January 5th, 2006

panda dance

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Oh, another question.

I would like to learn a few things. Do you know any good communities that can show me steps, or any sites that have images or (even better) free videos that can show me about how to do it? Or, if anyone knows any good places where I can take lessons (if avaliable in the central tx area), it would be helpful. Or if anyone has suggestions for instruction books or dvds that I can get that'll help too. I can look up steps in word format (just instructions) but it's harder to follow if there isn't a video usually.

Here are some things I'm interested in:
Pencil sketching/drawing
Ballroom dancing
Belly dancing

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I feel so incredibly stupid asking this but oh well. What exactly is a brush? You know those things creative people use to make icons/graphics/etc.? I've looked them up and see them but still don't get what they are exactly. Explain please? Thanks. :)
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I know I know the music in the Casanova trailer. Can anybody tell me what it's called or even who it's by? I think I might have played it in orchestras in the past but I can't figure out what it is!

Of course, I might be making it all up... but I know I've at least heard it somewhere! hah.

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I used to be a Sega Genesis fiend, but I haven't played in a long time. I'm looking to find a one and start playing again, and I'm trying to remember the games I used to play so I can buy those, too, but there is one I cannot for the life of me remember the title of.
There was this tiny, short little guy. You could find different suits I believe; one was knight's armour and one was a dragon. Really, the details are terribly fuzzy, as it's been probably 8 to 10 years since I've played it. I believe in the first level you started in this green grassy area and ended up in a cave sooner or later.
Gah, this is probably horribly vague, but I'm dying to remember what this game was because I loved it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

(x-posted to oldschoolgames)

Edit: Answered! (It's Kid Chameleon for the curious.)
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Help me find a comic.

I'm looking for something that I'm pretty sure I saw online. It was a comic, maybe a page to a few pages long, about a little astronaut.
It was pretty sad, and drawn in a sort of 'Perry Bible Fellowship' style, I think. I remember the people looking a lot like the little blobby people in those comics (but it's not one of theirs, I checked)
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memory foam beds

I'm not finding a lot of consumer reports or user reviews regarding whether or not the cheap imitation memory foam mattresses are as good as the ridiculously over priced real Tempur Pedic memory foam mattresses. So here's my question:

Do you or anyone you know sleep on a memory foam bed? Is it Tempur Pedic brand or imitation brand memory foam? And how do you like it? Or how does the person you know who has one, like it?

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When you're single, how do you get a person who expresses interest in you, only doesn't say anything directly, to get the hint that you're not interested?
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Sally Beauty

Does Sally Beauty sell storage container type stuff for cosmetics? I tried their website, but conveniently, that part of it doesn't work. The nearest store is about half an hour away, and I can't find anything decent at zeller's or walmart.

(I live in South-West Ontario if it matters)
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Has anyone else had a problem with CABLEVISION?

I HATE this company!
We got their services last month, the 3 package deal - phone, internet, cable - and by error they changed our telephone number that we've had for 13 years! And after dozens of calls and hours spent on the phone and at home waiting for technicians (who wouldn't come), we still don't have our number. I'm so angry... my family doesn't know what to do any more. We've considered going back to our old provider Verizon, but we'd loose about 200$ now in the process. I hate Cablevision so much... may this company rot!!!!
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Choose my ringtone...

I use a different "general" ringtone every month or so, and if I can, I try to theme it with the month.

Will you please give me some ideas for things I can use? I'm not asking for links or files, just ideas.

Here are some examples of ones I already use:

  • Angel theme

  • FF7 vicitory theme

  • Halloween theme

  • If I only Had a Brain - Wizard of Oz

  • Mahna Mahna Song - Muppets

  • Mario Brothers

  • We are Siamese - Lady and the Tramp

  • Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies (my December ring)

  • Under the Sea - Little Mermaid

  • Cecelia - S & G

  • Berserk themes (anime)


EDIT: Please don't choose one of the ones listed above, these are ones I already have a use for certain people. I just wanted new ideas for songs to use.
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managing school and work

I need some advice!
I'm in Grade 12 right now, and I work Saturdays so that I can focus the rest of my time on school; I want good grades so that I can get good scholarships. Next year I'll be attending University.
Is it better for me to work my ass off this summer (work 5 to 6 days a week at 1 or 2 jobs) and keep working Saturdays during the next school year? Or should I work 2 or 3 days a week at a job during the summer, so that I can still enjoy it, and then keep working during the school year?

Edit - I'm not stressed for money or anything -- I already have enough money saved for the first couple years of Uni... I just like being proactive. =P

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1. Based on your experience, not on stereotypes you may have heard, would you rather have a male or female boss and why?

2. Do you think male or female managers/HR folks are more guilty of job discrimination based on race, weight, and age?

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1)What's the best treatment for cold sores?

2)How do you pronounce via?

3)I went two nights this week without sleeping (including last night). Would it be safe for me to go work out at the gym today?

Thanks in advance.
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If the smallest picture a camera can take is 640 x 480 pixels how can you redo the picture so it is 100 x 100 so you can use a picture for an icon? I've seen this done a million and one times before. Do you have to have a paid account to put pictures into your journal?
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Cell Phones

If you are current customer of a cell phone company and you need a new phone and are eligable for their rebate, what is the cheapest way to get a new phone? Go directly through them, or is there a better way to do it?


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1. i'm looking for info on the chinese-taiwanese conflict. what do you think would be a good book to try? Bonus points if it's actually interestingly written and is somewhat recent. is there perhaps a website that would describe relations between the two countries as they stand today?

2. are you as excited for that battlestar galactica premier as i am?
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Have you been in a supervisory position at a job before?

What advice would you give someone who is about to take on a supervisory role for the first time? (If you have previously held a supervisory position, I'd love advice from both prospectives.)


