January 3rd, 2006

What do you think?

All human lives have equal value; everybody is worth the same.


What do you think? Are some people worth more than others? (And not just monetarily.) Why /why not?

Or do the two statements have entirely different meanings?

Edit: By your personal criteria and definitions for "worth."

Edit2: (You don't have to vote if you really don't think you can answer the question. But discuss why you can't answer. However, the question is intentionally general, so write more than just "it depends".)
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(no subject)

Okay, since I asked earlier here and with some of my friends to check it, and it works for them... *why* am I the only one who can't get to care2.com? Would really like to check my email... the past 4 days of it...

firefox, IE, no difference... people on different costs, works fine for them... with/without the www. part...
-Edit- and clearing the cache and cookies doesn't fix it either.
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four questions, you don't have to respond to them all

1) What product (mouth wash, tooth paste, etc.) have you used that actually helped whiten your teeth?
What is the brand?
And how long did you use it?

2) Do your joints pop or crack a lot? I am not talking about cracking your knuckles. Just by themselves... like when you bend down, move your arm or simply open your mouth. It seems like every joint in my body randomly pops/cracks, especially my jaw. I read that it is normal and that it's the tedon out of place and just popping back in place. But I feel like I'm the only person who experiences this.

3) Did you rush/pledge for a sorority or fraternity? Did you drop out, get your first choice or get cut? Was the whole experience worth it? Why or why not?

4) What is a good horror movie...? seriously. I've seen a few during my winter break and have been disappointed. Please do not recommend ghost, spirit horror films... I like flims similar to Saw.
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People Stuff

(Bah, my paid account expires and I'm left with a bizarre mix of userpics - but at least I have my creepy TQC one)

So, considering that it's late at night and I'm sort of going to bed (yeah, I'm doing great so far, right?) I'm thinking too much (as usual). But maybe I've come up with an interesting subject:

Do you prefer to invite or be invited? Which one happens more often? Does it seem to you that people will go out of their way (call you at home/work, etc) to invite you, or are you the, "Hey, since you're here I guess I should ask if you want to come, huh?" guy/gal? Similarly, do you prefer to initiate conversation or have the other party initiate it? Do you like to have a "reason" for doing things like, say, making a phone call? (ex: "Hi Joe, I wanted to let you know that I found your cat" vs "Hey Joe, what's up? I wasn't doing anything so I thought I'd call and say hi").

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Bonus question: Do you totally over-think interpersonal relationships like I do? :P Can you tell my New Years was sort of a bust in the people department? :P
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reading your friends list

Does anyone else find it annoying that when you read your friends list, you have to read in order of most recent to the oldest? Wouldn't it make more sense to read oldest to most recent so that you're not reading backwards?

And does anyone else read their friends list at work, have to close the window on occasion for work reasons, and find it difficult to get back to where you left off later because the friends list keeps updating from most recent to oldest (thus stacking more posts on top and making it difficult to scroll through to find where you left off)?
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I've always had somewhat sensitive armpits and when I shave them if I try to shave them again before three days it ends badly. Problem is I want to get a tattoo on my shoulder blade at the end of next month, so naturally I'll want to wear tank tops to show that off. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thoughts? I have dark hair so yeah, the day after I shave my armpits are generally already looking bleh. :(
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(no subject)

So, we just got my sister's holiday package. And, remembering the time she sent me a witches' datebook, which was immediately confiscated... and when she sent me a Scott Cunningham book, which i lied about ("It's an environmentalist book")... I decided it would be a good plan to discreetly open the package, check the contents, steal mine directly if it was anything like above, and just seal it all back up.

The present is safe, I didn't tear any paper, i could pull this of with no-one knowing. but, some of that brown plasticy tape has bits of brown pper on it and now doesn't stick that great.

The question: Are duct tape or Scotch tape ever kosher for the mail? I know that wide clear tape is the best bet in case i can find it, but if i can't?

Because, my mother used to work for UPS, so I'm thinking she'd know if I used scotch tape to cover and it was something it couldn't have been sent with..

EDIT: found a gluestick. seemed to do the trick.

(no subject)

1. How long does a carton of eggs last? I bought some about a week ago and it says "sell by January 7th", but I've only used 2 and have 10 left (they were out of the 6-pack ones), sooo are they still good past the "sell by" date? I am the only person eating these eggs.

2. Does anybody else get paid twice a month rather than every week/every other week? I get paid the 1st and 15th of each month and it blows. I am just wondering who else has to put up with this sucky arrangement (sucky because the 15th to the 1st is never just two weeks!)

