January 8th, 2006


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Is there any program that can count how many times a certain word has been used in an essay etc.? If I don't have time to read the entire thing carefully, I'd like to be able to make sure I'm not repeating myself excessively (and I'd like to have a chance to use my new thesaurus!)
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Speeding Ticket Question

Just for the sake of knowlege ::cough cough:: would anyone happen to know about how much a speeding ticket would run? Say for example ::cough cough:: going 82 in a 65 zone on the freeway? Oh and also just for informative purposes in the state of California? Thx in advance.

::makes mental note to tripple check for cops BEFORE merging at 90mph::
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Since it's winter and dry air time....

What do you do for chapped lips? For dry nasal passages/stuffed noses? (I get that a lot when I just wake up - the heater sucks any moisture from the air)
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All right so I'm applying to colleges, etc. I told Fordham University that I intend(ed) on majoring in theater, so I'm supposed to audition next month. I...don't think I want to major in that anymore. I'm thinking of psychology or even business now. I applied early action, so the only thing holding up my acceptance/rejection is the audition. So... should I call and cancel the audition so I can find out if they accepted me or not now, or should I just go through with it anyway?
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Random stuff

After you graduated high school, did you still wear your class ring? (I didn't until I lost the ring I had been wearing. My finger felt too naked, so I've been wearing my class ring.)

Do you read "teh" as "the" or "tay"?
Edit: How do you read "teh"?

What was your favorite game on Sega Genesis?
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The Pill vs The Shot vs The Patch

Females: Have you been on/are you currently on the Pill, the Shot or the Patch?

I'm considering birth control options, and I don't know alot about the Patch or the Shot. I was on the Pill for a few years, but I went off it about 3 years ago.
The Shot sounds like the most appealing one for me so far, from what I do know.

I'm also considering going back on the Pill, but I'd like to explore the other two options as well. Which would you recommend/warn against?

Some detailed feedback would be great; about the advantages, disadvantages, differences, etc.

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LJ virus?

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FINAL EDIT?: I found out that it was a now-fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability. They are using about 20 AIM bots at a given time (out of hundreds they have) to randomly relay messages between users. They screen scraped hundreds of thousands (allegeldy) of AIM screennames off of LJ and used them to relay messages. Some developer, who made a now deleted post, almost got fired from his LJ developer job for posting about the cross-site scripting vulnerability. If true, this is ridiculous, the other people running htte software need to know so they can update their sites.
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Sushi and Sleep.

Hey! Inspired by the unagi icon of the person who last posted-
1. How many kinds of sushi are there?
2. How many of them have cool names? (I, uh, want to start a Sims 2 legacy family and name everyone after sushi...)

Inspired by, um, it being 6 am:
3. Should I go to sleep or try to stay up until a decent time tomorrow night? Er, tonight - it being 6 AM.
4. Have you ever stayed up so late you started to hallucinate?
5. Have you ever hallucinated, period?

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Random List

1) Movies with good plotlines that you refuse to see because you hate the actors who were cast?

2) Overhyped websites (What's SO good about XYZ website?? I write better & more interesting posts, but s/he gets 10 billion more hits than I do??)?

3) Your most emo post? Your most personal post?

4) Songs you liked before you realized what the lyrics were? (Oh, I thought it was such a great song until I realized it was about XYZ.)

5) Longest period of time you've been single?
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ski monster

does anyone remember the skiing game where this guy came from:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

it may have come preloaded on computers, like solitaire or minesweeper. but i could br wrong.

and also is there a version of it available online or anywhere else it can be found?
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Can somebody help? Pretty please?

The iBook froze and stopped working. I turned it off and switched back on again and the blue screen with the apple and the spinning wheel came on as usual but this time it just stayed like that. I left it for about a half an hour and then this came on the screen.

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Can anyone tell me what that means? What can I do to fix it?
Could it be the harddrive? The harddrive broke once before but then this didn't happen.
It's Macosx 10.3.9 if that matters.

Thanks to anyone who can help.
(Crossposted to a few communities because I don't really know which one is best.)

This is pretty much desperation.

So, I have the flu. Marvelous.

