January 16th, 2006

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Okay, so why are you not a vegetarian?

After all the animal activists you've come across throughout your life why do you continue to eat meat? Do you not believe the accounts relating the awful conditions animals endure in factory farms or do you simply not care? Have you chosen to buy your meat from organic farms instead? Or have you tried vegetarianism and did not feel healthy?

P.S. This isn't a thread to convert or accuse, i simply came accross a great animated video on factory farming and recalled a post in this community that asked vegetarians why they chose..

Here is the video if anyone's curious. It's not bloody or anything like the PETA videos you may have seen..

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I'm 19 and a New York resident at school in Delaware.

I don't have a driver's license, but I do have a learner permit. It says clearly in the NYS Driver's Manual that I can drive in another state with a NY learner permit so long as the other state allows it. It also addresses the opposite situation (someone from another state driving in New York on their permit issued in that other state).

I'm looking all over the Delaware DMV site, reading the manual, looking through all their FAQs and I cannot find anywhere if I'm allowed to drive as a learner in Delaware on a New York learner permit. I'm not going to take a Delaware driver's ed course, but I really could use informal practice, because I don't have enough time at home to get enough practice. I'll be without a license until I'm at least 22 if I don't get trained while I'm here.

This is such a long shot but does anybody have ANY idea if I can drive in Delaware with a New York permit, or who I should contact to find out this information?
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Inspired by an earlier post, but also something I've been thinking of for a long time.

Once, on an episode of Freakazoid (probably just the one), there was a little segment on learning French where you learned a phrase in French. The one I saw was "Who cut the cheese?" IIRC, in French it was "Dom le du fromage?" Which I'm sure I spelled in an extremely atrocious manner, but it's okay.

Anyway, I've decided it would be amusing to find out how many different languages I can get "Who cut the cheese?" translated into. I'd try babelfish or something, but I'm sure it would just be sucky translations and it's no fun that way.

So, anyone know how to say "who cut the cheese" in an different language?

Anyone remember that episode of Freakazoid? Were there any more phrases they did, maybe on different episodes?
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There is an amazing porn movie i saw several months ago that i would like to watch again. It was a very unusual porn movie. The main characters were Tarzan and his woman, and they went through some time warp.. and in every situation they end up there is sex. Does anyone know the name of this movie?

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For Biology class we have to make a Dichotomous Key for each variety of Amphibian. She didn't explain it to us at all so it is possible that this is something I should just know how to do. I have no clue. I'm not asking for anyone to do this for me but could someone give me any hint as to how I go about doing this???
Please and Thank you.

EDIT: Got it. Thank you very much.
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Does anyone know where you can find apartments that are income-based? Phonebook? Online? Government offices?

I'm a teenage (18), single mother of a baby girl (2), I need to get out of my parents house as soon as humanly possible. I only work four days a week, and go to school the three days I have off from work. I only make about 650$ a month and I live in Dayton, Ohio.
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This is an LJ-help question but I couldn't find the answer in the FAQ...I hope it's allowed.

You know how people sometimes make a "friends only" entry, for example, and date it way in the future so that it always stays at the top of the page?

Is dating it way in the future supposed to conflict with your "backdated" entries showing up on your friends' friends-page?

I made an "in the future" entry a few days ago and then I noticed I wasn't getting any comments since then on my other entries which were backdated in order to be under the future entry... so I checked a friend's friends-page and sure enough none of my recent entries were showing up.

So how do people make it so that their other entries still come on on their friends' friends-page after making a future-dated entry?

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If you are a freshmen in high school and have gotten C's and D's first quarter and B's and C's 2nd quarter (and assuming you do badly the rest of the year) is it possible to raise your GPA throughout the rest of your high school career to a 4.0+?

Same question except for what if you recieve A's and B's for the 2nd semester?

Side note: I am taking honors classes so if I get a D, it's really a C, etc.
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laptop computers

Hey everyone, just wondering your opinions on laptop computers:

1) What brand/company/maker is your personal preference for laptop computers?
2) Have you heard anything particularly bad or good about certain computer companies and their products?
2) What is the average "lifespan" of a laptop?
3) If you own a laptop...
a) Did you also buy accident insurance (for example, if you spill something on it)
b) How long can you use your laptop without it being plugged in somewhere?

Also, is there anywhere else I could look for buying a laptop for cheap besides the obvious like computer/electronic stores or online computer places? I know about Ebay or Craigslist or something like that but I really don't think I want to buy a used computer.
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french alphabetical order

I am supposed to be organizing French movie posters in alphabetical order. Like in English, I've been dropping off articles (La, Un, and the like) and filing them by the following "real" word. What do I do for "L'Animal"? Since it's combined into one word, do I leave the "L'" bit there? Or do I file it as Animal, La, which does sound more logical?