3. If you live with someone else... is one of you much cleaner than the other? My bf is soooo messy and I hate it. I refuse to clean up after him, but I don't know how to make him clean up after himself. It's always "I'll do it, I'll do it" and he never does it.

(no subject)

Yes, another question, because you people have never let me down before.

The boyfriend and I have been trying to come up with a number of fictional characters that fit the following criteria:

A (child, or group of children), who (somehow travel to a mystical and fully-developed world), where they (meet and have adventures with a number of strange characters), and who (eventually return to the real world), finding that (no one believes their story).

So far, we thought of:
The kids from the Chronicles of Narnia
The kids from Peter Pan
Sarah from Labyrinth
Bastian from The Neverending Story
Little Nemo
Jack and the Beanstalk maybe?

It's okay if they're not hugely well-known characters, as long as they're not from recent sources (i.e., folklore and mythology are fine, as long as they fit all the criteria).

Audition Piece Suggestions

Hi. I've got a quick question for those who do musical theater. I am planning on trying out for Into the Woods, preferably for the role of either the Baker's Wife or the Witch, though I am open to other major female roles. What would you suggest as an audition piece?

I am a little strung out by this since it had been recommended to me that I neither do anything from the show nor do anything "recent" so I won't be compared to a memorable performance. I was thinking of "Happily Ever After" from Once upon a Mattress.

Any suggestions?
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What are your views on volunteering?

I have not felt motivated for years now to do any volunteering. I've done a little in the past including being a volunteer Sunday school teacher for a spiritual center. But now all my free time is spent on myself, my hobbies, starting a business and with my friends. But if I don't volunteer, I feel like I'm not contributing to my community and the world. Should I make myself volunteer, even if I don't feel like it? Or should I wait until I feel motivated to do so?
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(no subject)

So I worked a 16-hour day after only three hours of sleep. (In my defense, I wasn't PLANNING on working that long. I went to bed, got called in to work a co-manager's shift who was sick, and then my shift straight after.)

So yeah. 16 hours of work with 3 hours of sleep with no breaks, no sitting down, and also doing the drive-thru window without a sweater (I get hold and cold like a menopausal woman!) has given me this beautiful, nasty cold.

I don't get to call in sick - I still have to work. I'm just a little concerned, though...

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Thanks :D

(no subject)

really long shot, but does anyone have a scan of the coloured spots at the beginning of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' book?

also, for those that know things about photography, what features does my camera have to have (and I need to know how to work)/ books I could read for me to have a reasonable grasp of photography?


For you crossword-ers out there.

Recently, I've been plowing through ridiculous amounts of crossword puzzles, and I was stumped to come across this clue:

27. Guy who's concerned with his inheritance?
The answer was "genepool" which I discovered after filling in most of the letters via intersecting words. Now, my question is, does that really make sense? I get the whole "inheritance" pun-sort-of-thing, but the impression I got from the clue was that it'd be a type of person due to the normal patterns of crosswords.
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(no subject)

I'm not sure if I'm going to word this right, but I'll try.

I also don't want to use the word "owe" because that's not what I'm looking for.

-Parents have to take care of their kids, legally, until they are 18. Most parents don't put their kids out of their asses on their 18th birthday. What responsibility (not legally) should parents have after their kids turn 18?

-Do you think that parents should help pay for college?
-Do you think that parents should help pay for a wedding?
-Do you think that parents should help their children with a down payment on their first house?
Why or Why not for all of the responses?

Do you also have a limit, if you've said yes, to the age? Like, a parent should help an 18 year old with college, but not their 25 year old who decided to work before going to college?

For any tattoo experts out there...

Is it possible for a new tattoo to get infected? I've never heard of it but I was just wondering.

Also, I got a tattoo on top of my foot on Friday. It's still quite tender today (Tuesday), should I be worried? Or is it just because it's a delecate spot?


(no subject)

Have you ever had an idea about who your parents are and then come to realize who they really are (I guess I mean in a bad way)?

The reason I'm asking is because my step-son (he's only 9) has this idea that his mother is a wonderful person, and I would too at 9. But she really isn't so great and treats him horribly but he just doesn't know it. I want him on his own to eventually understand what kind of person she is. Anyone else understand what I mean? Did you ever think that your parents were great and then over time come to find out they are not the best people? How did you handle it?

Part-time job with a full time job

Has anyone here ever got a part-time night job in additon to your full time day job? Was it worth it? Did it work out ok? Why did you do it?

