January 18th, 2006

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1) To those who are adopted: how old are you? do you want to meet your biological parents?

2) I don't want to meet my biological parents but I want to know what cancers and such are hereditary... How do I go about doing this?? My parents have always been uncomfortable talking about this subject but i am now 18 so i can find this out without bothering them. So where do I go to retrieve this information?
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This was inspired by silvertree's question.

Have you ever met anyone famous before? How/when/where/why? Were they nice to you? Did you meet them, or just see them somewhere?

I've met The Shins (okay, so they're not U2, but they're pretty well known now) outside a club after one of their gigs last year. James Mercer has a handshake like a dead fish. They were lovely.
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I need help for something I'm writing. Also if there's a community for these kinds of questions, please feel free to point me in their direction.

I have a character who is only about a week pregnant and I need something to happen to her where she'll lose enough blood to need a blood transfusion (even if it's just a little bit) but not enough to hurt the baby. Really I just need her to need a blood transfusion period.

I am open to suggestions, I have no idea how this is going to work out. It's somewhat of a fantasy setting so reality can bend a tiny bit but nothing massive.
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Random questions

1. Any clever pun-ish ideas that have to do with moles? For my chem class, one of our extra credit projects is to sew a mole...but it has to be a themed mole with a clever name. Examples that have already been done- Holy Mole-y was a nun mole, Guacamole-y was complete with sombrero and maracas, A.A. Moln was dressed up as Winnie the Pooh...I have a few ideas, but I'm looking for a few more.

2. What's your favorite musical? Least favorite?

3. Do you watch American Idol?

4. How many/what kind of pets do you have? Do they have any special nicknames?

5. Anyone else here in high school that took the PSATs? What was your score?

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Would having an Associates of Arts in Adolescent Education qualify me to do like.. anything in the education field? I'm in the program at a community college with the plan to transfer to a "real" school to finish my Bachelors, but I'm curious as to what I could do if I just stopped with the AA.


What would you do/feel/say if someone told you you were the most beautiful person he/she has ever seen? What if it was a person of the same sex? What if it was a distant friend (like an aquaintance or a friend of a friend)?
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Questions Inspired by Avenue Q

What can one do with a BA in English?
Does it suck to be you? Why?
Would it be a problem if someone close to you came out of the closet? Have you ever suspected that someone close to you was gay, and tried to ask or find out if they were?
What's your purpose in life?
Is everyone truly a little bit racist? Is this a bad thing?
Do you think the internet is for porn?
Are you wearing underwear today? Do you go without it regularly?
Do you think it's rude when your neighbors have really loud sex? Do you pound on the wall or call them to make them be quiet?
Do you think there's a fine fine line between love and a waste of time?
Do you wish you could go back to college?
Do you give money to charities? Does it make you feel good?
Do you think there should be separate schools for say, gay teenagers, just in case certain teens would be interested in attending a place where they wouldn't be ostracized because of their differences? How about separate schools for religions or races?

And lastly... have you seen Avenue Q?

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Has anyone tried this program that claims to exponentially speed up your reading and help you focus?
I'm watching an infomercial for it and it sounds like just what i need to get through school, but I dont know if it's really anything that works.
So, anyone have success with "EyeQ"?

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I'm so confused. I was cleaning out my inbox and read some replies to a post I made in another community. In the actual community there are 4 replies. In my inbox there are 2 extra replies from this one person that do NOT show up in the community, nor are there little "deleted post"s or whatever.

The replies are related to the post but they're from someone who isn't part of the community. They seemed to allude to the fact that they knew me, which to my knowledge, they don't and they didn't seem like they'd even be overly interested in the community (since they didn't grasp a basic knowledge of what was in the post).

My question is... What the hell is up with that?
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Does anyone know how to get rid of a folder in Yahoo mail??

I set up a bunch of folders about a year ago and since have deleted the mail and want to delete a few of the folders and make room for new ones but I can't figure out how to do it...

Thanks in advance!!
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Is it strange if your manager invites you to go water skiing on his boat with him?

And let's say when you tell him you're not interested he tells you your ex is going to be there. But he says it in a way as if it's supposed to make you want to come. He also let's you know that him and you're ex talk about you all the time. And yes, he does know that you two dated at one point. You can read the conversation below the cut.

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Since the woman I now live with used to be a professional dancer, she's teaching me ballet. She used to practice everyday except for one day a week, so she has me do the same. Now everyone says never work out every day, but every other day. What I'm wondering is, what are the disadvantages to working out everyday? (And if you're thinking, "Oh, well that's dance practice, not working out." Well my friend, I beg to to differ.)
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Our Polish driver has HWDP scribbled in the dirt on the back of his van. He's told us that it's a "Bad word", that every Pole knows what it means, and than the P stands for Police.

