January 15th, 2006


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What is the most ridiculous distance you've driven to buy an object because your town didn't have that particular store? I know that we live in an age where you can just buy things online, but disregarding that... oh and what was the object?

I drove 75ish miles so I could buy a shrug at Old Navy. What happened was my town doesn't have an Old Navy, so I went south of here. They didn't have the shrug but a store north of here did, so I made the trip. I try to justify it by saying "well each place is only half as far from my house" but really... the 2 stores were 75 miles apart and I actually drove that? What the crap.

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i have a zen micro, and i was wondering if you can hook it up to the car and hear have it play through your speakers? i know the ipod can do it but can the zen micro?

or would the cords tha fit the ipod work with my micro?

Pointless question

Has anyone seen that Starburst commercial where the guy rides up to the other guy on the bike and steals his Starburst? The guy asks him if he's Steve the Klepto, or something like that, and the bicycle guy goes "No, I don't do that anymore." Then the first guy says something like "But you just took my Starburst," and then the bicycle guy takes the other guy's dog's leash and rides off.

Anyway, my question is: is it just me, or does the bicycle guy not look a whole lot like Steve Buscemi?

(I mean, I know it's not him, the bicycle guy is too young, but still, that's the first thing I thought when I saw him.)

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When someone has a sparrow tattoo on their body, especially 2 on either side of their chest with nautical stars, does it have any significance? I read somewhere that it originally had to do with sailors, but whats the signifcance now when some of these punkesque kids get them?

also posting to my journal

i was showing my mom funny stuff online the other night and she has fallen in love with the numa dance guy. does anyone have any links to other silliness related to numanuma? i finally found the original ozone video and showed her that. she is totally addicted, so anything else anyone has would be great!
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I'm trying to revamp my website so it doesn't suck but I'm having issues with thumbnails. When I do the pages over again they'll be white with black text, and the photos on my site will be of abandoned buildings, cemeteries, nature stuff, my cats, etc.

Which thumbnails do you guys prefer?

These actually have a white border around them since originally they were on a black background. If I use these should I keep the white or add a black border? I use those here

Bigger, but if I use these should I add a border? I use those here

On one website I have I use blank thumbnails and when you put your mouse over them it gives you a brief description of the gallery. I use those here

Or does anyone have any other suggestions? I haven't updated my main website in over a year and I'm trying to make it not suck. And hopefully no one thinks I'm just trying to pimp my site, I only gave the links so people could see how they worked on the page. Red x's abound as I've already started cleaning it up.
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This is a purely hypothetical question.

You open the door to your backyard and you see a rather large (so large you think it's a goose at first) duck stuck in your fence. It is stuck by its bill and only its bill about six feet up the fence. It struggles to get unstuck for a few seconds until it stops moving and is presumably dead from lack of oxygen.

Your only thought is, "OMFG".

First, what would you have done in this situation? That is, if your feet were not frozen in wtf-fashion.

Second, how could a duck fly into a fence so fast that it would get stuck? Why would it be flying so low in the first place?

Third, how would one hypothetically get rid of the hypothetical dead duck that is still stuck in the fence?
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Jean Question

So I'm a big jean-wearing person. Much to my dismay, I can't find any really rugged type jeans. When I find I pair I like, I wear them, wash them and put them right back on. Does anyone know of some really long-lasting jeans? My jeans always get worn out around the back pockets, and in my inner thigh area (thighs rub). I'm not talking about them getting worn out of a long period of time either. I bought a pair of Levi's, my thinking was 'They've been making jeans for a really long time, they're probably good quality!' They lasted me a month and a half before I had to toss them. I'm also willing to save up for a more expensive pair, if they'll last! Thanks!
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Can you afford to adopt?

Here is my question: Would you adopt an animal in need of rescuing?

I was asked to post this ... I don't know how many people on my f/l are local to this, but if you are, help if you're able.


