January 9th, 2006


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is there anything you won't eat or drink because of something that happened? i mean, for me, i can't eat fried rice anymore even though i used to love it. i had this weird dream about these pill shaped things on my arm that really freaked me out (don't know how to explain it to make sense) and the next day i was eating fried rice and as i looked at it i realized it looked like those pill things in the dream.

so i'm not talking about something you can't eat or drink cause you're allergic or just don't like it. any other reason.
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How long did it take you to get over your last relationship?

How did you know you were *over it*?

Who initiated the breakup?

If you feel comfortable sharing, why did you break up?

Is it possible to help a friend who seemingly refuses to get over a breakup?

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If you had to walk home at night, by yourself, which option would you choose?
a) A 20 minute walk, that includes going through a foresty type area for about 100 metres and mostly short cuts.
b) A 25 minute walk, that takes you onto the main street where there are street lamps and cars going by.

Question is inspired by my boyfriend being worried about me going through a bit of forest when going to and returning from my night class.
I'm going to take the longer, safer route.
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Which film(s) do you recommend I go see this week? ...or avoid?

Below is the list of all of my choices (good and bad). If you've seen any of them, do let me know if you loved, hated, or were indifferent to them. Thank you. ^____^

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the Soundtracks of our Lives

Lately I've been addicted to making playlists in iTunes. Questions:

1. Do you share the same addiction?

2. Do you think up clever names for your playlists? These are mine, and they mostly make sense only to me, but try to guess what they are:
- This playlist is dedicated to Terri Schiavo
- Luck be a lady
- Rock on emo kids
- Too hot to trot

3. How do you choose to separate yoour music into these lists? By genre, mood, type of makeup the artists wear?

4. Have you made the Soundtrack for your Life? I'm not done with mine, but feel free to post yours in a comment

5. Anything else you want to share about playlists, as I've forgotten my last question?

Here's my answers:
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Damn it's late.
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To those of you who are vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian: What are your reaons for choosing said diet? I ask this because people have different reasons, like for health, or ecological benefit, or simply not wanting to eat animals. So tell me yours.

Please only answer this question if it applies to you!

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I recently lost eight pounds in a span of six days. I'm pretty chubby, but suddenly I lost all of my appetite. I don't know why. The thought of eating anything repulses me. I used to have a very healthy appetite until I returned to school for winter break. Now... one day I only had two pieces of toast, a cup of soy bean milk, and I tried super hard to end that day's meal with a cookie just because I barely ate anything, and it was so challenging. I felt like throwing up every second I chewed on the cookie. I can down some liquids as long as they're not carbonated. What's happening to me? Why am I all of a sudden not hungry? What's causing this? How can I stop feeling repulsed by food? I don't think it's some deep buried image problem. And now I'm so tired all the time and feel so faint, coz I guess I'm not getting enough to eat. I'm taking vitamins just in case.
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Anyone tried "Head On" to get rid of headaches?

It is in a chapstick-looking tube, and supposedly if you rub it on your forehead it makes your headaches go away...

Sort of along that note...I have this weird thing about taking meds...like id rather wait the headache/pain out than take advil/tylenol/motrin/whatever (unless it is excrutiating)

anyone else like this??
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Ipod shuffle question

In the last few months my shuffle, even when fully charged, pauses during playback of certain songs. I hit the play button again, and it will continue.. then it will usually pause again. If I skip to the next song it will then be fine. Sometimes it won't do it for days.. sometimes it does it a few times in one day. I have tried re-loading it, thinking that somehow the song didn't load right initially, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Does anyone else have this problem?

note: oddly it seems to pause during most Nelly songs. LOL but not exclusively Nelly. hehe

Irrational Fears

Inspired from the question on food you wont eat because of something that happened...
What irrational fears do you have?

Mine are an irrational fear of bugs (i would literally scream if i saw a worm on a sidewalk), and i have this eye thing, where i get squeemish if someone touches their eye :|

I apologise if this has been asked before!

Random List

1) What's your favorite insect? I'm a fan of ladybugs, dragonflies & bees.

2) Do you like caviar? Pate?

3) Battles not worth fighting? (Fighting over the remote, etc.)

4) Do you believe in horoscopes? Has anything specific ever happened as predicted?

5) Have you had your fortune told? Palms read? Was it accurate?
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IPOD Question

My girl just got an IPOD and I'm trying to set it up. However, I already have an IPOD and have the I-Tunes program installed on the computer. But when I plug in her IPOD, it isn't registering on the I-Tunes program that was installed with my IPOD. Does this mean that I have to install the program again using the CD that came with her IPOD? Do I have to create a whole new library in order for hers to work? Is there a way that we can use the one library for both IPODS?

Thanks in advance.

