January 17th, 2006


Where would you go?

Ok, so I'm on break and have about a week free right now. I was overwhelmed earlier tonight with an urge to go somewhere, but am not sure where. Even though flights are pretty cheap (even round trip to Puerto Rico is under $300), hotels would be expensive.
I wanna be spontanious and just go, but I also only have a few hundred dollars.

Considering that and considering I want somewhere warm, where would you go if you could?

Do you have any advice if I decide to go by myself?
I need a relaxing, theraputic trip.

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Anyone heard about a county in North Dakota (and/or Kansas) that is giving away 2 free lots of land and up to $20,000 towards a house or construction of a house if you move there and live for at least 3 years? I read it in one of these communities the other day and now can't find it.

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theoretically, if i wanted you to move in with my fiance and me, you got your own room and bathroom, and i expected you to pay half the bills and rent and put down half the down payment of the apartment, does that sound fair to you? someone posted recently looking for a roommate and i'm not sure if their fiance lives with her or not but i was curious if people thought this was fair.

i'm kind of iffy. it would bother me that even though they share a bedroom and a bathroom, between both of their incomes they only have to pay half, while i have to pay my whole half by myself.
what do you think?
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Are Swedish Fish available/common in England? I'm writing something set partially in London and I have a character making a joke about Swedish Fish, and I want to make sure that it's plausible.

This might be a stupid question.

I'm thinking about purchasing a Game Cube and an Xbox (not 360). I browsed Ebay for a bit, but I just wanted some other opinions.
What do you think would be reasonable prices for these game systems? I'm fine with them being gently used as long as they work. I don't know a ton about video games, really.
Thanks for any help.
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What is the best site to go to in order to find a (snail mail) penpal from another country? By "the best site," I mean one where the listings are current and reliable, and I'm not going to waste a letter on someone who's probably moved or won't respond... I also don't want to have to pay anything for this kind of service.

Thanks in advance!
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Can you recommend a voice mail service?

Does anyone know of a voicemail service that fits this description?:

1. A service that provides a phone number with voice mail only (no calling or faxes or any extras like that necessary).

2. It must either notify you by e-mail that you got a message OR notify your cell phone (by text message or voicemail).

3. Cost should be under $10 per month.

Thank you!
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Plane tickets!

What would be the cheapest way to travel from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Denver, Colorado, USA, return, in April?

The most typical route is KL -> LA -> Denver -> LA -> KL. Malaysian Airlines charge roughly RM3000 (somewhat less than US$800) for the KL->LA return flight and I've seen the LA->Denver flights range from US$100 to US$300.

I've searched online ticketing sites but they never really mention what currency they're using so I'm a bit confused. The cheapest I've seen is [Mysterious Currency]960+ but on the same search they list the MAS flight as [Mysterious Currency]2500+ so I don't know if it's Malaysian ringgit or US dollars.

Any other suggestions on the cheapest way to get from KL to Denver?

(also: do plane tickets get cheaper the later you book them or the earlier you book them?)

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I know we get the question alot looking for that website where you can say "I have peanut butter, some noodles, a can of cheez, and an apple, what can I make?"...

Is there something like that for fish? Where I can say "I have fancy guppies, zebra danios, barbs(rosy? cherry? absorbed red koolaid), snails, and a honey-painted dwarf gourami... what else can live in there?"

(Or your suggestions)

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in the expression "topsy-turvy"< what exactly is meant by "turvy"?
if the police ever find "it", is "it" still a clue?
when was the last time you were really scared? what happened?
what was the last frozen tv dinner you bought? was it good and would you buy it again?

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mmkay. I have to go to certain organisations and pester them with questions to write a short blurb about them, as an aside to a larger article about a big "hey, these are some of the ISU clubs" party.

I already plan to ask each of them about meeting times, how formal/fun meetings are, stuff they do at meetings...

but other than that, what questions would you have for
-a philosophy club?
-amateur radio club?
-Celtic dance club?

tell me what my theoretical readers want to know.

and... say you're looking for a job. There's a job where the pay is good($8/hr+tips), the pace is fast(classified ad asks for 'unflinching help' who 'must bust ass', and the hours work for college students- 8p.m.-2a.m.ish thur/fri/sat. The place has thrived in a college town, and has been referenced (good reference) in local newspaper and magazine articles, and in a mini survival guide for this college. You've seen the people at work and they look like they don't hate their job. they get to listen to loud radio and such.
On the other hand, it's apparently a job you can do stoned... as evidenced by people warning you that your coworkers will consistently be stoned. not -might be-, will be. And your clientele is 98% drunks (most of the drunks worship you and form a neat orderly line, but they're still drunk).

