January 12th, 2006

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I'm going to get DSL. I want to have it on two computers in my house. In order to do this do I need one router and one wireless network card, or one router and two wireless cards?
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So I'm sick and twisted, but that's not anything new.

Here's my question, say I sit down with those new flinstone Gummie multivitamins. Say I am watching a Law & Order marathon and manage to eat a whole case of Flinstone Gummie Multivitamins.

Would I die? Get sick?

Have you ever over dosed on a certain type of food? Like eating too many bags of skittles and throwing up rainbow?
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Random List

1) How many hours did you procrastinate today? I probably lost 3-6 hours!

2) Do you think Martha's (Stewart) punishment was justified? Or not enough?

3) Do you think Kate's (Moss') punishment was justified? Or not enough?

4) Who do you think should be thrown in jail? What would you sentence him/her?

5) Would you raise your kids in NYC? Why / not?

6) Should I eat gummi bears or some weird asian snack like dried cuttlefish?

7) Do you think this blonde joke is funny? http://www.livejournal.com/users/ethernetbunny/620658.html
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I have a job interview tomorrow. I'd like to send a thank you note thru campus mail (it's at the university I went to, and I sort of know the person).  What should I say? 
I was thinking something along the lines of 'thanks for the opportunity to interview with you....I enjoyed hearing more about the job, and meeting you'.. something along those lines, but maybe not cheesy like that :)  and I also don't know if I should add something about 'i'd really do well at this job'?  but not just come out and say that of course.  any suggestions?  :) 
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I used to be such a bookworm when I was younger but I haven't been able to concentrate on book reading for years. I should really start again but I can't do that thing anymore where I would read a different 500 page book and stay up, instead of sleeping all night like I have to do these days.

What new-ish book would you recommend for someone not interested in fiction or self-help (since those are the kinds of books I never finish for some reason), and who can't sit still for very long? I've already got a list of literature classics that I never had to read in school, but I want something new too. Check my interests if you want to get really specific.
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online picture album

This morning I remembered an online picture album that I used to have - or maybe still have?

Problem: I don't remember the URL but I would probably recognize it when I saw it!

All I know is that I made it ca. 3 years ago and that the website was rather popular back then. And I remember my user name and I think I can figure out the password.

So, which online photo album / hosting sites do you know?
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Whenever I press Caps Lock in my web browser, it functions as the 'back' button in the browser. It does the Caps Lock as well, but it also jumps back a page. I have no idea what's causing this; it just started to act up.

Anybody know what may be causing this and what I can do about it?

ETA: It's doing all sorts of other weird things, too. Like when I press CTRL, the calculator pops up. And when I press ALT, Outlook starts up.

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I'm just wondering if anyone knows if people who have stutters prefer for others to finish their words for them? I've never done it because I thought they'd find it a bit demeaning, but apparently quite a few stutterers don't mind it. Someone please help me out?
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Reminded, though not inspired, by loanwords's cooking post.

1. Chili: beans or no beans? Why?
2. When (if) you buy a tube of cookie dough from the grocery store, do you really make cookies, or just eat the dough?

And for something completely different...
3. We really need to repaint the walls in our bathroom. The original paintjob is terrible. It's one coat of paint, with no primer, directly onto the plaster. There are lots of places the paint is just peeling right off. I know that just painting directly over the first coat, as is, will not have good results, but I don't really know what I should do. So, any tips?

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So, a Lolita has just come to mean a seductive teenager, and a Pollyanna is someone who's stupidly optimistic. What other character names have come into the general language? Or words/names that were invented by an author? (e.g. Lewis Carroll's "chortle")
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Following on from my previous question, I have another one...

A woman (rightly or wrongly) accuses a man of rape. Before the case goes to court, the man's name is open to the media while the woman's name is protected.

The man is effectively tried twice, once by the judge and once by a media / mob rule judgement. The judge may decide either way. The media/mob are almost certain to convict.

Should the man's name be protected? Should the woman's?

I'm a pillock. I posted this to the wrong community, but I'll let it stand.
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I have a bottle of orange juice. The label says that it has 100% pure squeezed orange juice, but on the same label, it says it's not from concentrate.

What exactly does that mean? Is that a contradiction?
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Fashion Advice

I am going out to an event that has been described to me as "goth electronic retro." I have new cute shoes I want to wear, probably with some fishnet thigh highs, and a new necklace. I have no idea what to wear with it. Keep in mind that I'm a size 20-22.
What should I wear??

Edit-- and how should I do my hair??

EDIT--- I found a pict of a top and waistcincher I have. Would it be too much??

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I'd like to learn Spanish in preparation for a trip to South America this summer. Taking into account that I would like to advance beyond the basics, what series would you recommend for teaching myself Spanish?

(I have several bilingual friends with whom I can practice, but "teach me a new language" is a bit of a hefty request.)

