January 19th, 2006

abby genius

Question for you Fitness Experts

I've looked around at a bunch of websites, read a bunch of stuff so I have some ideas, but I'm not sure how to put it all together. So now I come to you guys and gals for assistance.

I need to get exercise. Bad. What would be the best combination of exercise routines for me?

I want to lose some weight - namely, the bit of tummy flab I have, as well as some fat off of my thighs and butt. Otherwise, I'm fine, and I've got a good BMI rating and everything. From reading stuff, I know I won't be able to lose anything off of there without a full-body exercise regimen, so I have to exercise everything (unless you know some way I can just tone these areas down, but from everything I've read, that isn't possible). I know some diet adjustment should also play a part, but I can handle that, so we're just looking at exercise right now.

What I have available: My university fitness centre facilities - your standard exercise room, jogging track, ice rink (and right now also the world's longest skating rink in the form of the Rideau Canal, when it stops raining), pool.

Not an option: Classes of any kind. My schedule is too all over the place. Also it is cold and icy, so running outside = bad.

I'm pretty out of shape. Walking up six flights of stairs in a row has me gasping for air for a short while. So nothing too intensive to start off with.

If you can't help out with specific ideas, do you know of any (free) websites that can construct a personalized exercise plan? I haven't come across any.

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(no subject)

Do you drool in your sleep?

What things are you guilty of HOARDING the most with intentions to use it but you never do?

Do you have a massage chair? Is it with the vabrating massage or with the rolling massage?

How many pairs of jeans do you have? How many that you actually wear in your usual rotation?

Do you sleep on your back, side or stomach?

Which TQCers do you have on your friends list?
Who Is driving? Bear is driving!
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Driving stick

A question for those of you that drive manual transmissions.

When I was taught to drive a manual, I was taught that when approaching a red light or a stop sign I should put the car in neutral and brake as evenly as possible until I came to a complete stop. When driving with someone else, I was told that you should instead downshift through each gear, using engine braking to slow the car, only applying the brakes at low speed. The explanation I was given was this allows you to accelerate at any time if necessary.

Personally this doesn't make much sense to me as
A: I don't think the fraction of a second it takes to put the car back into gear makes THAT much of a difference.
B: Worn out brakes are a simple, cheap and innevitible repair, a worn out transmission and/or clutch is a major, expensive, and avoidable repair.
C: As long as I'm in a slow and controlled slowdown to a stop, I can't really think of any situation where I'd need to instantly accelerate.

How do you slow down for a stop?

(no subject)

We got our first Verizon Family Share plan (700 minutes) bill in the mail today. Anyone here use Verizon? I noticed that each phone has it's own set up of taxes and surcharges. Is this normal to have two batches of these charges, not one?

Anyone here have this exact family share plan? It's $60 a month, but what do you pay on a normal month (including taxes)? My bill was horribly high because they put two months together, had the activation charges... so it's understandable.. but all of these taxes and surcharges for the phones...?
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Canadian Election

For all Canadians in TQC:

I am curious to see how Canadian LJers are voting in the Canadian election on Monday. If you feel comfortable answering this (because I recognize that politics can be a private issue), please fill out the poll.

Poll #655511 The 39th General Election

Which party will you vote for on Monday?

Bloc Quebecois
Conservative Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada
New Democratic Party
Other (Canadian Action Party, Marxist-Leninist Party, Marijuana Party, etc.)
I am not yet 18 and cannot vote
I am choosing not to vote

Edit: I forgot to add "Undecided" as an option. If you're undecided, feel free to leave a comment.

(no subject)

Does any one know of any resources for learning to make hair bows? I looked on amazon.com and found very few books and they seemed to be geared toward little girls. I'd like a book or a website for making fancy hair bows for little girls and I can't find squat.
credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

Boob implants


1. How do you feel about boob implants?? Like them, hate them... just don't care, etc.??

2. If a girl got implants to correct a disfigurement (without jumbo inflating them) such as one boob being smaller and different shape would you still feel the same way about the implants...


1. Same thing as the guys... how do you feel about implants in general??

2. If you had a disfigurement such as one boob smaller than the other would you opt for a sugery (this being after many bras and enhancment pads don't help)??