Childhood questions

1. Did you go to daycare? At what age did you stop going? If you didn't go, which of your parents stayed home with you? Did that parent eventually go back to work? How old were you when that happened?

2. What sort of foods did you eat when you were a child? Are they the same sorts of foods you eat now?

3. If you have older or younger siblings how do you think their childhood was different from yours? How far apart are you in age?

4. Did you have imaginary friends? Who/What where they? How long did you have them for?

5. Are you still friends with any of your childhood (under 10 y/o) friends? Who?

6. Did you have television as a kid? What do you think of people who did/didn't have it?

7. What sort of camps did you go to (summer, math, dance), if any?

8. What do you think was the most defining thing about your childhood?
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I'm trying to get my digital camera pictures printed by winkflash.com and I've already ordered some but I just realized that a digital camera takes pictures at a different size than the standard 4x6. Does anyone know how I can find out which size is best to get my pictures printed at?

Ps-sorry about the frequent questions lately
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Have you ever gone to class without:

a. the textbook/workbook
b. something to write on (random paper, a notebook, etc)
c. something to write with (pencil, pen, market, etc)
d. anything else required for class (calculator for math, trumpet for band, etc)
e. homework
d. take home test

Did you do it on a regular basis, or was it an emergency sort of thing?
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Okay, so why are you not a Scientologist?

After all the greedy doctors you've come across throughout your life why do you continue to trust psychologists? Are you too stupid to understand the prophet L. Ron Hubbard's teachings or are you such an asshole you don't care? Have you chosen to remove your body thetans using the Dianetics by yourself? Or have you tried joining Scientology and not been able to afford it?

P.S. This isn't a thread to convert or accuse, i simply came across a great animated video on Xenu and recalled a post in this community that asked scientologists why they chose..

Here is the video if anyone's curious. It's not bloody or anything like the christian videos you may have seen...
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Ok, Its time once again for my favorite question!

I come on here a lot and I enjoy knowing all of you question clubbers as real people. So, will you post what you know about as many question clubbers as you can remember?

If you make a post about what you remember about me, I will post what I know about you. (No fair posting a ... you just asked this question post unless thats honestly all you know).

I'll post what I remember about as many people as I can think of in the comments.
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Screen Views

I'm curious as to how people view their computer/lj pages and all that :)

Poll #653515 Screen Views

At what size do you view your screen on your computer?

1600 x 1200
1400 x 1050
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
800 x 600
640 x 480
Other (leave in comments)
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Holy crap, I just thought the picture of Martin Luther King Jr. on the Google bar thing was Hitler.

What's the worst case of mistaken identity you've had? The funniest?

What's the worst/funniest person someone's mistaken you for?
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i'm thinking about getting a non-stick skillet pan. which brand do you recommend? i hear also you're not supposed to wash these in a dishwasher. anything else i should know?
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can I wear uggs with gaucho pants?

I have a black pair and a black pair of gauchos and dont know what I can wear with them....I don't' think uggs really look that great with them but and I have black boots that go just below my knee(but its winter and icy and the heels are as thick as pencils)

I think strappy shoes look cute ...but again its winter

any suggestions are welcome


Does anyone know how this one quote goes? My friend remembers this much of it.

"One ____ does not a(n) ____ man make."

She thinks it's about good deeds and honesty or summat. Anyone think they've got an answer?
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So I am making asparagus tonight for dinner. I don't like it, but my boyfriend really loves it. My question is for people who like asparagus. How much can you eat at dinner? Like how many spears? I'm asking because I don't want to make too much and have a bunch leftover and then end up having to throw it away in a few days and I also don't want to make too little.
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Anyone use Facebook and MySpace..whatever. If so, when you find people from your old elementry days do you immediatly add them? I have a tendency to think people forget who I am, even thought we spent everyday together for 6 or so years.
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What's your "I'm in polite company, but I have to fart or burp" behavior?

I can fart and burp in a silent, controlled way under almost any circumstances. This means the people next to me at work think I smell bad, but the customers have no idea.
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1. Do you think that we'll have a Democrat, or a Republican in office after the 2008 election?

Please don't answer with what you'd like to happen--what you think will happen, given the state of the country and the parties right now.
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What things that humans use daily do you find to be very outdated, and not as technologically advanced as they could be?

For me it's the toothbrush. I can just picture a guy in a cave poking at his mouth with a stick that has a few bristles sticking out of it.
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I'm looking for an online game I played a while back. Let me see if I can describe this...you play a little elf thing that has a spaceship, and your spaceship is crashing into a planet, and you have to go onto the planet and change its course. There are several "boards" with different puzzles on each one. And the whole thing is really damn trippy. Sound familiar to anyone?
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Is there any way I can register to get a credit card? Not from on-line though. I already have a debit card by Washington Mutual though.
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Other then New Waterford Girl, what movies deal with either a student/teacher relationship [be it romantic or friends]? What about a movie in which some one feels lost upon graduation [either high school or college] or wants to get out of their home town?