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I'm having a little get together tomorrow night and I decided the food theme will be comfort food. So far I decide to make baked mac & chz...but I need some more ideas. :-)

What are some of your favorite comfort foods?

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I have a Sony DSC-P93 camera. Is there any way I can make my camera a webcam with certain cables or anything? I've got DC IN, USB, and A/V Out plugs on my camera.
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Have you ever had a relationship that worked out after being broken up for a period of time? Explain.

What's your opinion of alcoholics and drug addicts recovering through 12 step programs and such?

What do you think of Celexa? If you've used it, what were the side effects for you?

If you are an addict or alcoholic, what is your view on relationships? Such as, no relationships until a year clean/sober, anytime, only with another addict/alcoholic, depends on the person etc.?

Wow, that's a lot more than I intended to type.....weeeee

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So how do you get wax out of cotton pants? Anyone have a tried way of doing it thats going to work? They arent my pants and I dont want to trust some internet site that could lie to me :p Thanks!
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I've never really had a craving for anything before, and just now this insatiable urge to have strawberries just hit me.

am I pregnant?

TQC do yer thang!

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Recently I've been watching a British comedy called "Allo Allo". On the third season, one of the DVD features is a debate between members of the fanclub and people who think the show is offensive.

The show is about a man named Rene, who is French and owns a cafe in a small town in Nazi-occupied France. As he explains near the beginning of every show, he is friendly to the Germans so they don't shoot him, but also helps the Resistance to smuggle British airman out of France, so the Resistance doesn't shoot him. He also has to hide from his wife the affairs he is having with the waitresses, otherwise his wife might shoot him. There is also a gay Nazi who's in love with him.

The program is from the 80s/early 90s and it is obviously intended as a farce/comedy. Not at all serious. To me, it seems very similar to Are You Being Served?, Fawlty Towers, and similar British comedy shows.

Has anyone else seen this show?

So.....would you find this show offensive?

What about shows like Family Guy, American Dad and the Simpsons?

Do you have to wait a certain amount of time before making jokes about something?

Is it the content of the jokes or the intention of the teller that matters more?

how to teach english to a busboy.

someone asked a question earlier about learning spanish, but i have a bit of a different question on the subject, so bare with me.

see, there's this guy who works at my diner. we'll call him sergio. because that's his name. so, sergio has lived in america for nine years, but never formally studied english. he speaks broken english, and although it's damn cute, i would really like to help him learn to speak more fluently. i don't need something that's going to teach him things like "hello" or most common words. it's more the grammar that he's lacking. but, at the same time, i'd like to pick up some spanish. (although, "te quiero" has worked fine for me thus far...)

what are some good materials that i can pick up to help us both learn our respective foreign languages together?

preferably, something he can do while on break at the diner, since i haven't the time to be messing around with sergio's poor head any further.

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For a christmas present my Aunt made everyone in our family a little booklet of our family's photos. She had pictures and a few peoms she wrote and it was really creative. I was wondering if anyone knows of a website that allows you to put together a booklet of poems/pictures and printed/shipped them to you. I emailed her and asked her where she did them but she's slow to respond and I want to get a move on this ASAP. Thanks in advance.


In America we drive on the right side of the road. Also, typically entrance doors are on the right hand side and people walk on the right hand side of the sidewalk.

In places where they drive on the left hand side of the road are doors on the left and do people walk on the left hand side of the sidewalk?
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1) How often do you look at somebody's user info?
I know lots of people who only check user info if they really agree or really disagree with somebody. But I really enjoy seeing what people want to say about their beliefs/lives/journals in such a condensed space, so I probably look at more userinfos than most LJers.

2) Most places have that "typical (fill in place) weather". For example, here in St. Louis it's completely normal to use your air condition and heater in the same day all through the Spring and Fall. Also, about an hour ago it was sunny and 65 degrees. However, it wouldn't be surprising if we got a blizzard tomorrow. It's common to hear "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. It'll change." Another example- my mom, who lives in Arizona now, always says "It's a dry heat."
What do the locals say about the weather in your place in the world?

3) When cleaning your house/apartment/cave, what order do you go in?
I normally go living room, kitchen, bathroom, den, bedrooms.

4) How often do you have people over?
Not very often. It's hard to find time. My husband works from 3pm-1am, so our hours are pretty different from most of our friends
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Taking Screenshots

How do you take photos (digital) of a TV screen without getting those annoying lines that tend to appear all over the picture of the screen? I know not to use the flash, but that doesn't help with the line problem.
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since i recently got my ass back on ebay i think its about time i sold some stuff to make some much needed money. can you suggest some stuff that i can sell so i can make as much money as possible? i'm kinda stuck for ideas.

eta - i'm in need of some ideas that would get me the most money ( i am poverty stricken! ) i have my own place so i have more junk than if i stayed with my parents. i'm not making much sense am i? :-(
thankies ♥
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1- Who else agrees that adding "TQC, do yer thang!" at the end of each post should be mandatory?