3. Does anyone here have implants and would like to share how the experience was?? Did it hurt, do you feel it was worth the pain etc etc....
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(no subject)

hmm. work is boring. listening to music, I think, will be the highlight of my day.

what stuff do you do to amuse yourself on a dull day at work?


suggestions of specific sites, etc. are welcome, too...

edit:perhaps "things that I can do with a computer that are work safe" should have been in my description. suggestions for websites, all that... that would be nice.
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(no subject)

What are those things called that are usu. at fairs/carnivals, where you hit it w/a hammer and a bell of some sort rings and shoots up to certain levels on a guide thing? usu. for guys trying to impress their sweeties, etc. ??? thanks!
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(no subject)

What is the soppiest, most romantic love song you can think of? Preferably with out splitting up/cheating connotations?
Yes, Google would give me a list of love songs, but I wanna know which ones tug at YOUR heart strings.
"Anyone Who Had a Heart" is soppy, but implies he cheated...
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Reject False Icons
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Attn: Artsy folk in TQC

This question is for anyone knowledgable about the field of graphic art and design. A friend of mine is setting out on the path of entrepreneurship, and she's been asked to design t-shirts for a boutique in Georgetown. The only problem is that she doesn't know what/jow to charge the people.
What do you think is a reasonable scheme for her reimbursement?

Should she accept a flat fee, and if so how much?

Should she take a smaller flat fee plus a percentage of the profits from the t-shirt sales, and if so how much?

Do you know of any books on the subject that might help?

Thanks in advance,
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Limehead Kitty

"Must Do" in Maui? Please HELP!

Ok, I need some help...

I'm going on a partial (or mostly) expenses paid trip to Maui (hotel & flight covered). I leave in 8 days. All I have to cover is food and entertainment. (My fabulous cousin won the trip for being "Employee of the Year". She rocks!)


My question is this: Since I'm going to be in Maui on a VERY limited budget, I'm trying to plan what I should make a "Must Do". I'm approaching this like I may never have a chance to go to this place again. Which is entirely possible.

Do you have any suggestions or guidance? What sight or activity would I be an idiot not to see/do? I'm looking for specific recommendations ("go with X company to do Y activity"; "stay away from Z, you're wasting your $$", etc.) I wouldn't mind checking out the following: waterfall hikes (easy to mod), snorkeling, (downhill) biking, a boat trip, sunset view somewhere, cocktail cruise, a luau, nightlife, restaurants with awesome food, etc...

me: in glasses

long shot music question

I'm looking for a happycore track that samples "Rock Your Soul" by Elisa. The lyrics are,
"The more I think, the less I see
When I'm able to walk, I'm queen of my world
I let it rain on my skin
Don't let myself down, I don't let myself down"

I know the track isn't titled "Rock Your Soul," but since I don't know the track name or DJ that mixed it or album or ANYTHING I'm having trouble finding it. Anyone?

(btw, I know there's a happycore community on LJ, but I have a good reason for not asking there.)
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(no subject)

My boss wants me to merge an Excel file and a Word file. They are both lists of contacts, but we won't be sending out letters. We just need to put all the names in one document.

I tried a mail merge but ended up with a HUGE document - 156 pages long, and every page was the exact same thing (and not what I needed). 156 happens to be the number of contacts in the Excel file.

How the heck do I merge the two files?!?

(no subject)

I have a photography assignment where we have to take a picture that portrays the word "sneaky". Im sorta stumped on this word, I spent about an hour brainstorming and Im not sure still. Sneaky isnt really that open to interpretation but any ideas for a cool and unique picture that portrays "sneaky"?Or what do you think of my ideas?

A shot of someone (close up just torso) sliding a bible into their coat (shoplifting)
A shot (sorta paparazzi esque) of a businessman walking into a strip club, preferabbly mid day (problem here is that I will only be in Las Vegas one day this weekend and Id have to sit there and wait)
A shot of someones neck or the shirt hanging out of a hamper or something with the typical red lipstick mark on the collar.
An open condom wrapper in the garbage.

I live in Utah and the campus is primarily mormon, so I kinda want to push their buttons and not do the cute puppy and child thing that were some of the other ideas thrown out in class today.

