Looking for:

I know I'm demanding. XP
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(no subject)

I need some quick help from anyone who knows 3d studio max, I had a few assignments to do, but 1 of them I'm not sure how to do exactly.

The assignment is to make a wine glass, I can make one by just laying standard primatives over one another, but there is another way, in which you draw a wine glass shaped line, and do a command, and it translates that line into a 360 degree solid shape, what command is that?
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If you have a memory foam bed...

For those of you with memory foam mattresses, did you have any trouble during the switch from your previous mattress? Last night was my first night on my new memory foam bed and I thought I would drift off blissfully to sleep right away because it's so much softer and more comfortable than the old futon I replaced it with. But instead, I had trouble finding a position I was comfortable with and couldn't sleep for quite some time. I guess I'm not used to that feeling of sinking into the mattress. How long does it take to adapt to the change?
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omg tourist post!!!

how long does it take to get from nyc's penn station to 315 bowery, lower east side of manhattan via train? and how would i go about getting to and on this train? also do the local trains run 24/7? in my experience, every transit system is different. and i am only familiar with BART and the el/metra.

p.s.: i know nyc is so much bigger than chicago, thus more crazy people on the trains. but what exactly is the ratio of craziness of bums on trains in chicago vs the ones in nyc?

- midwestern girl from chicago
Pushing VW

(no subject)

I just found out that the street address of Apple's corporate headquarters is "1 Infinite Loop". Do you know of any other interesting corporate addresses, or do you know of a website that might list some?

(no subject)

Has Netflix been taking forever on receiving things for anyone else? or is it just my stupid campus postal service being lazy? It took like a week for Netflix to receive the last movies I sent back.
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(no subject)

i have another question. this time about online banking. is all online banking just a feature for banks that actually have like a building and you must go there to set up an account? or are there actually online banks that you set up on the internet and never have to go to an actual bank. is there a set up fee or do they cost anything like monthly charges or have free banking for students? could you send me links please.

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My questions aren't very interesting today. My apologies.

1. Have you ever taken lessons before? What kind?
2. What are some pet peeves of yours concerning people you live with?
3. What's you favorite kind of cookie?
4. Do you prefer sweet ice cream (chocolate, etc.) or fruity ice cream?
5. For some reason, I can't figure this out. If I want to change my icon for a post, how do i do that without changing all of my posts? Cause I change the picture for one post, and I'll look in my journal and see that all the pictures are changed...whats up with that?

Zenith television?

I have a problem with my Zenith television. When I turn it on, it's okay for a few seconds, but then this black box pops up that takes up the majority of the screen. You can see the picture along the edges, but that's it. I have no idea how to make it go away; any ideas?

Also, it might be related, but the remote control for it isn't working. I gave it fresh batteries and it flashes the red light at the top to signify that it's working, but nothing changes on the TV set.

I don't know what model the Zenith is...I think it's a 32 inch screen and about five years old.

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My mom gave me two certificates from her family history to scan for her (- one birth from 1906!/one marriage from 1930) and we both noticed that since she looked at them last (it's been a few years), the papers have been eaten by something. It doesn't look like bug/moth damage, it looks like some kind of fine powder and stains around the holes and because they were folded together, all the holes line up with each other which makes me think that it's some kind of acid that can maybe be neutralized somehow? She swears nothing spilled on them and they were stored in a plastic bag all that time. My questions to you are what could it be and what can I do to stop the deterioration of these documents?

Here are the documents in question:
Sparkly Snowman

Mom's advice...just can't quite remember it

Ok I remember hearing some old bit of "mother's advice" once or actually may have been truth but since I can't remember doesn't help me much now anyways. I remmeber hearing how when I was a kid and I had a fever that I was told not to go to school for 24 hours after the fever had broken, or something like that. Anybody else hear this or can figure out what I'm thinking of and if it's true?

