January 7th, 2006

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appetite suppressant

Is there a natural appetite suppressant? As I have recently become a runner, I notice my appetite is increasing, which is fine to some degree, but I am literally eating ALL the time, and I am NEVER full. Any suggestions

EDIT: I am eating to the point where any running I do won't make a difference on my body, lol. It's like my body is trying to eat extra to make up for all the calories I lost.
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Okay, classes start on the 17th and I JUST received my loan check that I need to cash in order to pay my debt from fall semester, and register for classes.

Now that being said, I have to work 9:30 to 5:00 tomorrow at my part time job.

Instead of working I would love to call off and cash my check and talk to financial aid, along with registering for classes - along with mailing out my LONG over due Rent check to my room-mate.

I can't do those major things if I go to work.
Now, I feel bad about calling off, but I rarely call off and honestly this job doesn't mean a lot to me.

Would I be an awful person to call off?

(not that I am *TOTALLY* makeing excuses about it, but they aren't understaffed, in fact they hardly schedule me to work anyway.)
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What are some creative, inexpensive ways to promote a struggling small business? Think grassroots-style action rather than expensive ads.
(More specifically, a restaurant/coffeeshop in a college town)

Inexpensive ways to increase visibility of a building on a semi-busy street? (Lighting, easy ways to make DIY signs, etc.)

If someone gave you a visually catchy coupon for a free coffee/pop/tea with your $5+ meal at a new restaurant, would it be enough incentive to go check it out? What about a coupon for 10% off lattes, mochas, etc? If not, what would get you to go check it out?

(The coupon looks like this)

Totally off topic, what is your favorite kind of tic-tac? I like the light green ones.
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(no subject)

I would like to get some good quality digital prints.

Where can I get them for the best prices?

I want to be able to upload them online and then I can either pick them up at a store (such as cvs, walmart, walgreens, etc) or if they would ship them for me cheaply, that'll be great too.
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Okay. This coming September I will be taking second-year Russian at my university. I know a bit of Russian already, and I plan to teach myself more over the course of the time before September so that I'm on track when the course starts. I am going to do this, so please no "take the first-year course first!".
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So the pros: I'd be using the same materials as the course I'm not taking does, but the con of they are expensive and I have no guarantee that the same books would be used when I take the course.

So - should I shell out the $200 for the textbooks or not?

And an additional question - how many languages have you studied in school? Did the different languages use different methods? What method/style of language learning do you like best?
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dream is destiny.

religion, organ donation.

i don't follow any religion, but i feel that all religions are completely acceptable theories and can possibly be valid.  i'm not an athiest or heathen, but i'm not particularly fond of any one religion. parts of all of them make sense to me, but i don't believe that religion is like a buffet where you can pick and choose parts, so i just choose not to follow anything. i believe that there are god/gods, that there is a possibility of an afterlife, or heaven, or purgatory, or reincarnation, or so on.

this all in mind, i am not a registered organ donor. because i'm not sure what happens after death, i am afraid of screwing myself over by allowing my corpse to be flayed and pillaged. do you think that it's "fucked up" and/or wrong that i choose not to donate my organs although they are all perfectly functioning, since i don't actually have any religious beliefs that dictate i shouldn't? i had a debate with a friend of mine about this the other night. he got me to feeling like i'm just a greedy jerk.

are you an organ donor? why or why not?

is there anyone in this community that shares a similar belief with me?
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(no subject)

When it comes to forgiving somebody, at what point will you refuse?

What I mean is, if a person hurts you emotionally.. how badly do they have to hurt you before you stop forgiving them? What about if they hurt you physically?


I made an ebay account yesterday.

I've never used something like this before so questions.

1) is it relatively safe?
2) Do you have any tips for me?


Wikipedia-sensei told me today that "make me a quiche" is an unorthodox greeting used amongst British teenagers and that the origins of that greeting are unknown. Google-sensei won't help me. Anyone heard of this?
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Trying to explain something..

I'm trying to explain the storyline of the TV show Hex to my boyfriend and I'm not doing such a good job, even though I've seen the series many many times.
He refuses to watch the DVD's before he knows the basic storyline, but since I'm doing such a crappy job of describiing it, could you guys help me out with a semi-detailed description of Season one? Spoilers don't really matter to him, especially if he decides he doesn't want to watch it after all.

Thanks guys!
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1) Are you good at keeping secrets?

2) Are you better at keeping your own secrets or other people's secrets?

3) Have you ever revealed a secret by accident or on purpose?

3A) What were the consequences?

4) Who do you talk to when you need to confide in someone?

5) Tell us a secret now!


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How many of the questions you've posted here haven't been answered -- I mean really haven't been answered -- quite the way you wanted them to? IE: you ask something about a deep personal or philosophical subject, for example, and the replies don't really hit the heart of the true question?

Just curious!

Me, I rarely ask here, and I don't really think any of my questions so far have been very confusing anyway. :)

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Would you consider someone who was witness to domestic abuse situations repeatedly (physical, verbal), but not abused themselves, a victim of abuse as well?

I tried googling but nothing 'official' could be found so I'm curious about others opinions.
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(no subject)

Okay, I need your help, TQC. I've tried Googling and suck at Googling the names for science stuff I can explain but don't remember the name for.

