January 13th, 2006

jon dance

i am the oh-so-penguinish one!

is there any way i can get one of those fancy cursors that i always see banner ads online for without getting spyware on my computer? i saw one with a penguin on it, and i am obsessed with penguins and i would love to have it. but i tried it a few years ago and it left some nasty programs on my computer along with it, and i have had to completely wipe out my computer and reinstall everything quite a few times because of other spyware programs in the past, and i dont want to have to do this to my (relatively) new computer. any ideas?

TQC, do yer thang!
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Okay, I've just been informed that there are $2 salsa dancing lessons nearby so problem solved. Thank you to everyone who helped me!

I’m sure stuff like this gets asked a lot, but screw it. My brain’s no good at the whole thinking thing.

What are some interesting date ideas which meet the following criteria:

*has to be going out. No at-home ideas
*has to be indoors
*no museums (none close), concerts/plays (no good ones), bars (both hate them), bowling (too typical), dinners (taken care of), movies (seen all the ones wanted), sports (both dislike), shopping (both dislike), volunteering (nothing but envelope stuffing on Saturdays), no cafes (too typical), no arcades (was gonna, but it’s closed that night ;_;), classes (cost too much)
*has to be an evening thing
*can’t involve driving all over the place
*has to be inexpensive

::edit::Also, it's a Very rural area so no city or suburb type things and nothing overnight

I’m kinda out of ideas at the moment ^^;
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Name that song... please?

My friend is looking for a song, she says it's from the 80's and has the line:

"running with the shadows until the morning light"

It's sung by a man. This is all I know. Help?

[Edit] Got it! It was "Running With the Night" by Lionel Richie
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Hygiene Propaganda

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Whenever I think of African men, I think of images like these:

This is my question... Why are they all so clean-shaven?

Wouldn't a poor African man have a huge afro and beard? Or at least shave his head and face less often? Are some Africans just not capable of growing hair on their face and head?

Shouldn't they look more like this?


I'm not too fond of birthdays for various reasons, but I would love to become one of those people that gets really excited about their own birthday.

1. Are you one of those people?
2. Why do you like birthdays so much? What are you celebrating, exactly?

I'm especially not looking forward to my 21st birthday which is coming up soon. I feel really bad about myself because I have no friends. The only people at my dinner will be my family, my relatives, my mum's friends, and my boyfriend's parents.

3. Am I totally pathetic? Don't hold back, I can take it!
4. Hypothetically, if you had no friends, would you still celebrate your 21st?


Can someone link me to the .exe files for the default Windows solitaire and spider solitaire games (and possibly others)? I lost mine somehow. o_0

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Does eating carrots help you get a tan?
My mom used to tell me so, and I need a tan real bad right now.
I used to have gorgeous dark skin when I lived in Portugal, and now I'm so ... pale. It looks horrible on me!!

If carrots won't do the job, what will, other than sun exposure?
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I'm in freestuff, and I'm wondering -

Are there other communities or other links that you use to get free stuff and samples?

Not those "we'll say this is free but subscribe to a million lists or do a bunch of stuff and pay a lot of shipping" to get it type of links.

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Contact lenses.
Ok, I don't need to know how to put contact lenses in and out. I know how to do that. So please don't bother replying about that.

I'm nearly blind (can't distinguish your eyes from the rest of your face if you are two feet away from me, can't read without glasses unless I stick my nose between the book pages -- literaly).

Because I'm this blind, when I put one contact on one eye, that eye can now see well, but the other one can't!! You have any idea how much that messes up your brain? I kind of panic right there, and just want to give up.

I could close the 'healthy' eye, and put the seccond contact on, but then I can't see what I'm doing, since I only see a shinny plastic lens.

I don't mind my glasses that much, but it certainly doesn't help me look feminine, specially if I'm at a dance or something. Doesn't fit with cute skirts and sexy tops, or dresses.... you get the idea.

... I don't even know what I'm asking.... but.. any tips for me?
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1. Collapse )

2. Do you paint your nails? What kind of colors do you use?

3. Why do people pull fire alarms? At work tonight, someone pulled an alarm in the apartment complexes above us and we had to work with an alarm buzzing for an hour. What kind of sick idividual would really do this? :(
The Receptionist Classic

The Movie Date

Suppose you're going on a dinner & movie date tomorrow. First date kinda thing. You've been asked to pick the movie. Here are your options:
Brokeback Mountain
Cheaper By the Dozen 2 (not a chance in hell, sorry)
Chronicles of Narnia
Fun With Dick & Jane
Glory Road
Grandma's Boy
King Kong (which you have already seen, and quite frankly love)
Last Holiday
Match Point
Memoirs of a Geisha
The Ringer
Rumor Has It
Tristan & Isolde

Which would you go for?

Edit: We've decided to go for either "Hostel" or "King Kong." I did see "Last Holiday" last night and it was pretty cute. Dog scan... heh.
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In light of the thunderstorm outside (or "God moving his furniture," as my psychology professor calls it) I have a few fun questions.

1. Were you scared of thunderstorms when you were a child?
2. Did your parents use any euphemisms (about thunderstorms) to make you feel better? Did it work?
3. What euphemisms did your parents (or teachers or whatever) use? Which is your favorite? Did one work better than the other?
4. If you have kids (or are around kids), do you use the same euphemisms to make them feel better? Does it work for them?