New Testament on Marriage and Name Changes

Allegations are flying (FLYING!) that the Gospel says a woman has to change her last name to her husband's when she gets married. (Or: a friend's relative asserted such this past weekend). It sounds bogus to me, and I'm not entirely unfamiliar with the Bible. I mean, even the whole system and functions of names was entirely different back then (go figure, it was only what? several thousand years ago?). I know there's justification for a woman changing her name upon marriage in the Old Testament: throughout the Bible, God would rename people to signify their new life with God (Simon/Peter, Saul/Paul, Abram&Sarai/Abraham and Sarah), AND the Old Testament states that basically a man is incomplete until joined with a woman (therefore, the woman is always only supplemental, neither a whole person herself nor capable of becoming one).

So Old Testament, I can see the argument... but can anyone point me to any concrete verses in the New Testament that say something on this subject? I tried googling but couldn't really find specific quotes, just commentary. Thanks!
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Do you think an officer in pennsylvania is justified in writing a woman a ticket for throwing lettuce out her car window?

Absolutely, she littered.
No, it's biodegradable.
I'm torn. It's just lettuce, but what if everyone threw lettuce out their window?

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Donating blood.

I want to get a tattoo, but I'm scared of needles. Someone suggested that I donate blood to try and get over my fear, and even if I'm still scared, I would have done something totally awesome and maybe saved someone's life.

Thing is, I know some groups of people are excluded from giving blood - how can I check to see what kind of people are excluded? I'm hypoglycemic and I'm not sure if my dodgy blood sugar levels will exclude me from donating, so I'd love to know how to find out if I can.

I'm in the UK, if that helps, by the way.
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I'm going to be getting a '99 pontiac grand am. It doesn't come with a spoiler, though. I was wondering how much it would cost to get one put on.
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With Yahoo messenger, have you ever been told by someone that they saw you online at a time you know you couldn't have possibly been online? Like say someone said they saw you online at 3am when you went to bed at 11pm.

How do you concentrate?

How do you make yourself focus on what you're reading?
I'm having incredible trouble retaining anything on the page at all. My eyes see the words, but no matter how hard I try, by the end of the paragraph, I realize I was thinking about totally unrelated, usually unimportant stuff.
I've been diagnosed with ADD, but even on Adderol, it's the same thing.
I've also tried going to different places to do my reading, my room, coffee shops, libraries, etc, and nothing.
Problem is, I have a literature final in a few days and have to read several books by then and no idea how to. (only a couple have cliff notes).

So how do you get yourself to really see and understand what's on the page?
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Money is not a concern of yours. You have as much or as little as you need to live the life you want.

With this in mind, what would a typical day be for you? What would you do, where would you go?

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Religion and Being Informed

Do you more often find that non-adherents have no clue what they're talking about when they talk about your chosen religion or that they actually are well-informed?

Do you consider yourself well-informed about your own religion?

Do you debate with or attempt to correct people that are blatantly wrong concerning your religion or do you not find it worth the struggle?

(Apply this to all religions, not just Judeochristianity.)
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(no subject)

I stayed home from school today because my throat feels very dry and swollen. It's slightly difficult to breathe. I've been drinking water all weekend, and would have been doing the same today but I was sleeping the entire time.
I had some vegetable soup today, but that's it and it hasn't helped that much.

Any ideas how to get this to stop? Thank you for your help!
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eBay question..

Ok I've been watching this item for like two weeks because I want it but I don't want to pay what she's asking... nobody else bids so she keeps relisting it for slightly lower than before but still nobody bids.

Right now the starting bid is 12.50 but it says reserve not met. The "buy it now" price is 32.49. Let's assume her "reserve" is like 20. If I put my max bid as 25, and nobody else bids, does it automatically go to the reserve price and then stay there? Or does it go up to my max bid?

Secondly, I know that she is not obligated to sell it if the reserve is not met... but does she have the OPTION TO? Like, if I put 25 as my max but the reserve is 30, but nobody else has bid for weeks... can she still decide to sell it to me for 25 if she wants to?

And whle we're on it, what is the purpose of the reserve price? I mean, if they don't want to sell it for less than $XX then why don't they just put that amount as their starting bid?

