January 21st, 2006


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Thing you did when you were a kid that should have killed you?

The other day in Astronomy, the prof demonstrated the densities of things with some big fuckoff chunks or aluminum and iron and steel and a tiny rod of platinum and a bottle of mercury. Some people in the class asked if he could please pur some out on his desk, they'd never seen it loose before. He said no, that the fumes were poisonous. I said that if anyone really wanted to see it, to get an old thermometer, fold up a piece of paper so it had edges to hold it in, and break the thermometer into the paper. He said "If you -really- want to, you can do that, preferably off ISU property." He went on to add that if a school has a mercury thermometer, and it breaks, the school has to be evacuated and the hazmat team called.

Oops. I had the paper suggestion from 4th grade when my mom dropped the thermometer and we took turns trying to pin/splat the little ball of mercury in the little paper box. Only precaution there was she made us wash our hands after.

Moral strength.

Do you think it takes more strength for a person to pursue their own happiness and what they believe to be true, regardless of the effect of those actions on others?
more strength for a person to put aside their own happiness and settle for misery in order to avoid the misery of others (ex: family)?

Also, do you think that Americans think differently from other cultures in this respect, and are more likely to judge a person as weak if they choose the latter, b/c the person did not "fight" for their individual happiness. Whereas, other cultures, value community over individuality more and would say the first choice is the coreect one?

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1. What year did you discover the internet?
2. What was the first site you visited?
3. Any funny internet virgin stories?
4. How has the internet changed your life?
5. What if the internet suddenly died and they couldn't revive it?
6. Can you recommend a really spooky song... like something that just makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up?
7. Have you ever heard of hogging? Do you or does somebody you know do it? How do you feel about it?
8. What's the worst dating experience you've ever had?
9. What's the most embarassing thing you've ever done while drunk?
10. What's the biggest lie you've ever told?

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panda dance

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In your opinion...

What is the best firewall program?
What is the best virus-scan program?
What is the best popup/ad/etc blocker program?
What is the best spyware/adware scan program?
What is the best computer cleanup/tweaking program?

And which ones to avoid?

And why?

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Does anyone know of any really good websites where they can learn how to create layouts for Myspace?

...or really good websites with layouts one can use?

I googled this up and didn't find anything that truly caught my eye.

Any recommendations?
Lost - Anywhere But Here

New carpet Question

Just curious if anyone knows, but what kind of fumes/Chemicals are involved when removeing old carpeting and putting new carpeting down?

I remember when my parents got new carpet in their house we had to have all the doors and windows open, the fans on, and were told to try to be somewhere else for a while so it could air out...which really makes sense. However this week at my work they've been replacing the carpet and we are open 24/7/365 so it could not be helped that people would be there during the process. Unfortunately the buidling has poor ventalation and mostly the air just circulates the building so I've noticed lots of people coughing a lot and the other night I was feeling light headed, had massive coughing, and just a general feeling of illness. No one I've talked to recalls the employees being warned of the renovations and because of strict schedule and shift policies not working is not an option. Basically I'm just curious what all they are subjecting us too cause at the moment I'm in the middle of my weekend and I'm slightly annoyed at having to be sick for it and also know that I'll have to go back to the fumes on Sunday.

stupid ticketmaster question

I have to make a Ticketmaster purchase tomorrow but I probably am short just a couple of dollars on two different cards, but both cards have enough to buy one ticket.

If I were to purchase one ticket with one card, and go back a few minutes later and purchase another one with another card...well, can I even do that? Same name, different cards, within a few minutes? I'm worried there might be some sort of security thing blocking me from doing this.

edit: Woohoo, it worked. :D
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Signing your name.

1. How do you sign your name? Print, cursive? Some combination? Just random lines?

2. Can people usually know what your name is from your signature?

3. When you sign things like credit card slips at a grocery, do you use your "real" signature?

4. Do you sign your full first name or just your initials? Do you include your middle initial/name?

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I just got World of Warcraft. I installed it and everything (man, all 4 disks took forever) and made my account. However, the first time I opened the game and logged in, it immediately started downloading this "WoW-" file with the Blizzard Downloader.

Is this file necessary? Is there any way to begin gameplay without it? This is a 184MB file which is suicide-inducing considering I am being forced to use dialup for a while.

Just to make my post interesting:
What are your favorite video games and why?
What has been your best and worst experience with MMORPGs?
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What gets you sugar high?

Favorite energy drink?

Favorite vodka?

Have exams next week, get out early and have the rest of the day to do whatever.
Trying to think of a plan to either get my mother out of the house that day, or find some other place to "hangout"....seems impossible..but is it? Hmmm....hopeless evil plan it is...

and that's what came into my head when trying to think of questions...
my brain works funny.
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I have just installed an old hard drive of mine onto this computer.
It works and all, but it used to run a version of windows so the drive is partioned.