Everyone else is asking Ipod questons..

So, my Ipod Mini has been acting weird, The battery isnt lasting anywhere near as long as it used to (I got it in June) and sometimes it will say it has little to no battery life then a moment later it will be half full...or sometimes it will be half or more but when I try to play it it will say it has no battery life. I think Ive heard of this happening before and I do have warranty on it (I just have to find it) so I can take it into best buy.. but has anyone had this problem before? How about with the 20 or 40 gb?
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TV and movie opinions

I just have a couple of entertainment questions I want to know other people's opinions on:

What do you think of the show:
  • Rodney?
  • Ghost Whisperer?
  • Family Guy?
  • Futurama?

What do you think of the older show:
  • I Love Lucy?
  • Bewitched?
  • I Dream of Jeannie?
  • The Brady Bunch?
  • Gilligan's Island?

What do you think of the old shows, like the Honeymooners and Bewitched, being made into new movies?

Which show would you love/hate to see made into a movie? Why?

What do you think of all the remakes Hollywood is doing now? (Like King Kong, House of Wax, Guess Who (sort of), The Shaggy Dog, etc.)

Which movie do you think a sequel would be a horrible idea to? (For example, a sequel to Titanic would be really bad.)

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Thanks for answering, everyone! ;)

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what is the theatre with the worst popcorn that you have been to?
can you name the most real mother character you have seen on a TV show and/or a movie?
oh, and just out of curiousity - when was the last time you exercised? what did you do?

I cannot just be imagining this.

About a day or two ago I saw this link in my cousin's AIM away message that was something like "OMG look at this" with a link to pictures. Thinking it was just a normal link, I clicked on it and it downloaded something that then put the same exact thing in my profile as an away message. I deleted the thing it downloaded and now every now and then it still pops up as an away message after I leave my computer for a little while with an away message up. Have any of you gotten the same or similar thing happen to you? How do you get rid of it? I asked my cousin if she's having the same problem and she has no idea what I'm talking about.

Xbox for an 8 year old?

I'm trying to decide what to get my soon to be 8 year old for her birthday. I'm thinking about getting her an XBox (not a 360.) I would like to have one available to play every so often and I was thinking of getting a DDR pad so we can both get a little more active.

1. Do you think this is a good idea?
2. Any advice on the purchase?
3. What's the cheapest DDR pad I could by without it being crap?

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For students applying (or who have applied?) or transferring for college for this or next year, what have you/are you applying to? What is your first choice? Why? What did you want to choose, but didn't feel confident enough to?

For prospective Freshmen, what major do you plan to have?
For others, what did you go in thinking you'd major in, and are you still majoring in it now? What made you change, if applicable?

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I just purchased The Sims 2, and I'm trying to play it, but having a hard time. I keep getting an error message that it can't locate the Directx drivers, but I've downloaded them, so I don't know what the problem is. I ran the DXSETUP.exe, but it's still giving me an error. Anybody know what I should do? Thanks!
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I have 18 credits for this semester however, Im taking a voice and diction class that I dont really think I love. and I dont need it at all. So, Im probably going to drop it. so should I stay with a 15 credit load (which is perfectly fine) or maybe take an Intro to film class which is at 12pm MWF (without it I would be done @ 11) and then there's video watching monday and thursdays at 7pm (maybe everyother week)

A big part of all of these decisions are the people in the class. they are both theater classes, and even as a former actress I find myself fairly annoyed by the thespians on our campus, thus avoiding those classes. However, I have a friend or two in Voice and Diction but hate the class itself along with the students, and one of my friends may or may not be in this film class. I realize I so shouldnt base my college classes on what my friends are in but, this is really just extra credits for me...nothing important.
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Photo Archiving -- Scanner vs Camera

I want to make archival quality digital copies of my old family photographs.

Would it be better for me to buy a high quality digital camera and photograph them, or should I buy a scanner and scan them in?

I have access to some analog photographic equipment including a tripod and photographer's lights with light diffusing umbrellas.

If photographing is best, what specific camera do you recommend? Are there any special camera functions that would be useful.

If a scanner is best, what specific scanner do you recommend and what features should it have?

Thank you in advance.

i am pulling my hair out.

I found out that I'm a little too late to send in my FAFSA for the spring semester so I'm going to take a few classes and pay out of pocket. Right now, the offices are all closed so I can't call to verify with the school so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me.

The website says this:

New York State resident $ 120.00 per credit hour
  $ 60.00 per half credit hour
Does that mean that a class that's worth three credits would be 360.00 dollars?  How do "credit hours" work?

If you were a tree.....

OK, I'm not really going to pull THAT old question out. Mine is one I thought of years ago to counter the previously mentioned query. I've had to tweak it and add sub-questions as time goes by, answer as many as you'd like.