(no subject)

I had my wisdom teeth removed a year ago. Recently I've started feeling a pulsating every once in awhile on the lower right side where the tooth was. It doesn't hurt, just pulses.

Anyone know what's with that?

movie quotes

For our school newspaper we are doing a contest with movie quotes. Readers will write in the answers. We haven't decided if there will be a word bank yet. The problem is the paper is due soon and we need some help from experts like you!

so **If you can think of any good ones, please leave a comment.**

We are mostly looking for funny ones from moderately well-known movies.
ex) "Well your back's gonna hurt because you just pulled landscaping duty." -Happy Gilmore OR
"People make fun of me because I use super-jumbo tampons, but it's not my fault I've got a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina." -Mean Girls

We need them in varying difficulties, so whatever you come up with will probably be fine. Please don't forget to include which movie your quotes are from.

THANKS darlings!!

Who Is driving? Bear is driving!
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Getting out is hard to do

A few months ago, I bought a new car. I bought a 2006 Scion tC, and now I'm having second thoughts.

What's the easiest way to get out of a new car purchase? I've put less than 2000 miles on it, but I have managed to slightly damage a couple of the rims, and put a tiny chip in the paint on the rear bumper.

If possible I'd like to get some portion of the $4000 I put down back.

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hey, since you are all a knowledgable bunch i thought i would ask you this for a friend of mine.

She is coming over to scotland from colorado sometime this year and while looking the net she found a FFM program (frequent flyer miles) but we don't really know what it is or how it works. is an air mile a literal mile or does it work on a point system or something??

any help would be gratefull appreciated

thanks :-)

eta - https://www.aa.com/content/AAdvantage/programDetails/main.jhtml?anchorEvent=false - thats the link ;-) thank you!
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(no subject)

if there a program out there that can both split a video file into smaller parts, and maybe decrease the size of the video parts by decreasing the quality a bit, or make the size of the video dimensions smaller?

for example, if I have a 10 minute video file. i want to cut out two minutes from the middle, but it's still a big file, so I want to take that two minute clip and decrease the quality of it or make the dimension size smaller so that the file is smaller.
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(no subject)

This may seem like a stupid question, but I honestly need it answered!

I was watching "The Abrams Report" tonight on MSNBC, and they did a story about a toddler that was found dead in a dumpster. They have no idea who she is, so they're enlisting the public's help. The only thing I can't figure out is, if they don't know who she is, how did they have a picture of her? It wasn't taken after her death, because her eyes are open and she's got a bit of a smile on her face.

How do they have a picture of a little girl when they don't know who she is or where she came from? Is it computerized? It was a damned good job if it was.
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digital camera

I have a Canon Powershot A520 digital camera, and something's wrong. Whenever it's on any mode but split screen and video, the screen is black. The white icons for flash, etc. show up, and it takes pictures fine, but you can't see anything on the screen. I've tried changing the batteries and the memory card and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?

EDIT: Fixed. Y'all are awesome :)
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Weird thing(s) you did as a kid?

I froze army men in ice cubes via my nifty ice cube-making tray and put snails in baking soda and vinegar (I think this was it, it could have been salt or something).

I hate to do this...

But then, what is this community for.

I'm looking for a valentine's gift for my boy. I want to buy it from the Borders website (I have a big gift card- he already admitted to buying my present via gift card, we don't mind). He's into journalism (I considered getting him "Outfoxed" but don't know anyone who has seen it), politics (particularly when paired with humor, you know, The Daily Show- he already owns "America (The Book)"), good food (I got him sushi gear for Christmas, he also got an artisan cheese making guide and materials), comedians (he already has everything from his favorite, Mitch Hedburg) and geography (seriously- maps, atlases, statistics about cities, he spends hours on epodunk.com).
(edit: forgot to mention, he's big on novels, too, if you know any on the above subject. Also, his favorite authors: Christopher Moore and Kurt Vonnegut. Once again, don't think there's anything by them he hasn't read.)
I have plenty of time to find something myself, but just wondering if anyone shares any of these interests and has a really swell suggestion?

Vegetarian Products

What are some of your favorite vegetarian products?
I love Garden Burger's riblets, Morning Star's bacon strips, and their ground beef type stuff.