Does anyone know of anything out there that could make it go away faster? I've got all the symptoms- vomiting/nausea, dehydration (I'm drinking water like crazy), shakes, muscle pains (mostly my back from keeling over so much), feeling cold but actually running a ridiculous fever leaving my body boiling hot, etc. I've been trying to sleep, but I have to get up every half hour to go pay homage to the loo.

SOS. Please.

music and videos

I was wondering if any of you folks out there knew of any bands with an extremely dedicated, hardcore group of fans? I know most every band has some really passionate fans, but I'm looking more for the crazy-obsessed-do anything they could to help the band fans. For example, I know Hanson has a strangely dedicated following. And I know CKY has the CKY Alliance, with all their really crazy fans. Know of any more? (And don't just tell me about your favorite band.)

Also, does anyone know of any LJ communities, or just online forums/sites in general, which is designed for people to share video clips of each other? Not like sex tapes or deep personal thoughts recorded on film, but just random home movie amusingness?
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random sunday questions

1. does it freak you out when people from your past find you online and contact you trying to be all friendly? especially people you barely remember or never really talked to in school and the like.

2. has anyone managed to totally confuse pandora.com yet?

3. on that note, since pandora has run out of ideas, can YOU recommend stuff like daft punk's discovery and/or human after all?

4. what is the name of the song that Uhura is singing for the Nimbus men, from Star Trek V? Anyone know if there's a soundtrack where I can hear the whole song (it gets cut off in the movie)?

my answers:
1. it does now a little bit. i used to be the one looking everyone up and trying to make peace with them, and i still do it, but now i can see why it might rub the person the wrong way. maybe i should stop.
2. i got so picky with the songs i don't like, that it couldn't come up with stuff i liked anymore and started playing top 40 songs :(

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Are there any phrases that you heard when you were little that you adopted but really makes no sense? This usually happens when you grow up knowing more than one language.

When I was little my mom used to say, "Esta muerta" or "Estoy muerta" when she was talking about being really tired, exhausted or when she saw one of us passed out. The literal translation is "She's dead" or "I'm dead." So ever since I was little I've told people that I just want to die when I'm really tired because I always thought of it as going to sleep because of the phrase my mom used to say.
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new car

So I guess I'm going to be buying a new car soon. I'm thinking either a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla. Yay/nay? Any advice on the actual purchasing? Salespeople make me nervous.

Also, what color should I get? I'm open to just about anything but white. I hate white cars. I really have no preference, so I'll probably pick based on what you all say. :)
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fine jewelry

for those of you who have/like fine jewelry (note: fine jewelry = real gemstones, precious metals, etc.  Not stuff you get for $10 at Claires or whatever). 

1.  Favorite gemstones?
2.  Do you have loyalty to your birthstone*?
3.  Do you care if gems are natural vs. lab-created?
4.  For those of you who don't like diamonds for ethical reasons, do you get white sapphires, CZ, or something else instead?**
5.  Metals:  do you wear gold (white, yellow, or what?), sterling silver, platinum, a combination, all of the above? 
6.  Do you like getting jewelry as gifts, or prefer to pick stuff out yourself?
7.  How often do you wear your fine stuff?
8.  If you feel like it, what do you have? 

*ie. My stone is golden topaz/citrine, and I have several pieces with that stone, but I hate it. 

** http://www.amnestyusa.org/diamonds/index.do
if you google "conflict diamonds" or "blood diamonds" you can find more if you're interested.
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Okay, so somehow a virus has found it's way to my laptop. I'm running Win 98SE in a very old machine (so updating is not an option) and I use Mozilla, so I have no idea how it happened, but that's neither here nor there. I want to get rid of it, but I'm broke as hell and can't pay for a virus program. Is there any free anti-virus software that will scan and remove the viruses? I searched download.com for some ideas, but it seems that only the scan is free, but you have to pay for removal. No fair. The virus is just slowing down my machine a little, and it's annoying more than anything else.

Thanks in advance!
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1. Does anyone else want to fall on their knees and thank Gap for coming out with the new Curvy and Straight cut jeans? I just found a pair that fit perfectly, and boy is that hard for me. Thank you Gap!

