January 6th, 2006

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what is the quality of a 1.3 megapixel camera phone's photos?
does anyone have a link to a picture they've uploaded from their 1.3(ish)MP camera phone I could see?

to make this question more interesting:

what's a photo you wish you had now, but you didn't have a camera with you/ get the camera out in time/ think to take it?

oh, and one more annyoing one:
anyone know of a good travel photo community?

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I am writing a letter to my 6th grade science teacher to let him know how he effected my life. He was my favorite teacher and I think it might make him happy to know he did some good. when I was 16 I let him know his science class made me choose science as my carreer goal and it really made him happy.
So, who was your favorite teacher and why?
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Google maps has added a couple levels to its zoom, but I can't find anywhere that lets you zoom in to such high levels. Does anyone know where I can use those extra two zooms?
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Any tips on how to find a summer internship? Websites? People? Places? to contact

I'm a Sophomore Biology Major if that matters. Oh, and if you knew the secret to getting paid while interning, let me know as well!
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Three questions. If this doesn't apply directly to you, but you'd like to pretend, go nuts.

1) How far do you trust your friends with your partner, and vice versa?
Could they spend the night together with an innocent excuse, and you wouldn't worry, for example?

2) If someone has been too trusting of the people concerned, eg, happy enough to let friends socialise with boyfriend whilst I'm off at work paying the rent, and I get cheated on, to what extent is that my own fault?

3) A boyfriend cheats with two of your close friends. Of course, he is a total loss to humanity and there's no point trying to maintain a friendship there. But do you mourn the friendship with the friends, even though they've done the nasty to you? How far would you go to keep that friendship alive?
Edit: Does it make a difference that he's now dating one of them?

(I know the third question sounds like a weak thing to ask, but in the position I am thinking of, imagine feeling as though you've already lost a lot of people who were important to you over this, and worrying about losing more to that cheating twit you once thought you loved)
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What's your default icon and why is it your default?

Mine's Venom, from the comics, and the reason for it is because it fits my layout.
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Random List

1) Have you gone to high school/college reunions? Any interesting stories?

2) What is the PC keyboard shortcut to maximize my browser window? (Couldn't find the answer via Google)

3) Things you like to eat that other people think are icky?

4) Better to have loved & lost?

5) Do you carry a flame for an old lover? Why don't you do something about it?

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What item from the coin-operated junk food machine in my office breakroom do you think I should buy to improve my outlook on the morning? (Eveything I can think of that's in there just pisses me off more, because what I really want is a Starbucks coffee, but I can't leave my office to get one.)

Independent Medical Insurance

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I didnt know if independent state insurance was a state to state thing or not (I'm in Ohio).

I am looking into getting an independant medical insurance, preferably one that is around 160 a month (that is what I pay now through my job). Where do I look? Anyone in here have it and like their program?
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etiquette question...

I called a coworker/friend to do lunch today, yesterday. Since he didn't call me back, can I assume he's not free and ask another friend to lunch? Or should I call him back? (I don't want to seem like a pest.)
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Electricity cost

My boyfriend has a habit of just muting the tv rather than turning it off when he reads. I'm sure this doesn't cost too much on the electric bill but can anyone tell me about how much this would cost for an hour?

Can you tell I pay the electric bill?
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Using sick leave

If you call in sick to work, are you required [by law] to state what your illness is to your employer? Do they have a right to know why you need to see a doctor?

In my previous workplace they used to tell us not to disclose specific information about our illness, and need to say no more than "I'm sick, not coming in today." I assumed there was some privacy law or something. However, at my current job, they want to know exactly why I need to go to the doctor which I feel is really is none of their business, and the reason I'm seeing the doctor can be embarassing at times (i.e. gynecologist visits, etc." I understand that they want to validate I'm really sick, but I don't want to mention I need treatment for my vagina or whatever (this is an example). Or what if I had cancer and I wasn't ready to talk about it but I needed treatment, would I really need to tell the employer that I have cancer?

Do they have a right to know, and do I need to disclose that information? I thought medical information and records were supposed to be private, but I'm not sure.

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Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a lot of pain, but when you wake up in the morning it's totally gone?

This happens to me every so often. Last night I woke up around 2 AM with this awful pain...every single one of my teeth hurt really badly. I fell asleep and when I woke up around 8:45 this morning, nothing was hurting at all. This also happens to me with pain in my joints or sometimes my entire arms, where it pains me to even move.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? What causes this? Is it psychological?
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What is vegetarian?

Many vegetarians say that, as vegetarians, they don't support the meat industry. However, if someone buys at a place that also sells meat, are they not supporting that place and, in turn, the meat industry? Or does it work differently?

If the above is true, do you believe people that buy from places that sell meat should call themselves vegetarian even though they don't eat meat, since they support the meat industry? If yes, what would someone have to do to 'truly' be vegetarian?