I am considering taking a job at Starbucks evenings and weekends, because we are buying a house and I am getting a little nervous about our ability to come up with the down payment when we close 4 months from now. I used to work a coffeeshop in HS and loved it and still miss working there, so it was a obvious choice for a 2d paycheck. We're also thinking about having a kid soon and if so it would be great to already have a part-time lined up if we decide I want to quit my full time day job while the kidlet is a baby.

When I got my current job I hung onto my previous night job for a while and it worked great, so the fact that I'd be working really long hours isn't an issue. I was just curious how it worked for other folks, or if anyone had any disaster stories, good advice, etc.

an odd collection

1. does anyone besides myself believe in God and evolution, or a combination of creationism and evolution? i love biology and most biologists seem to be atheists. i dont get it, it just seems odd to me. i started thinking about this when i kept getting weird looks when i bought a charles darwin book along with one that had the lost chapters of the bible..

2. girls - do you have one set mood you tend to be in when you have your period? i bounce from one extreme to the other with no in between. im either very cranky, crampy, extremely thirsty and hungry. or happy, energetic and have little to no appetite. it seems to change every other month. is my left ovary just cranky?

3. how much does a carton of newports cost in boston MA and where could i obtain them near the bus station?

4. are you interested in quantum physics?

5. which do you like better american beer or canadian beer?
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(no subject)

If you could (or had to, depending how you want to look at it) write a long (three thousand word) history paper on any topic you wanted to - any time, any place - what would you do? Let's say this history paper has to be research-orientated and investigative (What was the effect of U.S. economics on the 1971 Chilean coup? is investigative. A Paper About The Civil War is not.).

I did one last year on about how Russian philosophy in the nineteenth century affected policy decisions in the twentieth century. It was cool. I have to do another this year, and I'm thinking something Tudor, or something Civil War, or something World War 1, or something Gilded Age. Eh.
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(no subject)

When I got my ears pierced I didn't clean them very well at first, so they didn't heal for a long time. I got them pierced back in september, and recently I've been able to change earrings. However, occasionally I won't be able to get an earring in easily so the holes will bleed--even after seemingly be healed. Anyone ever have this problem? How long does it take, on average, for piercings to completely heal?

The manuel thing I got when I got pierced said that you should wear only studs for the first 6 months to "keep the holes the same size." Do they mean keep them from stretching out?

Oh, and another question. Anyone else applied to brutal_honesty a while ago and not get accepted yet? If you are rejected from posting in a community do you get an email about it?

(no subject)

Okay, I've got a bunch for you.

a) I'm 18, I'm a senior in high school, and I'm SO BUSY, and I need a job. Here's the thing: I go to school until about 1:30, then I have school (varsity) cheerleading practice until 5. On my other allstar squad I have practice on Wednesdays 7-9, and on Sunday I have practice 6-9pm. I have competitions every weekend, and they take up a whole day, and cheer at games, at least twice a week until the end of February. I also have homework, family, friends, and a boyfriend. It would be nice to be able to see them. When Varsity cheerleading will most likely die down by March/April. Allstars probably May. the HELL do I have time to work? What kind of job could I get? I especially don't want to go back to fast food, and I can't use my old job as a reference because I quit over the spot, but that's another story. The local mall is about 25 minutes away. I'm open to ideas, but I need time to do my other things.

b) What weird disgusting habits do you have?

I always read on the toilet, and I like to pick my splits ends of my hair.

c) Will winter ever end? I'm so sick of snow, and shoveling it. What do you do in the Winter months, especially when it seems it will never end?
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(no subject)

yeah, so this is really random, but it's been bugging me ..

does anyone remember a show that used to come on tv, it has to have been ATLEAST 10 years ago, all i remember is there was a single mother and her son, and there was a guy who used to always come over and fix things, ie; the kitchen sink. maybe he was a plumber, i dont know. the theme song was "Bread And Butter". vague, i know. any ideas?

(no subject)

I'm looking for something to remove hair and help make it grow back fainter. It's on my face so it's not something that I really want to have to wait to have it waxed off.

I know there are depilatory creams that will help, but what I want to know is what's worked for you guys (brands, what exactly it is, etc)? I don't care if it's worked on face, legs, whatever, just so long as it works.

Also, for whatever you do, how long does it last?

~ K.
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Philosophy Skincare

I've been bored at work so have wisely spent my time gazing at Sephora.com. I've run across the Philosophy skincare and contemplating the purchase but its a tad expensive so I want it to be worthwhile. A few questions that might help me make my purchase:

Have you tried Philosphy?
Did you like it or hate it?
Did it work well?