Waht do you think? My friend who used to work there says he'd vouch for me to the boss, but my friends are trying to persuade me away from it.
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A variety of questions!

1. What kind of flowering plant would do well in an office environment? I'm in a cubicle farm here and there's plenty of light. I just need some foliage to brighten up my space.

2. I'm looking for an icon of Brian Foud's fairies. Does anyone know where I could get one made? I have no icon skillz :(

3. For the women (or the men!). What do you think about your boyfriend/fiance/husband going to see the strippers? Are you ok with it? Would it bother you? Why or why not. I'm asking based on an discussion I'm having with a friend and I'm just wondering what the most common response will be.

4. Do any of you own both cats and dogs? If so, do they co-exist peacefully?

5. Do any of you own large/extra large dogs? What kinds?
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Has anyone read the book Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden? And if you have, what did you think of it?

(I'm thinking of buying it but I want some other opinions before I do.)
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Does styrofoam leech into hot foods?

My husband insists that if you use a styrofoam cup or bowl for heating foods in the microwave, or if you make instant oatmeal or hot tea or anything hot in them, that some of the styrofoam leeches into the food, and furthermore that "everyone" knows this and it's common knowledge you're not supposed to do those things.

He therefore refuses to eat instant oatmeal for breakfast at work because he'd have to use a styrofoam bowl (no dish washing facilities or paper products), or to reheat anything that comes in a styrofoam take-away container.

I can't find anything either way on this one. Snopes didn't have anything and googling isn't helping. Personally I call urban myth, or at least a level of contamination so small as to not even be worth bothering about.

Staying in a hostel in San Fran

I'm planning a trip to San Francisco with my boyfriend. We are planning on staying in a hostel for at least a few nights. Neither of us has stayed in a hostel before, so we don't really know what to expect.

I'm looking at this page. We want our own room, so the ones that only have dorms are out. My question: If we're sharing the room, do we both have to pay the quoted rate? The site is telling me that, for instance, a $33.50 private double-bed room will cost $67 per night for two guests. If that's the case, we might as well just stay in a hotel.

Also, has anyone stayed in a hostel in SF and have any tips/recommendations/places to avoid?
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Does anyone in here have an underactive thyroid?? ( I hope I wrote tht right... its the condition which makes you gain weight... not have a super high metabolism)

After researching it a bit I think that may be what I have seeing as how I have a lot of the symptoms and the doctor hasn't investigated it but still cant figure out what is wrong with me...

What kind of treatment were you given and did it have any side effects?? Also how do they test for it??

And when you are treated, does it make your weight regulate at all??

Thanks in advance!!
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What should I buy on itunes?

The Doors (Greatest Hits)
Jimi Hendrix (Experience Hendrix, The Best of)
Madonna (Confessions on a dance floor)
The Gorillaz (Demon Days)

I forgot to add: I have $20 and a whole CD usually runs about $10.

Also, any other Jimi Hendrix and/or The Doors albums that a person must own?
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Color Quiz

1. Have you ever taken this test before?
2. Take the test (come on, you've got time to waste :P ) and after reading your results, generate a blog code (under "Blog Your Results") and post your results in a comment.
3. Did you find the results to be accurate? Why or why not?
4. Are there any other online personality tests that you've taken that you would recommend? Do you ever take any of them regularly?

P.S. No, this isn't a plug or anything, I'm genuinely interested in the responses and I am in no way connected to the website.
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I know this is a gross question, but I need to know the answer to it.

I had a yeast infection 2-3 weeks ago. I took antibotics and I thought it had cleared up. About a week ago, I got the feeling that it was back and I was right. I again took the same antibotics and it's been fine since. However today, I don't know for sure, but the whole area down there feels tender.

My question is should I go have a gynecological exam done? Or is that not necessary? Maybe use a different antibotic? I not sure if this is really serious or not.

Thanks in advance.


It's driving me nuts.

What is the name of this show?  I can't remember for the life of me.
The story line is there was this guy, an accountant I think, overweight and he has a heart attack on a subway platform I think.  He's pronounced dead, but in reality he is brought back to life in some top secret experiment where they put him in a new body that is genetically enhanced or something.  So in the series his family (wife and daughter) think he is dead, but he keeps trying to contact them or effect their lives in someway.  And his doctor (black actor) and the agency try to keep control of him and use him for their purposes. (Kind of like The Invisible Man tv series)

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What are your thoughts on the comment made by New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin comment that New Orleans needs to become "chocolate" again? And what about his subsequent retraction, stating that "dark chocolate" and "white milk" are delicious together? It strikes me, personally, as very racist and kind of creepy.