If my thinking isn't totally skewed on this, I'm thinking people should grow what they can and buy what they can't. I understand most people don't have the land to grow anything bigger than tomatoes or somesuch, so this is more hypothetical than anything.

EDIT: Deviatednorm cleared that up for me. So, in interest of more opinion-oriented questions, have you read Plato's cave allegory? If you have, what did you think of it? I just finished reading it for class and it's still sinking into my brain.
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If you have a job and your birthday falls on a day when you know you'll be scheduled to work, do you try to arrange to have the day off?

If no, do you think it's odd that someone might do this?
If yes, how old are you?
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I'm a senior in high school, and I've always typed with two fingers. I'm pretty fast, over seventy words a minute, but I want to be able to type correctly. I'm not sure how to learn. Years and years ago I had some basketball computer game that tought typing skills, but I don't think that would help now. Any tips? I'm sure there are programs and stuff, and I'd try to teach myself, but I don't even really know what the proper keys are for which finger (not that I'm asking for a list, just general advice). Thanks.

*I hope there wasn't a recent post on this, I can never keep up with this community.

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OK, I have a weird question about postage stamps. For those of you who didn't know, the price of US stamps is going up to 39 cents in a few days. So I just bought a book of stamps, and they were sold to me at the 39 cent per stamp rate. However, they just say first class... no numerical value on them. I need to mail a letter to Canada, which is 60 cents, and I was just going to put 2 stamps on it. The question is, can I still do that even though the stamps don't actually say "39 cents" on them? Is that automatically implied?


I am taking in a rescued sheltie in a couple of days and I have never had a dog before. He's about a year old, potty trained and well taken care of with shots and things. So what advice would you give to someone in my position? What things should I have besides the obvious? I have food, treats, toys, a leash, a collar and bowls for food and water. I feel like I am missing stuff though.
What do you think of animals sleeping in the bedroom (not on the bed)?

Loud PC

My computer (which I do not have the specs for because I'm at work) is a couple years old but works fine. I think it's an athalon Thunderbird 1.4g or something but no clue on anything else. The problem is that it's REALLY loud and it drives me nuts. Is this a problem with the heatsink fan? The power supply fan? It's not that something is broken, it's always been loud. What can I do to fix this?


1. Have you ever taken a "mental health day" off work, or in other words, pulled a sickie not because you were sick, but because you were too stressed out?

2. When was the last one you took, and why?

3. Work has been a nightmare this week. I think I'll "be sick" next week. When I go to the doctor to get a medical certificate, should I tell him the truth, or fake some illness?
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Does anyone know the origin of the phrase: cake or death?

I even checked wikipedia but they had no such thing on there!

I seem to remember a shareware game, way back in the day, that gave you options and I think the last option was "cake or death?". But I could be making this up. For some reason it's really bothering me. :)

EDIT: Answered, and quite quickly! Thanks.
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wow i'm sooo ready for my weekend to begin! so what's up party people?

1) what are you doing right now, besides on LJ?
2) any plans for the weekend? whatchya doing?
3) what'd you have for lunch?
4) what kind of shoes do you have on right now? describe, or post pic.

1) at work and i have 1.5 hrs til my weekend starts!
2) yup, touring some local wineries w/frens!
3) 1/2 a lean cuisine (chicken primavera) i was too nervous to eat much and now i'm starving!
4) black kitten heels, the style name is 'Bonita'

Happy Friday!
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I blame my horrible typing on three weeks away from a good computer.

I remember asking my boyfriend a question about the actual stupidity of sheep, because it came from something in this book... a book that was disturbing but I think I need to read it, kindof like when I have a song stuck in my head and the best way to make it go away is to listen to it...

Okay. The book is about a boy...teen, preteen... In the beginning, he's working at a farm or something, and I assume his parents are dead/abandoned him, because he doesn't have a name. This girl becomes his friend and tells him she's going to come up with the perfect name for him. The next few times he sees her, she says she's working on it, narrowing it down, etc. Finally, she comes to him while they're working, and says something like "Are you ready? Your new name is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA----" as her hair gets caught in the thresher and she's sucked into it. And I think there's no real sadness on the part of anyone else, because she was just another worker.

Time goes by, stuff i don't remember... jsut next thing i know is she's working for a woman who keeps sheep... he says something about their stupidity, and she yells at him- That the sheep weren't stupid to start, man bred the brains out, so it's man's responsibility to look after the sheep... And she has 500 sheep, and 5 black sheep, so she usually just counts the black sheep, because if *they're* there, then the other sheep probably are too, because they follow eachother... except that at some point there's a big snowstorm, i think, and a bunch of sheep, including one of the black ones, die...

At one point the boy goes out to watch the dogs, and whistles & waves to one to let him know he's there, but that's a herding signal, so the dog starts sending the sheep off int eh direction he waved... so trying to fix it/confirm, he does it again to the other direction... and some sheep get killed in the trample... and the lady thinks the dog's just lost it, until the boy confesses much later....