The West Jersey Animal Shelter is closing at the end of this month. The Pennsauken, NJ shelter had it's license revoked due to unkept and dangerous conditions for the animals. There are currently 31 dogs and 5 cats on the premises that are in desperate need of adoption. If these animals are not adopted by the end of the month, they will be euthanized.

The West Jersey Animal Shelter is open for adoptions Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Phone (856) 486-2180
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Most overasked questions in TQC?

If you're of Asian descent, do you find you're the target of Asian fetishists (i.e. creepy guys who only hit on you because they have some twisted idea of what Asian women are)? Do you think Asian fetishists exist? Are there any other ethnicities or races that experience such fetishization?

If you don't know someone's race on LJ, do you assume a race for them? What race? Is it the same as yours?

ETA: My use of the word 'fetish' stems from falling across a community of people of Asian descent united against what they called 'Asian fetishists'. I'm aware of what the word means. Take it to varying degrees as you wish.
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I finally applied to become a student at the university that employs me. I work a job where half of the employees are undergraduate students working part time, and the other half are just non-students who don't have degrees or aren't otherwise qualified for salaried positions, and we work full time.

Given that I will be admitted to this university (not very difficult), and given that I work at the university already, should I tell my employer that I applied? Or should I wait until everything is settled with my financial aid prospects and I decide whether to enroll (at the end of this semester)?

Becoming a student would ultimately mean I couldn't work full time, and would not be able to move up to any positions where secure student information is available to employees (there are such positions in my department). However, I could continue to work in my current job until I get my degree a long time from now, and then I'd be qualified for any number of salaried staff positions. Either way it's unlikely I'll find a better job so my goal is to keep working there and hope that I make the right decisions in order to get promotions and/or raises.

*Edit* I'm not a salaried staff member, just an hourly employee in the same job class as part-time student workers. There are literally no benefits for hourly workers; we are essentially disposable. Luckily it's very hard to get fired from this job, so it's something I know I can keep while I work on a degree, even if it sucks.
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So my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up pretty soon, ok in a month but I want to make him something so... this is what I'm asking, what do you think I should make?

Acne Meds

I put some Clean and Clear acne meds (for lack of a better word) on my face. I have never used any acne stuff before this. My face has just now started to burn very mildly. I know I'm using it correctly. Is it supposed to do that?
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Two questions

1) What happened to Justice League Unlimited on Cartoon Network? It just sort of disappeared mid fall of 2005.

2) Sometimes, when I see pictures of Indian women, they have a little red dot between their eyebrows. Does anyone know what it is and what it represents?

Anonymous Questions #48

Hey guys, this is probably going to be the last anon post. The last one was on Dec 22 and there's a grand total of 3 questions in this post. :) If anyone really wants to leave any questions now though I'll do one more. Or maybe two and make it an even 50 posts. We'll see. Didn't think it would last as long as it did. ;)

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A bunch of questions

1) Where can I find an affordable prom dress [under $150 or so]? I just don't want to spend a lot of money on prom, because I'm cheap :) Particularly post the ones you like, because I don't have a set type in mind.

2) Do you feel bad for the student in Flordia who was shot by cops after taking a pellet gun to school?

3) If all the actors/actresses in Hollywood were no longer allowed to act with the exception of four, which four would you choose?

4) Which movies are you excited to see? Why?

5) And for all those who graduated high school, did you feel lost after graduating?
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Sit quietly at your computer for a moment, turn off any music you have playing and listen carefully.

What can you hear?

Very softly in the background I can hear traffic from a major intersection a few blocks away. I can hear three different types of birds (a kookaburra, rainbow lorikeets and some crows), crickets, a neighbour's dog barking, the wind and some heavy wooden windchimes I have hanging in a tree.
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Yoga Tapes/DVDs

Hello, I really want to get back into yoga and it's not feasible to get to a class right now

I'm looking at yoga tapes or DVDs that I can work with at home and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

I'm used to ashtanga yoga.

