January 4th, 2006

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1. What does it mean when someone says "old meme"?

2. Why do some guys (maybe even some girls) spend so much time on the toilet that they bring reading materials in there? I just can't imagine it taking that long.

3. Do you have any anti-anxiety tips? I always seem to be anxious for no reason and it's hard for me to relax.

4. I went to the dentist about 2 weeks ago. He gave me antibiotics for swollen gums above one tooth, and said there was a 10% chance I'll need a root canal. I took the antibiotics till they were gone (7 days) but the gums are still swollen. What does this mean?

Thanks in advance!
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hi :-)

in your email account, when you go to 'compose' what are the other boxes for? the ones usually under 'to' they are called 'cc' and 'bcc' ? this has always always always annoyed me and i figured if anyone knows, someone in here will!!!


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Why is alcohol so much more expensive than, say, soft drinks?

Is anyone out there watching the junior boys world hockey championships? Are you Canadian?

A girl and guy from my school are about 19 and 21, and they've been dating since the end of september. They got engaged over the break, and are getting married in april. Does anyone else think this is really fast??
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Money transfers confuse me.

1. If someone says they only accept funded PayPal, do they still accept funds that are transfered directly from your bank account upon transaction? Like if you have $0.00 in your PayPal funds but then you select your checking account to fund the transaction, does that still count as funded PayPal?

2. I use wellsfargo.com for my banking and in the "Transfer Money" section, there are drop-down menus for "transfer to" and "transfer from" and they both list my Visa credit card as one of the transfer options. I've never tried to use it because I'm not sure what would happen, but if I were to transfer funds to my Visa, how is that different than paying it through the "Bill Pay" section? Relatedly, if I were to transfer FROM my Visa into my checking, would that just be like a cash advance?

3. Are you waiting for any packages to arrive in the mail? What is it?

4. Have any of you broken your New Years Resolution yet?

A lyrical question

I've been searching for the name of this song forever. I have it on a burned CD but I've no idea what it's called or who sings it. The chorus goes:

"I cannot avoid going into the void
Into the void x8"

And a part of the song is:

"Lying in a circle, winding too far... my god! It's full of stars!"

Anyone know this song?
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Starting about a week and a half ago, my jaw started doing something funny. The left side will periodically start feeling tight. It doesn't hurt, but it feels odd. When it's doing this, it makes my mouth feel out of alignment such that the lower part of my jaw start naturally falling further right than usual. It doesn't stay that way for more than 20 minutes or so, but eating or chewing seems to prolong it. If it keeps doing it, I'll bring it up to my dentist next time I see him, but until then...

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Does this happen to you? If so, do you know how to keep it from doing this?
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Two random questions today.

1. For people who have made long distance moves: How long of a time period did you leave in between the time you quit your job (when you actually stopped working, not just when you gave your notice) and the time you moved? I don't want to shortchange myself on either money or time, and I have no idea what kind of time period to leave in there.

2. I recently had an ugly bout of listeria (horrible begging-for-death form of food poisoning), and it's left me afraid to eat anything other than crackers or dry cereal. I know that I ate meat and cheese and all that good stuff every day and only got sick that one time from it, but I'm still afraid of getting it again. I feel like if the food itself doesn't make me sick, the anxiety surrounding it will. I have no interest whatsoever in going vegan...how can I make myself eat these foods again?
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You have reason to believe that one of your friends- A 20something in college, with a job and an apartment and a cat and a boyfriend- so an adult friend- still believes in Santa Claus.

How to go about finding whether she actually does?

and if she does, then what?

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I've been IMing a classmate of mine since October. We met through Facebook. I thought we should meet to get it over with, especially since we're in a small major and would meet eventually. I'm kinda nervous for some reason. Getting ants in my pants and everything.

How do I get over the awkwardness of meeting online people in real life? I'm socially inept.
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Could be my inner geek shining through again, but is anyone else getting excited about filing their taxes soon?

2nd Question, unrelated...
I feel like a total moron right now and I refuse to admit my goof to my boyfriend. I've gone and forgotten his last name. I can't even remember what letter it starts with. edit: It's coming back now. Starts with an S, ends with an 'i' or an 'o.' I'm getting there...
Have you ever had a big brain-fart like this? What was it?
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What's the fastest that one of your relationships progressed? Did it work out well?

I've been dating a guy since October and we've been officially a couple for exactly a month today. We're moving in together next month. Mostly it's because it's convenient. I need a roomate and he lives in a tiny apartment with 2 other guys and always complains about how cramped it is. We live two houses down from each other and have already been spending all of our free time together (except for classes and work) for the last few weeks, so it's kinda like we live together already. Except now our stuff will be in the same place as well.

