January 1st, 2006

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In the movie Secretary near the end her father reads her this passage:

"You are the child of God's holy gift of life. You come from me, but you are not me. Your soul and your body are your own... and yours to do with as you wish.'"

Is that from the Bible? If yes, which book/verse?

first question

What are short little blurbs (the shorter the better) that you think might brighten someone's day if they happened to come across them? Things like "smile more" or "you're important", or a short inspirational quote about happiness or something.

Thanks in advance. :)
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There's a boy i fell in love with when i was 18. I fell in love the first time we spoke. He understood me perfectly and to this day i have not had a friend with whom i felt more alive and as good (I'm 20 now). He also hurt me very much. After our first falling out, we came together again, only to have another falling out a month later. I miss him very much. The problem in the first place was his inability to be a friend to me. As soon as he sensed my dependence on him, he began to become cold. He's sort of a sociopath (undiagnosed, but he matches almost all of the character traits for this). His behavior was often allienating, and it was online that we had our most intimate conversations.

Last week i established a connection with him through netflix and i began emailing him music (for "fun" i guess - because it's been almost a year and i still think of him daily). And several hours ago he sent me a terse email, telling me he misses my "presence online and off." I responded flatly and coldly wishing him a happy new year and nothing else.

I miss him, but i don't think he has changed. In the past he refused to acknowledge the way i felt.

For those who've loved those who appeared to love them less, what do you suggest? Should i pursue him again, or think about him silently for another year?

The Mark of the Humans

Has anyone here ever seen a Mark on someones skin that most other people cant see? it is shaped like and eye with three tears falling from it.

Has anyone seen auras?

Does anyone have nightmares that affect there real body? Such as spontanious bleeding, or old wounds reapearing.
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Is the New York post office open tomorrow (Monday Jan 2)?

I've heard that sometimes holiday vacations are reserved for business days when the holiday happens to fall on a weekend.

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So when I open iTunes, I get an error report and it closes. And now my iPod has no songs on it! (there were 800 yesterday?)

If I reistall iTunes will all of my songs still be there?
AK key... I would hit that.

This is driving me nuts... (short trip!)

I am hosting a Sushi/Bento party for my wife for her birthday in February. I've been looking all night (seriously all night) for cheap bento boxes so that I can give them as gifts to the guests at the party. I don't want to spend more than $7-$9 each on the boxes, and I would prefer less if possible (because I have a lot of things I would like to add to the bento: i.e. crocheted sushi, chopsticks, sushi candles, sushi soap, etc)

This is my wifelet's first birthday party in years, so I want to make it super special. She's obsessed with sushi and bento box meals. So, if anyone knows of a place that sells VERY cheap Bento Boxes so that I can give them away at the party, I would be greatly appreciative.

(I've checked google, I've checked JList/JBox and a bunch of other sites. So far, I've come up empty handed.)

(an add on! I wouldn't even really mind the take-out bento style boxes, as they don't HAVE to be the centerpiece of the gifts for the guests. *shrugs* Okay, I post now)
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I'm looking for this spicy jam I used to eat as a kid. It wasn't spicy in the ginger sense, but spicy in the chili pepper sense. I think it had a picture of a monk on the jar. Help?

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Is it me, or is there an unusually high demand for Asian egg donors, in comparison to perhaps Jewish, black, or hispanic egg donors? Why would there be?

Maybe it's just because I'm in the Bay Area and seeing all these posts ... I mean, there can't be that many Asian couples with fertility problems. Or I'm just blind. I don't know what to think. And this is going to become more rant-like, but doesn't the thought that these "highly professional" couples post up ads asking for people who've scored over 1500 on the (old) SATs, are blonde haired, blue eyed, and 5'6", slim figured highly bother you? I mean, I understand why they don't want their donor to be just any lady who'd give up her eggs in a snap but is smart enough to know what decision she's making. And I too, in their position, would prefer to have a kid without messed up genetics and one who looked kinda like myself... but their high standards seems so wrong for some reason. Like they're believers that success is inborn rather than an environment can mold someone to become successful? Can anybody point me to other communities that discuss egg donation ethics?
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SO my friends are on their way back from some new years thing.  I asked them if they'd like to go see a movie with me tonight.  They say they just "want to take it easy tonight".  What is more 'easy' than sitting in a dark theater and watching a damn movie???  I know they'll just sit at home watching tv anyway. 

This makes no sense to me.  Does it to you?
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Normal people.

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I brought my computer to my Grandmother's house while I'm sitting for a few weeks, and I can't get the internet to work and I'm hoping someone will have an idea why.

We have DSL cable, which I plug into my computer. The signal is there and everything, but it says that I haven't been assigned a network address therefore have limited access/cannot use the internet. Bloody hell I can't? I tried setting up a new network from both my computer and my Uncle's [which I'm currently on] and still can't figure it out.

It's a pain in the arse because I don't have two monitors, keyboards, etc. here so I can't set them up simultaneously and try to work something out.

