January 11th, 2006

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When kissing, do you open or close your eyes?
What do you prefer your partner to do?
What do you think of people who kiss the opposite way?

Is it really bad that I'm staying up to watch Elimidate when I hate it? Could I be developing an "it comes after South Park" addicion?
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Does anyone know what can be done with old batteries?

I use LOADS for my MP3 player, I hate the fact I end up with so many dead batteries at the end of the week but haven't gotten around to getting rechargeable ones yet.
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TV question

Ok, so I got an LCD TV for Christmas. That's so cool, right?

So um, how exactly do I hook it up to my cable? I got a splitter thingy and plugged the internet line in one side (which clearly works) and the tv line into the other side. I ran the autofind channel thing and it said it found 125 channels, but only static comes up. I don't have a cable box in my room, just the line from the wall I use for my internet. Do I need a cable box?

I'm so not technically inclined and I have a horrible feeling that this is not really that technical and should be quite obvious.

Help please.
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latest addiction.

What's your latest addiction?

Mine is watching items on eBay. I just put them in my watched items list and don't bid on them. But I get obsessive about it. I refresh it every 15 minutes. I plan my lunch breaks around it so I can be there when the auction ends... just in case I decide to bid on it at the last minute. But I never really do. I just watch.

Random. Sorry for length!

My brother takes his showers at night, and that's all good- I have no issues with that. I take mine at night, as well. But he takes his at 1 in the morning, when everyone is the house is normally asleep. Both my parents wake up from 5:30-6:00 to get up for work and our shower is ridiculously loud causing my parents to wake up. They've tried to talk to him about it, but he's too much of a fucking jerk to consider being NICE for once.

My questions are:
  • Does this not seem ridiculously rude to you?
  • Would there be an effective way to approach him about this? He's a total asshole and I'm not just saying that lightly, as anyone else would say it. He is a really big asshole. He has no consideration for other peoples feelings WHATSOEVER. Collapse )
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    Question for Canadians.

    For Canadians, or any Americans who happen to know this stuff about Canada.

    As you know, we've got an election coming up. Now, I moved a few months ago. The only government record of my address that I have changed thus far is my Ontario driver's license.

    I know the Canada Revenue Agency doesn't have my new address yet - I've gotten income tax notices as well as GST refund checks that have been readdressed by CanadaPost's readdressing service. As far as I was aware, it is through your income tax return that they compile the list of electors, and from there mail out the election cards (you know the ones I'm talking about).

    Now, I received my election card addressed directly to my new correct address, rather than it having been readdressed by the post office.

    Since when does the federal government get information from the provincial governments? How did they get my new address? I'm confused.
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    Psychology food for thought

    Would you consider a person with severe depression (meaning they can barely get out of bed and can;t really get any work done; they sleep for 16 hours a day;etc.) to be mentally ill ? If so, would you refer to a severly depressed person as such? What about a bi-polar (manic-depressive) person?
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    I just got a bottle of soda from a vending machine, and I believe it fell a great distance, heh. It's been about seven minutes. It looks tame now, but it was a mess when I got it.

    Should I go for it? (Success! Thanks!)

    edit to add: I have very bad luck with sodas so it is going to sit here until I get some inspiration to go ahead.

    And since soon I'll get an answer and open the soda, I'll add this: What's the worst soda-related disaster you've ever experienced? I was opening a two-liter of cream soda once and got it all over my keyboard and my chair. The keyboard escaped unharmed, but since I was in a dorm I had to eventually pay for the chair.

    last edit, just to keep you posted: I was just enjoying my soda and, no joke, the bottle slipped a little and foam sprayed out to my left while part of the bottle was still in my mouth. There's just no winning with these things!
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    I went to get my hair cut the other day and after my hairdresser was done, she sprayed something in my hair that made it feel soft and light for the rest of the day. Does anyone know what that is?
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    Tip your massage therapist?

    Am I supposed to tip my massage therapist? As I arrived at her salon I heard her patient before me telling her she was going to write her a tip into her check.

    This caught me off guard. I always thought my massage therapist was performing a medical service. I mean this massage was prescribed by my chiropractor for a legitimate injury and paid for by insurance (except for a $25 co-pay which I write her a check for). And I don't tip my doctor or my chiropractor or a physical therapist when they provide medical services. Is a massage therapist different? Should I be tipping her? And if so, how much should I tip for an $80 service?