FYI, all these questions are about thunderstorms, if I worded them weird. ;)

This might prove useful for my psychology class later on, so this entry is going in my memories. :)
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Eve and Julian Something out of a movie

Nursery rhymes

I have to present and act out a nursery rhyme for my theater class on Tuesday. I have to act out all parts of the scene (eg, for Mary Had a Little Lamb, I'd have to be Mary, the lamb, the schoolhouse, and the classmates). I'm leaning towards The Farmer in the Dell and Hey Diddle Diddle. I'm going to let YOU decide. The most suggested rhyme will be the one I perform. Without furthur ado, any ideas on how I can make a complete fool out of myself and be scarred for life what nursery rhyme I can perform with dignity and pride?
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so there's this website online that lets you enter in all the textbooks you need to buy, and then it tells you where you can find each book for the cheapest price....if i remember correctly there are even options to find all your books in the same store, or to find them in several different websites...

does this sound familiar to anyone?

if not, what's the best website to find textbooks for cheap?

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Just curious...

Hey everyone, I had a quick question

Larry Flynt was shot and left paralyzed by Joseph Paul Franklin, in 1978. Joesph Paul was a white supremacist, and was out to kill Larry Flynt because of a centerfold he had featured depicting an interracial couple. I was wondering if anyone had a scan of this picture, or if it was floating around on the internet? Thanks!
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Dejected - George Michael

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I'm starting college a week from yesterday, and I'll be commuting from home, and I'd like a messenger bag to carry my laptop and some of my books in. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any sites with cute, funny, hip, or whatever designs. I like silly things like these and I'm also interested in sites with designs of musicians and bands.

Please don't refer me to ebay, I'm not dumb, I'd just rather not look there. Thanks!
jon dance

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inspired by a comment on the mix cd question...
when i search for "ballroom blitz" on something like limewire, why do most of the responses say theyre by the misfits? according to a quick itunes search, they never did a version of this song, and it doesnt even SOUND like the misfits. or at least what ive heard from them. im not a huge misfits fan, but i have a couple friends who are.

at my graduation, there was a local photo company hired by the school to take pictures of everyone getting their diplomas. they then sold these pictures of everyone on one cd. they never asked permission to use people's pictures. is this legal? or is it okay since they got approval from the school?
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Months ago there was a thread on webcomics and someone suggested one and the comic was about Jesus and other religious figures attending high school. It was an anime style comic and it had a few chapters up.

Does anyone remember/know the name/url of this comic? It's appreciated.

Help me question club! You're my only hope!

Best Banks?

I want to hear your horror stories, or words of praise! I have to open a bank account with a national bank of some sort. My credit union just isn't cutting it for me anymore. My options are: Chase (JPMorgan Chase Bank), Bank of America, or Wells Fargo.

I've never had a "real" bank account before, I've only had my credit union account (and it's a small credit union, I've only been in there twice and they know my name) so I'm completely new at this. I was hoping for something without monthly fees because I like my money, I don't really want to give them all this extra money just for holding my money for me. Should I just stick with my credit union? Because pretty much every bank I'm looking at is like "free for the first three months" and then they have a catch, like you need at least 10 transactions or they charge you a fee for the month, or mandatory direct deposit (I don't know if my future place of employment will have direct deposit so I'm weary of going this route)...

So for those three banks do you have any words of wisdom, tales of horror, or absolute praise? Let me know, it'll make my decision easier. Thanks. :)

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so i'm throwing my mom a 50th birhtday party and i need to make music cds. so far, i've thought of a few songs:

i'm too sexy
can't touch this
ice ice baby
two princes
breakfast at tiffany's

any other ideas? she hates rap, hippity hop, and country.
maybe rap songs that people who typically hate rap seem to like.

thanks so much!

edit: yes, i believe can't touch this and ice ice baby are considered rap. both were requested and are the only rap songs she can listen to. notice the lack of songs by artists such as eminem, dr.dre, fiddy cent, or diddy (p.diddy, puff daddy, whatever) and ones that talk about killing people, drugs, niggas, and f***ing hos.

another pronunciation question

I'm reading a book right now- A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. It's a really awesome fantasy book, and I reccommend it to any fantasy lovers out there. Anyway- when I read books that have difficult to pronounce names, I generally don't spend much time trying to figure out how they should be pronounced; instead I just go with the first pronunciation that comes to mind. It makes it easier for me to read.

So here are some names/proper nouns from my book- how would you pronounce them? (or if anyone can figure out the proper pronunciation, that would be nice too)


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What names in literature have you grossly mispronounced until you found out how it was really said? For me, it was Hermione in Harry Potter. For about a year I pronounced her name Her my own.


I feel like killing my inbox again, so…

1)When is it appropriate to tell a girl that you love her? I mean, is there a certain amount of time that you should wait?

2)How can you tell that you really love a girl?

3)How can you tell if a girl loves you?

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Do you think that a child under 18 has the right to know how much money his parents have put into his savings account? Do you think he has the right to know that he even HAS a savings account?

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I went to see Hoodwinked today and there was a preview for an animated movie something about someone saving..someone. animals. and it had a major cast...Whoopi GOldberg, Jon Stewart...Kevin Smith. Ive searched but cant find it...has anyone seen this preview?