2- If not, to be more united, how about insisting that everything written (posts and replies) be posed in a question?

3- Wouldn't that be amusing for at least 5 minutes?


ps. ?

pps. TQC do yer thang!
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I'm carpooling with only one person, the driver, for a roundtrip ride back home for the weekend. It'll take about 3 and a half hours to drive 230 miles. He has a sedan. How much should I offer to help with the gas? He's not a friend, we just found each other through rideshare ads over the net.

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During the holidays, I bought a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse.

When I first took it out of the package and plugged it in, it worked fine. But now, a day later, it won't work at all. I read the manual and it said to press a couple buttons, and I did so, but it still won't turn on. The light turns green for half a second, and then turns off.

Has anyone ever dealt with this before? What should I do?
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This is for pet owners. Do any of your pets do anything really strange that you've never seen any other animal do before?

I dated a guy whose cat used to suck his tail. it was the strangest thing. And my boyfriends cat loves to lick the shower curtian after we've taken a shower. The first time I saw her do it, I was like of like what the heck is this? but now it's become sort of a ritual for her. I take a shower and she sits by the door and waits and the second I get out, she runs over and gets on the tub and licks the curtian for 20 minutes. And she will cry for us to pull the curtian out more so she can reach it so she doesn't get wet.
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Gamer Chicks

First off: Guy/girl?

To any girls who play video games:

1. If someone called you a "gamer chick", would you take that as a good thing, or a bad thing?

2. What do you picture when you think "gamer chick?"

3. What kind of games do you like?


1. If you heard a girl was a "gamer chick", would that be good or bad?

2. Describe a typical "gamer chick"

3. What do you think of video games? Which types do you like?
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Nerdy questions ahoy!

Is there anywhere on the internet where you can download D&D rulebooks? It doesn't matter what edition or anything like that, my boyfriend really wants to learn to play and I don't have the funds to buy him one of the books myself.

Also, if you play D&D, how did you get into it? Do you find it fun? What advice would you give to my boyfriend and I, who really want to get into it and have no idea what to expect?

Thanks guys! You all rock!
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1. I feel this question has been adequately answered.

2. How often do you change your LJ layout?

3. What's your favorite flag?

4. Who's your favorite poet?

5. What's one song lyric that sums up your day?

6. Do you swear a lot?

7. Do you think you're photogenic?

8. What are some things you just know about other TQC members?

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These kind of questions get asked a lot, but I know that I always like to answer them, so yeah.

I'm making 3 different cds.

1. About Home (eg. Home by Michael Buble, My Hometown by Aaron Lines)

2. About being a teenager, or being young (eg. I'm just a teenage dirtbag by wheatus, i'm just a kid by simple plan)

3. A CD for my volleyball teams warmup. Mainstream, CLEAN upbeat songs.

What songs should I add to these cds?
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How long do you spend in the shower?

Do you prefer to drink icy cold water or water at room temperature?

I spend anywhere from 25-45 minutes in the shower, and most of this time i spend standing under hot water, not washing. And i prefer drinking water at room temperature.
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Tea, Navy & Route Finding Websites

1. Where can one buy a decent tea for two set online? I've googled but can't find anything I like - any secret websites full of treasures out there? No flowery teapots please!

2. What colours go well with navy blue, aside from white and its cousins?

3. Any websites similar to Google maps where I can plan out A to B to C route, rather than just an A to B route?
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music and memories

Is there an album that when you listen to it, it reminds you of a particular time in your life?

For me, Jewel's album 'Spirit' reminds me of the winter when I was in seventh grade, when I had moved to an apartment at a defunct ski resort. I used to walk home from the bus stop in the cold listening to it. I remember the cold not being bothersome, but comforting. I also remember watching the beautiful sunsets.
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My interview is tomorrow at 9 am.  It isn't a dressy office.. more like work casual.  I'm planning on wearing my nicest khaki slacks with dressy brown shoes.  Should I wear my cranberry sweater set, a brown and red striped shirt (not crazy stripes..very thin) with embrodered flowers, or a turtle neck sweater..I've got one in brown or purple?  I think with any of those, I'll still be 'over dressed', but I do want to make a good impression.  I"m just hoping it doesn't rain.. cause my hair turns to shit when it rains. 
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Hey, so I was just wondering what you guys would do if in my situation. I'm still a newbie when it comes to relationships. =/

Let's say there is this guy whom you like only as a friend. He tells you one day that he likes you, and that he would really love it if you go out with him. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, you replied back saying that you wouldn't mind going out with him - as a friend, only. And that you are comfortable with being just friends and don't want to change it. He answered that you could give him a chance - go out with him once or twice, and see how things go.

What would you do? Try to see if you could maybe develop feelings for the guy, or tell him again no?

Adding to the situation, what if you have a crush on someone else at the same time? (A crush who is completely unsuitable and unlikely to reciprocate your feelings. )