Thanks :)
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Okay, so my friend and I were talking and we got on the subject about dogs saving lives. See, dogs can do many things like search for lost people, sniff out cancer on people, and even find out is someone is trying to smuggle in something they shouldn't. (Like drugs, explosives, even certain shell fish.)
So we wondered if Cats could do the same thing. (Trained to do these jobs like dogs are.) Do you think cats could do the same sort of jobs? Does anyone know of any stories where cats are doing the same sort of things? (Or even know what to google for because I'm not really sure what to look for!)
Edit: Anyone know of other communities where I could ask?
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1) For everyone who is in a relationship - how do you balance time with your partner, time with your friends, and time for yourself? This question is really hard for me.

2) Also, for everyone who is in a relationship, but doesn't live together - how often do you see each other and talk on the phone?
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Please just answer the questions w/out any shameful (Oh, this is bad, blahblahblah),

1. If I tell a teacher that I have an eating disorder (not medically diagnosed) is s/he required by law to tell the principle??, or tell someone higher in position?

2. If the answer is yes, what will probably happen from there? ANSWER IS NO: 3. any chance that I will be "kicked out of school" and shipped off to a clinic? edit: 4. Will they have to send it off to the colleges I've applied too already? (I'm a senior.) Dear Harvard, Oh, GUESS WHAT! so and so has an eating disorder too!

5. Is overdosing (OD'ing) defined specifically? Like in medical terms, are their requirements to be labled as ODing on say, pain killers? Oh she took .5times the max suggested? kind of like when you do the breathalizer?
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If you've already figured this out . . . how did you choose your current (or future) career?

Was it influenced primarily by parents, teachers, financial needs, avalibility, interests?

Would you have chosen something different, and what prevented you from choosing this?
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My friend says Pearl Jam got their name from actual pearl jam. Is this true/what is pearl jam then?

Would you rather be driven around by someone who knows how to drive very well but is very stoned (although used to driving stoned) or someone who is sober but has only driven twice before around a parking lot?

That is all for now.

Psych recovery

1. Do you ever get a little bit scared with your new, healthier behaviors?

2. Do you ever feel weird not having a certain behavior (eating disorder, drugs, booze, S.I) to fall back on?

3. Do you feel a little lost without that past neurosis behavior?

4. Do you feel that strange mixture of amazement,skepticism and a little bit of fear when you start to make changes?

5. Do you not notice your positive changes, but everyone else keeps marveling on how far you've come?

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I'm trying to say I love you in 12 different languages so if you know how to say I love in any other language than english could you help me out by leaving it in a comment with the language it is in?


This month I:
*got fired
*found out my boyfriend was cheating on me (through myspace)
*got in 2 huge fights with my mom

What is something bad that has happened to you this month?
What are some things I could do to make myself feel better?

ALSO: I miss my bad_tattoos communities! Does anyone know what happened to bad_tattoos_2 and if theres like a new one or something? How am I gonna get my fix?! =D

Edit: Give TQC a place to complain and they will come =) Kidding, I think it's great that everyone is SO helpful. You guys rock. It's just like a big family here. I love it.

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Have your back muscles ever been so sore that it feels like you have bruises when pressure is applied?

What are some treatments that would not involve seeing a doctor, chiropractor or masseuse?

Unrelated: If you could be born into any decade which decade & why?
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What can we do about this? The images that stuck out for me the most were seeing an old man walk through snow and ice barefoot and seeing little kids wandering around the snow and ice with no shoes and socks. I also was sad seeing all those people in tents in temperatures that can easily get down to -10.

How does one organize a clothing drive? How do you make sure it actually GETS to these people and not some corrupt bastards who want the stuff for themselves?
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soft, mushy foods.

