January 20th, 2006

regina [lupinskitty]

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Do you watch the Super Bowl? (If you're outside the US and watch it, let me know!)

Do you watch it for the commercials or the football? Or both? ;D

Do you usually have/attend a Super Bowl party?

Who are you rooting for this Sunday? (If you're a football fan)

Who would you like to see in the Super Bowl?

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How does one make extra animated icons such as this on? -

(I found this particular one on a Lost TV post by smoemeth)
I know it can't be made by a standard animated .gif program, as it would take far too many frames and would be impossible to make it small enough for icon upload. So I'm curious as to how they are made.

Thanks for any insight!
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Thank you to all who helped me know what to look for in an apartment. I found one that I love, but now here comes the other stuff.

1. What should I keep an eye out for when I read the lease? Anything that will stick out as 'lets get the tenant for all they're worth' or 'yeah right like we'll fix that'. I don't want to miss something then have the roof collapse and not get it fixed for a week (I really do think these are decent people i'm renting from, but I don't want to take any chances)

2. What other things should I do before I move? I plan on changing my address with the post office, and notifying the bank. Who else should I be telling?

3. We're asking around for furniture and the like that people don't want/need. In case we find 10 chairs and no table, or have to pile our books on the floor, where would you find super cheap, decent furniture? (I've heard yard sales, but its the middle of winter and nobody seems to be having any)

4. Cable and phones. (Wireless high speed comes with the place). What is the best phone plan? He's thinking he'll just get a cell phone, but I have no idea whats out there or whats best. What about cable? He really only wants it for football, and I don't want it at all. Whats cheap and easy?

5. Anything else I should know about moving? The last time I mived somewhere I was 8 and I didn't have a clue about any of this stuff.

And I just want to say how wonderful the apartment is! Great building, 1br, ht&hw included, lovely kitchen with lots of cabinets, and they're putting ceiling fans in the bedroom and living room, another walk in closet (yes, ANOTHER), and ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathroom, directly across the street from a gym (where I already have a membership), and the whole building has high speed wireless for free!! (and he can bring his kitties along)

I am beyond excited, this is my first place!
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What are some good websites/books that explain daily dietary requirements? Basically, I'm looking for an idea of what and how much I should be eating every day, preferably with some menu ideas.

Also, my husband and I are looking to cut out some soda from our diets. I've heard that a lot of juices aren't so good, either, so what are some good replacement ideas (besides plain water)?

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Hey everyone
I am looking for some feedback/thoughts/opinions/ information regarding LASIK eye surgery. Personal stories, pros, cons, opinions, anything. I have wore my specs for over 20 years now, and my husband, dad and myself just wanted some food for thought. we are wondering if its worth looking into, should we stayed four eyed friends?:D

thanks in advance!
happy Friday!

EDIT-sorry for the misspelling of LASIK--goes to show you I dont know much about it:)
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A Person by any other name

What are some generic names from other cultures?
I mean like... in Russia or China, what are the "John Smith" and "Mary Jones" kind of names?

On a similar note, are John and Jane Doe still John and Jane Doe in non-English speaking countries or do they have other names for unidentified persons?
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I usually do my taxes by telefile, both state and federal.  this year, there is no telefile for federal taxes. They suggest efile, but that costs 20 bucks.  How can I do them, by myself, for free? 
(i have no deductions or anything to make it hard)
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Rental questions.

I was evicted from my apartment in February of 2002. I'm actually looking into getting it overturned, because I have reason to believe it was unlawful for them to evict me, due to a sketchy contract and lease. Anyway, my point is this probably won't be resolved for a good while, and there's a chance I'll be moving to Florida soon, and I'll need to get on a lease there. My question is will I be able to get on a lease (my credit kind of sucks), without a cosigner? I have been subletting since the eviction, so I have not been on a lease since. The place I want to apply to live in is a nice complex in South Florida, and the Florida rental appilcations ask outright if you've ever been evicted. Of course I'm not going to lie on it, but how badly is that going to affect my chances.

I will be applying to rent an apartment with my boyfriend. I'm not applying for my own place. He makes enough to cover the entire apartment, as he makes way more than I do.
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proper veiwing/wake attire

What is the proper attire for a wake/veiwing? It's been a while since I've been to one. Should I wear all black head to toe? or would a black dress with a red sweater be okay? should I wear dressy black funeral attire or is a wake/viewing more of a dressy casual type of thing? Help.

food safety!

question one: This morning I had a 9:00 meeting which ended sooner than i expected, so I went to the student dining center and got breakfast(those bastards make toaster waffles in an oven! gah!). After eating half of a gross waffle and some hashbrowns, I was full, so I wrapped up the two still-hot-in-shell hard boiled eggs separately in two napkins apiece and put them in my pocket to put in my fridge and eat later.
I forgot. Six hours later I realsied this. I've put them in the fridge until you can tell me- given that they're not cracked... are they still okay?

Question two: The campus convenience store jsut got in a new shipment of Naked Juice. "oh yay!" says me, and I start looking at ingredients because I want to try some new flavors. Then I realise something's wrong- Vanilla chai, which is normally off white, is white crap at the bottom and beigish liquid at top (except the bottle I snagged). "ew," I say, and start inspecting the bottles I've already picked out. two of them(and a couple other flavors in the case) are that badly separated- thin juice liquid on top, pulpy crap on bottom... Which seems totally normal, really, and it wouldn't bother me if the Vanilla Chai didn't look like it too.
They just need shaking, right? They're not like that because they're spoiled or anything?
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1. When and why did www.livejournal.com/users/leastlikely become leastlikely.livejournal.com? I'm a free member. Did other free journals change too?