Is there an easy way to... unpartition it?
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Whenever I try downloading music off of LimeWire, it, uh... stops? Under the part where it says speed, it just goes to 0 and then even if I hit Force Resume, it won't budge and I don't get the file.

Image hosting by Photobucket

What is doing this? It's making me very, very sad :(
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I haven't worked out in... years? But we're getting an awesome new treadmill on monday and I'd like to get into the habit of using it about three times a week.

Is there anything I can do to prevent or lessen the awful pain my body is likely to experience after starting to be physically active again after such a long time? Or am I doomed to suffer jelly legs for a while?

Anything I should know?

Also, how long does it take for something like working out to become a habit?
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Credit Reports

I want to view my credit report, and sign up for one of those monthly monitoring programs.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what sites to go to?


Edit: I also want one that will show me my score.
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What is your favorite movie trailer? Why?

I like the trailers for Ice Age, Jerry Seinfeld's Comedian, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I like them because they don't reveal much about the story, they're just entertaining enough to get you curious and want to see the movie.

Random List

1) Mad TV, In Living Color or Saturday Night Live?

2) Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Is it closer to the door?

3) What do you put on your pizza? I love pineapple.

4) Favorite cheesy song from the 80s / 90s / 00s?

5) After you buy clothes at the store, do you wash them before wearing?

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Hypothetical: Let's say you are a High School senior, and you've been dating a guy for about three weeks. Now, without telling you, the guy you've been dating has gone on a date with another girl [one that you hate]. Would you be angry?

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Do you ever humanize objects? For example...if I have an old pencil that I am going to throw away I feel bad for it and feel like it is probably sad and feels like it's not good enough anymore. I know that this is complete nonsense and pencils (or any other objects) don't have feelings but at the same time I feel really bad and will throw away another pencil with it in order to spare it's feelings and so it won't be lonely in the garbage. Does anyone else feel this way or know if this is some kind of disorder or something.
EDIT: Wow, I never realized that this was actually a common thing! Thank you for all your answers.

writing writing omg more writing.

As part of a writing challenge I'm doing, I have to write 500 words, all dialogue. What I'm wondering is would you consider a person talking to himself, i.e. having an argument with himself to be a dialogue or a monologue? Do you need that second physical presence? Or would a person with Multiple Personality Disorder be enough to qualify?

Alternatively, do you talk to yourself? Alone or when people are nearby?
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Background: Moonlight Express (MLX) is a service that the City of Ames, Iowa Transit Authority (aka CyRide) has on Friday and Saturday nights, when Iowa State University is in session, from 10:30p-2:30a. Primarily our passengers for MLX are drunk college students, either giving them a ride to their party/bar or from their party/bar home.

MLX is there to get students an alternative to driving drunk, and I would like to say it has been very successful. Every semester our passenger counts have increased, and I do not see that changing soon.

My question to you: does a service like MLX promote drinking? Does having a ride to/from the bars encourage drinking? (this question was posed by one of my drivers, and it intrigued me).

If we removed MLX, would this stop the drinking, or just cause more drunk drivers to be on the road?

Personally, I believe that MLX is a necessity to keep drunk drivers off the roads. College students drink, its in the definition. Not ALL of them will, but a fair number. If we take MLX away, they will still drink and now will drive to the bars/parties instead of taking MLX.

What do you think?


I believe this issue to be similar to the condom issue: does providing condoms to teenagers promote sex, or just promote safe sex? Again, I believe that teenagers will more than likely have sex, and by giving them condoms you help prevent the spread of STD's (namely pregnancy).

What do you think?
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1. Have you ever asked the same question here more than once just because you forget the answers?
1b. Which questions...?

2. Do you notice when people ask the same question again? (as in when the SAME PERSON re-asks a question, not just a question being repeated by different people)

3. Do you notice when a question gets re-asked by different people?

4. Do you read EVERY ENTRY in TQC or do you just read until you get bored and not care if there are more questions you haven't seen?

5. Aprroximately what percentage of TQC entries do you think you actually comment to?

6. Why do you think questions get the most comments when it's in the first few entries rather than when it's been up for a little while?

7. Approximately what percentage of entries on your friends personal journals do you think you comment to?

8. What's your favorite energy drink?

9. Why can't I get my iPod to work?

10. What's with the red eyes and syringes?
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Eye Vs. Finger

How on earth do you take out contact lenses when you're wearing fake nails?!?! I keep stabbing myself in the eye when I try!!


Edit: Nevermind, I got 'em out. It was tricky, though.
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I'm looking for some late 80s and early 90s hip-hop and rap songs to use for a playlist at a party. Think along the lines of MC Hammer, Kris Kross, Vanilla Ice, etc. What songs can you think of?
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I'm about to take a 17-hour trip from Virginia to Kansas next week. So what do you guys do in the car to keep yourselves entertained (I'm driving, and assume the passenger isn't allowed to just veg out with an iPod)?

We can't play any geography games because. well, he (the passenger) doesn't know US geography. Also, what do you do to keep yourselves awake when you're driving a really long time?

