January 2nd, 2006


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alright, this is kind of odd, but i have a bunch of pictures behind the cut. it's for a trivia contest i'm helping my neighbors with - we have until february to find out everything we can about the pictures. i have some of them here, and if anyone recognizes any of them could you tell me where they're from/whatever you know? any help is appreciated, thanks! Collapse )

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abusing returns

I heard that stores are starting to keep track of people who abuse returns....

1. Approximately how many returns is considered abuse? What if you have like 5 little items in one return session? Does it matter how far apart in time the returns are?

2. What are the consequences for abusing returns?

I've made quite a few returns (10-15 items or so, some expensive and some cheap) over the last few months for various reasons (bought things for my room that I brought home and realized it was the wrong thing or wrong size, bought too many of something, received gifts that I had no use for...), especially at Target because I do a lot of shopping there, and still have just a couple more things that I COULD return but I'm nervous to keep making returns because I don't know how many is too many and what the consequences are.

Any idea?
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Is there any way I can somehow salvage the files on my zip disk? Some of them are giving me errors like "cannot copy file, the parameter is incorrect". Help, I need some of these files and they're dead. :(
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work appropriate.

Sorry for posting again so soon but a post below just reminded me of something....

The other day my family was checking into a hotel and the girl at the counter looked to be about 18ish maybe, relatively attractive, and she was wearing a shirt that had some playful phrase on it... it was too faded to make out the entire thing but the last line said "feel free to undress me."

It made me uncomfortable as a guest, mainly because I was there with my family, I guess...

But do you guys think it is inappropriate to wear that kind of shirt in an environment where you deal with customers/guests?

Do you think it is inappropriate to wear in an envrionment which you DON'T work with guests?

If you were a guest at that hotel, would that make you feel uncomfortable too or am I just uptight?

If you were the owner of the hotel, would you allow your employees to wear a shirt like that?

Lastly, do you have any idea what the first half of it might have said? haha.

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Are there sch things as food fashions? And if so, do they change with the times?

For example, I was waching a movie set in the early 90s, and they showed a shot of a fancy high class dessert. Would the same fancy dessert be seen in resteraunts, or would it be laughed at and sent away?

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think i would get in trouble for wearing this to work?

edit, probly should have mentioned that i work as a stocker at a biglots,
so yeah, sometimes i have to be out of the floor with customers,
i have and wear the "10 types of people in the world" and "i see dead pixels" shirts to work all the time.
even though when i started, i was told pretty much the only thing i couldnt/shouldnt wear was shirts with words, because "you never know who your going to offend"

only even thought of it because i got asked a record of 12 times in one shift,
while wearing the official black biglots vest with logo and name tag,
"do you work here?"

my standard reply:
"no, but they keep paying me anyway"
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Bleh. I hate wasting time.

So, what can I do for about four hours off and on that is:

1. Fairly easy, doesn't require too much brainpower
2. Productive
3. Entertaining
4. Will give me some sort of feeling of accomplishment afterwards

Any suggestions?

[Edit: I'm thinking something creative that preferably doesn't involve cooking, and my flat is spotless, so cleaning makes no sense.]
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OK. Say I have a few regular sheets of paper, 8 1/2" x 11" or whatever the numbers are. Normal printer paper. And I fold these papers in half. Then I want to staple them in the middle on the crease. Is there any way to do this with a standard office stapler without folding the pages over? Note that I am willing to dismantle the stapler if need be.

clockwork orange

I just watched "Clockwork Orange" its a very strange movie, i understand there was a bit of contoversy(sp?) over it..?
was it because of the rape scenes or the technique they used to cure him?
also, was it based on a true story?
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Two video game questions today.

1) What is Katamari Damacy (did I spell that right)? I hear people talk about it, but I have no idea what it is. I just know it's a game.

2) Have any of you played The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge for PS2? Is it good? I'll buy it regardless, but I just wanted to know what other people thought.
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I have a UTI. It's not miserable yet, but it's getting there. I've had one before but this time I've had low back pain as a prelude to it for about a week, so I'm worried. Cranberry juice and green tea stops the peeing pain, but the back pain is still there, not going away, etc... so I'm going to go to the doctor tomorrow.

I have about 3.5 hours of work today cut up into 30 minute lessons. How on earth am I going to get through it when I have to pee every 15 minutes?

I hate feeling like this :(

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How do I get back my appetite?

I have had no appetite whatsoever since last Friday. Therefore, I really haven't eaten anything since last Friday. Just the thought of food makes me feel sick. I tried to eat on Saturday, but it didn't work. I don't have hunger pains or any less energy or low blood sugar like I would usually have if I haven't eaten anything, but I know this can't possibly be healthy.

Ummm...also, something happened Friday evening that I think made me soo...happy/shocked/etc that I believe is causing my missing appetite. Aside from confronting that...is there anything I can do? Maybe some pills? Anything?