EDIT: The question is: what is this book?
(sorry, got kinda rambly describing it all. and my boyfriend tells be all about how stupid sheep are, so that part's covered)

curly hair help

I have naturally curly hair that I would like to grow out. However, since I've moved to Chicago, the winters here are dry and it's wrecking havoc on my hair. Can someone recommend any kind of a product that might be good without making me look like I have a wet 80's perm??

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Anyone here actually have cellulite, and then have it go away from firming creams (which I've heard don't work) or by exercise? I can't even wear thin pants because my legs are so dimpled! It is so embarassing, and if it goes away with exercise I suppose it's an incentive to work out more, though I hardly believe that creams work.
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1. if drive to work, do you usually park in the same parking spot every day or find a different spot every day?
2. if you're in school and there's no assigned seating, do you tend to sit in the same seat each time?
JAM <3


I have a whole bunch of cans and plastic bottles that I intend to take to a recycling center. I'm not sure if this matters or not, but should I take the labels off the bottles? What about the caps, on or off?

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who would you like to see Jay leno/ David letterman/ Ellen de generes interview?
what is the craziest/funniest thing your mom remembers you saying as a kid?
of the following, who would you pick to do a voice over for president bush: Sylvester the cat, Yosemite Sam, daffy duck, andy dick, peewee herman (the character) or roseanne?
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So I've decided to break up with my boyfriend. We're not making each other happy and being with him just makes me feel guilty and restricted. Thing is at the moment he's kind of depressed, his parents are having problems and because he's depressed he's taking it out on other people and his best friend is being kind of a dick towards him. I know I want to break up with him but should I wait until things are back on track with his best friend? I still care about him and (this is gonna sound big-headed) I don't wanna make him even more depressed by breaking up with him. Should I wait or do it now?
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--Why do some people hate having their picture taken so much?

--What do you think should be free that is currently outrageously expensive?
(ex: internet service)

--What's the first movie you remember seeing?
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If you are not a person who believes in prayer, does it bug you when people say "you're in my prayers" or "I'll be praying for you"?  It bugs the hell out of me....but I don't say anything. 

*what really bugs me is that people who KNOW I don't believe in god or prayer say that to me. like it will change my mind. Usually I do just think it's nice that people are thinking of me.
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Can someone please instruct me on how to make it so my laptop and my husband's notebook are the only computers able to access our wireless modem?

If you need stats: Both use Windows XP - one has an internal wireless card, one has the external sticking out of the USB port - using a Motorola wireless modem from Cable One.

Can someone help. Please? Anyone? :)

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1. Would you enjoy cd's as a christmas gift from your boyfriend? (This is my first christmas with my boyfriend and we've been together about 7 months and it's kind of the first time we're exchanging gifts and he got me cd's, I feel kind of cheated because I was expecting something a little better/ more thoughtful/ more romantic.....am I over-reacting??)

2. What are some songs like Five for Fighting "100 years"? I want to make my mom a slide show for mothers day with pictures and wanted good back round music.
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computer question. meh.

1. Does iTunes make anyone else's computer bluescreen? I've googled it and can't find anyone talking about it doing exactly what is happening for me.

Things to note:
It's been doing this every once in a while, through at least one, probably more, update; I'm currently on the most recent version.
Nothing specifically happens to trigger it (I'm almost always actively using a different program), but it's only while I'm playing music.
I do not have ipodservice running, for what that's worth.

Alternatively, anyone have any suggestions for other good music players, preferably other than windows mediaplayer or winamp?

2. And, um, hrm... can you tell your name from your signature? Yours personally, I mean. Bonus points for pictures, but obviously some people might be anxious about that. Mine is pretty much R(squiggly) K(squiggly), but I like it. It has flair. :) Collapse )

3. What would you do with yourself for a few days/week if you had a 'forced vacation'?
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For someone who is watching their weight, I've become very consious of looking at nutritional labels. Now, I know the basic "look at how many calories there are" but what other things should you look at?
Do you look at nutrition/food labels?
What specifically? Calories, fat, sodium, ingredients? (Ie What are RED FLAG warning signs for you not to buy "something?)

I was looking at pickles today and I remember someone on LJ saying that they just ate them since they were so low in calories. (Well, 5 for the ones I saw, but then I looked at the sodium, and it was like 300? whatevers.) I ended up not buying them bc I wasn't sure if the sodium content overweighed the lack of calories...

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Tomorrow I have a 90's themed party and I've chosen to go on the Kurt Cobain worshiping grunge path. I have super baggy jeans, a black extra large tshirt and a flannel jacket, but I still feel like I'm missing something. What else could I add? And also, I can cut up the jeans (they are REALLY old) but I don't want the rips to look like they were done with scissors. How can I make real looking tears?

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Does anyone know if the movie Man On Fire (Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning) is based on a true story? I just finished watching it, it wasn't my first time, and I think it's an awesome movie. Just curious if anyone knew some facts on it...?