January 10th, 2006

Me--State Fair


There's a website where you can type in anything and it will spit it out in Google text for you.

ETA: by which I mean, something like Collapse )

And for some reason, I can't find the link on this site.

I thought I had it, but I lost it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

ETA again: I am a moron, that can't spell, so no wonder I couldn't find the link. Too many o's.

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Smoking and Death

1. I've been around second-hand smoke all my life, thanks to my mom. My sister smokes and many of my friens smoke. I don't smoke, but lately I've been having huge cravings. I mean, HUGE cravings for a cigarette. I even had a dream last night where I caved in and smoked. Nothing about my habits have changed, except when I go back to college I'm around the second hand smoke a lot less, and that's when the cravings get worse. This is possibly the dumbest question I've asked in a long time, but oh well: can someone be addicted to second hand smoke? How can I get myself to STOP CRAVING THE CANCER STICKS, because I really, really don't want to start smoking.

And on a different, more morbid note:

2. What would be the worst possible, most frightening and horrible way for you to die? What sort of death would be the worst thing for you to experience?

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Dean's List

How does the dean's list at colleges usually work? Is it based only on GPA?

I just got my first-semester grades from college, and my GPA was okay (3.3ish) but not wonderful. Somehow, I still made the dean's list. I think a 3.3 GPA is a very low to make the dean's list. The only thing I could think of is that almost all the courses I took were typically non-freshman courses, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Does it? It's a pretty small school if that matters (~350 students)
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LCD TV Monitors

I've seen huge LCD HDTV monitors for very tempting prices. The ones with DVI ports say that connecting them to a computer may result in unsatisfactory performance, and is not recommended.

What would be unsatisfactory about it? I thought maybe low response time, but if it would blur games, it seems like it would blur movies, too. Maybe they only refresh at 30Hz or something... but being a LCD it wouldn't flicker, and I'm lucky to get 30 FPS out of most games anyhow.

It is simply the fact that most software doesn't support 1280x760 or whatever weird resolution these things have? [edit: 1280x720] I'm sure you could customize an X server with that resolution. But what would happen if a Windows app tried to go into fullscreen 1024x768 DirectX mode or something?
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here's a tough question

Think of some one you know (and by "know" I mean some one actually in your life rather than a politician or celebrity) that you dislike. What qualities that you dislike in them do you suspect might be similar to something you dislike about yourself?

There are quotes about this below the cut just in case you're wondering why I'm asking this question.

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(no subject)

Is anyone here a working Social Worker?
What kind of things do you do/ what place do you work at?
Was it hard to find a job?
What kind of classes that you took in college were most helpful to you in dealing with your everyday job?
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This is so silly, I just had to cross post it here! :-D

I finally found an album that MusicNOW doesn't have!!! At first, I felt this little victory inside because I had stumped them. Then, I got kinda sad, because you know what, I really wanted to listen to 'H T S'. Then I reached in my purse because I was like, "Oh, I can listen to it on my PSP!" Unfortunately, I left the PSP at home because I was playing it before I went to sleep. So, I'm listening to Panic! At the Disco right now, which ironically, has something to do with the name of the album I can't find on MusicNOW.

Now - if you can tell me what song from what album by what band I could not find on MusicNOW from that paragraph, you win a prize! ** Liz and my father are not allowed to participate because I already complained to them about it.

** - Prize? I mean my eternal admiration. :-P Or maybe a custom icon or something?
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(no subject)

1.) Are you ticklish?
2.) Do you like your job?
3.) If you had the choice of dying instantly today or dying in agnoizing slowness after your life's goals had been reached which would you choose?
4.) Have any of you had a favorite restaurant food removed from the menu?
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love and you

What's a quote/song lyric that best describes you and love?

Mine is:

"I think part of the reason I am attracted to (name) is because he is such a mess. I mean, the people I have loved in my life have never been easy to love. I am not used to normal. I'm used to disaster. I don't know, as messed up as he is, he's also sort of exciting, sort of a challenge. I am accustomed to working for love. .... I can see the person he could be, the person he almost is"

Fiction recommendations

I'd like to expand my reading this year and would like to get into both classic and contemporary fiction for the following: Norway, Finland, Denmark, England and Ireland.

Which authors would you suggest?

Note: I do not read sci-fi/fantasy.

Thank you.
Kyouya - Outside the Lines


I have a friend who is in a relationship with a married man. His wife not only knows, but approves and actually hooked them up. She also has relationships with other people; she and her husband are staying together for their daughter. I don't have any issues with it, and even if I did it wouldn't matter.

However, my friend's mother is another story. She's been treating her like shit because she doesn't approve of what her daughter's doing, and has admitted this is why she's been a complete uber-controlling bitch lately. She's called her worthless, grounded her for not doing a chore mentioned offhand when she spent the entire day at home doing chores, forbidden her to drive anywhere, etc. Why my friend puts up with it is beyond me, since she can pack up and leave any time she wants.