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Im doing a project on costa rica and i need to have a description under every picture, and im stuck on what i would call these people...does anyone know what they are called, rather than people/men of costa rica. LOL please help                  Image hosting by Photobucket
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There's a third party plugin for WinAmp that scrolls the lyrics for the song that's playing in a window attached to WinAmp. What's the name of that plugin? I lost it when I rebuilt my computer and every other thing I Google sucks.

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Ok, there's this friend of mine who absolutely hates going out and being social, so it's pretty difiicult for us to hang out. If I don't go see him, he'll be all day on his computer, but he wants me around, so I go see him. If I don't he won't come see me because we don't do anything together...

Question number one:
I want to invite him over, is there any sugestions for things we could do?

We talk, but we're going through a hard time right now, where he just seems to be doubting himself over and over again, which makes him be quiet all the time.

Something fun... that we both can do together!

We live on campus, ... my dorm is really small, there's a computer, there, and that's about it, for fun...

I tried making him go out and well, participate in clubs and stuff, but I don't want to be more of a bitch, even though it would be good for his life (career, social skills...) to do these things....

Question number two:
Any idea how I could convince him to do this kind of things?
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So, I bought myself a betta, to celebrate that I did indeed get the job of wrangling drunks at the gyro stand. The hours aren't as ideal as I'd hoped, but it's still a good job.

Anyway. The betta. Right now he's stuck in the little store bowl until I can caulk a crack I found in the betta vase thing I was going to put him in. His body is creamy white in the middle and dark red edged, and then his fins are dark red where they attach to his body, but become pearly white about a centimeter later.

So he kinda looks like blood spatters on snow.

What's his name?
Robofish (4 banded BF HM)

Black jellyfish

Is anyone familiar with a small (1.5"-2" across), velvety-black jellyfish that's occasionally sold in marine aquarium specialty stores? I picked one up today (I know better than to impulse-purchase an animal I have very little clue about, but I've got a significant amount of experience dealing with inverts in reef tanks in general, just not this particular one), and while I have reasonable ability to take care of it (I do know its diet, light/dark cycles, water chemistry, filtration, etc needs as described by the invert manager and his wholesaler), I'd really, really like to know what it is, since the manager wasn't sure. I've never seen a pure black jelly before.

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minnie and zeus


Hunting Bill would allow 8-yr-olds to use weapons

1.  Should 8 year olds be allowed to hunt?  Why or why not?
2.  What do you think the ideal age is for people to start hunting - why?
3.  Have you or would you hunt? 
a. If you killed something, how did it feel?
b.  If you have not/would not, why?
4.  Do you feel hunting weapons are different than other weapons?  (ex. you're for gun bans of whatever sort, but are okay with people hunting)?  why?
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1. When you think or feel, "What X just said doesn't even deserve a reply," excluding joke scenarios, do you feel the need to tell X or you do really not reply to them?

[Edit] 2. Which kinds of comments or statements are so annoying or insulting to you that you simply refuse to reply?

1. When I think it, I mean it. Not to say people who do reply don't mean it.

2. Very blatantly cruel comments, or extraordinarily ignorant ones.
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Relationship Poll

This is a poll about relationships. I tried to figure out how to accomodate those who are polyamorous, but I wasn't sure how. So, apologies to those with multiple relationships. Perhaps you could answer for one or more relationships.

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You're stuck in a padded room for a year. All hygiene needs are covered.

What song could you stand listening to over and over for that year?
What main dish could you eat?
The one book would you read would be?
And what one personal item would you want with you? (Nothing electronic.)

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count down

I can't believe I'm doing this, but i'm looking for a count down clock type thing to put in my Lj userinfo.
Not one of those annoying "tickers", but a month/day/hour/minute count down.
I've gone though many Google searches, but they only came up with Java based codes that the userinfo won't take. Unless I'm doing it wrong.

Do you know of any?
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I'm traveling to Germany in a few months with a couple friends (and Jon).
We need a list seventy interesting things to do. We will all be sixteen for the majority of the time.
So far, we have nothing. Does anyone have any contributions?
Comment: it doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with Germany. It just needs to be interesting.
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I study fashion at school, and I'm a senior this year, so that means I'll be making a final piece of clothing and a folio. My theme is based on Hollywood in the 1930's to 1950's, I'm still narrowing down which decade I will focus manily on.

I want to make a big ballgown that say you could wear to the Oscars (I'm sure you get the drift) but I'm having trouble finding sites that give me background info on the fashion's and really looking for photo's I can use. I also want to know what it was like back then on the Hollywood scene.

Also, I need to use some kind of wording in my folio. I was thinking of using a song from these decades, songs about being famous, celebtrity's, love etc.

Anyone know any great songs that can be recommended?

It needs to be from these times so I'm correct on my information.

If anyone can help me that would mean a lot to me, this is a major project that will take a year, and goes into my final scores.