Have you ever tried Quorn products? Would you recommend them?
I'm going to try their Naked Cutlets or Chicken-Style Patties tomorrow.

Do you know of any good veggie burgers?
Over the past six years the only ones I've found that I actually like are the ones at Ruby Tuesday's. I'm hoping to find a good one I can make at home.
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My skin needs help

Inspired by the post at http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/9117058.html . . .

Background: I have very sensitive, combination (oily forehead, normal otherwise) skin. I have a lot of problems with acne and redness. I thought that I would grow out of the acne, but I'm 22, and I think my face looks worse than when I was going through puberty. It seems like every time I look in the mirror I notice another blemish. On top of wanting better skin for everyday life, I'm getting married in April, and I want to look pretty for wedding (with make-up) and honeymoon (minimal make-up) pictures. I dislike having anything on my skin, but I dislike the way that it looks even more, so I'm trying to take steps to make it look better. I'd prefer to clear it up, rather than cover it up.

What kind of skin products (cleanser, exfoliant, acne cream, moisturizer, foundation, etc.) would you suggest that I use?

hair question

So, I recently redyed my hair, but I want to cut it again. I cut it myself so I can get it the way I want. But I wanna try something different. If anyone has any suggestions or pictures, that'd be awesome. My hair is kinda short, pretty thick, and semi curly. If I don't gel it, it frizzes our to no end. When I straighten it, it gets pretty straight, though.


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(no subject)

1) (Inspired by agentrayevyn's question further down:
a) For those of you who don't have any religious affiliation, were you raised that way? And if you were raised without religious affiliation, how and when did you learn about the different religions? Did you ever feel ignorant about certain religious things when you were young?
b) If you were raised religiously, at what point did you stop being religious? Why? How did your family react?

2) Are you a compulsive shopper? What do you spend your money on?

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a little history needed

Actually, I don't need to know, but was wondering.
I was listening to Vendetta Red's Shatterday, when they say "Mayday, we're going down".
And then I thought about all those old movies with pilots yelling "Mayday Mayday!" on their radio.
And I wondered Why mayday?
I tried googling it, but it only came up with May Day, with the May Pole and different colored ribbons and flowers and such.
So does anyone know basically anything about the origins of the phrase/word mayday?
Just curious.
tank girl

(no subject)

I'm trying to figure out how to, when speaking or searching online, make a distinction between modern fiction (ie, time period/contemporary fiction) and modern fiction as in the style/genre. Are there any better words to describe it?

For those who understand what I'm babbling about when I say modern(ist?) fiction, what uhm qualities of this writing style/type really stand out to you? How would you describe it to another person? Any characteristics, traits?

Anyone know any good books on how to write in that style?
Any books about writing in different fiction styles/just simply different styles?

Same goes for poetry.

Thank you.
lead me

extra credit!....? in religion class...

I go to a Baptist college in the bible belt. I have to take two religion classes as part of the core curriculum, but it's not that bad because a lot of it is history. The professor I have for new testament this semester has given us an option to earn some extra credit by submitting this little portfolio of ourselves... where we're from, our major, interests... it's a small school, he wants to get to know us better. Yes, slightly creepy, but worth the 10 points.

One of the items he wants is religion/church. I don't do the church thing, and I've come to terms with the fact that me and Christianity don't get along. However, I'm really interested in Judaism. One of my friends is Jewish and she insists that I should not put anything about my interest in Judaism on this portfolio because I'm at a Christian college... and I guess I either don't quite understand the conflict between Judaism and Christianity just yet, or... something.

So should I put that on there or not? What's the worst that could happen if I did?

...I feel so naive.
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horror movies?

Okies, so I'm looking for a good 80s horror movie along the lines of Evil Dead or Creepshow. You know, with the cheesy lines, claymation, silly stuff (like Ash's chin), and all that jazz, but not something everyone's heard of. Also, it'd be nice if it's at least semi-easy to find so I can get for Valentines.