Since my photography class couldnt piece together the assignment before backing themselves into a crappy word Im stuck with this word.

harry potter query

okay, i know i'm tardy to the party here...

i just started reading the harry potter series. i know, i know *hiss, hiss*. even though i've seen all the movies and actually have read the 6th book. *even greater hiss, hiss* "you heathen", you say. whatever, my question is: why was the american version changed to "the sorcerers stone", rather than being kept the british version "the philosopher's stone"? i know that some of the british slang that rowling uses have been changed in the american editions, but why the change from philospher to sorcerer?
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Beauty & the Geek

1. Are you watching Beauty & the Geek 2? I think Brandon is kind of cute... Who are your favorites?

2. Are you more beauty or geek?

3. Have you ever forced yourself out of your own comfort zone? How & why?

4. What is the most painful lesson you've learned?

5. Would you rather be a beauty or a geek?

(I tried posting this list of questions last night, but I think it got lost.)

- - -

Beauty & the Geek -- http://thewb.warnerbros.com/batg/
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Ok, I've got a food related question.
Once upon a time, I learned how to make quick and tasty hamburgers. It involved putting the hamburger patty in a foil packet with veggies, and putting it in the oven.
Unfortunately, I no longer remember how exactly to do it. What do I put in there? How long do I cook it?
I believe it was a boy scout recipe.
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Kids and self injury!

1) A friend of my mothers has just become a grandmother. I honestly don't care about this. I don't like the girl and I don't like kids. However, the new grandmother keeps trying to tell me about the kid - how do I tell her nicely that I just don't care? I don't want to fake interest because that'll just encourage her.

2) Around LJ, I've seen a lot of hatred towards people who cut themselves. I know there are a LOT of people who do it for attention, but these people hate all people who cut, wether they're attention-whoring or not. Assuming we're not talking about the attention whores, why would someone actively HATE someone for how they choose to deal with their problems?
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(no subject)

1. How can I draw a circle around a number in Microsoft Word? Do they have a feature that would do that automatically? Thanks!

2. The above question is actually for a friend. I didn't know the answer, so I said I'd post it here. He asked me, "The Question Club? Is that really a club...or more of a gang?" So what are we...club or gang??

Car Buying

Hello everyone! Long time reader via a friend's journal, first time poster...

I'm currently in a really crappy situation. I'm a junior in college with a piece of crap car that's living on borrowed time ('91 Chevy Lumina), the breaks are about to go, and the exhaust system looks like it's about to fall off. I've put over $2000 into this car in the last year, and because of that I haven't been able to save any money from my job (I make about $9, working 20ish hours a week.)

This is the second car I've owned, and like the first one, I bought this one from a private seller, and both have crapped out on me like this. I would really like to buy a car from a car lot, as there are several around here (Northeastern Wisconsin), who offer warranties on their used cars.

I don't have a ton of money (I could have about $1000 by the end of February if I try really hard,) and I don't think taking out a loan is a good option (I have either no credit, or bad credit, not sure which.) I also have no one who would be able to co-sign a loan (my father has horrible credit), so that's not an option either.

My questions are:
-What is typically due up front when you buy a car?
-What can I do to find money for a down payment?
-Any suggestions on what to look for at dealerships, that might be of help?
-Any suggestions of places that might be able to help me purchase a car, as my family currently does live below the poverty line?

Thanks so much in advance, this community always seems to have good answers and advice!
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(no subject)

I'm thinking about applying to a Masters of Science in Education program down in New York State. So I have a couple of questions for you all.

Have any of you heard of: Niagara College, Canisius College, or D'Youville College? Have you heard good things or bad things about them?

Do you know of any other better schools in New York state that offer the same program?

Is it easy to commute across the border for classes each day?

Do you have a better idea for getting teaching certification (other than going to school in Ontario-- I missed the application deadline for them and I don't want to go to school five days a week for a year :P)?


Calc is eating my brain

1. Are there any free resources (on or off LJ) for college level math assistance? (Algebra/geo/trig/calc)

2. a) Have you ever had problems with your memory?
b) What have you done to improve it and how well did it work?

I have always had a bad memory but I had back problems recently (6 months or so ago) and took a lot of percacet, and I really think that has had a lingering affect on my ability to remember and think. I really am tired of not being able to remember things and want to find a way to help, especially since I'm taking a college Calc class which is my first math class in 8 years.
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(no subject)

What was your last epiphany about?

