January 22nd, 2006


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1. What's in your wallet?
2. What's in your purse?

3. What are the name's of some playlists you have? Eg. Slow music, country love songs, rock and roll oldies, etc.

<lj-cut text="what are your answers claire, you ask?> 1. well, no cash, that's for sure. movie ticket stubs, mcdonalds coupons, and earring, my necklace, lots of receipts, all my highschool student id cards, a lot of other cards, actually, a few american coins, a list of my referencecs to put on resumes, my bank account number on a piece of paper, a picture of me and my girl cousins from last christmas, a funny picture of me and my dad, photobooth pictures of me and my friend vanessa, a typewritten letter from a former...date?, a bunch of pictures, and a coupon for a free round of mini golf. 2. wallet, cell phone, hand lotion from some hotel, a coke, dyna-rub (muscle rub stuff), deodorant, stamps, keys, some makeup, a mini book light, and a bunch of pens and receipts. 3. new stuff, alternative music, cheating or break-up music, country, country love songs, hip hop and rap, home music, jazz, pop and rock, tough-being-a-kid music.</lj-cut>
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Reality tv + regular tv + game show

You're forced to spend a season/episode/until you're voted off on a reality tv show.  You get to choose the show.  Which reality tv show would you pick to be in?  Why that one? 

What non-reality tv show would you like to be on?    Why that one?

What game show would you be on, and why? 

me:  I think I'd be on Animal Cops, because I like animals, and would feel good rescuing them and bringing abusers to justice.  I'd be on Lost, I think...I think some people would be cool friends and I'm so curious about some things in it.  And, I'd do well on Family Feud and want to win money, of course.
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Silly home videos online?

Anyone know about any random videos like these - http://www.youtube.com/w/?v=JsxROZ6JMUg and http://www.youtube.com/w/?v=CD9B8S22sfs - where it's just friends doing silly things together on tape? I hate just browsing around youtube and seeing girls dancing and guys trying to be tough by doing lame things. They don't even have to be that hilarious. I, for whatever reason, get the biggest kick out of watching stuff like that. I'd rather watch some person's I just met home videos of when they were 5 than a new DVD most of the time.

Or if any of you have something on youtube or a website, I'd love to see it.
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My boyfriend's brothers wedding is next Sunday. I have nothing to wear! Ive been putting it off and off... I've never been to a wedding so I have absolutely no clue. I want some sort of pretty dress, or top/skirt... preferably a dress because that's only one thing to buy, ha.

Anyway, can anyone suggest what I wear? What length, colour, style... and if possible, pictures? Its summer over here right now, so I need something light.
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To anyone who plays guitar-

1) What was the first song you learned to play all the way through, and well?

2) How did you learn?

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Also: To those of you who use thequestionclub AND ask_me_anything, which do you prefer? Why do you use both? Do you find that either community is better for any certain types of questions? Which community have you found to be more responsive overall?

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To all you smokers out there:

The majority of people that I know that smoke, smoke MUCH more when they're drunk/drinkig. I do too, do you smoke more when you're drunk/drinking?

Why do you think that is?
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If it's late and you have to be up in only an hour or two, do you try to get those few precious Zs or just stay up and crash as soon as you're done with work or school for the day?

In my own experience it's much more likely I'll get to work/school and get things done if I stay up, but I know a lot of people who just can't do that.

edit: I'm not looking for advice, I'm just wondering what everyone else's habits are and sharing my own.
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brrr (yeah, i've been really cold lately)

I overheard my mom telling someone this morning that I get cold easily... and I remember for a while this winter, I kept talking about how I just couldn't get warm no matter how many layers I put on. And I'm not even living in a cold part of the country -- we don't get snow, we rarely freeze, so I don't know what the deal is. The only things that seem to warm me up are a hot shower and crawling under an electric blanket.

So, are there any medical conditions that cause this? Anemia, blood pressure issues... can you think of anything? Or is there some reason that you can think of that would explain why I just can't get warm?
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I saw this movie a long long time ago (I must have been like 7 or 8)... It was about a movie director, and he was making this big movie but he goes temporarily blind. He doesn't tell anybody, he just keeps on making the movie while being blind (and hilarity ensues, I suppose) and it ends up being a big hit in France and he regains his vision. I know that's pretty vague, but does anybody know what I'm talking about? I'd be really curious to see it again.