Her brother and roommate/'friend' are being complete fuckfaces about it as well.

My quesiton: How much should I get involved, if at all? I've already offered her a place to stay to get away from her mother, and she's this || close to accepting it. Should I just leave it at that? I want to scream at the lot of them that it's none of their fucking business to begin with, but I have a feeling that could lead nowhere good.

Thoughts? Don't comment if you're just going to lecture, please and thank you.

Edit: Thank you all for your advice. I've decided to not do anything beyond offering an ear and a place to crash.

Also thank you for showing me how judgemental people can be. Such lessons are valuable. And no, I'm not being sarcastic.
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(no subject)

How do to actually wake up?

I have an alarm clock...but i never hear it! I can sleep for hours while it rings. Or i wake up and turn it off and go back to sleep without realizing. Help!
JAM <3

Cell phone stuff..

In March of last year my parents signed a 2-year contract with Cingular and we all got a free flip phone with it. It's that black & silver Motorola that everyone has.. anyway, I'd really like to spend the extra money to get something with better features & higher quality (haven't decided which one yet). Is it going to affect the contract at all, such as increasing the monthly fee? What other fees should I expect (activation, etc)?

(no subject)

I checked the Cingular site and couldn't find the answer to this, so I am going to try you guys because there's less of a wait time here than there is on the Cingular customer service number =P Anyway, I really like the phone I currently have. There are 2 scenarios I want to know if are possible.

1)I'm currently the "add-a-line" on my dad's plan. Would I be allowed to change my phone number and still be on his plan, even though I'm in a different state?

2)If I want my own plan, am I allowed to keep my phone or will they make me get a new one?
2a)If I want my own plan, will that negatively affect my dad to take me off his plan?

I'm not really expecting a lot of answers to this because these are really personal experience questions. Also, anyone who wants to tell me to switch to some other company for service, don't even hit the reply button. I know there are people like that here, so go piss on someone else's entry :)
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(no subject)

Anyone know where the following websites are?

-A customizable weekly day planner that you print out and fold up on a single sheet of paper

-Cards that you can hand to moviegoers who talk during the movie, they say "From the management" or something

And on that last one, how far must you be pushed to tell someone in a theatre to quit talking?

Finally, are you more likely to make unplanned, splurge purchases online or in a store?
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(no subject)

Is there any way that I can create screencaps using the InterVideo Win DVD? I tried using the "print screen" feature and pasting the image into a Photoshop document, but the movie kept playing in Photoshop.
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(no subject)

1. If you were looking for a stylish trench coat, where would you look?

2. Pudgy bellies: can they be sexy? On girls? On guys?

3. If you listen to classical music, who is your favorite composer?

4. Favorite Harry Potter book? Favorite Lord of the Rings book?

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Coke commercial?

Can someone please help my sister and me remember this commercial from a couple years back? It's driving us NUTS!

It was a Coke commercial with a faux-gangsta wigga kid showing us around his "pad" (which was actually his parents' house). He shows us his "lab" (his bedroom) and his little dog ("He nasty!") and his wheels (his parent's sedan). It ends with his mom yelling at him to take out the garbage.

He called himself something like dunno_247 and was a bit of an internet phenomenon for a while.

Anyone who can remember his name gets my undying love! Hyooooge bonus points for a link to the ad.


Two questions

1) What is the most unusual place you've seen a "mall store" [abercrombie, radio shack, sears, etc.] or mall like shopping center? I remember from three years ago that I went to this upscale resteraunt and above it was a small mall with an American Eagle, Radio Shack, Aeropostale, but I don't know what city or town or anything.

Also, what is the strangest mall/store you've ever been in?

2) Where online can I learn a language [specfically Russian] for free? Is there any place that has podcasts of language lessons?
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(no subject)

In my crafts class this year we were given a china mug to paint, and we were given instructions on how to get the paint to set so it could be washed and not have it chipped off. Well, I seem to have forgotten the instructions lol, something about putting it in the oven for I think it was either 20 or 40 minutes at like 180 degrees C or something. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

Thanks :)

(no subject)

are cigarrette butts biodegradable? like the filter part?

They'll ALL over my front lawn (not from me, I use a bucket). So I'm wondering if I should pick them up or let nature do its job...

(no subject)


Me and a friend are planning on travelling together within the next few months. I live in Ontario and he currently lives in Gerogia, so the plan is that I am going to bus all the way over there in March and live with him. He will finish school and we will be off. The problem is that I have a G2 license from Ontario. We are both going to be driving.

So my question is, is it legal to drive in the U.S. with a canadian license? And if I needed to work for a few months to fund this trip, I would probably be living in georgia for a little while. Could I get a work permit? How long would the process be? Is it even legal for me to be living there if I'm not a citizen.

