December 31st, 2005

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Stupid things

What stupid things have you done to yourself that could’ve resulted in a major injury or death, but didn’t? I’m not talking accidents -- I’m talking arbitrary things.

Me, once I put an avocado pit in my mouth, and I was home alone. I immediately spat it out once I realized my folly. ;-)
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Why should I learn how to drive a stick shift?

Why do people freak out when there's mold on cheese? It's already curdled, mold isn't going to hurt it...

Suppose you absolutely have to give up one food forever. What would it be? What would be the last food you'd give up?
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Totally random, unrelated question time!

*Any opinions on World of Warcraft?

*I see this bumper sticker everywhere: Hunt with your kids, not for them. What does it mean?

*Do you have any names picked out for your future kids/if you have kids, did you have any names picked out for them? What do you think of people that have a whole list of what they're going to name their kids?

*What's the last song you heard? (From the radio, from a website, from Winamp, from someone singing in the shower, whatever?)

*How old were you when you first moved out? If you still live with your parents, when you plan to move out? If you already have moved out, do you regret it?

*What was your first job? How long did you have it for?

*What was the last book you read?

(I was totally in the shower thinking about these...)
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Computer Game Controls

I'm currently working little by little to update computer and am looking into maybe purchasing some gaming devices, ex. a controler or joystick etc... I'm curious what type and brand would be recommended. Here is a list of the games I currently have on my system, not sure if I would even use the device for many of them, but if it makes game play easier than of course I'll probably end up with one.

- American McGee's Alice
- Monkey Island 1
- Monkey Island 2
- Monkey Island 3
- Monkey Island 4
- The Sims 1
- The Sims 2
- Black & White
- Wolfenstine 3D
- Tetris Worlds
- GTA 3
- Prison Tycoon
- Kings Quest 1
- Kings Quest 2
- Beyond Good & Evil [just got so haven't even tried yet]
- Need For Speed: Most Wanted [am about to go and install now and says he was thinking of getting some device for it]

Any suggestions would be quite helpful.

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yes its me for like the 200th time.

for photoshop or photobrush:
can i take a picture, say of my dog, and have it just be of her and have the background all one color, or pattern? without hand-doing it.

do i make sense?
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1. Say you happen to find a big hole in your bathroom, big enough to crawl through but it doesn't seem to go into the next room. Do you go in it and see where it leads?

2. What if you had for some bizarre reason been locked into your apartment for days and had no way out and no one could see/hear you outside?

(Why yes, I am a Silent Hill fan. XD)

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Has anyone ever sold stuff they've made on eBay? Crafty stuff, artsy stuff, whatever...what have you sold? What did you charge (or, how much above and beyond the cost of the materials)? Did it sell?

Am I supposed to know who that guy on the Tanqueray commercials is?

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I need help with make-up. I don't wear or own any, but I was thinking maybe I'd like to. I don't want it to be caked on, just a very little to where I look better. Where should I go to get help with this? Should I go to the make-up places in the mall and ask them for help? I want to be able to trust the person so that they won't make me look like crap. Ya know? Thanks.

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o.O How is everyone's gas bill this winter?? Mine $186.66! We put the plastic on the windows and they didn't help for crap. We're going to be bundling up more and leaving the heat lower. Today we also applied for the plan where your bill is the same through out the year or whatever..

Bills Suck.
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Spanish help?

Could someone tell me what "La Tortura" is about? All I sort of know is someone cheated on the other and something about "no excuse to live"?

I don't know any Spanish really, the only Romance language I know is French, so I can only guess.

The lyrics are here:

And I don't care whether you think the song is Scheiß or whatever, I just want to know what it means.

Thanks for helping.

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Have you ever had travel brochures sent to you from online? Do you remember the website?