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- Have you ever been to Hawaii?
- Where did you stay?
- Did you get a package?
- What did you do there?
- When is the best time to go?
- Any suggestions, recommendations or tips for someone planning a trip for two to Hawaii this summer?

Thanks! :)

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Later this afternoon I am taking some old dresses to a consignment shop. On the shop's website it says to be sure the clothes are clean, not smelly, etc. Two of my dresses have been in a suitcase for a long time and they have sort of a musty smell. I can't wash them; they are formals and they still have tags on them. What can I do to get rid of the smell? It isn't overpowering but if you sniff the dresses it's there. I am worried that if I spray febreze or something on them that will just make it worse. I really need this shop to accept these dresses so I can make some cash; I don't think I'd make as much on ebay. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Edit:I hung the clothes up near a fan and sprayed some febreze in their general direction. I took them to the shop and she accepted them, so it's all good. Now I just have to hope they sell! Thanks!
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Where is a good site that I can download a free old west wanted poster-type font?

I seem to have remembered Microsoft word as having a wider selection of fonts than it does...
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Scary games!

After reading up on the new Silent Hill movie and talking to my friends about Silent Hill 2, I have two questions for you guys today!

1 - Does anyone know where I can find a high-res background of the painting of Pyramid Head that you see in SH2? I think it's in the Historical Society, but I'm not sure where you see it. If anyone could find this for me, I would be their best friend forever.

2 - What's the scariest game you've ever played?

3 - What are the moments from your scariest game that REALLY made you want to hide under the sheets?

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EDITED to clarify which game I was actually talking about in the first question.
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What's a good, FREE, downloadable game?

I don't want a demo, and I don't care about size.
Or if it IS a demo, I'm looking for a demo that has a lot of features.

I don't like racing or sports games.
Recommend away :D
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I got some Bare Traps boots for Christmas.. and I'm wondering if I should stain/waterproof them prior to wearing.

The tag says they're "weatherproof" - not quite sure what that means. I tried emailing the company, but I haven't heard back.

So- what would you do? Any products you would suggest?


ETA: I *think* they're suede.

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Which countries have you been to?

Me: Canada (home), United States of America (second home), Costa Rica....and in the fall, i'll go to spain, italy, and switzerland.

EDIT: Which U.S. states have you been to, and which Canadian provinces and territories have you been to?
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1. Did anyone else see 'High School Musical' on Disney this past week? Did you like it? What's your favorite DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie)?

2. What about your favorite Disney show that's been taken off the air?

3. Grammar-related: my mother is trying to get the next step of certification for her nursing license (or something like it) and she has to write a few narratives about different cases/patients and how she's handled them. For patient's names she uses Mr/Mrs/Ms and then the first letter of their last name. Would it be (for example) Mr W, or Mr. W., or Mr. W? She isn't quite sure how to puncuate it.

4. What movie(s) are you waiting for to come out in theatres/come out on video?

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My Moms pretty sick with some sort of nasty cold, I know I'm getting it because my throat has that gross sick feeling today and I'm starting to cough up gross yellow stuff :( Is there anything I can do to make this go away before I get full out sick? I can't be sick because I have midterms this week that cannot be missed!

If not what do you take for a sore throat/cough? I never get sick and generally I don't take medicine unless I am sick but theres so many damn choices.
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1. Do you know anyone who has been seriously injured while wearing a pair of spike heels (because of the spike heels)? I'm trying to decide if they're safe or not. I'm afraid I'm going to break my ankle & die if I wear 'em.

2. Did you like Brokeback Mountain? I wanted to... but I just couldn't get into it.

3. I just finished reading Jane Eyre, and loved it. What other books would you recommend to me that are similiar?

Thanks everyone ;)
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Ok, so I'm trying to find a cool shirt on cafepress.com but I am SOOO picky and I'm getting frustrated.

So, maybe you guys could point me to a good store? So, I'll tell you what I'm looking for and if you know of some good stores that sell something like this, let me know.