My boyfriend (older than me) only has four teeth left, and one is broken, and one has a hole in it. He's supposed to get a root canal in the broken one, but the one with the hole in it was going to wait--until it started throbbing and got swollen up this weekend. He can't put his false teeth in, because of the swelling.

We've thought of soup, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, applesauce, (pudding is too sugary), and ice cream (in small bites, so as not to aggrivate a nerve)...anything else really soft and mushy he could maybe eat? Oh, and we thought of creamed corn, too. I think even when he goes to the dentist tomorrow that he will be in a fair bit of pain the rest of the week, so I'm trying to brainstorm.

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so, I'm trying something new.. I desided that i would establish a relationship before having sex.. I know it makes me look (sound) sluty, but i don't care.. it usually ends up the other way around these days anyway..
so, my question is for those that do the same thing..

How long have you gone in a serious, monogomus relationship without having Sex?
and any pointers to holding off until your sure that's what you want to do?
And is this an effictive way to avoid the realtionship becomeing based on Sex?

It's been 2 months since we started dating, hanging out and talking.. last night we made out relationship offical by putting a label on it.. we haven't done much more than kissing.. it's very strange, but it's good for us.

yes, I do feel like an adolecent again.

very wordy question

ok, this is kind of a dumb question. i was unplugging a laptop and had my fingers on the prongs trying to unplug it. of course, i was dumb and forgot about those things called shocks until it hurt and i finally pulled it out. i now have a splitting headache- would the headache be related to holding the prongs for a long time, or is it just a headache?

also, is it ok to loathe the taste of unflavored water?
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A funny face question

You know in animes when someone is teasing someone else and they make that one face where they put down their lower eyelid with one finger and stick out their tongue? In that sort of "NYAH, NYAH" style? I can't seem to google a picture of it to save my life.

ANYWAYS, what does that MEAN? Is it just a mocking face? Do they do that a lot in Japan or something as children?

Education questions

Are there any teachers in TQC? If so, what do you think about this article Stupid in America?

Sorry for the "Yank-centric" questions, but I am really curious about this.

1. How do you feel that money has been wasted on education? I'm not saying that education is a waste of money. It never is, but I think that the WAY the money is spent may be a BIG factor on why so many public schools have been faltering.

2. Do you think that if there is no zoning and the schools are all based on competing against one another in academics, do you think that will raise the standard of American education.

3. What aspects of the American school system do you find the most frustrating.

I'll put questions in for the international folks too. I especially want teachers from other countries to answer these questions.

1. Do you think that your school standards are higher than those in the USA?

2. What things in your school system work well? Which ones don't?

3. What is the pay like for teachers?

4. How do the disciplinary issues differ in the US and schools from other areas of the world?

For all teachers from all over the world:

1. Have you taught in other countries other than your own home country?

2. How did the schools in other countries differ from that of your home country?
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its hard to clean my george foreman grill and i got the idea to put tin foil folded inside and then throw it away after so i never have to clean it again. Do you think this will harm the grill? I mean, will it catch on fire or melt or anything? Be worse for the food? any ideas?....

what to ask a potential landlord

After owning my own home for a few years I am about to re-enter the world of renting. I found a place today that I really like and I'm going to put in the application tomorrow. While I was looking at it today he asked me what questions I had and I couldn't think of anything except to ask if I was responsible for lawn care (I am). Before I turn in the app. tomorrow, what questions should I ask him? Thanks!
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answer any that apply

1. Those who used to drink alcohol and don't anymore:
a. Why did you stop?
b. How long ago?
c. Do you think you ever will again?
d. Do you feel differently about yourself since you've stopped? In what way?

2. Those who used to consume illegal drugs and stopped:
a. Why did you stop?
b. How long ago?
c. Do you think you ever will again?
d. Do you feel differently about yourself since you've stopped? In what way?

3. Those who have never drank alcohol:
a. Why haven't you?
b. Do you think you ever would?
c. Do people ever give you a hard time about it? How do you respond?

