January 14th, 2006

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1. Agar/Guar based jelly, holding a dairy desert together. If I heat it, will the jelly/ (jello for the Americans) melt? If it melts, will it reform?

2. What kind of cheesecakes need to be baked, and what kind don't?

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Do any of you "create" icons? I know there are many many icon communities... but I just don't feel like joining one right now.

My question is, what is the easiest way to make an icon? My main concern is sizing the icon?

I have photoshop, and I'm sure I can make it using that program.
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It's thundering outside....when I was little, my mother used to tell me that thunder was God bowling with the angels up in heaven. Did anyone else's mother tell them this? My mother used to tell me lots of stuff, like she had eyes in the back of her head...what are some things your parents used to say to you that you believed back then?

(Edited to Add: I just saw that there was a similar question asked not too long ago, but I think my question is slightly different.)
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my boyfriend and i will be getting an aprtment together soon, and we have no idea about to handle a few things.

1. should we both be on the lease? he'll be paying the rent, and he has better credit than me.
2. can i live there if my name isn't on the lease?
3. if he's going to be the only one on the lease, does it look bad if i go look at places with him? does it look better to have a female along, as they typically are quiter and neater that their male counterparts (yes, i know, there are quite a few exceptions, you don't have to tell me about them)
4. what do you look for in an apartment?
5. anything else important that i missed because i am totally new to this?


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I made a roast with veggies in a crockpot a couple of days ago. If I wanted to slowly reheat everything for lunch today, could I do this in the crockpot or would it get bad? I'm not a chef by any means. That was my first time at ever using a simple crockpot.. :)

my head is exploding.

So, firefox forced me to switch profiles, insisting my usual one was in use, and now I haven't the foggiest how to switch back. I googled several times, and everything tells me I have to go to the "profiles" folder in the firefox folder, but no such folder exists. It might not help that my roomate was fucking around yesterday and I'm full of spyware now. Is there any way I can get everything back- bookmarks, Stumbleupon, no freaking mywebsearch bar?

Also, is there any way I can set back the computer, so everything done in the last day is erased? I know I've heard of it. My family says I need a special disk for that, but neglect to see if we have it. Is it possible? Do I need a disk or anything for it?
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Would it bother you if somebody referred to your boyfriend as your husband?

Would it bother you if somebody referred to your husband as your boyfriend?

Have you ever eaten somebody else's food out of the work fridge?

What about using somebody else's condiments?

Has anybody ever eaten your food out of the work fridge?

Do you work Saturdays? What do you do?

What's your usual work schedule?

Do you like your schedule? What do you like or not like about it?

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So... Why haven't YOU gotten a flu shot?

They were giving them out at the student health center yesterday & the day before, and the first 100 shots got to register to win one of two $50 gift certificates to the university book store. I went in the second day, a few hours before they were going to close up shop, and there were still 40 entries left. (Yay, my odds are good.)

My boyfriend has a good reason- he's deathly afraid of needles, and last time he got one his arm hurt and was basically useless for three weeks. (second question: Why?)
(My arm is fine, doesn't feel even as bad as a bruise would.)

My roommate, on the other hand, just made up reasons to not go. "Oh, they make the flu stronger." I explained to her how she was totally and utterly wrong on that. "Uhm.... Conscientous Objector. Don't want to kill things." "Wow Liz, I had no idea you were a Vegan with no immune system of your own already." Then she said she was just making up reasons, that she didn't want one.
This is weirder to me because she -still- has class books to buy, so that gift certificate would be a good thing for her.


As of the end of the month, I'll be stuck at home a lot more than I have been in the past. I don't want to be glued to my monitor or TV, so I was thinking of taking up a hobby. I have no creative talents, so drawing & painting are out. I like to color, does anyone know of any "grown up" coloring books or pages? I don't mean like X rated or anything, just with more detail, a less cartoony style than most coloring books out there.

Any other hobbies would be welcomed as well, but none too expensive - I might have my hours cut in half @ work soon, for a while, which kind of puts a damper on a lot of the things I had in mind (model cars, for example, will most likely be out of my budget). Any ideas?
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I love Drum and Bass music, but I don't like the typical stuff as much. I like stuff that has really good bass, and sounds maybe a bit depressing. I've liked some of what Dieselboy's done, and AK1200's collections tend to be good. I especially like Special K.

Can you recommend any artsits that I should DEFINITELY try to find?

As a follow up to my last post...

a couple of people have mentioned reading as an answer to my quest for a new hobby. I actually read a lot already, and have read all the books I have in my house. When I go to the library or used book store, I'm stumped - too many choices, and while I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, there are too many to really use any other criteria.

I like all genres, generally. Currently, I'm reading Cold Mountain (it sort of drags in the beginning, no?), I just finished The Known World. It seems I'm going chronologicallyin my books, TKW is set just before the Civil War, CM during/just after it. It seems I'm on a history binge right now, but once I'm done this book, I might be looking for something with a more contemporary setting.