Do you think this is a horrible idea? I know that if one of my friends told me she was moving in with a guy she's been only dating for a month I'd try to convince her otherwise.

I've never lived with anyone I was romantically involved with, before. Any tips?


I recently bought an ipod i brought it home and installed the itunes software and pluged my ipod to my computer, it was like my computer did not recognize that the ipod wa even there. It also said things like my ipod software was not up to date so i downloaded the updater and it still said it was not up to date. I went to my dads office and tried to do it there but the same thing happened. I took the ipod to the guys at best buy and they couldnt find anything wrong with it so i brought it home but the same problem continued. I exchanged it for a new one last night and uninstalled the first itunes and installed the new one but when i went to plug in my ipod it still did not recognize it. Again i downloaded the updated ipod version, this time "ali's ipod" came up for about 5 seconds then disapeared. Im not sure what i did but i did alot more downloading and registering and all that stuff and each time "ali's ipod" would come up but always dissapear and alot of the time my computer would jsut shut off. I am soo sad about my whole situation, all i want is for the stupid thing to work. Please tell me waht i sould do.
Thank You
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So I'm new to the world of music uploading, so I've got a question about this whole process. When I download a RAR or ZIP file from an LJ music-sharing community, it goes to my desktop. No problem, I open it up and extract the files to where I want them. Now, here comes the question--my desktop gets very messy with all these RAR and ZIP files sitting there after a while. After I've extracted the music files to a different part of my computer, can I delete the existing RAR and ZIP files that are on my desktop? I mean, when I extracted them, I put them in two different places, right?

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Speak or Hold Your Tongue

If you had long suspected that one of your close friends is gay (but wasn't out) and they had recently gotten engaged with an opposite sexed person and were planning a wedding, would you have a heart to heart with them about your concerns, or would you keep your mouth shut?
minnie and zeus

Jobhunting and moving

I'll be graduating from grad school for social work in May.  My bf and I would like to move to north CA or Portland area at the end of May.  Where we move to depends on where I can find a job.  So I'd like to line up a job first, so then we can determine where to move and arrange all that BEFORE we get out there.  Collapse )

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I have always felt like odd numbered years were luckier for me than even numbered years. Am I just setting myself up for bad things to come my way by expecting it or is good luck/bad luck a real thing in your opinion?

I just broke a makeup mirror while cleaning my bathroom. If it were you, would you be worried about seven years bad luck?

When you respond to a post/comment, are you annoyed when the person you responded to doesn't respond back in some way? For example, if you answer my questions and I don't say thank you would you be annoyed or would you just feel like the thank you is implied?

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Does anyone out there subscribe to Gameznflix?

I'm considering subscribing, and I'm interested in their game subscription service. Are the games in good condition when you get them. Do they get new games in fairly quickly and have enough copies available so you don't have to wait forever?  When you return a game, does the next one come fairly quickly.

Have you tried their video service? How does it compare to Netflix?

Do you have any other information or experiences with Gameznflix that might be useful for me to know?
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If you could be any nationality (that is, either grown up as or became at your current age) besides that which you are already, which would you choose? Would you stay the same? What if you were forced? Why?
petit prince


i am, of course, interested in everyone's thoughts, but i guess i'm especially curious about what those who are more conservative think, since this has to do with people of your political persuasion.

so, what do you think about the jack abramoff scandal? how about tom delay and bill frist? and what about scooter libby?

do republicans feel betrayed by their party, or do you feel this is a witch hunt and it'll turn out that no one did anything wrong? do you feel the bush administration/republican party has been forthcoming about any involvement with these cases?

(and, yes, i know democrats are corrupt, too, but i'm curious about these recent cases in particular)

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Recently released albums?

I need to write a music review for next week's edition of my school newspaper, and I'm drawing a blank - I can't think of any albums released within the past month or so (reviews are supposed to be recent, obviously) that I would be interested in reviewing. Any suggestions? It doesn't have to be something I absolutely love, but should be within the scope of what I generally like - I'm not a big fan of country, metal/screamo, blues/jazz or Christian music.
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gift idea.

I got my mom one of those cheesy novelty keys that is painted like the American Flag and carved as our house key. (she's way patriotic, what can I say...)

I intended to get ger a keychain with an eagle to go with it but key chains are so hard to find unless you're not looking for them! The only kinds of keychains I could find anywhere were those kinds that 15 year olds carry that have stupid bitchy attitude sayings.