Broken Hair/Crochet Hairnets

I have broken hair/frizzy hair on the top of my head and I think it is because I wear my hair pulled back/or up at night when I sleep. I do this because my skin will break out no matter how clean my hair is, and also because I don't enjoy waking up choking on hair. I'm assuming because I toss and turn in my sleep it doesn't help my hair when it's up. What should I do about this problem? What about wearing crochet hairnets or those scarf things that some black women wear to bed? Do they fall off easily? Any advice?
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Movie openings

What do you think are the top best 5 movie openings? I suppose comments may contain spoilers, but at least my list wont. ^^

1. Ghost Ship
2. Suicide Circle
3. The Stand
4. X-2
5. Super Troopers
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Halloween 2008

(no subject)

I've looked all over the NetFlix website, but I'm not sure if I missed it.

Is it possible to set it up so, out of our 3-at-a-time plan, one dvd will go to one address, and two dvds will go to a second address?

FASHION 911!!!

Ok style question

I bought this shirt from forever 21...really cute but i don't know how to wear it...

It is long sleeve
meant to be worn over a cami
it is just like those over things that tie in the front
but the difference is that the ties go all the way down to the floor
im guessing they are supposed to wrap around me in some cute way but i don't know how to do it and
i don't want to look like a fool.
Anyone know how I should wear it ..or have a picture of what it should look like thanks.


I have tried what they did in the back view picture....but its still too long...and I really think there should be an extra wrap around or something...anyways
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(no subject)

Asked/suggested a million times (and I promise to bookmark it this time!)...but what is that website where you can type in the name of a band and it will generate a little map of bands/artists that are similar to it?

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(no subject)

To preface this, I am in no way freaked out or going to develop a complex over this. I'm just curious.

I never used to weigh myself, but I've taken to doing so recently, and I notice that there can be a three or so pound discrepancy from one day to the next. I don't feel any different, or think I look any different, and I'm using the same scale, so what's this from? I mean, I understand that there will be differences according to what's been eaten or expelled, but it just seems a bit large to be due to that.

Another question: what's something random that you've found? I ask because when I got home from work today, my mother said to me, "do you know what I found in the front yard earlier?"

When I said, "was it a dead person?" she replied, "kind of," and presented me with a Biggie CD.
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Curves and the Pumpkins

Have any of you ladies here ever been a Curves member? Some one gave me a certificate for a free month (I was complaining about wanting to lose weight so please no 'what a rude gift!' thoughts, lol) and I went in tonight to find out more about their program. I am set to begin Thursday, but need help deciding if I want to sign up when it's over. Obviously I will have a better idea when I am closer to completing the time there - but I wanted to know how it worked for others. I asked the lady giving me the tour an average amount of weight and/or inches members tend to lose in a month, but she said there was so many variables it was hard to tell. :/ So if any of you who have gone would like to volunteer any info like that, I would appreciate it as well. Also, if you were a member, did you sign up for the nutrition classes and if so what did you think about them? If I sign up for that, I have to decide sooner, but save a little money if I decide to join. Any and all information about the whole thing is greatly appreciated. :D (please don't send me thoughts about Curves as a company, just thoughts on your experiances with going there)

And something everyone can answer, so no one feels left out! What's your favourite Smashing Pumpkins song, if you have one? Mine is Thirty-Three. And Beautiful, because my husband once sent me the lyrics, saying it must have been written about me. :D
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Whats your favorite Joke to tell?

(corny jokes are welcome)

mine is:

How do you catch an elephant?
(Say the answer out loud)
A. You dig a hole, and fill it with ashes and surround it with peas. When the elephant comes to take a pea, you kick it in the ash hole.
Eddie McDowd

They took what!?

For those who've been robbed (house burglary, car burglary, or even a mugging) did the thief (or thieves) take anything that you never expected them to take?

What is the most unusual item you've ever had stolen?
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Domains & hosting

I have a graphics site (it's not very big yet, but I am planning on making it bigger.) that I want to get a domain and a hosting plan for. I'm not really sure what one I should get. I was looking at E-Starr hosting plans and I was debating between the 200MB one and the 400MB one. I would like a hosting plan where I can host atleast 3 people comfortably with lots of room.

I was also looking at HostUltra.

I'm just really confused with what kind of a plan I should get. Have any other sites to suggest? Or what hosting plan do you use?