Can you guess what the question is yet?

Cheers guys...

Questions I keep forgetting to ask

1. Have you ever lost hope in humanity? When and why?
2. If you met a guy and he was super nice, funny, great guy, but had horrible breath, what would you do?
3. HOw often do you think about sex a day?
4. If you're in the middle of class and you sneeze really hard into your hand and gross stuff gets on your hand, what do you do?
5. Have you ever heard of Settlers of Catan? Love it or Hate it?

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Unrelated questions

I like the song "Wake Up" by The Arcade Fire, but don't really like the singer's voice. Are there any songs you think would be better with a different singer?

I am currently on Vicodin for my back, and today I'm so out of it I feel like the floor isn't solid. What weird effects have medications had on you?
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I'm always told that I'm an unapproachable person. I realized today that although I know the definition of "unapproachable," I don't really know what people mean when they say this about me. What kinds of things about a person would cause you or most normal people to label that person as unapproachable?

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So I've noticed that ever since I can remember, after I eat and apple, my stomach feels like I haven't eaten in days and starts to growl most of the time. They also make me burp/belch. It's odd. Anyone else have this? Anyone know why?

Edit: Well what do you know, I think gum has the same effect on me.

Random List

1) What are you looking forward to?

2) What's in your pockets right now?

3) How long did your most committed relationshp last?

4) How do you keep down the drama in your relationships? Platonic & romantic.

5) Sex sells -- Who overdoes this? Which music videos offend you in this sense?

shortcut questions.........

I know that when you clear the 'history' that it clears the websites you have visited.....

But how do you clear the drop downs?? Like when you click in the google bar, it shows all the words you have googled previously....

I need to get rid of those.

I know there are lots of shortcuts on the keyboard -
ctrl c = copy
ctrl v = paste
F11 = full screen

etc etc
Is there one for making the disc drawer open on its own and close??

Which ones do you use regularly??
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LJ communities / TRW / songs

1. I'm 99.9% sure that I used to be a member of 69 communities. My user info now shows 68 communities so either one got deleted or I got kicked out. Is there a way of finding out? I looked over them but I can't figure out which one is missing.

2. At the end of the last episode of The Real World: London, when the girls say goodbye at the airport, which song is playing? I remember that I loved it but I don't remember what it was or even how it goes. Something by Sarah McLachlan would be a safe guess but I don't even know if it was a man or woman singing. Any idea?

3. Your top 3 favorite pop/rock songs right now (They don't have to be recent releases)?
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Poll #654995 Work and appointments

You are scheduled to start a new job Monday. Over the weekend, you start to feel like you may have a sinus infection. You make a doctor's appointment for Monday around noon (normal workday is 7:30-4:15). What do you do about your first day of work?

Call in sick and ask to start work on Tuesday.
Go to work in the morning, leave for your appointment and come back (or not come back, depending on what the doctor says).
Cancel the appointment and just go to work.
Other (please explain in comments).

If you chose to go to the doctor on Monday, and said doctor wanted to see you back on Wednesday for a separate issue, what would you do?

Take the entire day off on Wednesday.
Go to work in the morning, leave for your appointment and come back (or not come back, depending on what the doctor says).
Schedule the appointment for another day, possibly outside of work hours.
Other (please explain in comments).
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Freestyle Skateboarding.

So I was looking at a video of my favourite skateboarder, Rodney Mullen, doing his freestyle skating thang... and I was wondering. Any other famous boarders out there who might take my fancy, if I love Mullen's style? It's been a while since I looked into these.
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I’ve always heard that doing cardio will help you to lose weight. I just heard from somebody that doing cardio doesn’t work as well as simply walking. Their explanation was that when doing cardio, your body has to go through all of your blood sugar first before it even starts burning fat, which can take up to thirty minutes. I don’t really understand that explanation.
So yeah. Are they right, or do they hold any truth? Because I have always heard that cardio is the fastest way to burn fat.
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Soaps and money

1. Anyone here watch soap operas? Which ones?
I like watching the Korean soaps that are subtitled and what I believe to be Chinese. They're all kinds of awesome. The Spanish soaps are good too.

2. Anyone know of any free budgeting programs? My spending is way out of control but I can't really tell where my money goes.

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I'm taking 18 credits, Physics, Calc, Information Ethics, Human population and the environment, and computer programming.
I have a part time job, and I'm considering getting another one, since I need more money. Both jobs are work-study, and I can do school reading on one of them.