If you could (to steal from The Newlywed Game) make whoopee with any cartoon character, who would it be? How about marry?


 Sometimes I noted a pattern if I asked the question of a whole bunch of people at once, eg. one would say "Princess Jasmine" and then someone else would say "Cinderella" and so on... so I also broke the above questions into Disney and non-Disney.  Animals that have been anthromorphized (like Donald Duck or Yogi Bear, but not like Garfield, as he's more cat than human) are OK, it doesn't make you a sicko or anything.  I promise.


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Would you like to go out again sometime?

1. How do you answer this question when the answer is NO?

2. What if you have already been noncommitally about going out again, (or even said sure, "sometime") but really are not interested in seeing them again?

I am SO bad about this. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings but I don't want to string them along.
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TV, Movies, and Friends

1) Are there any TV shows that you absolutely HATE, but lots of other people seem to love?
2) How about movies that you hate but lots of others love?
3) Now the opposite! Are there any shows and movies you LOVE but others seem to hate?

and changing the topic here...
4) If you could sum up your best friend(s) in 10 words or less, what would you say?

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what is the craziest thing you remember your mom/dad saying?
what is the most interesting fusion food you've ever eaten (like mango & salsa)?
where is the most interesting restaurant in which you've dined?
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Does Jell-O pudding have gelatin in it? I've tried checking the Jell-O site and Googling it and have had no luck.

Edit: Answered. No gelatin, yay!

What kind of candles do you like?

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title generations.

What do your parents call each other when talking to you but about the other?

What do your parents call your grandparents when talking to you?

My dad calls my mom by her first name to us, and my mom calls my dad "your dad."

My dad calls my grandparents "my folks" and my mom calls them "grandma and grandpa"
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1. What do you think LJ will be like in ten years?
2. Do you think you will still be using your LJ then?
3. What are some of your favorite "trashy" foods?
(I'm thinking fried bologna, eating icing straight from the can kind of stuff.)
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Car Insurance

I was involved in a car accident on Dec 26/05. I was a passenger in my boyfriends car. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and diagnosed with whiplash.

At this point I'm still in a whole lot of constant pain and my movement is severely restricted. I saw my doctor today and I now have to get physiotherapy for at least a couple months.

My question is about insurance. Mainly, whose insurance is responsible for paying my medical bills? My boyfriend was determined as not at fault for the accident since it happened as a result of a car cutting him off. He then lost control on the highway and we were hit by two more cars. As we've been told many times, we're lucky to be alive.

His insurance company has told him that I should be claiming through my insurance company because essentially they insure me, and I was injured. As I said before though, I wasn't driving, and it wasn't my car.

Is anyone familiar with this? Also, will my premiums go up if I submit this to my insurance company?
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Name survey?

Does anyone else remember a survey that went around on LJ or anywhere else, that was a list of various first names and it asked you what each name brought to mind? If you happen to have that survey, could you link to it? Thanks.

For the women out there...

How old are you? (Age gap is fine -- ex: 15-18 years old)

What characteristics are you looking for in a guy, for a serious relationship? Could you provide examples for each one?

Have you found that in a guy before? Were you disapointed? Why (or why not)?

Thank you girls :)

What makes this guy different than others, that you decide to keep him, rather than go looking for a better guy? What makes him so special?

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My Spanish teacher is very sick and will be leaving next semester. My class wants to do something nice for her as a going away thank-you gesture, but none of us knows her all that well. Any ideas for what we should do?

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I was reading the back of the blue bottle I bought from CVS and it is normal glue gel and it says 'KEEP FROM FREEZING'. Why would you need to keep glue from freezing other than it won't be glue...what happens if it does freeze?
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Speaking of Blogs....

Has anyone ever made money off of their blog? By using Google Adsense or something similar?

I found this on craigslist tonight and thought it was interesting. http://www.writingup.com/ The only thing is, you split the profit 50/50 with them and I'm thinking thats kind of a rip off. Better to figure out a way to do it yourself and keep all the loot. ;-) Only...I don't really know how to get started or how to promote it.

Any paid bloggers out there that want to share all their secrets? Or just a few?
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My boyfriend got me into this band recently *points to now playing* and I actually really really like it.

I've been looking for something that sounds like it, since I love the style, but I checked www.pandora.com and they don't even know who Regurgitator are, let alone what sounds like it.
So, any suggestions? Has anyone besides my group of friends actually HEARD of this band?
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Sorry about another post so soon, but I have to ask.

Lets say it's been 3 or 4 nights you get no sleep. Not that you can't sleep, you just avoid it. You tell yourself that you'll stay up all night and compensate the next day but it never happens. The next day, it's 3pm and you can't take it anymore, so you take a 2hr nap.
You know that when you fall asleep, you'll have really hurtful dreams, so you decide to stay up distracting yourself with something.