2. What's your favorite soft drink? How do you like it served?

3. Have you ever done speech and debate (forensics)? Where'd you do it (high school or college)? What events did you do?

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I want to be a camp counselor next summer. I graduated from high school in may 2005, and I have no experience with this kind of thing, which I think may hurt my chances. How does one get selected for this job? What do they look for when choosing camp counselors? I went to this camp when I was younger and I think it'd be a fun way to spend my summer.
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Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get a half-decent price on a car rental? I'm going to Florida next week, and I simply refuse to believe that my car rental is going to cost me more than my flight and hotels combined. This is for the cheapest cars they offer. All kinds of drop-off fees, taxes, massive deposits ($500?! WTF??), and all kinds of charges that they won't tell you about until after you've dropped it off at the end of the trip ("even though the price says unlimited mileage, there may be a mileage cap, but we won't tell you what it is until you've done all your driving!").

I'm 24 and will be picking it up in Tampa and dropping it off in Orlando, if that helps. It's for five days.

Thanks. :)

And while we're on the subject, does planning trips frustrate anyone else to the point where they'd just rather stay home? Haha.
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Computer programming- algorithms and data structures

I'm starting to focus on programming again...

I need a good data structures and algorithms book. Not so much on the technical details of using or implementing them, but more of a "what the hell is this thing, and why should I care?" type deal.

I'd prefer it to be language independent- use of specific languages as a real world example is one thing, so long as the explanations of the algorithms and data structures can be applied to other languages as well.

I have no problms with the book including technical details of the use and implementation of the algorithms, but I'm more concerned with conceptually understanding them.
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Tube Slides?

Anyone know where I could find tube slide parts for a reasonable price? Preferrably parts that could be assembled going any direction.

I desperately need a tube slide like nobody's business, but the location it's going isn't where they ordinarily are, so I need one that can be put together in a way so you drop into it, rather than the opening being infront of you. You know what I mean right?
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Who would you be? 

1.  You suddenly become a celebrity, that is, you become an already existing celebrity (body, fame, talents, and all):  Which celebrity would you choose to be and why?

2.  You suddenly become a celebrity's love interest.  Which one celebrity would you want to partner up with (pretend you don't already have a partner, if you do)? 

3.  You are turned into an animal for a day.  Which one are you, and why?

4.  You're turned into a fictional character (anyone from a book, movie, tv, cartoon, comic book, whatever).  Explain who and why.

feel free to post a pic, link, or otherwise explain who they are if it's not someone easily recognizable
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What do you call the birthday when, for example, i'm born on september 29th, so my (blank) bday is when I turn 29....what's it called? I've heard champagne, but I was told that was wrong.

Do you find that you eat/order food differently when the sex you're attacted to is around?

If you eat a lot and a girl orders the same thing as you, do you think this is hot? Think it's man-ish? etc.
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I was baptized Lutheran when I was younger, and I have just recently decided that I wanted to read the bible (That might be weird?) but I was curious what bible you guys should recommend for a first time bible reader? No kids bibles either.

And if you do read the bible/have read it, what is your favorite bible

AND one more question, if you were baptized one religion and your spouse was baptized another, and you both agree that you want your child baptized when they are a baby, how would you agree on which religion to baptize that child? If you don't agree with baptizing, I don't need to hear that, I'm just asking for an answer to this question. Thank you!

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Have you or are you going to see the movie Hostel?

Will you please tell me why? What do you like about it? What is it about this movie that appeals to you?

Also, please state your country unless you live in the United States.

where for art thou, KILBY?

Does anyone know whatever happened to Craig Kilborn?

the daily show, then the late, late show...then...POOF.
i miss the guy and can't believe someone like that just chooses to end a promising career.
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My civil rights course is focusing right now on racism today, and i just wanted some of your ideas / opinions...

What can be done to decrease racism and prejudice in the nation, state, city, or at your school / workplace?

What would be your role in making this happen?

Your thoughts are appreciated.
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I posted twice today, sorry!

What movie never fails to make you tear up? What about it makes you emotional?

My answer would be Pearl Harbor, its not one of the best made movies out there but it hits home with my fiance in the military, plus I'm a big baby when it comes to war movies.