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    This question came about as a result of my boyfriend being horrified this morning over my choice of breakfast food. (Cheeseburger and chips, btw) He likes his Kashi cereal and milk or whatnot, but I hate cereal and milk in the morning. I want food.

    So, the question is, what absolutely horrifying thing (ie, not traditional breakfast food) do you like in the mornings?

    Celebrity gossip

    What do you think about Brad and Angelina having a baby together? (People magazine and their reps confirmed it this morning.)

    I think it's great and I am pathetically excited about it. :D

    Because I'm bored.....

    Work is so slow (I've been here over 3 hours, and done practically nothing)

    I'm not really hungry, but I'm craving Taco Bell. I get off @ 2. Should I go now, get burritos & beat the boredom, but lose 15 minutes off my time card? Or wait till I get off and pick it up on my way home?

    Also - what fast food do you crave? How often?
    I need a spicy chicken burrito or 2 at least once a week, or I go crazy thinking about them. Its a sickness, I can't help it.
    petit prince


    (these are not rhetorical[obviously, it's tqc])

    1. why is it that global nuclear policy is allowed to be decided by such subjective means? so, the west thinks mahmoud ahmadinejad and kim jong il are crazy/unstable/"evil" so they're not allowed to have nuclear weapons, but since the leaders of the us/uk/israel(presumably)/france/china/russia are "ok" then we're all allowed to have them?

    i just want to know, in all seriousness, what the rationale behind this is. should the western nations set a precedent? i certainly don't WANT ahmadinejad and kim jong il to have nukes (cause, i'll be honest, i think they're crazies, too), but how can we tell them that they can't have them when we do, simply based on the subjective quality of their risk to the rest of the planet? couldn't one argue that the us and its allied forces have been proven to be an active aggressive force and, therefore, should not have nukes?

    2. why is it that there's a "wet foot-dry foot" policy (aka: if cubans make it to the us and set foot on solid ground, they can stay. if they're caught at sea, they have to go back) with cuba, but not with other countries which have lots of illegal immigration to the us?
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    Silly question, but I have never mailed anything to Canada before.
    How much would it cost to mail a typical sized letter to Canada from the united states? (it would just cost the normal postage of $0.39 ((good grief)) to mail it anywhere here in the U.S.)
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    (no subject)

    inspired by my lousy job and the question about tipping...

    how much do you tip your waiter when you go out?

    how much do you tip your hair stylist?

    are you against tipping any one in a certain profession?

    me- when i eat out, usually 20%, always at least $5.
    my mom pays for it, usually $5-10.
    i tip the hair stylist less because i know she makes a good amount of money, and i kind of carry that over. i dont like tipping the pizza delivery people because i know they get minimum wage and are given some allowance for gas. i usually give them a couple bucks tho.

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    There was a rather unpleasant incident in my apartment about a week or two ago that ended with a massive amount of my friend's hot pink eyeshadow all over the carpet. I think the brand was pronounced "Matt-tass-say" or something like that. Anyway, I've tried cleaning it up with wet paper towel, wet washcloth, and Woolite carpet stain remover, but there's still a bunch of noticable spots. The property manager is coming here on Friday morning to fix the plumbing, so I have to get the carpet all clean by Thursday. Any ideas?
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    Do any of you have Amazon Prime?

    I saw in the description that it can be applied to "Millions of Items". I'm assuming that anything that ships from a third party won't fall into the "millions of things", but have you ever run across anything else that wasn't covered?

    I'm trying to decide whether it's worth it.


    So, what kinds of things irritate you on a daily basis that you generally ignore, but if you were to have a bad day might make you snap.

    For me it's probably in the grocery store when someone takes up a whole isle themselves with their cart. Normally it can fit 2-3 carts but somehow they manage to make it happen. Another would be slow ass drivers on freeway entrance ramps, because NOTHING rocks like having to merge into 70+mph traffic when you're going 40.

    MS Word

    I'm making a document in Word that I want Landscape and makes 2 pages per sheet of paper (each page is 1/2 the size of a normal page). I keep getting prompted with this:

    Settings you chose for the left and right margins, column spacing or paragraph indents are too large for the page width in some sections.