It has to be a Jr. Ringer T Shirt in Mint/Avacado

I don't want anything offensive to others or really anything that isn't subtle. I want something funny. No internet humor. No political stuff ( I already have the shirt of my icon and i'm over it). Nothing that pigeonholes me into some stupid stereotype of what I like/who I am. Something really subtle but still humorous (maybe only to me, but thats ok)

I really like Anne Taintor and the different kinds of fifties retro humor... but I couldn't find something that I specifically liked when I was searching because a lot of it was too sexual, which I deem offensive to some people.

Honestly, I really like random humor that really makes no sense at all. But, I had a hard time searching for that....

And following finding that, what is your favorite cafepress store?

Have you ever ordered a book, CD or software from Cafepress? Was it good? What did you order? What store did you order it from?

hm... a dilemma.

My fiance's mom has Progressive-Relapsing MS (Multiple Sclerosis). She gets her medication via a mail order program, getting packages every 3 months with a three month's supply. The medication is the kind that has to be refrigerated. She has to take her medication every day, to help with her MS.

Here's the situation:

She didn't get her medicine these three months- for some reason, FedEx didn't deliver it to her apartment; they delivered it to the apartment office instead. The apartment office signed for it, evidently, because it's still there. My fiance's mom never recieved a notice that a package was in the office for her. And all over the package, it is marked "Refrigerate!"; and, you guessed it, the apartment office didn't. The medicine is bad now, and she can't take it. Her insurance won't cover any more meds until three months from now, and they're too expensive to pay full price for (somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000).

Whose fault is this? FedEx's or the office? What does she need to do legally about this? Thing is, she also still needs her medication. Are there any sort of resources that are available for her, for discounted medication, maybe? She can't get any sort of government help; she's a teacher, so she makes too much to be eligible for the low-income stuff.

I don't want her to relapse... her meds slow down the advancement of the disease, and when she's not on them, it progresses much faster.
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How important is money to you?

-Does how much money people make affect your decision to date or befriend them? What about marrying them?
-If you knew that you would never have a lot of money during your life, would you be okay with that? How would you have to adjust your current lifestyle?
-Does/did money influence your decision on colleges, majors, jobs, etc?
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Laundry 101

I have a laundry question for you guys since my mother and sister are unreachable at the moment and my husband can barely do his own laundry let alone help me with this.
I'm going to sound like an idiot, but I have a new white sweater that says on the tag "Machine Wash Warm Only" on it which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't need to also wash a hot pinkish work t-shirt with it. I have washed the shirt about 5 times already, but only in cold water because I was afraid it might bleed. So my questions are, can I wash the sweater on cold? why would it specify warm? and if I absolutely have to wash it on warm, will the shirt still bleed even though it's been washed before?
Doing 2 loads isn't really an option.
Oh, and the sweater is 82% acrylic, 15%nylon, and 3% spandex if that helps.
thanks in advance guys/gals.

I washed the two together on cold and they appear to be fine. Thanks for such quick responses guys!
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The Animal Kingdom

My boyfriend and I were out for dinner last night and the topic of octopuses came up. I have looked the topic up on Wikipedia and on Google but a lot of their definitions are full of biological terms. I'm afraid I have no knowledge of biology at all.

The question is are octopuses a mammal or fish? I know they're part of the Octopoda order but that means nothing to me!

EDIT: I am going to really dumb this down because I really can't understand the Wikipedia stuff.. If a child aged around, say, 5 or 6, asked you the above question what you say?
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this guy gave me a link to a website that has orchestral versions of all sorts of bands like weezer, dashboard, etc. and I lost it!!!!

Does anyone know what the site is? Thanks
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I didn't wake up until 3pm today. I need to be up by 7am tomorrow. What can I do to force myself to be tired before midnight?

ETA: I just ran a few miles and now I'm in the process of cooking a big dinner... and after dinner I'm gonna read my theatre history book til I crash. Thanks!
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Stupid question:

Is holding a turtle upside-down on its back bad for it, or is it only bad when a turtle is on its back by itself because it can't get back over?
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Let's pretend here, for a second,that you are a lesbian with your partner walking around the bad part of a very anti-gay town. Now the town is also known for it's large population of crazy people who, majorily, live in the part of town you are now walking through. Now, if you walked past a person who then started to yell and scream at you, would you automatically assume that they're yelling because they're sanity is questionable?? Or, vise versa, because they didn't like the fact that you are obviously a gay couple??

What's something that you know, no matter what, you'll never do/try?