I looked at Google and there are a million, but I was just wondering if they were all reliable? I mean, they won't send a bomb or anything eh? :)

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It appears that my DVD player is broken. I tried to use it today and it keeps saying that it can't play the disc. I'm pretty sure that the problem is that it's not spinning. Any thoughts on how I can fix it? Or am I just out of luck? It's a Sony, if that matters. =(

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1. If you go to a restaurant, order something, and it's not exactly what you asked for, but it's not that big of a deal to you, do you send it back on principle, or do you just eat it rather than make a fuss?

2. What is wiki?

3. When is Christmas over? Like, when does the christmas tree come down, the christmas lights outside, the decorations, the music, etc?
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picture pages


This is kinda a long shot, but does anyone remember a children's show or cartoon that had a thing called picture pages? There may have been a little song about it whenever it was picture pages time. I don't know anything else about it.

do you Netflix?

if you have Netflix, what are the next 5 DVDs in your queue?

do you ONLY get movies that you have never seen?
or do you repeat to enjoy it again?

i have:
hustle & flow (comes out jan 10)
wedding crashers (comes out jan 3)
sisterhood of the traveling pants
the assasination of richard nixon (with sean penn)
the corporation (a documentary)
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Someone help me here - what was the White House called before it was called the White House?

Bonus marks for telling me who changed the name and why it was called the White House when my googling says it was called the White House before it was repainted.

Cheers guys.

Edit : "Executive Mansion" answered in one post by someone linking to wiki. That'll teach me... Cheers x_norma_jean
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Is anyone else staying home this New Years?

If so, what are you doing while at home?

If you chose to stay home this year, what made you decide to?

I'm staying home tonight.
I've bought myself a lot of alcohol and I'm spending my night eating pizza and watching Firefly with my parents and nephew.
As for why I'm staying, the friends I have that are going out are going to be with people I have a lot of problems with and I don't want to ruin their night by causing drama. Plus, I'm a textbook introvert, and this is cheaper anyway.
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Latin Aid

Hey there. For those of you Latin scholars out there, how would I appropriately phrase this term:

Rhetorical Ambiguity

I've looked up the terms in a Latin dictionary and came up with:
declamatorius -a -um [of declamation , rhetorical]. (or)
rhetoricus -a -um [rhetorical]; subst. f. rhetorica -ae and rhetorice -es , [the art of oratory]; m. pl. rhetorici -orum, [teachers of rhetoric]; adv. rhetorice, [rhetorically].

ambiguitas -atis f. [ambiguity]. (or)
amphibolia -ae f. [ambiguity , double meaning].

Can someone construct an example or two out of those definitions? (I'm sorry, I took French!)


lost book series

I am trying to find a book series that was about the y2k thing so it was written about 1999. They were teenage books I was reading them around 8th grade. There were 12 books in the series named by month. And the main premise was that once it hit 2000 some disease or something was released into the air killing the adults. Does anybody have any clue what this series was called? I can't find the books or think of the name for the life of me. HELP.

Edit: It is not the Left Behind series either.

I found them. They were called Count Down. Thanks anyway!
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Pocket PC mapping/directions software.

Well, my employer issued me a PDA. Specifically, a Sprint SmartDevice PPC6601. It has a built in GPS reciever. Is there any sort of mapping software available for it, similar to things like Delorme Street Atlas and/or Microsfoft Streets and Trips, that will use the GPS to give me directions from where I am to any given address?

Incidentally, its nice to get useful gadgets, with generous personal use permitted, for a total cost of "don't get fired".
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This is a big fight between a friend and I:

In the movie King Kong, who was hotter: Adrien Brody who played Jack Driscoll, or the guy who played the Dutch captain?

I have to say that while the captain was hot, there ain't no beatin' Adrien Brody for hotness.
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1. When you wash a sweater that isn't supposed to be dried, how do you keep it soft? When I let sweaters air dry, they are always stiff afterward.

2. How can you get rid of a grease stain?

3. When I dry my clothes, I use a Dryer Sheet. The scent from the Dryer Sheet doesn't stay on my clothes long. How can I make the smell stay longer? Some people seem to be able to make the smell las a really long time.