    I even changed every field to "0" and I still get this message. Can someone help me get this to work?
    Me--State Fair

    USB question

    Hi there.

    Right now, my computer has 3 USB ports. When I put my flash drive in them, a window pops up that says "connect this device to a high speed USB drive for better performance" or some jazz like that.

    So would this be a problem if I bought an iPod? If it would be, is there an adaptor I can buy to make a faster USB connection?

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    This is a very weird question and theres not quite a correct way to phrase it.

    Is there some kind of...thing...that's good at holding fabric together without putting a hole in it/making it permanently stick? The equivalent of removable-but-extra-strength-double-sided-tape would be exactly what I'm look for.

    If not, someone invent it. I'll send you four dollars.

    Problem solved, thanks!


    Last night I had a cafe latte at a book group meeting. Then I went to meet some other friends at the pub and had around 5 vodkas and cokes. I was quite sober when I got home. However, around an hour after I went to sleep, I threw up and have been feeling ill most of today. I know my drinking limits and the amount I drank is not enough to give me a hangover. Also, I rarely am sick after drinking or when I have a hangover.

    Would the milk from the latte mixed in the vodka be the thing that made me sick?
    Roger and Mimi//RENT

    Computer Questions

    1. Where can I get Adobe Illustrator for as little money as possible (trials will work for me, but I want something more permanent)? I'm in a computer graphics class in my college, and I'd rather work on my own computer than trek across campus for late-night sessions.

    2. In the same class, we're using Macintoshes (which I haven't used for a looonnnnnggg time), but I have a PC. Of these two (if any), which will work better between both computers? We have a choice between a 100 MB flash drive or a CD-R (not to be confused with a CD-RW).

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    Sort of a long shot question... googling isn't turning up very many good answers.

    I'm trying to do some research on children's mental asylums in the late 19th and early 20th centuries- the common conditions, the death rates, and basically any other information related to what it was like. Can anyone recommend a book or provide a link? A whole heap of cookies for you if you do.

    Dog Question

    I want to adopt a small dog and I am curious to know how well it will get along with the dog I already have.

    My dog (he's small, about 15 pounds) is male, a mutt, about 6 years old and we brought him into our house as a puppy when we still had three cats (and he got along with them fine, but we only have one cat now).

    There are two dogs I'm looking at for adoption; a male 3 month old Chihuahua (possible mix) and a female 2 year old Papillon mix.

    Which would be better gender wise? How about age wise? Or does it not make a difference? Any tips/suggestions for me?
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    Since the bra questions was asked....

    How often does everyone change their underwear??

    Me, I put clean on in the morning, change it when I get home from work, and wear it through the night, unless I go to the gym because then I change after work, wear it to the gym and change after my quick shower after the gym....
    leave your turntable on

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    I installed Photoshop on my laptop, and after doing that, I can't seem to preview my images any more. When I click on a preview, it then opens the image up in Photoshop. When I installed it on my PC, nothing like this happened. What should I do to fix this?
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    Can anyone explain to me why I can't open or compose Hotmail messages while using the Firefox browser but I can while using IE?

    Can you tell me how to fix it? Thank you.
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    Ok you know how there have been a number of cases where pregnant women try to get away with driving in the carpool lane because they think the baby counts as another person? But then they say that it's not legal because the other passenger has to be able to go to a different destination as the driver in order to be able to drive in the carpool; and that the baby's destination is always going to be the same as the mom's...

    So is it legal to drive in the carpool with an already born baby? I mean, you could use the same argument that he's going to the same destination as the mom...

    I dunno. I might be misinformed in the first place. Any idea?

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    which do you prefer - gold or silver and why?
    where is your hometown (the place where you were born, or the place you consider home)?
    ever had insomnia? if so - what do you do/have donefor it?
    what is your job title/occupation/student - whatever?
    how do you feel when someone from your past suddenly contacts you out of the blue?
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    How can I get goddamned Norton Antivirus off my computer? There's no uninstall thinger and it is annoying as fuck and I want it GONE.

    EDIT: It's gone now. Yay for Add/Remove Programs!
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    I have bought some bookcases which I need to assemble myself.  Upon looking at all the bits and pieces, I find that the screws don't look remotely like they do on the instructions notice.