If you've had quite a few so far, where/how do they usually occur? Do you have an ephipany toilet? Is Scrubs any good this year?
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(no subject)

My dad recently told me that it annoys him when my grandma signs cards "Love Mom and Dad" because "the man's name should come first."

I always say "Mom and Dad" or "Grandma and Grandpa" when I use titles like that, but when I say people's actual names, I usually put the guy first. "Steve and Suzanne" "Mark and Tracy." Is there some sort of accepted way to do this? And how do you do it?

Also, would you get married close to a family member's birthday? Say the weekend directly after it or even the day before? When the relatives in question are your brother and your cousin and the birthdays in question are 18 and 14.


1) What are must-see/must-do things in Rio de Janiero?

2) Do U.S. GSM phones (of the Cingular Nokia 3120 variety) work in Brazil?

[I am going to pick up/check out some guidebooks, but I thought I'd ask here.]
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stuffed animals and imaginary friends

I apologize if these questions have been asked to death, but I'm really curious and I love hearing other peoples childhood stories.

1.did you have a security blanket(i.e. stuffed animal, actual blanket, etc.) when you were a child? what was it? did it have a name? do you still have it? do you still sleep with it?

2. Did you have an imaginary friend(s) as a child? what was it? what was it's name? do you have any funny/interesting stories about your years with them?

My Answers:
1. yep. His name was Bear, and you guessed it, he was a stuffed bear. He went everywhere with me and I still have him on a shelf in my bedroom because he's old and frail from being loved too much.
2. again, yes. Their names were Proggie and Gonnie and they were pink and purple aliens that kind of looked like The Great Gazoo on the Flintstones. Unfortunately I don't really have any funny stories pertaining to them, they were kind of boring actually, maybe that's why they needed me.

EDIT: To All:
Right after I posted I found out a family memeber had died. thanks guys, for putting a smile on my face.

(no subject)

1. My PowerBook takes PC2700, 200-pin, DDR memory. If I buy memory that isn't specifically for a Mac, will it still work? Mac-specific memory is pricey.

2. Is there a sort of half.com type operation where people sell previously viewed adult videos?

3. Do you think that the market for photography will drop now that so much is done with digital? What I mean is, if a photographer shot a photo in digital and film from which he produced identical prints, would the digital go for less, do you think? It seems to me that digital photography threatens -- and I don't mean this in a bad way -- the "aura of originality" that prints made from film have.

(no subject)

1. I used to watch tv almost every night of the week, but I'm having trouble finding good shows not that mine have all ended. i like reality stuff. The only thing I'm watching right now is American Idol and The Bachelor:Paris. What other shows can I start watching, and what times and days are they on?

2. How often do you write in your journal?
3. Do you write only for yourself, or to entertain others, or for another reason?

4. What's your favorite country love song?

Collapse )
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livejournal = blog?

My boyfriend and I were having this argument about Livejournal and the whole "blog" trend buzzword thing. He insists that a livejournal (as in a single person's own journal) is a blog. He frequently refers to my LJ as my blog, and that bugs the hell out of me.

I insist that my LJ is *not* a blog even though it's the same concept as a blog. But Livejournal was around before "blogging" got to be this popular buzzword referring to online journaling. See, I think of "blogging" in that way, but it also implies that the blogger is writing about a specific subject to a specific audience, like music review bloggers and so on, and not the kind of thing that I and others use our LJ for. (I use it mostly for private thoughts, very brief boring entries about my life, memes, quizzes, and asking questions of my friends list. I certainly don't write nice thought-out articles on whatever subject is interesting to me at the time.

I dunno. I guess I see "blog" as this trendy thing that people do, and livejournal as the good old standard by which blogging eventually evolved and branched out.

So uh...what are your thoughts? Is the term "blog" so common now that we might as well call LJ a blogging site? Or do you draw a distinction between the two?
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(no subject)

Okay, everybody, this one's going way back.

The old Underdog cartoon show from the 60s, made by the same guys who did Tennessee Tuxedo and Rocky & Bullwinkle. They'd have one Underdog short at the beginning and one at the end of the program, then they'd have another cartoon or two in the middle (like Go-Go Gophers and Klondike Kat and Commander McBragg).