Sorry if this post doesn't make much sense, i'm kind of confused.

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Meta - Berries

cleaning your laptop

For the laptop owners out there, how do you clean yours?

I have a one of those super soft clothes I got when I bought my classes which is good for wiping off dust and stuff from the screen, but I'm kinda curious as how I'd approach cleaning the delicate keyboard. After a while of typing with not-so-clean fingers, the keyboard doesn't look as fab as it once did. :P (Although, the squeaky space bar stopped being squeaky for some reason. ^_^)
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second question tonight.

sorry, but i'm in a Curious Mood.

do the things celebrities do or are Alleged to have done affect how you view their body of work?

for example: michael jackson, gary glitter, robert blake, phil spector, oj simpson, etc?

for me, it doesn't. i can easily seperate the person from their work. i still like the naked gun movies oj was in, i still like mj's music, etc.

or, for example, i love john lennon's music. i don't know if i'd like him as a person, but that doesn't matter to me. dig?

(btw, i don't want this to turn into a debate about the individuals. it's not about whether or not they Did it, it's just if the scandal or your opinion of their actions changes your opinion about their Work.)
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(no subject)

god quick before it slips from my mind again.

I'm thinking of a bit of movie. It's being narrated by the dog. the dog has just been sold or something to a testing lab, and the dialogue is something like "Okay, what's this, what are we doing with tha- ow! OW!"

I want to say homeward bound, but I know that dog ended up in the pound or something, nto in a testing lab, unless a sequel or soemthing? but that sort of narration fromt he dog.

DIY nipple piercings?

I'm considering piercing my own nipples, but I know this is a horrible idea. I'm planning to do a LOT of research and make sure i have proper sterilized equipment if I do decide to, but I probably won't. Anyways, has anyone pierced their nipples? Any stories to tell, or warnings? Advice?

edit - I'm not old enough to go to a piercing place without my parents, which is NOT happening, and I'd rather do them myself and know that I'm at least trying to be safe than get them done at some sleazy dirty place that doesn't ID kids.

edit 2 - thanks for all the replies, i've decided to just wait the three and some years until i can get it done legally.

Oscars & release dates?

I just got done watching Crash, and was amazed that it wasn't Oscar-nominated. It says the year by the title, which is 2004, but you'll see on the link-page that it was only released in Canada in 2004, and everywhere else in 2005. And it's nominated for 2006 Golden Globes (Matt Dillon, meh). So...

Is it eligible for Oscar nomination for this spring's awards, or did it miss its chance??? I thought it was a terrific film, and hope it can bring home some awards, Oscar or otherwise.
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Gay Related Movies

It seems like most gay-related movies suck. I just tried watching Red Dirt, ICK. Sooo boring. I love renting the DVDs of Queer as Folk, it's one of my favorite shows, but I'm looking for any sort of LGBTQ themed stories. Not necessarily sad (Angels in America, Philadelphia), or necessarily sappy or even empowering. I don't really care- quality is the important thing.

Any suggestions?

(no subject)

I heard a song on the phone today and I'd like to get it somewhere. I just need the song name and artist.

It's country-ish and the only lyrics I remember are "Joe DiMaggio". It's not about him, it was just a quick reference.

Any ideas?

ETA: Answered. It's Centerfield by John Fogerty.
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(no subject)

Is it possible to dilate one's pupils by oneself?

[Edit: Sorry; I'm usually more specific. Is it possible to do so chemically for extended periods of time without having to obtain ..something.. that's not readily available?]

(no subject)

I love smooth jazz. However, I hear that it's just a watered-down version of REAL JAZZ, which is much much better.

Where can I find this so-called REAL JAZZ? The closest I can find is the radio station "Oasis" (but people have told me that's pretty much smooth jazz).

iTunes essentials? Obscure CDs?

Where can someone who's interested in Jazz (but knows NOTHING about it) go to get more? What are the must-hear artists?

OR, what is your opinion of Jazz in general? Beautiful art form? Old people's music? Sounds like random notes?
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(no subject)

Recently I moved into a new apartment with a HUGE balcony. I never had an apt with a balcony before, so I want to grow some plants (vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers that smell and look nice, etc). Any suggestions for plants that do not take up too much room (can be grown in a pot) that is easy to grow on a balcony. Also, when would be good to plant them, or should I get seedlings? And also, any other tips would be great since I haven't really ever grown stuff before.

Oh, and I live in San Antonio in around Central-ish Texas, in case you want to know what climate I'm in.