What album you will never stop listening to?

Which out of all the people you know do you think is the most likely to become famous in a way where you'd most likely to say you knew them? Why?

(I'm sorry if these questions are poorly worded)

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I am having a hard time finding a Queer As Folk ring tone for my Verizon phone - let alone a QAF ring tone period. Can anyone help me? It would be great if you could find this one - Cue The Pulse To Begin (QAF Theme) - by Burnside Project ....
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What color are your lips naturally? When you wear lipstick, do you generally wear things that make your lips lighter or darker?

What's one thing you are really good at?

Do you have dimples? Where? Do you like them? Do you like them on others?

Do you watch Firefly? Who is your favorite character?

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For some reason iTunes won't start on my computer. I think an older version might help.... I have iTunes6. It's irritating having a 30 gig iPod for a month and not being able to use it.

Can anybody offer some advice?
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the sims

i was playing the sims bustin out on gamecube today, and i finished the mad scientist career. the goal i unlocked is a gnome, im confused though .. what is it? i can't even find it now. tia!


What do you do about getting rid of red, puffy, swollen eyes? Tea bags? Washing your face? I've searched random sites and found some ideas.

I've been crying for the most part of the last 30 hours because my boy of the past year and a half broke up with me yesterday afternoon. :(
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This is for anyone who has won something off blingo.com.
1)Did you get the prize that you won?
2)If you did, how long did it take?
3)If you won a movie ticket, did the movie theater that you took it to give you a problem about accepting the ticket?

Someone from this community put their link up to blingo and I joined it the other day and just won a movie ticket. So whoever Jess is that posted your link, when I won, you won a movie ticket too :)
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what's your favorite cover song and/or remake? (like walking in memphis, originally by marc cohn, redone by lonestar, or gone, originally done by nsync, covered by john mayer.)
Simon Meow


What are post earrings exactly? I got a second hole in my ears back in October, and the care sheet said to wear post earrings all the time for 6 months after the piercing. It's been such a long time since I got a piercing that I can't remember exactly...

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Kyouya - Outside the Lines

Letters to Senators

How do you address letters to Senators? Not the greeting of the letter, but the envelope the letter's in. I found a site that says you address it "The Honorable John (or Jane) Jones", but that seems exceedingly formal. Is it okay to just put Senator John Jones? Or do you use The Honorable John Jones?

Photo Project

OK...so I have to pick a song and take pictures that could convey the lyrics for my photo project for school. I really need some good ideas on songs that I could use. The only one I could think of was Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper but I don't know if I wanna do that one.

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photograph in the family stone

in the movie "the family stone", there is a scene where the family is looking at a photograph of diane keaton's character. in the photograph she is much younger and pregnant. is that really diane keaton in the photograph or just some random photo? i thought it was a really nice picture so i wanted to know. i have googled and no luck...thanks!
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wtf iTunes

I came home tonight and started to play my music in iTunes, but when I go under the "album" setting, everything has been reversed. The whole thing now goes from Z-A. I've tried fixing it, but maybe I'm just blind and am missing something. Can anyone help me?

Answered, thanks!

I do have one more question though. I was looking at my online banking, and it was listing my most recent purchases. The first two things are the slurpee I bought at the gas station and the cookie I bought at Starbucks which are both listened under "IDP PURCHASE". Then it goes to another IDP purchase that apparently I bought earlier on the 23'd for $21.70. The problem is, I didn't have my debit card at all this morning and I certainly didn't buy anything with it! I'm really worried that somehow someone's gotten a hold of my information and is using my card. Is this possible from what I've described? Where should I go from here?
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1. OK, I swear there used to be this show on MTV called Dashboard Confessional where they put a camera in people's cars and then it was a reality show about what happened in their car. Does anyone else remember this show?

And is the band named after this show, or do they have anything to do with the show?

2. What's your favorite emo band?

Yes, I know you don't like emo, but answer anyway, what's the best emo band?

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How does one go about selling a used laptop? Mine's in great condition, it's only about a year and a half old, and it works great. The drawback for me is that it weighs about 10 pounds. It didn't used to be a problem, but i have since become disabled, and can't carry that around campus. It was worth about $1000 new (though i paid less as it was an open box) can i hope to get at least half of that?

sorry this is worded badly, i'm not all that coherent right now.