2. I'm eating colored goldfish crackers right now. Would you be able to do it? What about green ketchup?

3. You know how when you get clothes with buttons (shirt, jacket, pants, whatever) it comes with a little pouch with extra buttons... where do you keep the extra buttons in case you need to use them again later?
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Incited by a conversation:

1. Other than Life of Brian and Munich (and some movie I can't think of with Robin Williams in it), what non-porn movies have full frontal or lower male nudity? And I'm not talking about in shadow, either.

2. Why is it more common/acceptable for lower female nudity in movies than male?
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What's your favourite place to get awesome wallpapers? Especially either

A) Dark (evil/depressing or what have you, not dark in colour necessarily)
B) Computer generated
C) Complex and beautiful

Just set up my new system, looking for some really good wallpapers, perferably high-resolution.
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Is there such a thing that could act as an electrical outlet but it itself runs off batteries? So that like, you could use things that don't have a battery option in places that don't have an electrical outlet?

I hope that makes sense.

health insurance questions

I often hear about people (in the USA) having to argue with their health insurance providers about whether or not they will pay for an operation or service.
How and why does this happen?
How does surgery coverage get decided?
I always assumed you just got a big list of what the company will and will not cover, but lately it seems as though coverage is subjective in some way.
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What happens to you if you have no life insurance and no relatives step forward to arrange a funeral after you die? Does the government just bury you in a random cemetary or do they cremate you and just throw out the ashes or something?
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Help me TQC!!!

I am stuck! Totally stuck! My Google powers are useless in this question!

I am looking for the song that is played behind the ABC family commercial for If Only With Jennifer Love Hewitt. I know I've heard it on the radio before, I am hesitant to post the lyrics I know, only because I haven't found anything by googling them. I do know they go, "If just for one day . . ." and that's all she wrote.

In the spirit of my other wise dull question, I will ask another.

What is your favorite theme song? Or song associated to a movie/TV show?

I am a big fan of the Theme from Taxi Driver

Thank you for your help!!
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The little AIM icon in the bottom right of the computer screen keeps flashing/blinking this little mailbox thing. It looks like this:

What does it mean? I've never seen it before and AOL is not my provider, if that means anything.

EDIT: Fixed! I feel so silly. Thanks everyone for your help. :)
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I have a cell phone, and it is constantly convinced that the SIM card is all messed up when it's not. If I do anything other than let it sit on a table, it thinks the SIM card is missing. Sometimes it'll do it if I look at it sideways. Is there any way to fix this? Or am I just going to have to get a new phone? I haven't damaged the card and it's not like I sit there and shake it around. It did it just now as I was typing a message.

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I have complained about my downstairs neighbors playing LOUD music at all times of the day three times now.  Tonight, they are playing music so loud that I can hear the words and I know it's that 'ass like that' song by eminem, who I actually like sometimes.  The pictures on my walls are shaking and my cats are flipping out.  My questions is should I keep track of the loudness this weekend, and go to the office again on monday and complain again, or just call the police?  (The police will be called if this goes on past midnight -I have to get up early.)

edit: it did stop around 10:30. and at the end, it was a lot less loud. I could only hear it after I turned off my tv (which was at a normal volume)
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posted on behalf of flannery

I have been nauseous for two days straight and it is interfering with my sleep even! [there is no logical reason for it, and no i'm not pregnant] can you think of some quick cures to get rid of this feeling? thanks so much
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I'm looking for a new website host. I need a pretty cheap plan ($7/month or so) and GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. If anyone could give me an idea as to where I should start looking, I'd love you.


For those of you who know who both Edie Sedgwick and Paris Hilton are, how do you think they're similar? How do you think they differ? How do you think that people will view Paris Hilton forty years down the line.

I wish that I could post something like this in a community that I KNOW crosses many generation lines.

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1. This is a long shot, but someone once (as in 4 weeks ago) played me a song and I want to know what it is but I can't ask that person for personal reasons. It was by an all male rock band (I'm assuming) and included lyrics about holding hands and something along the lines of 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' (this was part of the chorus I think). My guess is that it's fairly recent, but I'm not sure.

2. Have you ever just felt...rejected? By everyone?

3. How does an 18 year old girl go safely about meeting new people around the same age? How do you meet new people?
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I need help picking a basketball video game for the Nintendo Gamecube. It needs to be fun. My son is on a basketball team, and I'm looking for a video game that will help him learn the rules of the game.

Thanks in advance.

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1. I was just watching dateline (a news-ish program in the U.S.-for you internationals) and they were talking about lying and how 1/3 of people on cell-phones in public are faking their calls so that they look busy or important. Have you ever faked a call while in public? and for any reason in particular?

2. has anyone ever heard of astral projection? i used to be really into it when i was an early-teen and it has ruined me for life. ever since i first learned about it i've always been slightly paranoid that when i'm alone that i'm really being watched...and i always seem to think the person watching me is someone that i'm thinking about, like a guy or whatever. So, does anyone else feel the same as me? slightly paranoid when your alone that the weird things you do while alone are being watched? it's slightly driving me nuts..
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How would you describe your 'figure'? Are you happy with it?

Also, when one of your friends has a crush on someone, do you start noticing that person more as well? Just where they are and what they're doing?
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Stupid iTunes

So let's face it. I don't like iTunes. It's ugly, the site is hard to navigate, and I like my winamp player. But I won $30 worth of free iTunes from Blingo recently and wanted to get some music.

And I have a converter to change it over to .mp3 instead of .m4a or whatever iTunes does. But when I open it up, it pretends like the files simply do not exist outside of iTunes. I really don't want to have to burn them onto a cd and then rip them back on my computer, but is that what I'm going to have to end up doing? Why is iTunes stupid?