I only have three days until her birthday so it's too late to look online.

So a keychain is out.

I basically need a quick and easy gift idea to go with the key that I can just get at the mall but won't be *too* separated from the key. Like I don't want to get her a pair of shoes and a key, you know?

I was thinking a purse because you keep your keys in your purse... but she already has seven million purses and I think she's really picky about her purses anyway.

Any ideas? Something to even remotely coordinate with a key that is not a keychain?? Please help! I'm the worst gift giver ever.


So I bought a proper manicure kit yesterday and all these tools are foreign to me. I just can't identify two of them.

Here's a picture of a different set. The tools I can't identify are the top and 3rd from the top.
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How does one take a photo that's black and white, and colorized one specific part of it?
Like, I have a picture of my face and it's B&W and I'd like to make my lips red, how do I do that in Photoshop?

Thank you for your time and assistance.
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hate interviews

I have an interview tomorrow morning at 10:30 for a job I really want. (If the pay is good, because the commute is going to be 45 minutes to an hour and compared to my now 10 minute commute? Ouch. Not to mention my poor car!) What's your best piece of interview advice?

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OKAY, so here's the deal: i got a napster subscribtion so i could put songs on my new mp3 player. but now its making me pay 99 cents a song if i want to put them from the comp onto the player. its free for me to just download them. is there any way i can get around this, & put those songs on my playter without having to pay?

(no subject)

How would I go about making a picture slide show with music in it and putting it on a dvd for someone to watch on their tv. (I'm terrible at wording things, sorry) Any programs out there to do something like this or any advice you guys have would be great!
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is ladytron worth seeing live? i don't want to pay money to see djs. do they do more than what they would do in the studio/dj sets? i'd like to convince my boyfriend to see them because i think they are amazing. he likes them but he'd rather see nine inch nails. trent is, in essence, the same as ladytron but does more than a dj set live. nin costs more and i don't have the money to spend. all feedback is welcome. thanks!
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Painting/design question

I'm thinking of repainting my room, and I want to do it in a sort of "bar" motif, since I'm getting together a collection of vintage beer company signs to display in here. The trouble is, I am horrible at designing or envisioning colors/motif ideas for any room. Basically I am just wondering what color schemes in particular or any other helpful design ideas I might want to know are. The room's rather small, I think it's about 11 by 10, and it has a wainscotting that goes around the room on two of the walls that sticks out from the wall about 8 inches and forms a shelf. Traditionally I've painted it two-tone, with the wainscotting (I don't know what other word to use for it, you might have to look it up) being painted a different color from the actual drywall. Any and all help's appreciated, including good reference pictures.
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help. help!

So my computer will no longer play sound. I know nothing, absolutely nothing about computers, so sorry if this sounds a little vague.

I've discovered that my *something* kernel *something?* mixer isn't working. The reason I don't know the name of this mysterious thing is because the troubleshooter told me to uninstall it and reinstall it, but the reinstallation didn't work correctly so now it's just called "unknown device".

Is there anything I can do about this? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about?
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I need to send money (about 95元) to China. Does anyone here (especially the Cantonese expats) have experience sending money to a foreign country?
I went to my bank and they said wiring money to their bank account would cost me $40. The Post Office told me that international money orders nor post office remittance are accepted in China.
I had Western Union suggested to me but something tells me a company named "Western Union" probably wouldn't be popular in China.

For a country that's stockpiling our currency, it's really strange that they make it so hard for me to give it up.
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(no subject)

1. Do you like this necklace?
I love it. Everyone I have asked hates it.

2. Would you wear it?

3. Do you think Jenny Lewis is attractive?
I do, I would definitely be gay for her. I was reading that magazine today and a lot of people said she was ugly.
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Does anyone have any tips for reducing the file size of an annoying awesome animated GIF to fit under LiveJournal's 40K limit?

I've already done stuff like reducing the color palette and using the GIMP's animation optimization filter (which strips out redundant information), which probably means that I have too many frames in my animation. Approximately how many 100x70 frames should I expect to get with 40 kilobytes?
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Where is the best place to get posters (of any size) cheaply? Either real stores, or online stores that sell poseters. I am more looking for humorous type of posters or artistic posters, not really celebrity/movie type of posters.

Also, I live in an apartment. What is the best way to hang up posters (as in, what should I use? stickytack, thumbtacks, nails, etc). Should I use poster frames?

How do you decorate your room/apartment?