I'm going to start playing Field Hockey, as part of my Residence Hall's team.

I live on a college dorm, so no nice bubble baths or quiet time for meditation. I also live in a really COLD place (Maine), so no going outside for long periods of time.

Please do not sugest dropping a class, or stoping to work, since I need the money, and need as many classes as possible to pay less tuition in the long run.
What do you recomend, as for, relaxing? For example, today my day started at 9am with breakfast, then classes, work, classes again, until 9pm. You can bet I'm going to crash when I get back to my dorm ;p
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Temporary snack foods.

What are your primary snack foods?
What will you resign yourself to eating if the primary foods are unavailable?

My primary snack choices are potato chips, pretzles or oranges. Right now I am reluctantly eating Wheat Thins.

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How should I [high school student] start talking to a guy I like? I know the obvious answers are that I should talk to him about classes we have together, but I don't want a two sentence "conversation" and then never talk again for three months. So, how should I start a conversation and keep it going?

If it helps, I'm not shy at all, even around him- but I just don't know what to say. Any ideas?
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I hear a lot of Christian parents telling their children that they are only allowed to hang out with other Christians. I personally feel like the parents who do this are not only alienating their children from others, but teaching them that Christians are better then everyone else. Don't get me wrong, building relationships with other people of the same religion is a good thing. I just feel that parents shouldn't restrict their child's social life to Christians. “I’m sorry Tommy but you can’t play with Billy because his mom doesn't go to church.”
Do you feel that people who only allow their children to hang out with a certain religion are teaching their child hate, that they are better then everyone else? What else do you think it teaches? Do you think I am wrong for thinking this?
Please note that this covers all religions, I just have the first hand experence with Christians which is why I used it as an example.
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I’m going to be running a marathon in June, and ever since I decided that, I’ve been thinking about some other things as well. I was taking a look around at my bookstore yesterday and have a vague idea of what I want, but figured I’d ask for some advice.

I’m looking for books on:
-Running injury free
-Running a marathon
-Tai Chi

I’m a fairly beginner runner (that is, I haven’t done much of anything for years) so that might factor in. I’ve also never done Pilates, Tai Chi, or meditation before, though I’ve done a little yoga (probably not enough to count). If I could get anyone’s suggestions for books, I’d be very grateful.

P.S. If you have any other ideas of something that I may want to add to the list (I’m just considering all these things right now) then that would be appreciated as well.

Computer question. Here's a chance to earn your techie wings

My computer was having problems connecting to the internet. The modem, router, dsl/ethernet adaptor AND internet card were replaced. Still no lingering success. It was figured that the problem was with SBC, my dsl provider. They checked out the computer, and said the problem wasn't on their end, but rather, my winsock was corrupt and needed replacing.

There was one or two notable viruses that were persistant and bothersome, and whatnot wrong with the computer, and nothing truly worth saving, so my brother-in-law said it's best to just reformat. That way, whatever had eaten up my winsock would be removed and I'd have whatever winsock variety the computer came with. A reformatting we did. Then we inserted the yahoo! dsl installation cd. It seemed we were successful, and internet connection was had.

Now it gets to the tricky part

The internet connection seemed only successfuly when we used yahoo as the search engine. MSN couldn't load. Either way, it was best that we immediately go to the Microsoft site and download all the necessary updates, since reformatting means your computer is returned to square one. While at MS, a strange grey window popped up, which said something to the extent of


It popped up a few times during the downloading phase. It seemed like a good idea to visit there, but only after the updates were finished, since it's not good to visit odd sites unless you have protection. Just like a brothel! However, during the download, the computer froze. My brother manually restarted the computer, and the most curious thing was noted to have occurred.

The computer keeps restarting. It goes through the restarting screens, the computer begins to start up, when the screen goes black and it's back to the original black restart page. It won't progress much further past that. I can't even log on to do anything. It refuses to obey any further reformatting attempts. I can't do anything with it. What's wrong with it? Is it shot? Do I need to go buy a new computer, or can it be fixed by replacing the hardrive? Anybody have any experience with something like that? HELP

car accidents.

Have you ever been in a car accident?

If yes, how bad was it?

Were you at fault?