Also, off that topic, what is your least favorite commonly used chat abbreviation? (Mine is 'oic'.)
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Dream question

Not that my dreams have ever been prophetic before, but I had a very vivid dream in which a friend of mine's very young daughter (2-3 years old) fell to her death. My first instinct was to not tell her because it was incredibly gruesome (the girl's head was disfigured and her neck broken as a result of the fall) and would likely be disturbing to my friend to hear about. But now I'm wondering if maybe I should tell her so she can be can keep an extra close eye on the girl near things she could fall off of. If this was prophetic and something happened to the girl, I'd feel SO guilty, but on the same note I don't want to upset her mother.

If you had a dream like that, would you tell the girl's mother? If someone had a dream like that about someone in your family, would you want to know?

mmm...myspace help.

first post here, and i dont know how well its gonna work out, but oh well

for those of you with myspace..
how do you make your profile NOT private. the site randomly automatically made me have a private account, and changing my accout settings to let anyone view my profile isnt working. so any help is awesome.

and send me a link to your myspaces, if u want of course. i just started using it again, and i need some more friends.

thanks for any help.

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1. Does anyone else think an etiquette class should be mandatory in high school?

2. On a similar note, do you care what kind of background your peers come from (b/c one's behaviour often reflects one's b/g)? Or, in other words, do you have certain standards for the people you choose to hang out with?

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Does Royal Icing/whatever it's decorating need to be refridgerated? (it contains raw egg whites)

Females: How much weight can you bench press?

Press Ctrl+V and entertain me with what you've copied? :)

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I recently downloaded an .avi movie, but when I play it on RealPlayer, it comes up with plain green. I tried downloading DivX and another codec to solve the problem, but it is not working. I'd rather not give up and delete the movie, but is there a codec to view it? (thanks)
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Colour Association!

Input for a piece of artwork I'm currently working on. I need a colour (that cannot be black, red or any dark colour - so light colours and white are fine) to associate with each of these groupings of countries. I have my own colours I associate, but I'd like to hear your ideas.

So, can you please tell me what colour first comes to mind (taking into account criteria above), when you see these country groupings? Having each group a different colour would be preferred.

And also - what are my reasons for grouping the countries like this? Curious if anyone knows offhand.

Onto the groups... remember, groups, not each country individually.

1. France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Netherlands

2. United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland

3. Greece

4. Spain, Portugal

5. Sweden, Austria, Finland

6. Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Malta, Cyprus

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Sometimes, when I'm bored, I like to think of baby names. Just because it's fun. I'm sure some of you understand. Well, yesterday I was thinking about twins, and I had this really nice pair of names that was slightly match-y without being really match-y. One of them was Vivienne, my favorite name, and I can't remember what the other was!

All I can remember is that it was kind of fancy like Vivienne, it had a V in it, but it did not start with a V. It could also be shortened to a 3-letter nickname that was kind of sassy and cute.

Do you have any idea what name I could be thinking of?

edit: I just remembered! It was Devonny. I read it in a book once, and I think it's so pretty. But thank you!
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How long is it possible for an average human being to stay awake?

Have you ever stayed awake for 3 days or longer?
How did you do it?
Did you crash at the end, or could you have stayed awake longer?

So here's my deal...
I have been awake since Wed morning at 9:00 am
It is now 7:30 pm Thurs
I need to stay awake all night tonight b/c I have to be on time for work tomorrow and if I go to bed tonight when I get home I will not be able to wake up in the morning (yeah, I am weird, I can sleep through anything and for days at a time w/o waking up...freak, i know :p)

Total hours I NEED to be awake: 65 at the very least

Any tips to help me?

I was thinking No Doz maybe...but how many of those can you safely take w/o sleeping in between?
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Say you're interested in someone who knows you vaguely, and who you don't see often. You'd like to talk to this person, but this person is never going to initiate a conversation with you so you've got to do it. What are some good conversational gambits that don't sound too 'Hey omg I'm into you!'? And no, 'Hey, what's up?' is not going to work. First of all, I can't say it without sounding stupid. It's just a thing I have. Also, it assumes a level of familiarity that doesn't really exist.

*sigh* I'm a loser. Thanks for the help.

Also: what are some of the harshest communities you've seen?

I'd say brutal_honesty, debunkingwhite, and ohnotheydidnt.

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I'm planning a trip, and I've come to the conclusion I'm never going to find what I want in entirety on my own, so I'd like to get a travel agent to do it for me. Basically, I want to give the person a list of places I want to see, and other guidelines, and I want them to put together our vacation or find a tour that meets our expectations. How much can I expect this to be, and have any of you ever planned a trip this way, and were you satisfied? Thank you. :)
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Would you say that there comes a time for a person in every relationship where they are definitely and seriously tempted to stray? Do you think that there are relationships where a person is NEVER tempted? What prompts the temptation? Are people simply not monogomous creatures?
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For the word advertizement, why have so many people started shortening it as "advert" instead of "ad?" What's wrong with "ad?" You'd think people would like that one more since it's a lot shorter and everyone is all lazy online.
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I would post this in one the Apple communities but I never know wether to post something in macosx or ibook or another Apple community so I'm posting it here. There's bound to be someone here who knows something about iBooks or can tell me what community to post to.
And it's behind a cut for people who do not care.

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Has anyone here tried Dove's Intensive Firming Lotion/Cream? What were the results, if any? (I want to try it before my trip to the Dominican in March, but if it doesn't work, then screw it!) =P

Are there any other skin firming products you would recommend?

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So my EBAY account just got suspended for 'shilling' and until i read the email i had not clue wtf shilling even meant. how do i defend my good name? email says i can only respond in 7 days? what happens if i respond earlier? how in the hell did this even happen?? grrrr >:[