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What can I add to Prego spaghetti sauce to make it yummier? Onions or something? I got meatballs and angel hair and even more different types of noodles from Costco. What to do, what to do?
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inspired by the tipping question

If you were ever a restaurant server, have you ever noticed that older people tend to tip more if they ask if you're a student, and you tell them yes?

Have you ever lied about it?

For everyone else:
Does society have reasoning regarding why a student should merit more money than a non-student?

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"He gets paid under the table."
"He ges paid off the books."

Which of these are you more likely to say? And where are you from?

On an unrelated note, are there any good hair detangling sprays you can recommend? I've only seen them marketed for children, but adults have to have this problem too, right?

edit: I guess I should add that I'm mainly asking for adult hair detanglers because the kids ones are usually way too fruity smelling. I can't stand that. One targeted to kids that doesn't smell bad is a fine suggestion too. :)
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i'm reading a book for psychology. i can't remember the name of it but it has to do with girls and why they are mean. so just out of curiosity, were you ever bullied in school? were you ever the bully at school? how mean were kids when you were in school...or how mean are they now if you still are in school?
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Another iPod question...

About two months ago my computer crashed, so my entire iTunes library was wiped out, but about 95% of it was on my iPod already. So when my computer was back up and running I just went to the iTunes website and downloaded iTunes 6 again and start rebuilding my library (only about half of which I could replace with the cds I own...most was borrowed or illegally downloaded).

Anyway, so now I cannot get my iPod to update! I have unchecked everything I don't want to go on my iPod and have chosen "update manually" and everything. Absolutely nothing happens (although the iPod says "do not disconnect" like usual). The closest I've come to updating successfully was when I chose "update automatically" and chose just the playlists I wanted to update, it came up with a message that said "This iPod is associated with another music library. Do you want to replace all songs on the iPod with the songs in this library?" which I don't really want to do.

Is there any way I can get my iPod to update so that I can continue putting music on it without replacing it with what I have now (only about a quarter of what's on my iPod right now)?

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Does anyone know of a good (reasonably priced, too) dinner theater in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, PA (or areas north)? Even Youngstown, Ohio would be good.

Alternately, does anyone have any recommendations for cool things to do in Pittsburgh on a Saturday night that might be appropriate for an anniversary date?

Tips please?

Do you feel tips for waiters/waitresses are mandatory? I mean, sure it's good that they do a good job but isn't that what they're supposed to do anyways? Isn't their salary payment enough for their hard work like everyone else?

I tip sometimes, but I'm often pretty low on funds so I can't afford to tip. I just don't understand why you don't tip engineers, or your social worker, or the janitor at the high school. Why only service people?
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a while back, i posted asking about what mental disorders people had. almost everyone who replied said depression and some sort of anxiety problem. i was wondering - do you think that a high percentage of people in real life actually have those? or that internet communities like this attract people with depression/anxiety because it's an easier way to interact or waste time? or do you think that people tend to overaggerate their problems and misdiagnose themselves?

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When I was in high school, we had two proms each spring. There was "regular" prom, for lack of a better term, and then there was a seperate prom called "Mexican-American Prom".

What do you think about that? Do any other schools do this?
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Sheriff sale

My fiance and I are looking for a house. We went through one the other day that the realtor said we needed to act kind of fast if we are interested in the house because it is going to be reposesed and go to a Sheriff's Sale.

That leads to my question: What exactly is a Sheriff's Sale and why is it going to go to a Sheriffs sale. It is a nice house, but if we put an offer on the house and they accept that means the bank gets money but if it goes to the Sheriffs Sale then the bank doesn't get any? Or am I wrong.
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6 months ago I shelled out and bought a rather expensive Queen size bed frame. Tonight I discovered a huge crack in the wood on one side of the bed. Considering I had never slept on that side of the bed until recently (5 days ago I moved and had to switch sleeping sides) and I'm single and there hasn't been any, em, activity that might have broken it, the wood must have been pretty weak to just split.

Am I within my right to contact the store about a replacement/repair? What would you do in my situation?


And on another more pleasant and random note: what was your childhood nickname, and why?