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This might seem like a very odd question, but hey, thats what this is all about, no?. Anyways-on Yahoo! Messenger, when someone adds you as their friend you get the little pop-up window says "SCREENNAME has added you as their friend and sent you this message! [insert message here]."

Me being enter-key-happy, I accidentally clicked through the message part. Is there anyway I can go back (does it log things like this?) and read the message? Somehow I doubt it, but I figured I might as well ask. Thank you!
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1.) If you had to choose from the following:


Which would you vacation in and why?

2.) Which state (out of all 50) did you enjoy vacationing in and why?
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Tone Questions

I might have a fun time trying to word this, so please bear with me. :)

I'm a musician, and I value my hearing very much. I love being able to hear different tones and pitches, and I can't imagine life otherwise.

1. If you're totally tone deaf and you "hear" music, what exactly do you hear? My dad told me that there was an emperor (or something) of China, and he had an extra assistant to tell him to when the anthem was playing so he would stand at the right time. Is it really that bad?

2. If you're totally tone deaf and someone talks to you, do you hear a monotone voice?

I've always wondered what it was like if you were tone deaf.
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1- Which do you like better: your appearence or your personality? Why?

2- If you had to rate your personality on a scale of 1-10, what would you rate it? What do you think others would rate it?

3- If you had to rate your appearence on a scale of 1-10, what would you rate it? What do you think others would rate it?

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so i'm dying to see casanova. but, alas, it doesn't appear to be showing anywhere near me, and i don't live in the middle of nowhere. what's up? Do i have to go to New York just to see this movie?


I lost my head banging virginity this weekend and I lost it hard. It hurts to hold my head up straight, so I've been walking around all day with my head tipped back because then my neck doesn't hurt so much. In the same line of thought, my calves are super sore and it hurts to walk properly, so I've been waddling around. I imagine I look quite strange when I walk.

So, here's the question-do any of you have any suggestions of how to make my poor muscles feel any better? I'm hoping it'll be a little better by tomorrow because I am not looking forward to going to school like this.
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1. Do you ever get goose bumps when you finally get to pee after holding it for a long time?
Yes! I hope I'm not alone on this one.

2. Do you know any guys that pee sitting down? Or if you're a guy do you ever pee sitting down?
Today at lunch my friend told me that sometimes he pees sitting down, usually when he's tired, I thought it was really odd.


I just ordered something from Amazon and they sent the confirmation email twice, does that mean that i somehow ordered my stuff twice and will i get charged for it twice?! So confused!
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hey, guys. i want to get a program that will lock down my computer and use my USB thumb drive as a key, but also has a password backup.
i want to be able to yank out the drive and lock down the computer instantly.
i already tried to google this and i tried versiontracker, but no luck. any suggestions?

Beautiful women

What are some women who are so damn gorgeous that even straight girls would consider becoming bisexual.

I hear that Angelina Jolie has huge appeal to both sexes. Many of my straight girlfriends say that she's so gorgeous they'd consider becoming bisexual to get with her. Shakira is another one that comes to mind. How does that girl move her torso like that? If I tried to do Shakria's moves, I'd severely injure my vertebrae!

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Apologies if this has been done before. I'm just curious. And we have new users everyday anyway.

1. Whats your real name (just first name if you want)
2. Why did you chose your username? Any story behind it?
3. Do you wish now you had chosen something different? What do you wish you had chosen and why?
4. Are you known by anything else online?
5. Do you have any real life nicknames that follow you around? You likey/dislikey?
6. Anyones username make you go WTF?

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What kind of store would I go to to buy butane? (I'm making french onion soup for dinner tonight, and I need it to melt the cheese at the top). A hardware store? A grocery store? Something like that?
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Brokeback Mountain

do you want to see this movie? why or why not? have you seen it? is this movie not getting a wide release,and if so, why? i guess i could figure out my own answer, but i'm curious about it. here in dallas there are only 6 theatres showing it. i saw it the day it opened here and i loved it. i read the short story by annie proulx today and thought the movie was pretty faithful. what are your thoughts?
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journals, online and paperback.

Did you ever actively follow online journals before discovering LJ? If so, which ones?

I remember there were two journals I liked--one hosted on GurlPages (remember those?), and the writer's pseudonym was Leelee Aguilera. She was a regular girl, and just talked about her life and things like that. And there was another one, whose author's pseudonym was Princess Evie. She claimed that she accidentally killed her boyfriend with her shoe rack, hid the body beneath her mattress, and later buried him in the backyard and ran away from home. It seemed kind of fake (all her entries before the shoe rack killing one seemed normal), but I was thoroughly entertained by it for awhile.

Are you a member at embodiment?
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say you're 18 and you get in an argument with your mom and she calls the cops on you, the cops escort you and tell you to get your things from your house. and they put u in a foster home, is that legal since your 18?
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I need some ideas!