4. Those who have never comsumed illegal drugs:
a. Why haven't you?
b. Do you think you ever would?
c. Do people ever give you a hard time about it? How do you respond?

Catholics and Catholic historians, help!

I'm writing a story set in 17th Century Spain and am currently at a scene where the main character enters a church to confess to possibly committing adultery (it's supposed to remain ambiguous as to whether or not he actually does commit adultery), at the very least to coveting his neighbour's wife -- this is as retribution to discovering his own wife's infidelities.

With that background, I'm wondering if any of you would know how a typical scene of Confession would go, and what sort of language you would use. Even if it is modern day Catholicsm. Silly me, an atheist doesn't knwo the answer.
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Cellphone trouble!

Just a few =]

a) I recieve a cellphone for my birthday. I have a contract until 2007, and it's Verizon. I've had it since December 4th, 2005, and it was purchased at the end of November. The phone turns itself off, freezes, and sometimes the earpiece doesn't work. Would I be able to take the phone back and have it replaced or refunded? It's an LG VX5200.

Is there also any possible way it could be replaced in exchange for a Motorola Razr, and I pay the difference? I have no clue how much the phone cost, it was a gift from my parents, and I'd like to exchange it for a better phone. But I'd be be happy just having it fixed, or replaced. I think I have an upgrade in April, anyway.

b) I want to get a tattoo, and I'm waiting for the summer. I'm not going to get anything stupid, that I'll regret in 6 months, but any ideas? I was thinking something small on the back of my neck, or in between my shoulder blades. What's a good place to look? Do you have any pictures? (I won't steal your tattoos, but I enjoy looking at them!)

Thanks =]
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Lots of vegetable questions.....

please tell me what these vegetables are and how they taste and how you like to eat them if you do:

endive, escarole, kale, watercress, hominy, rutabaga

Out of all vegetables, which vegetables would you say are most nutritious?

Somebody told me corn has no nutritional value. Is this true?

I'm trying to put more vegetables into my diet. I never eat them and there are many I don't like. If I tell you what kind of vegetables I hate and which ones I like, will you suggest some new ones maybe I don't know about or haven't heard of or some recipes I might like to include more veggies in my diet?

Vegetables I hate:
lima beans, peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, lettuce, peas, radishes

Vegetables I like:
edamame, generally fresh green beans can be ok, also fresh asparagus, mushrooms, cucumber, squash, spinach but ONLY raw or slightly wilted, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, corn, carrots, potatoes.

I've been googling and looking at allrecipes.com for assistance, but i thought id ask you guys too. I don't like things that have too many ingredients or that take longer than twenty minutes to make.

Potatoes, corn and carrots are my favorite vegetables. In fact, they are the only vegetables I eat right now. From the vegetables I like, do you think I can have a balanced diet? Which veggies should I eat more of to gain a balanced diet? Mostly, i eat a lot of meat and cheese.

If you eat a lot of vegetables, what vegetables are in your every day diet that you eat a lot?

If I eat canned or frozen vegetables will I still get the nutrients I need, or is it not even worth it?
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how much water are you supposed to drink everyday?  64 oz? 
I'm trying to drink as much, if not more than that everyday..I hear its good for skin/health/weight loss..etc.

edit: thanks...64 oz seems to be the final verdict. I just got a new bottle to take to work, and it's 64 oz.
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Okay, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost three years now and we've known each other for much longer. Our parents recently met when my parents dropped me off at his house, and now they're great friends and get along really well! I find this really cool. So...

Do your parents and your SO's parents know each other? If they do, are they friends and do they get along? Is it weird that I've allowed this to happen?

Also, I just asked the question "Is it weird that I've allowed this to happen?", but in no way would I take your opinions to heart and think that I am weird if you say it is, I am just wondering about your opinion. Do any of you ask questions like this and actually take them to heart? This question is kind of provoked by the girl who asked what people thought of her, solely from the picture...
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