I was in one this morning. It wasn't bad in the way that anyone was seriously injured but I got a little hurt though, my brand new car (2006 Toyota Scion XA) is all screwed up and it looks like yeah, I was at fault. Shiet.
Friends: Unagi.
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1) I brought my iBook to Apple on monday the 9th. They wouldn't look at it unless I paid 55 euro there and then and then they told me they'd call me on the friday. I waited until friday afternoon at around 3 and then I rang them. First they were all "we were going to call you" mysterious and then they finally said they hadn't even looked at it yet. And they would call back next week sometime. Which was this week. So I waited untill today and rang them again. Again they were all mysterious about where it is and what exactly is wrong with and they didn't seem to like it that I had rung them. They also didn't seem to know how much it would cost. They said they'd ring me next week if it's ready. My question: Is this the way Apple works or is this just the people at this particular Apple Center?

2) Who else has had massive problems with their iBook?. I love my iBook but I've had it for two years and the harddrive has died twice and the cddrive has been broken for over a year. Apparently that would cost at least 400 euro to have fixed. My iPod's the same. In less than a year the harddrive died twice. The person at the Apple Center joked that I must have some weird thing that causes harddrives to break.
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TQC, help me!

I'm trying to remember the name of a movie from the early-mid nineties that caused a good deal of controversy because of a scene of people laying in the road or something like this. Do you know what I'm talking about? People were worried that kids were going to do the same thing and get themselves pancaked, or kids actually were doing it, or something.


edit: Answered, and thank you!
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(no subject)

1) Where can you get cute hoodies [preferably zip-up] for under $30. I got a beatles one for $17 at Walmart, but I live in hoodies during the winter, and I need more. I like the kind you can get off of Neighborhoodies.com.

2) What is your favorite item of clothing, why?

3) What is your favorite type of car? Least Favorite?
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(no subject)

Is there a way I can buy minutes online for my Cingular phone? My current thing has a 10 cents a minute deal, and it's going to be out of minutes Very Soon (possibly Tonight), and I'd rather not pay a $40 activation fee.

EDIT: Okay, I found out how to do it.

In interest of discussion, do you hate cell phones? If not, why?

I loathe them solely because of how people treat them during movies. Namely, them being on all the damn time. I wish I could destroy them all.
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I'm currently having a stupid contest with a friend. Well, more of a disagreement about people in the media.
Question is - can you think of a single film where an old woman is portrayed as a weak character? Excluding James Bond films and superhero films, we take those as a given.
syringe + redeyes = comedy gold

jobs? huh?

So let's say you're going for a job interview. And within 5 minutes of walking through the door, every part of you is screaming "DO *NOT* WORK HERE!"
Is instinct always to be trusted?

Edit- to clarify, i already had the interview, as normal. The inner voice did not stop after i was done.
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minimizing drama when de-friending

What is the best way to avoid drama when trimming one's friends list?

Would different actions be recommended for 1) people who just never update, and 2) people you just don't communicate with (you both post, but you just don't have much in common and so never interact)?

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My sociology class is going to be watching the Medicine Man tomorrow and friday, but I have a doctors appointment on the first day and a dentist appointment on the second (good planning mom). So I know the plot-ish, and I've scanned over IMDB.com, but could any one here who knows the movie well break it down for me? I'll most likely rent it some time, but I could use all the help I can get. Thanks all.

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inspired by the foreign soaps question:

Sometime, probably about two years ago, I was in the breakroom at Mcdonalds and the TV was switched to a spanish language channel with english subtitles. Or maybe I knew enough Spanish to understand. There was a commercial for a reality show/Bachelorette type show. They showed a clip from the end- instead of telling one person "I'm not really a millionaire" or whatever, she had apparently narrowed the pool and then introduced her 4-7ish year old daughter, who I assume they hadn't been told about.

1. Don't you think that's such a more awesome idea than "Hey let's train up this guy and tell these girls he's got like a billion dollars"?

2. Anyone remember that, see how it went?

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Is there anything wrong with eating potatos that are not cooked? I don't ever eat salads or raw veggies, so I don't know what category a potato fits under.
I put 2 potatos into the microwave for 1 min. 30 sec. thinking that would be enough (I just woke up, haha). I don't feel like going back to the microwave to heat them again.

edit: I just put them in the microwave for 3 minutes, and then another 3 minutes. Now my dinner is the way I wanted it to be. THANKS GUYS! :)
Also, I just noticed the many spelling and grammar issues I had in the comments. You can blame it on the fact that I had to raise my arms over the stupid potatos in order to type.

Graduate school bitchiness

What is it about graduate programs that bring out the backstabbing, backbiting fucking asshole in people? I have a friend on my LJ list who just started law school and people do all sorts of mean things to her behind her back and try to sabotage her. I've had people do some really shitty things to me in my humanities programs. Some friends in med school say that they've had people try to fuck up their work by sneaking into a room and pilfering papers so the professors think that the student didn't do them. Some of my MFA visual arts friends had their sculptures shattered and their paintings slashed.