I've been staying with my Grandma and we both get bored out of our minds from the day-to-day monotony and I don't think watching television is exactly stimulating for either of us. She's a very intelligent lady who enjoys upwords and crossword puzzles and the occasional card game, but she has tremors pretty bad and has a difficult time writing, or reading small print. Walking and sitting too much are also difficult for her, as she is recovering from a surgery.

Can you think of some interesting stuff for us to do together?

two unrelated questions

Just for fun, what are all the words that you can think of that have double meanings? Like minute and minute- one is an increment of time and the other an adjective that describes something very small.

How should I get my daily dose of calcium? I'm confused about the whole milk thing- I keep hearing that even with the standard "3 glasses of milk a day" or whatever it is, you don't get enough calcium. What's the deal with all of that?

Feelin' Special K...

The Special K diet...you replace two meals a day with two bowls of Special K cereal & milk for two weeks...and you can, "lose up to six pounds."

ok, this doesn't seem so bad, and if you excersized you could lose more.

Question: if you excersize about 45-60 mins/day, don't you think you need more than cereal for energy? Would you do this diet?
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I apologise for the stupidity of this question, but I'm not good with technology at all!

If I have an mp3 player which is not an ipod, can I still use itunes with it? As in, to get the tracks onto the mp3 player?

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Does anyone have any good lentil recipes?

Especially soup. I don't have a lot of other ingredients so minimalistic is good for now but more complex will be good when I go back to the grocery.

(I have green-ish brown lentils)

Thanks in advance. I'm excited. I've never cooked lentils before.
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Whats a good, free place to upload photos to if you want to show off a whole album.

I need it to be able to have thumbnails that enlarge for people when they click on them. What have you used in the past that worked nice?

Not Yahoo, or hpphoto


Thanks everyone for your input! I found a great site to upload to
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Picking college classes

I'm going to a technical college and going for an associate's degree in computer programming. Over the 2 or so years I'll be there, I have a few slots in each quarter (except the first) where I can select what I want to take. I can pick from the following classes: Collapse )
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Bleeding eyes.

1.) Any good suggestions for relieving the painful ache of eyestrain? I stare at a computer screen for upwards of 10 hours per day and most times the only relief I gain is by looking at a clean white ceiling. Helps a little. But not enough. No anti-glare covers either, work doesn't permit them :(.

2.) AS I do sit in front of a computer I have constant access to the internet! :) Any suggestions for good *boredom at work time* websites? I've already spent a load at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Lush. Now I need websites that don't require me to keep my bank card hid partially under my desk... oh, and my bank account needs a little relief. :D
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Question for the Broadway addicts!

My boyfriend really really really really wants to see Avenue Q.
However, there's a problem. He's checked the website, and it appears that it's only showing on Broadway and in Las Vegas. He lives in Tasmania. He still, however, really really wants to see it.
Is there any legal way that he can watch the musical? Or should he just give up trying right now?
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do any of you listen to death from above 1979? i heard the "romance bloody romance" cd a few weeks ago and could not get "black history month" out of my head, so today i finally got around to buying the cd. so my question for you, if you know the band, is do you like "romance bloody romance" better than "youre a woman, im a machine"?

lets say someone sends a letter to person a, care of (c/o) person b. is person b legally bound to make sure person a gets the letter?

do any of you love fluffy stuff (the cotton candy...not just fluffy stuff in general) as much as i do???
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My boyfriend is going back to school out of state in a few weeks, and I want to buy a webcam to make the next semester easier on us.

If you have one, what do you use it for?
Do you like it?
I want one for regular late-night chatting, any recommendations?
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If I want to replace my toilet seat, are there different sizes and stuff?  One of the little screw things is busted and slides around. 
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My brother wants to play Counterstrike online on our home computer, and I really would prefer that he did not have an administrative account. The issue appears to be with Steam. I've attempted to make him the administrator, install Steam, and then revert him to regular user status, and then he's unable to play. Can he play Counterstrike online, without Admin privelages?
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Earlier today I asked this question about dating somebody who belongs to a different culture, and now I've got a few questions that are somewhat related.

Would you be willing to be in a relationship with somebody...

a) who holds different religious beliefs than your own?

b) of a different race?

c) who is the product of an interracial relationship?

d) whose native language is different than your own, but they speak your language fluently or are willing to become fluent?

e) whose native language is different than your own and, although they know enough of your language to get by, they are not willing to become fluent?
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cat questions

What tips, suggestions, generalities, advice, can you give me about adopting a cat?

I'm going to the Animal Shelter to adopt and all the basic costs are lumped into a 111.00 fee. (Including spay or neuter, Identification microchip implant, one year rabies vaccine, license deposit, and the adoption fee)

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