There was one of those cartoons revolving around a character known as The Challenger. If I remember correctly, his alter ego was a cabbie who drove around in his Taxi Cab which became his supervehicle when he became The Challenger, a Green Hornet-ish pretend-bad-guy-who-was-actually-a-good-guy-kinda-thing. I only remember seeing one 2-part episode with him, and it was basically an Underdog story with him in place. I remember that there was a bit during the cartoon that was like, "And nobody, but nobody gets as angry as The Challenger!!"

Does anybody have or can point me to a picture of this? Want to make an icon, and my Google-fu isn't working, partially because Underdog and Challenger are used every day in reports involving boxing, but I wonder if I've just plain hit something too obscure for even Teh Internet.
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(no subject)

sorry if this is a stupid question... i've downloaded some audiobooks to my ipod, but they're categorized as songs and don't show up under audiobooks. do i just enter "audiobook" under genre to make it show up? please help!

Scuba Diving

My family and I are going on a cruise in June. Several (if not all) of the excursions we go to have scuba diving. One of them towards the end of the cruise requires that you have done one dive. I have never gone scuba diving before, but I certainly want to try.

My question is, if I do scuba diving lessons on... Tuesday (I think), then will I be able to go on the dive later on in the week that requires you to have one dive behind you? Did everyone follow that?

EDIT: The cruise line is Carnival, and I have no idea what the scuba company (or companies) is/are.
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(no subject)

I have an X-files question that I am dying to know the answer of!


Many many years ago I saw the X-files for the first time, but I only had the chance to see a couple of episodes. Then the tv-channel just decided to cancel the show, which made me highly annoyed. I haven't seen it since. Anyway... During watching the few episodes I got to watch I found myself pondering if Scully and Mulder somehow were sekritly in love, since they in my opinion had AWESOME chemistry. I came to think of it yesterday again, and I haven't been able to let it go!

So my question is: Did Scully and Mulder ever hook up/fall in love?

*is hoping they did*
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Me--State Fair

quick MS Word question...

How do you insert a line in Word? My friend is trying to do a resume, and she's not sure. Is it a design type thing, or something else? (she's got several text boxes and she wants to put a line in the document.)
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(no subject)

::: So, I have to take my comprehensive exams on Jan. 30 in order to earn my master's degree. Essentially, this exam is all essay. We were given six possible questions of which three will be asked and we must answer in detail. We will be given six hours to put these three answers into typed words on a computer. Really intimidating, huh? I think so.

Anyhow, what's the best way to study for something like this?

I've written some of my answers out, but I'm just so ridiculously nervous and intimidated by this whole comps thing.
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In The Middle

This may have been asked before, but not that I have seen, so if someone knows where to find this (if it has been posted before) I would greatly appreciate the link, if you have it.

Anyway, here's the question:

What is your feelings on the death penalty?

I ask this because I have reasons both for and against it, but I am stuck in the middle. I don't know if I am for it or against it, so I want to see what other people think of it (reasons why you feel that way) and see if there's things out there that I hadn't thought of. Thanks so much.
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(no subject)

There is a website somewhere that gives you a floor plan, it lets you choose the size, and lets you move furniture around. Plus it's free. Does anyone know the URL for it?

HAA! I found it.

It was in the Ladies Home Journal of all places.


from the thoughtful to the frivolous

1. If you could live in any other time period and/or location, when and where? Why?
2. Are you content with the time and place you are now?

3. Do you get antsy when your internet (or computer) dies?

4. When you leave a whitehead to fix itself, where does the pus go?

5. What makes you get tired of a song you previously liked?
6. Does hearing bad things (very bad, serious things) about an artist make you stop liking/listening to their songs on principle?

(no subject)

What's your name?

Do you have problems with people misspelling your name, or pronouncing it wrong?

My name is Noelle. SO DON'T CALL ME Nicole.
Where does that even come from? They don't even LOOK ALIKE!

Oh, and I used to get paychecks from work late because they MISSPELLED my name. MY JOB was denying me pay because they screwed up my name. I fixed those people right quick
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(no subject)

My computer's telling me that it's out of ink, but I don't know if it needs more colour or black ink.

Is there somewhere on my computer (Windows XP) that I can go to 'see' my ink levels?

Please and thankyou.