Do you have any graduate school horrors stories to share?

(no subject)

For those of you who have piercings (not counting earlobe/cartilege piercings), what do you have pierced? How long have you had them pierced?

I've had my nose pierced for about 7 1/2 years and my navel and tragus for 6 years. I got my eyebrow pierced 4 years ago but only kept it in for a year and a half or so.

Auuugh, song titles

What is that Black Crowes "Hey pretty mama" song? You know the one... "Hey pretty mama come on light my candle now 'cause mama I'm sure to hjiawagkfgar yes I will!" (Or however it goes.)

I know this seems like something that would be easily Google-able, but my Google skills must be on hiatus, or something.

EDIT: Answered! Thank you!
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Around 1997-1999 (i think? maybe earlier) there was a comic strip that ran in our paper, but was discontinued. It was about a group of kids, maybe teenagers, that were ghostbusters and went into little hand-held devices to find ghosts. Possibly. I'm sure about the ghostbusters part. Anyways, if anyone knows what I'm talking about and what the comic was called, thanks!
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Do you know of any digital video editing programs? For free? I want to make a music video of my senior friends as an "End-of-the-year-don't-forget-about-me-while-you're-gallivanting-at-college-and-having-a-ton-of-sex" type of present. I'm looking for something that's easy and understandable. Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

1- The last time that St. Patrick's day fell on Friday during Lent did Pope John Paul II give a dispensation to eat meat?

2- Has Pope Benedict XVI given a dispensation this year?

3- If not does anyone know of any dioceses whose Bishop has given dispensation?


Prom Questions

Did you go to your prom(s)?
How many proms did you go to?
Who did you go with? Was he/she a boy(girl)friend, friend, crush, etc?
Did you have sex with your date that night (like the teenage movies always show)?

Where did you get your prom dress?
How much did it cost?
How many times have you (or others) worn it since?
Did you get your makeup and/or hair done professionally? Were you happy with it?

Did you wear a typical tux, or something different?
Did you buy or rent?

Was your prom good? Above expecations, below?
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If a wedding were being planned and the bride and groom were aware that half of the guests do not drink alcohol for religious or personal reasons, but the other half enjoys drinking socially, would it make more sense to have alcohol available to those who want it or to not have it at all?

What if it were the parents of either the bride or groom (or both) who would be offended by alcohol being served?

The bride and groom both drink socially.

I know it's fully up to the bride and groom and I'm not trying to convince them one way or the other, I just wonder if I'm alone in my opinion.

(no subject)

Helllooo. Anyone who knows how to use Corel Paint Shop Pro X, how do you airbrush skin to rid it of imperfections? You know, give your skin that glowing, supermodel skin?

If anyone is really bored and wants to walk me through it, I'd be forever grateful! jadedinnocencee <---the screename of pathetic me.
minnie and zeus

Inspired by cath72

What weird foods have you eaten?
What non-food things have you eaten (ie. pennies, legos, etc.)?

me:  manta ray and tiger shark.  no odd inedible things that I know of.

What foods (if you can call it food) have you seen on Fear Factor that you think you could eat?  And don't say "all"...say "I'd be able to eat fish heads" or whatever it is you think you would have been okay chowing down on.  What's the grossest thing you've seen on there?

(no subject)

Why is this phrase a contradiction:

Our reasons are nothing more than rationalizations for what we want to believe anyway.

I'm stuck on this one. No, it's not homework, but it's in my logic book and logical thinking is not my stong point Well, unless it's gonna be assigned sometime in the future in which case oops. ^^; I don't think it will be, though. It's driving me nuts.

(no subject)

Ive tried google but failed. Anyone know where I could find the sex and the city theme song polyphonic ringtone for a sanyo VI 2300 (sprint)? Im willing to pay a few dollars if need be.
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Roseanne theme song

There's a new commercial on TV for the Honda Element where the initial notes of the song sound REALLY similar to Roseanne.

Is this driving anyone else crazy? I hear it and whip my head towards the TV thinking it's an episode of Roseanne pretty much EVERY time. :( (And I totally don't know why, it's not like I absolutely lived for Roseanne or anything..)
525600 Minutes


1. What is cocktail attire? Is it a prom dress-type thing, or is that too dressy?
2. If you're supposed to use your acne medication twice a day, when would you use it? I'm not looking for specific times... I mean would you do it after you wake up, then again when you go to bed, or when you wake up, then six hours later, etc?
3. If you watch American Idol, do you think the talent is better this year than in years past? Are there any early standouts? Do you think we've already seen the American Idol?

Thanks much!!
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