Help please? Thnx.

Solo Travel

I am looking into traveling alone and most likely to Europe this spring. I would prefer to travel with a tour group if I do go alone and was wondering if anyone had any personal recommendations? I've been looking into Contiki tours, but these tours appear to be more about partying than learning and sightseeing. I prefer the latter, but also want to be with a group of people who are adventurous and willing to have a good time.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions on tour groups, websites or personal experiences to share, I would be thankful.
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Where would you be?

If you were a bottle of vitamins, and you weren't anywhere logical such as on a shelf in a bedroom/bathroom/kitchen, where would you be? More specifically, where would you be if the last time you were taken was during a New Year's gathering (nothing wild and crazy, just some friends with some movies and board games), where the consumer was not drinking any alcohol?

Found 'em, thanks! They were on a living room tray-stand that had been shoved under another table.
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Does anyone else here use Care2.com email?

And... not been able to get into it the past few days?

and if anyone's been with it forever- was it always care2? i remember that i newarly abandoned my account for a while, and i thought it was caremail.com or soemthing, but I came back and it wasn't... this would have been ages and ages ago.
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Empathizing with genius

When you see a movie about the struggles of someone society would classify a genius (ie: Howard Hughes in "The Aviator", John Nash in "A Beautiful Mind"), to what extent do you find yourself identifying with the protagonist?

Do you identify with their internal mental struggles?

Do you find yourself analysing your own behavior for signs of disorders they suffered from? (ie: OCD, schizophrenia, etc)

stupid microsoft crap.

my mom's computer has norton anti-virus on it. i would delete it, but if my mom then downloaded something completely virus-ridden, it would be my fault that her computer was broken. anyway. after one has signed on for about ten minutes, a small pop-up comes up in the lower right hand corner of the screen that says "norton internet security: rules automatically created for the program: Microsoft Printer Spooler Service". if you hit "ok" it continues to pop up again for about five minutes.

what is it, and how can i turn it off? i've tried looking through all the settings but i can't find anything that is even remotely similar...

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I bought a cheap ring at Walmart the other day & it's already starting to leave a grey ring around my finger. Is there anything I can do or is there anything I can put on the ring so it won't turn my skin grey?
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This is kind of a dumb question, but are asian models (runway in particular) shorter in general compared to the typical standards of Western models? Or are the requirements of an eastern model the same.. like 5'9"?

horrible phrasing.
It's just something I recently wanted to know.

Nintendo DS

Has anyone else run into this problem. On my friends Nintendo DS the primary display (not the touch screen) is blank and stays blank. The backlight comes on but no graphics just blank white. If so have you heard of a fix or know where to look for one?


So, half of my family is suffering from some type of cold, including myself. I've got the typical sore throat, coughing, just-don't-feel-very-good symptoms. I've been taking cold medicine for three days now, and I am slowly seeing results. But I'm wondering... what are your secret cures for these crappy colds?
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Which option is the HEALTHIEST overall?

cals fat(g) fat-s(g) carb(g) prot(g) fiber(g) sod (mg)
Dinner House Salad 140 7 3 12 6 2 190
Chicken Noodle Soup (bowl) 90 2 1 14 3 2 1080
Chicken Noodle Soup (cup) 50 1 0 7 2 1 540

btw, the salad doesn't inclue dressing.
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1. Were you as disappointed with the Post Secret book as I was? I thought it would be all new stuff, but it was simply all stuff I've already seen before on the website. Also, I didn't think they really seemed to pick the best or most riveting/funny/interesting entries. It seems like they instead picked the most recent. I mean, I haven't been reading the website for THAT long and I've already seen all of them.....

Plus, I guess I'm a little pissed off that they never posted my postcards so that must mean there are tons of postcards that were never posted but that they do post and publish some that are in my opinion not as beautifully made or as interesting.....

2. ha ha another Santa question! If you participate in a non-Christian religion (ie Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc.) what did you think of Santa when you were little? Did you believe he existed but just didn't come to your house? Did you think he was made up? Did your parents celebrate Christmas anyways and had Santa come to your house anyways so you believed? Did you ever discuss it with your parents?
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your sirens flash emergency, oh yeah youd better come quick!!!

does anyone remember that show Emergency! from the 70s? i bought my dad the season one dvd of it for christmas and we're watching it tonight. at our new years party today, we were trying to figure out who is alive and who is dead. i know dixie mccall isnt alive, and the doctor that was her husband in real life isnt. for some reason i think i remember hearing that the guy who played roy desoto died, but im not positive.
but if you do remember the show, whats your favorite episode/situation?

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So last night was my first time being drunk ever. I started drinking at about 1:30am, and drank 3 ciders and some disgusting mixed drink with vodka in it. i was still extremely drunk at 4:30 when we went to bed.

First off, am I a lightweight?
When I drove home at noon, is it possible i could've still been drunk?
Did I still have alcohol in my body/blood when I drove him, ie if a cop pulled me over and did a breathalizer, am i okay?