    Instead of looking like so:

    Collapse )

    They look like this:

    Collapse )

    Do you reckon they have simplified them on the instructions, or are these a different type of screws?  I know very little of DYI and I just can't figure out at all why they are shaped the way they are.

    Everything else is accounted for so I haven't mixed my screws up.  They are the only screws for that product anyway.

    (My room is a shambles with the content of the bookcase all over the floor and my bed, and will be until this is sorted, so I will NOT be pleased if I have to wait for spare parts!)...

    ADDED: I have now had an answer to my email to the company that makes them, and they are confirming that the screws have been simplified on the instructions. They shouldn't do this in my opinion! Thanks for answers.
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    Dinner Ideas?

    I hate seafood, I had thai food yesterday, little to no groceries in the house, and I am not in the mood to cook.

    What should I have for dinner?

    I don't want "fast food" food(ie Mcdonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Arbys etc), because I haven't had any in a long, long time, I was thinking maybe getting a sub or something, any other ideas?

    (no subject)

    so, say I've got a fairly decent computer, which I use to do my homework, listen to music, mess around online, and play world of warcraft. I can generally understand things about computers... I could put in my own RAM, but I couldn't build a computer, and I can basically explain how something like spyware removal software works, but can't even do programming in excel. I'm fine with all current versions of windows, and mac os 9.2 and X. (which all happens to be true.)

    And I've obtained one boot-from-but-not-install-from disk, and one install disk, of ubuntu linux, which I've used a total of 5 minutes in my lifetime(with no problems).

    If I use the boot-from disk and like it... what sort of havoc could I cause with the install disk? in terms of, say, hard to find programs(having not tried it yet i don't know what would come on the disk), things like documents not saving in file types compatible anywhere else, having to by an entirely new copy of WoW- or whether it would work at all... general friendlyness to first time non-mainstream-OS users?

    A couple things I'm concerned about.. LONG POST!

    I'm a freshman in college. I just had to get an alternative loan. When I read the loan 'rates and fees' information, I see:
    "Interest Rate: Prime + 2.00%
    The interest rate is variable and may change monthly.
    Fee at Disbursement: 0.00%
    Fee at Repayment: 3.00%
    We will send a Truth In Lending Disclosure Statement to you, which will contain complete financial information about your loan, including repayment interest rate and annual percentage rate (APR). Your promissory note also contains information about interest rates and fees."

    I didn't get my promissory note yet. But what does "Prime +2%" mean?

    I plan on selling tons of stuff on ebay, to get more money for future NECESSARY expenses. I'm not a big spender, I'll buy something cheap that I like once or twice a month, but I still don't have enough money even though I work part-time.
    So I want to get rid of stuff. Like my desktop, with a tall tower and a 17" big CRT screen, and a digital CASIO piano.
    How would I go about shipping these, in case someone bought them? I want to know before hand so I dont get myself in trouble / get bad ratings.

    I don't know how to ship big stuff ;p

    I can look this up on the FAQs, but, do you know if I need something different to be a seller? I'm a new ebay user, and I only have Paypal with a savings bank account available to me, and only been rated a couple times.


    One of the classes I want to take is available online. Its an advanced math class. Since I am taking 18 credits, I was wondering if be better off taking the online course, and doing the homework for it while I'm at work (Im a receptionist at a radio station, where nothing ever happens / dont have any work to do).
    You can take the exams home, I like that. There will be Quicktime lectures, and notes.

    You print the homework and mail it to the professor when done. (On campus). Same with exams.
    There's plenty of tutoring on campus, and help is always available, and ofcourse, there's the office hours with the professor, so if I needed help, I woudn't feel alone...

    What do you think about this? Can you share experiences with online courses that you've had? Would you recomend this for me?
    Is there a way to make some money? I live on campus, don't drive, so places off campus would be difficult to get to. Work-study possitions only allow you 20 hours of work per week. I want more.
    Do you have any ideas? Are there any ways you can make money online? (That you know work, and are not illegal).
    I've had Google Adsense before, but I don't have my own website anymore (The friend that hosted it is away to India and can't maintain the site anymore).

    If you need to know what skills I have, to answer this question, please let me know.
    Do you think girls with glasses can be cute too? Why / why not? Specially the kind that has black frames. ;p Can you tell I'm talking about my glasses?
    If you have a friend who has the same kind of glasses, do you think s/he looks better with them, or without them?