Anyway - any suggestions from the peanut gallery on what titles to take on next? What books stuck with you, made you think? Why do you like them so much??
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So, I promised my mom that I would find her a new anti-virus software that is better than Norton Antivirus, because it was slowing down and actually messing up her computer. She completely uninstalled it, and I will do the same later today (our computer towers are exactly the same, but mine is older by a few months).

So my question today is: is there an antivirus software that is just as good or better than Norton? I would prefer it to be free, but I'm sure my mom would be willing to buy something if need be.
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I saw a video on Fuse a couple months ago. it's band, the lead singer had crazy big hair, and everyone else disappeared?  I think they are british.  Any one know the band or the song?  thanks :)
edit - its something about 'give me something to go by'

got it.. thanks its hot hot heat- middle of nowhere!
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when was the last time you felt comfortably numb, and what made you feel that way?
what is the difference to you between a "house" and a "home"?
do you have a trademark phrase? if so - what is it?
what do you consider "the crime of the century"?

strange kid things

whats something that you did when you were a kid that you thought was really cool, but infact was just weird?

I used to be put to bed before i was tired and i would get up and sit in the crack of light from the door.
I also used to do some strange yodel thing with my voice..i cant do it now(an probly wouldnt want to)

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Any ideas on how I could make money outside of getting a second job or selling personal possesions?


I'm not opposed to working a second job but I don't want to be doing for someone else.
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hi, i hope you can help out here. as always turn to the trusty questionclub :D

basically, i have just discovered a few communites that deal with mainly screencaps...and my excitement is astronomical! i know how to do them using animation shop 3 but i think (i'm not sure) that there are limits with the size of the file with this. like a movie is too big. so how can i get them myself, with movies etc? something free is also a bonus!

so whats good? and where do i go?

thanks xxxx
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the hell?

why the hell do people make lj icons with writing so small so nobody can actually Read it?

i mean, this one is pushing it, but you can still read it. i'm talking Tinier than that, people.
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What is the minimum age for gambling?

My family and I are going on a Carnival cruise in June, and the ship we're on has a casino. I'm 18 right now, but when the cruise happens, I'll be 19. If it's important, the cruise goes from Tampa to places in Mexico and Central America.

EDIT: My answer was tucked away in a weird spot on the Carnival website... I am old enough to gamble on the ship (the minimum age is 18). Thanks to all who helped me!!

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A friend of mine wants me to help her put hair extensions into her hair using glue, and I have no idea how(she said she has a pretty good idea of how, she just can't do it herself). I've looked for websites but can't find any how-to/do-it-yourself type things. Does anybody know how to do it? Or know of any websites that would tell me how?
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How's the weather where you are?

I'm in Ottawa, Canada. Tonight, it's down to -31 F with the windchill. Tomorrow, the high is -16.6 F with the windchill. (... I would like a tropical vacation now).
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My sister's fiancee is cooking my sister a belated birthday family dinner at his house tonight as a way for our family to mingle with his family (we've met them before but only a couple times)... my parents want to being a little gift but we are not sure what to bring! Of course the traditional bring-along is a bottle of wine but my family doesn't drink so that would be weird....

And my sister spent the afternoon making a homemade apple pie so we don't want to bring a dessert to dilute her pie...

Any suggestions?

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My little brother (14) has come to visit me for the weekend. After a field trip this week where his roommate at the hotel got really sick with some sort of stomach-flu thing and barfed all night (two nights ago), he is now afflicted with the same illness.

I, however, am a working person and cannot cannot cannot afford to contract such a disease.

Other than the obvious wash hands a lot and disinfect things, how do I further avoid getting this illness?
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MSN Messenger virus?

I have dsl.

When I turn on my computer, there is always a MSN Messenger window that tells me that someone has added me to their buddy list. The thing is, I never use MSN Messenger. It does not automatically sign on when I start my computer. Could this be a virus? And if so, how do I get rid of it?
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I have an HP Pavilion a1023c. No AGP slot, just onboard 128M video that's proving inadequate. Any ideas on whether it supports PCI-X, or otherwise whether there's decent video cards (nVidia, ATI, etc.) that are compatible?
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sound track...

I am looking for a song for a video we are designing. It's a compilation of a recent adventurebased teambuilding programme. And as I sit to think I am drawing a complete blank!! has to have an upbeat tone... can anyone suggest some?
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Does anyone have the Oregon Scientific DS8618 4MP Digital Camera or know anything about it? It looks like a decent camera, and it's cheap (currently $95 on the Oregon Scientific website)...but Amazon doesn't have any reviews on it, and none of the stores around here have it. I won't be using it for anythign that needs a really high resolution, and I'm not worried about the zoom, because I really won't use it. But it's the size I'm looking for, and it has the right size screen...I'm just hesitant about ordering something online that I don't know anything about.
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Who is the actress in the Excedrin Migraine commercial? I could swear I recognize her but can't figure out who she is. My dad thinks it might be Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper on "The Wonder Years").

Any ideas?

It's probably nobody really, and I just think I recognize her ;p

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I'm trying to find this group/song. They're from Canada, and they sound a lot like the boy group Hansen. I think one of their songs said something like "she smiles like mona lisa" or something. Anybody know the name of the group, or the song?

EDIT: I found it! It's Bang Bang Boom by The Moffatts!