(no subject)

Since the Winter Olympics are coming up, do you get choked up/shed a tear when you hear the National Anthem? Amazing Grace? God Bless the USA?
What other patriotic songs choke you up?

*EDIT* do you plan on watching any of the Winter Olympics?
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How much is too much?

Okay…so my left shoulder is causing me extreme pain.

History: pain started about 1.5 years ago, was seen at the emergency room and later by my primary, initial dx was pinched nerve, prescribed anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer and pain med. Symptoms cleared in about a week. Last week, started hurting again.

The only thing that seems to ease my pain is OTC ibuprofen. 800mg. In the past when I had a tooth ache, my dentist told me is was okay to take 800mg ibuprofen when needed. I worry though…the bottle says not to take more than 1200mg in a 24 hour period…and I’m taking about 1600mg daily. Anyone know what the side effects are for too much ibuprofen?

I’ve eventually going to the doctor…my schedule has been hectic though and just haven’t made time….using the ibuprofen to make due.
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(no subject)

okay, so i might be a total dork for asking for explanation of a recent cultural phenomenon on the internet...but none of my friends could give me an answer. soooo....whats the big deal with chuck norris all of a sudden??? i mean i find it hilarious, but where the hell did it come from??

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Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)

I need your help, TQC.

A while back, I was reading a magazine article on a guy who wrote a book that proposed all higher math was nothing but guesswork. I thought it was interesting, and worth poking. Problem is, I can't remember anything but part of the title. It was called "In Search Of"... and I want to say it had a Greek letter after that. But I can't remember it.


Could you live...

...without the internet or the television? Does it ever scare you how dependent we are on staring at these square boxes at least 8 hours a day?

Random pick-and-choose:
1) Pepsi or Coke
2) Family or Friends
3) School or Work
4) Candy or Gum
5) Chicken or Fish
6) Old or New
7) Dog or Cat
8) Girl or Boy
9) Day or Night
10) Write or Read

Interpret them however, and explain your choices if you want!
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(no subject)

I had this random thought one day that mammograms are one of the causes of saggyness in later years.

Does that sound just plain silly, or does it sound plausable?

Keep in mind, this was just a random thought... no serious to this.

EDIT: I've never had one or seen one done, BTW, so I don't know what they're like.

(EDITED: I changed the wording from "random theory" to "random thought" because some people thought I actually meant theory, but I didn't mean it literally, just meant it in the casual way you hear some people say in casual conversation. There's no evidence, logic, or recorded observation that would back this up. It was just a random thought. Please don't take it seriously!!!)

PLEASE DO NOT THINK THAT I AM DISCOURAGING MAMMOGRAMS. As a cancer survivor (inside the entire side of my chest, collapsing my lung and pushing my heart against the other- almost killed me) it is very important to decect it as early as possible and get it taken care of. Thank you.
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Long time no see!/V-Day Gift Ideas

1.) Did you have an overall positive or negative day today?
2.) A gift idea for my boyfriend of almost a year. 18/enjoys lamborghinis/ politics/ msnbc/ family guy/ comedy/ movies/ music.
I wanted to get him some romantic/corny/sappy gifts on top of a lambo tshirt. Any price range, but I would like it to be more of a homemade gift such as 365 days/ 365 love note calendar, a video of places we've been, a scrapbook, etc.
3.) For those of you who celebrate Valentine's day or have celebrated an anniversary or wedding, what has been the most romantic gift you have ever received and/or given?
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(no subject)

1.for some reason, i can't get onto limewire. it gives me this message:

"limewire was unable to initialize and start. this is usually due to a firewall program blocking limewires access to the internet ot loopback connections on the local machine. please allow limewire access to the internet and resart limewire"

i went and put limewire as an exception on the windows firewall. i don't have any other firewall rograms on my computer. this is really strange, because it worked about a week ago, and i didn't change anything.


2.ok, heres something i HATE. when people start clapping, say on commercials or movies. they start realy slow, then gradually speed up. i don't know why, but this really pissed me off. you kno:


i have no idea why this pisses me off. is there anything like that that pisses you off, or just makes you mad?