    Uff, you made it this far! Thank you, thank you! Thank you for your time!

    music question

    Ok, so I've tried to answer this question by going through previous questions in the community - I didn't find it. So I'm sorry if this is a seriously computer/internet stupid question.

    I'm looking for a few specific country songs. I'd really like to download them but is there a way to do this safely? I would like to avoid catching a virus and I don't mind paying a little.

    Any suggestions???
    don, ufc, mma, frye


    In late November I crashed my car and rolled it over on the highway, and I totaled it. I was pretty scared and I ended up being fine, no serious injuries, but ever since then I have been having nightmares almost every night where I crash a car in one way or another, and I usually wake up either yelling, or about to yell, and I wake up with this just overwhelming feeling of terror, like it's still happening even when I'm awake. Is this like...normal? It seems to me since nothing physically that bad happened to me I should be "over" it by now, but I'm most certainly not. So any help is appreciated, especially from those who maybe have had a similar experience.
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    (no subject)

    Does anyone take lunesta ?

    Any side effects?

    Can you take it w/ alcohol? How much?
    Or can you skip taking it on nights you drink?

    I mean like ONE beer
    2 at the most
    not crazy amounts of alcohol

    and i do plan on asking my dr when/if i get a prescription for it
    i am just looking for personal experience

    (no subject)

    1a. Where can I find (the book) The Wyvern Mystery by J S Le Fanu online?
    1b. Have you seen the miniseries of The Wyvern Mystery? What did you think of it?

    2. What's your favourite video game?

    3. There's been so many iPod troubleshooting questions lately. Who else thinks there should be a community for such questions, or if it already exists, that people should ask there instead? Edit: There's ipod_support but it's not very active.
    kiv dancin.
    • behka

    leaving on a jet plane

    in your experience, what's the best online site to use when purchasing an airplane ticket?

    have you had any bad experiences, or any noteworthy good experiences?

    i've used cheaptickets before, but i'm thinking about branching out.
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    (no subject)

    1. Did it snow where you were on Christmas day? How bout New Years? Was there even snow on the ground?
    2. Is it snowing where you live now?
    3. Is there snow on the ground where you live?
    4. When is the snow season where you live?
    5. Do you live somewhere that's pretty much always cold (I ask because most of places I know besides alaska and others have really cold winters and really hot summers)?
    6. Do you get really hot summers?
    7. What's the weather like where you are?
    8. Do you like snow? How bout rain?

    (no subject)

    Alright, So I applied to this grocery store [which I promised my friend I would do five months ago...] and I was wondering when I should call them back? They might find it difficult to reach my contact number, and I know that employers like when you show the initaitive to call. I don't know when I should however. Two weeks? A month?

    I'm looking for free stickers for an informal competition between my friends. Any good site to get them at? Google searchs have yielded nothing but PETA.
    Kyouya - Outside the Lines

    (no subject)

    Do you ever correct your professors if they give you wrong information? During class? After?

    My English professor said that in the 1600s everyone believed the world was flat, which is one of my huge pet peeves. Granted, it's not like he's a history professor, but he's still spreading misinformation.
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    (no subject)

    I have a favour to ask all of the LJ_UK people.....

    It is my Nans funeral on Monday morning and My Daddy wants a certain piece of music....if ANYONE knows where I can get it from/download it from tonight (Undertakers need a copy asap....to play at the crem) I would be eternally grateful.

    The Bachelors - I believe

    Robson and Jerome brought out a copy, but he'd love to have the original as Nan and Grandad used to listen to it in their younger days ;o)

    Thanks in Advance


    Thank you everyone. I have a good copy of it :o)
    lead me

    what do you do when the financial aid dept screws up your financial aid?

    I went to school to register for classes today (we're old school, we still have to do it in person) and when they gave me my printout for tuition and scholarships, they had seven little scholarships on there in place of the big scholarship I'm guaranteed to receive for eight semesters. The seven little ones add up to what my big one gives me a semester.

    The only thing is I never applied for any of these little ones -- they're all education scholarships so I guess I got them because I started taking education classes and I've kept my grades up. (Or at least that's the assumption I'm making.) I asked someone from the business office what was going on and she said something about they're just trying to find accounts to put money in; she made it sound like the school has money to blow and doesn't know what to do with it or something. I didn't understand it, but then again my first question was about my federal aid since I thought that's where the discrepancy was. I didn't notice until I got home that my big scholarship had been left off entirely.