It's this theory, or rule, or something that says if you put atoms in a vacuum they'll all rush out to fill the space... kinda like dumping marbles in the middle of the floor and having them roll away (that's how it was explained to me, anyway). What is that called?

And if I haven't gone totally insane and just made that up or misremembered something, does that mean if we took a glass of water into space and threw it out the atoms would all zip to the ends of the universe? Or would they only spread so far?

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How can you tell if someone is a pathological liar?

How do you deal with someone like that?

Do you think there's a time when lieing is okay?

Do you lie to people? On a regular basis? (haha what an ironic question.) If so, why? And is it intentional, or does it just slip out?
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(no subject)

How do you post in more than one community at a time without going to the info page for every single community (if this is possible)?

Also, is there a way to post in a community without going to the user info and hitting the pencil thingy?

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(no subject)

Do any of you take part in the tea chef monthly challenge? If so, have you received your sample for this month? What do you think of the "lapsang souchong"? What kind of recipe might you be leaning towards?

Personally, I find the tea horribly rancid, but I think it might make a good component in a homemade steak sauce if it's treated right. But I promised myself that I would never allow myself to drink anything like that again. The aftertaste and the smell just isn't going away.....
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home decor ideas

I'm going to have to decorate my house soon, and I realized that I have a LOT Of empty wall space. The people I live with are moving out end of the month, and they're taking ALL the pictures. (Its fair, they own them, after all)

What are some cheap but cool-looking things I can do for wall art? I'm getting a photo-printer soon, and while I'm not very crafty, I can try and passably fake it.
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(no subject)

How much did you spend on your current outfit? Write out everything you're wearing (including underwear and shoes).

Spiffy black pinstripe pants: $11.00
Socks: $2.5
Etnies: $70.00
Shirt: $5.00
Sweater: $7.00
Undies + bra: $25.00


Holy Moly. That's crazy.
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(no subject)

What the heck is this email?

(no subject) Inbox

to me
Hide options 2:46 pm (3 hours ago)
From: "" <"">
To: pockettheroach@gmail.com
Date: 07 Jan 2006 14:46:44 -0500

No text, and just quotation marks where the sender name/email would be...
music: score | sir duke

Ha Ha.

I'm in need of some music related jokes, especially ones that are a play on song titles/lyrics.

So far I've only got the following;

How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?
Wi' jam-in!

How does Bab Marley's mate like his doughnuts?
Wi jam-in too!

"Doctor, Doctor! I can't stop singing The Green, Green Grass of Home"
"That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome."
"Is it common?"
"Well, it's not unusual."

Anyone got any other play on song-titles/song-lyric jokes they'd care to share? Or maybe jokes that are a play on artists/band names?
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(no subject)

So it seems like I've got a major virus or some crap... Tell me if any of you have had run-ins with this one. I keep getting a yellow popup in the bottom right corner that says "System Intrustion Detected... Dangerous infection was detected on your PC. The system will now download and install most efficient antimalware program to prevent data loss and your private information theft. Click here to protect your computer......."

I can't get this to go away at all. This stupid thing keeps downloading SpywareStrike to my hard drive, and I can't get rid of it either. Apparently it's one of the newer annoying viruses or whatnot.

Has anyone had success in getting rid of it? I went out and bought McAfee and installed it, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Aghhh.

(no subject)

1) Do you have a screensaver? How many minutes of inactivity before it kicks in?

2) Do you do the turn off monitor option? How long is it set for?

3) If my screensaver is set at 5 minutes and the turn off montior thing is set at 15 minutes, does that mean that my monitor will turn off after me being away for 15 minutes? Or does it start counting from when the screensaver starts, so 20 minutes of inactivity?
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second question today. deal with it.

has anybody used cold-eeze or something like that that's supposed to shorten a cold? do you think it helped?

(i have a mega-cold right now. i'm miserable.)

bonus question: why the hell am i getting a head cold every two weeks? anybody else getting sick more frequently this year?

(it could be because i teach piano and this is the first time i've done it in the winter. ew, i never thought about that.)
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can read Brokeback Mountain online for free? I just saw the movie, and I want to read the short story, but I have no time to go to the local library and my school library doesn't carry a copy.

sims 2

1)Someone just asked a question about Sims 2, and now I have one.

I'm not good with technical terms and such, so try to follow along.

My computer has anough memory (or enough Ram, I think its called.) but I don't think it has the right video requirements. Whenever I play Sims 2 (which, i gave up on doing.) when I created a family, they wouldn't show up in that blue box thing... and then it would freeze when I was setting up a house or even 'living.' Is there something I can buy to fix this? Or, should I just give up?

(no subject)

Anyone ever feel very lonely? Like no one else understands them? Like they have no point in life? No passion, no goals, etc... just going through the motions. I'm stuck in a rut right now. What do you usually do to get over your weird feelings?
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(no subject)

I'm looking to switch my lotion and facial routines to something more natural, but I'm not particularly up to date on what's available.
Does Burt's Bees live up to the hype? How about Lush? If you don't like these but still use natural products, what do you use?