... I've ran out of ideas of things to do when this happens. I usually just stay online and play video games, but I've been doing that for three days in a row (day and night) and my eyes hurt (besides, I'm gonna be blind soon, I should be taking extra care of my eyes).

I don't drive and I live in the middle of nowhere, so going out at night is not an option.

What would you do to "entertain" yourself in this situation?

Thanks in advance for ideas :)

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I'm trying to find this song, and I've tried googling it, but perhaps I'm just totally inept. It's a country song sung by a guy, and the chorus is something like "they just dont know it yet..." and it talks about this boy whos got a pretty good pitch but nobody notices him and ten years from now he'll be pitching for the mets, and about this couple who are trying to have a baby but everybody's telling them it's not possible, but nine months from now they'll have one...

Does anybody know the name and/or artist of this song?
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1. I love reading, but sometimes the hardest part of the process for me is choosing which book to read and then committing to it long enough to become interested and keep reading. I just finished "Goodnight Nobody" by Jennifer Weiner. Out of the following choices (no suggestions, thanks), what should I read?
Naked by David Sedaris, Atonement by Ian McEwan, The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner, The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood, or Memoirs of a Geisha (or, I could finish The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath)

2. I have three notebooks; they are red, green and blue. This semester I am taking Anthropology and Psychology, so which notebook should I use for which class? (or, which color do you associate with these subjects?)

3. Do you wear slippers around the house? How about a bathrobe?

4. Do you prefer pens or pencils? Blue or black ink? Do you have a favorite kind of writing utensil?

5. What kind of bedding is on your bed right now?

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Ahh! Babies!

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Ok, I just cooked an artichoke and ate it for the first time and i think i did something wrong but i dont know what.

I looked up the recipe online. I cut the ends of all of the leaves and I cut the stem off and then I steamed it for fifteen minutes (it said to steam for twenty, but it looked all brown and crap so i took it out) and covered with butter.

But, when I peeled off the leaves and tried to eat them, they were really tough and i could only bite the bottom part of them. Is this how it is supposed to be? There was so little "meat" on each leaf. it felt like I was barely eating anything. Also, I can't believe there are prickly spikes on the ends of the leaves.... what if you ate those?

And it looked so brown and wilty but it was actually so tough. I thought it looked over cooked and tasted undercooked. Im confused.

And are you supposed to eat the leaves in the very center that are white and pink? I was eating the bottoms but the tops still had spikes because they were inside and i didn't cut the spikes off. How far into the artichoke are you supposed to eat?

Also, do you like artichokes? It doesnt seem like they taste like much, even with butter and garlic. I just don't get it. They are so difficult to eat for so little food. Why do people eat them?

So, to summarize my question, what is a well cooked artichoke supposed to be like? How do you cook it that way?

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Does swallowing toothpaste make a person throw up?
(My friend hiccuped while brushing her teeth and swallowed some on accident and has been puking ever since. I wonder if it's from the toothpaste, or unrelated)
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movie quotes + IM

Is there a place to find quotes from current (as in, currently in theaters) movies? I ask because there is a quote from the movie Casanova that I liked a lot, and it isn't on the IMDB page and I've tried Googling the parts of it I could remember and haven't found anything yet.

Who was the last person you instant messaged? I was talking to a kid I knew from elementary/middle school.
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Veg*s: Will you buy nonveg* people meat if you go out to eat with them? What about anything with animal products in it?

Nonveg*s: Would you be offended if a veg* person refused to buy you meat? What about if they refused to buy you something with any animal product in it?
Steam Escaping!

if anyone can help me out...

many years ago (6, i believe) timaeusdaspirge bought me this mug tankard as an xmas present. my romate's devil cat broke it today by knocking it off the kitchen table. it is was, quite literally, my solo drinking vessel, aside from a backup JD mug and a drinking horn. i have never seen another like it anywhere. there are pictures below the cut. it was a 22 oz/half litermug tankard . the metal is pewter and the glass is blue.

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i need a new mug tankard . i don't want to get a straight pewter one, because they flavor drinks slightly IMO. so, what i am looking for is something of heavy glass or pewter/glass that i can use to replace my fallen warror. can anyone help me find this mug to replace it, or a comprable replacement?

fuckin cats.
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AOL Instant Messenger keeps flashing this icon at me in my taskbar:

What does this mean? It just started doing this randomly... I have no idea what it's trying to tell me to do.

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So, I'm looking for interesting blogs... blogs by famous or not famous people... blogs on or not on LiveJournal... just good interesting blogs. They could be funny or just informative or pure entertaining...

Anyhow, what are some good blogs you all follow?