Has anybody ever enrolled in Penn Foster [www.pennfoster.edu] or a similar degree or career corrspondance school? How did it go? Was it worth it? Would these be enough to actually achieve employment in certain fields [Dental Hygenist, Forestry, Paralegal, etc?]

If you could see any relationship happen from any form of media [books, TV, movies, etc], and that never happened, who/what would it be?
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Does anybody know where I could get free piano sheet music? (Specifically, Raining In Baltimore by Counting Crows). Nobody I've e-mailed at pianofiles.com is responding, and I only have about 6 weeks to learn this song...

I'm not totally opposed to buying the book, though I am not sure how widely available it is outside of the internet. However, I only want this one song and am a little strapped for cash right now.

EDIT - Answered. Thanks! :)

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What are some songs in which a male singer declares his love for someone, knowing that nothing could work out? Something along the lines of admiring the person, confessing his feelings, and submissively agreeing not to act on it.
If I have confused you, basically, he loves someone, but they're in a serious relationship with someone else.

Any genre is fine.

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1) I'm not the only one getting this stupid error over and over right now, am I?
2) I'm kind of assuming I'm not. So doesn't it suck?

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Do you consider it wrong to have feelings towards someone already in a serious relationship?
Feelings = love, longing to be with them, or strong liking.
Relationship = not a fling, but they are not engaged or married either.

What if the person they're with is your close relative (say, a brother or a sister)?

If feelings are okay, should they be acted upon? (Not necessarily trying to break the relationship; rather, confessing your feelings to the person.)

If you were the one in love, would you confess?
If you were the person they're with, how would you react to the fact that someone else has feelings for your SO?

Strong opinions are welcome :)

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I know that there was a post a while ago which yielded a lot of comments with legitimate money-making sites; can anyone link me to that post or offer some legit money-making site suggestions?

Also, about a month ago there were a bunch of posts involving debates regarding the smoking bans, does anyone have the links to any of those?

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1) Would you ever consider posing nude? In what situation would you? Why?

2)What do you think of women who pose nude? Men?

3)What do you think of suicidegirls?

4) Do you answer your own questions that you post on here?

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We're going on vacation to Florida at the end of March. I need some ideas on things to see and do (not Disney) for two adults.

I also need places to stay and where to rent a car. We're flying in, not sure where, but we're staying at lest one night in Miami visiting a friend.

so questions:

1- where to go
1a- where not to go (anywhere we should stay out of)

2- where to stay while we're there (cheap but not sleazy cheap - Howard Johnson type thing)

3- Things that we absolutely have to see/do

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Since my brand new tattoo is on my back, the artist told me to cover it at night for at least tonight, to avoid ruining my sheets, and probably tomorrow to protect it from my backpack. The instruction sheet he gave me say nothing about reapplying a bandage after washing it for the first time. Am I supposed to just reuse the inky bandage I've already got on? My suitemate did this last year. Is this acceptable, or should I go buy some more?

haha apologies if this is a total no-brainer, I dunno

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How much and what sort of information could the police or 'they' get from your on-line activities?
How serious is the idea of them watching your online activity?

Are they watching me on-line right now? O_o

[...and yup, this is a serious question...not that I have been doing anything illegal or anything...honest]
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I've been so high-strung lately. I'm worrying about absolutely everything. I'm in the middle of my exam period so a little nerves are okay, but I seem to be going way out of proportions here.

What are good ways to relax without becoming drowsy, and help me focus?
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What college did you go to/are planning to go to? Why'd you choose it?

Also, those people who are LJ-famous - for being pretty or good writers or having interesting careers or posting naked pictures of themself or whatever. Do you read any 'famous' LJ's? Do you have a favorite?
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For those of you who have played Final Fantasy 9, are there any songs you can associate with it strongly?

(A friend is in need of AMV ideas, and we're both stumped.)

Edit: Sorry I didn't clarify; I'm looking for songs not already from the game. Sorry!
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1) What do you think of personal ads that read "It's complicated" for relationship status?

2) Have you ever been in a "complicated" situation? What was it? How did you resolve it?

3) What have you done in the name of love? What have you done in the name of revenge?

4) You can't control your feelings, but you can control your actions. Thoughts?

5) What kind of milk do you drink? Whole / 2% / Fat free / Soy / Other ?

6) Your favorite Golden Globes dress? I liked the one on Keira Knightley -- http://www.hollywoodrag.com/index.php?/celebrity2/image_full/1072/. I considered a white version of Marcia Cross' dress for my wedding -- What do you think? http://www.hollywoodrag.com/index.php?/celebrity2/image_full/1069/

(I had some other question, but I forgot. I should start writing these things down again...)