    So at this point I'm not sure what to think. I've been awarded these seven little scholarships and my big scholarship was forgotten. Now I am positive that somebody is going to try to tell me that all of these little scholarships are in place of my trustee scholarship and that it's just a clerical thing, no big deal... but it's not. I was given these seven awards out of nowhere, and where's the one I was guaranteed when I told them I'd go here? I want my trustee scholarship.

    (The only reason I think this might be happening is because the scholarship acceptance letter said that I would have to attend some meeting to write a letter to whoever sponsored my scholarship, but I was told by several people that I would be notified of that by mail. I never got anything in my mailbox telling me to attend any such meeting the past year and a half I've been going here.)

    So my first question is -- does this make any sense to you?

    And second, how do I go about convincing financial aid that they're wrong and they owe me a big chunk of tuition?
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    (no subject)

    For those of you who work out -

    Do you work out in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night? Around what time? Does the type of workout you do depend on the time of day? Why do you work out at that time?
    Sleepy cat

    (no subject)

    The internet just doesn't seem to have enough things for me to do tonight. I've done everything I know what there is, and the last 5 times I checked my email I had no new messages. I don't want to do my homework.

    What sites should I visit to cure my boredom?
    Any good games I should play?

    Collapse )
    Normal people.

    (no subject)

    Right, well my new hockey team has a very lousy name ["Slow Play" - what the heck?] and the managers said they'll give us one week to come up with something new. Any ideas?

    We want something funky, weird, or nonsensical. [Along the lines of the Rabid Meeses, the evil top ramens, the lightspeed]. Doesn't have to especially relate to hockey.
    misc - cemetery

    (no subject)

    Apparently I am completely oblivious to weather reports, because I had no idea it was supposed to rain today. I wore clogs which are suede-ish (I don't know if it's real) on the outside and sorta wooly on the inside.

    I've been home for 6 and a half hours and my shoes are still soaked and muddy. How can I clean and dry them without ruining the material?
    Padme Interrupted.

    Home is where the toilet overflows.

    The house my family lives in was built in the 1950s, and while I find some of its fifty-year-old quirks kind of, well, quirky, at times, they can be annoying. Like the part where the fuse blows if somebody accidentally runs the toaster oven the same time as the microwave, or tries to vacuum downstairs while somebody is making coffee.

    Or how, living in the basement, I'm privy to having the walls "sweat" when there's a particular amount of moisture outside, making it impossible to keep my posters sticky-tacked. Does this happen to anyone else? What other "quirks" does your living situation (houses, mobile homes, apartment buildings - though I mostly mean the building itself, not neighbors, which I'm sure is a community itself! - etc.) have?

    P.S.: This is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a while. Hola!
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    (no subject)

    Okay, so some really weird things have been going on in my sleep...

    Two days ago, I woke up with a sprained ankle! How the hell does that happen? I know it's sprained for sure, it's sooo painful!

    How is this possible?? lol

    This morning, I wake up, same foot, I've been bitten by a spider on the bottom. The pain is just ten times worse, and my toes are killing me now! It's also made me feel really sick in the stomach and a head ache.

    Basically my foot is a balloon!

    How can I relieve both of these pains. I've put heat on it..nothing. Frozen peas...nothing. Cortisone cream...nothing. I'm not going to the docs because he will send me home like always. I suppose there is not much I can do!

    Oh! And this morning, I also woke up with a sprained wrist. Yup!

    And no, I haven't been doing any physical activity at all. I'm on holidays and spend the day in bed watching day time T.V and DVD's!!

    My explanation is that, I was abducted by aliens! lol jokes.

    What the?
    lulu guinness clutch

    (no subject)

    1. What song (if any) is currently stuck in your head?
    I have "Japanese Gum" by Her Space Holiday stuck in my head.

    2. Do you ever start to sing a song that's stuck in your head without realizing?
    I started singing that today in Sephora without realizing. I was looking for shampoo and started to sing "It's not like I'm a slut or that I really like to fuck, I just want every boy I see to walk away with part of me." Lucky for me it was early so there weren't a whole bunch of people there. Though, as soon as I realized I wanted to die.