Are those "Training programs" that they show in teen magazines [the ones in which you train for a career through corrspondance] a scam? Are some better then others? If you were to attain the "Forestry degree" or a "Health and fitness degree", would you be able to be forest ranger or personal trainer?

What is your favorite mystery book [other then the 'Da Vinci code']?

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Inspired by pockettheroach's post. I played this game called Something...Moutain I think. You were this dwarf like guy and you had a net and you ran around catching elves with a big butterfly-like net. You sometimes had to walk over this little bit of water and if you had bad timing the water would shoot up like a geyser and you'd be no top of the water. You also won these prizes like a golden crown and a lollipop I think and if you won all of the prizes, the game was won. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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i'm doing a product review (not comparison) for the opinions page in my school paper, and i haven't any ideas as to which products i should review.

i need two reasonably new products to write 400 words each on
it'd be extra extra cool if the products were Valentines Day related since the issue will be coming out near that time.

i thank you greatly.
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This week is finals, and I have Biology tomorrow afternoon. My question is probably a stupid one but I don't know and I seriously can't find it in the book anywhere.

In what organelle does cellular respiration occur?

I will be forever grateful to anyone who can answer this for me.
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two unrelated questions

I was thinking about this on the way home -- in general, what are you supposed to do if you're involved in an accident? Call the police, call 911 if people are hurt... I just realized I have no idea what to do if I got in an accident. Edumacate me, guys.

What are some children's songs that have "sh" words in them? I was thinking of "The Good Ship Lollipop"... but I don't know of any others. I have a young voice student who's in speech class and he's learning how to say "sh". I was thinking it would be really cool to integrate what he learns in speech with what I teach him.

And a bonus: favorite alcoholic beverage? I do turn 21 this year, after all. Even more bonus points if it's a mixed drink. I don't know what's out there that you can't buy at a store.
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schadenfreude + curiosity

Schadenfreude- The feeling of pleasure derived from other people's misfortune.

1. Have you ever experienced schadenfreude?
2. If so, what was the latest case?
3. Did you feel guilty afterwards?
4. Do you think revenge falls under the definition of schadenfreude?

5. Can you think of another situation not involving schadenfreude where someone would feel guilty for feeling good?

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Song question...

So, I'm annoying my boyfriend, by playing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" every time he walks in the room. And after assembling a playlist of "stripper" songs, I finally got him to throw something at me (the Daisy Dukes song sent him over the edge)

But really, can you ever have too many strip club favorites on your playlist?

My question? What's your favorite stripper/lapdance songs? Or, barring that, your favorite sexy song that either turns you on or makes you laugh. Classics, rock, hip-hop, r&b, whatever.

Help me out here, folks. Something that annoys him this good can't go to waste! ^^
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How important are standardized tests to your life?
How much of your answer depends on your stage in life, such as academic level?

And totally unrelated: Do you eat cereal for dinner on occassion?

For instance:
I think that various IQ tests and the likes played an important role in my early life because they got administered a lot. I was pretty much a space-cadet in elementary school, and sometimes my teachers would make reference to them out of frustration. To this day I have no idea how I scored on those stupid things. This has no bearing on my life as it is now, but it comes to mind sometimes when I remember what a strange child I was.

Right now, the MCATs are pretty important to me because I'm using them to apply to Masters programs. Gah! It helps to put these numbers in perspective though.

And also, no, I hate eating cereal in general and I think my mom is strange for eating it at night. in bed.

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how do you post a picture? i have a link that i want to post in my journal, without having to send them to another page. how do i do that?

EDIT: Thanks for all your help! I've got it down now!


Do you use sunscreen everyday? If not, why not, and what part of the world are you in?

Do you burn, peel and go pale; burn and tan; tan straight away; or something else?

I thought I was safe in the shade, but apparently wasn't, this is what happened on a lazy Sunday morning in Brisbane, Australia, and it fucking hurts:
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The white line of my skin is my usual colour. A friend asked me what degree of burn I thought it was, and I'm not sure. It hasn't raised blisters (which I've had before, having the whiter than white skin that isn't suited to this climate), but it really, really hurts when moving my arms. I should know better than go without sunscreen!
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A batch of a few simple questions.

Simple questions, over asked but still fun:

Favorite song?
Favorite food?
Favorite color?
Favorite era?

Color of your bedroom?
Favorite kitchen utensil?
Favorite IM abbrv.?

What kind of computer are you using at the moment? Is it yours? If not, whos?
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