And is anyone here a member on couchsurfing.com? If so, do you surf the couches or let people sleep on yours?

Thank you!

So, say that make it into the states. Would I be able to apply for a visa while I am there so I can stay longer and not be illegal. And does the same go for if I wanted to temporarily get a work permit?
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mana lyrics

Is there a site that has songs from the band Mana translated into English? I'm possibly the worst Googler ever ^^; I can generally figure out what a song's about, but I'd like to actually know the words. And please no babblefish related answers.

::edit:: I'm looking for the rock band, and not the singer. They're Mexican, if that helps.

Song, movie, or book titles featuring your name

Today I heard the song "Amanda" by Boston and the song "Carrie" by Europe. I tried to think of titles with my name in them.

The best I could come up with was an unpopular movie called "The Rachel Papers." I spell my name differently, too. So... I came up empty-handed.

My questions:

1. Have you heard your name in a song, movie title or book title?

2. Did you like it? (Did you enjoy the coincidence and like the song/movie/book.)

3. Did people ever tease you if your name was in one of these? Or sing the song to you until you got annoyed?
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windows/yahoo mail

Reference: my earlier question of Nov. 25: http://www.livejournal.com/community/thequestionclub/8050588.html

Well, that worked for a little while. The problem's returned, and now I can't sign into other websites (amazon.com). Does anyone know what could be causing this? I've tried downloading Microsoft Internet Explorer updates, but they don't work. Deleting the cache hasn't been working, and I'm at my wit's end. Any help is greatly appreciated--thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

I need a new purse and wallet. Actually, two purses - one dressy and one for everyday use. The dressy one is ok to be a short-strap, plain black purse. The everyday one, I'd prefer to be something I can wear over my shoulder/across my body.

I also need a new wallet - a smaller one, not one that will fit a checkbook. I'd like it to be fun looking, not plain black. Solid colors are ok. It needs to have a few slots for credit cards.

So, people, what are your favorite stores to get purses and wallets? Websites? Actual stores?

Favorite brands? Brands you've hated?
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(no subject)

is Gambit in one of the Xmen movies for like, ONE scene?

i say he is, bc i remember thinking "mmm, gabmit" when i saw him, but my bf, who owns both movies, disagrees.

Let's See What You Think

The following is the exact words of the school handbook on Cell phones:

“Cell Phones are to be out of sight and in the off position while in the school building. Cell phones may be used only OUTSIDE the building. Cell phones will be confiscated for return after the $25 fine is paid ($50 for a second offense), an parent contact is made and a detention is issued.” (Page 16 of the student handbook)

At 2:40 PM, (20 minutes after school lets out) a student pulls out his cell phone to check the time. He realizes that his cell phone is, and has been off all day, so he turns it on to check the time. He wipes the screen and puts it back in his pocket. A teacher sees him, and asks him for his cell.

TEACHER: Give me your cell phone.


TEACHER: Turn it off. (The phone is still loading at this time.)

STUDENT: Sorry, it needs to turn on all the way before it can turn off. (The cell phone finishes loading and the student turns it off and gives it to the teacher.)

TEACHER: And your ID.

STUDENT: (Hands Teacher his ID.)

TEACHER: (Walks away.)


Now holding no personal prejudices against ether of the unnamed people in this account, please comment with the name of the person you would side with and why.

(no subject)

Have you had dessert this week?
Anything good?

tonight i had a root beer float. Sugar-free Breyer's extra creamy vanilla and A&W sugar-free root beer! It kicked total ass.
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Dear ____?

I posted this in multilingual but it's kind of urgent and I haven't gotten an answer there yet, so I'm posting it here too.

How do you say "Dear _____" and "Yours, _____" in Italian? I mean, if you're writing a letter, how do you start and end it? This would be to a potential host family.
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Sigur Ros

When I heard about Sigur Ros nearly 4 years ago, I remember reading an article about them online explaining how they were from Iceland, and sometimes the guitar was played with a violin or cello bow, and that the lyrics weren't in a real language. The singer made up a language called Imaginarese (or something to that effect).

The current information I've read on them has the Icelandic translations of their lyrics, though- ALL of their lyrics, even the ones that I read weren't real.

Now, here's my question- did anyone else read what I read four years ago? If I wasn't reading about Sigur Ros (I know the first two pieces of information are true), any ideas of what band I'm confusing them with?

Edit: The first poster solved it for me! I love it when that happens!
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someone share my nerdyness.. please?

why is it that whenever you hear something that REALLY is exciting and interesting to you... that there is no one around to share that with?

(or your co-workers think you are crazy for laughing and applauding when sitting alone in your cubicle.... in front of your computer watching.. oh... lets just say... steve job's macworld keynote.... *ahem* theoretically speaking of course :-P )
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