December 30th, 2005

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Girls: In what height of heels do you feel most comfortable? Most 'yourself'? Sexiest?

In what cut of shirt do you feel most comfortable? Most 'yourself'? Sexiest?
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To add: Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one in the world who thinks Morrissey is really hot. That can't possibly be true, can it?
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3 quick questions.

1. I've been to quite a few theatre performances (I actually just went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) and a fair share of concerts. I usually dress up for anything theatre/performance related (well, dressed up usually consists of nice pants/button down shirt or a nice shirt/skirt), but tonight I noticed a few different people walking into the performance wearing sweatsuits or jeans and a t-shirt, while the majority were fairly nicely dressed. I can understand with regards to concerts...I've noticed that people dress differently depending on who they're seeing...but I'm curious as to theatre etiquette. Are you generally expected to dress nicely for a theatre/fine arts performance, or does it depend on the venue/performance? Or am I just odd for dressing up?

2. Along the same lines...I'm looking for lime green heels. Amy Adams (of American Idol fame) was the narrator for Joseph, and at the end she had some wicked looking lime green heels. Are they actually something that I'd be able to find at somewhere like Payless, or would I have to order them online? ETA: I live in SW Florida, so the weather, etc isn't really an issue...I'm just wondering if it's something that I'd be able to find in stores around me as opposed to online.

3. What's your favorite musical? I'm in love with RENT, Wicked, Joseph, and Once Upon a Mattress at the current moment, especially Wicked.

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Do you take the song My humps by Black eyed peas seriously? Do you know what Collapse ) are? before you saw them behind the cut, if you looked.

Why is everyone for banning smoking in restaurants and bars but against banning gay relationships (at least in public)? There are alot of people who hate smoke, and alot of people who hate watching gay guys make out. Leaving seems like an easy solution for either of these situations but if killing rights is good enough for restaurant owners shouldnt it be good enough for gays? Can we ban mimes? Should I sue the makers of Gigli?

Children question

Why do you want children? (for those who want kids or have them already)

This isn't a CF drama thing. I'm just genuinely curious. I'm child undecided. I want to make sure that if I have children, I have them for the right reasons, which is why I'm bouncing this question in the lovely TQC.
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I just quit working third shift, which I've been doing for two years. Anyone have any suggestions for getting my sleep schedule back to normal? I know I've seen all sorts of things for jet lag about being in the sun at certain times, but I'm not sure this is quite the same situation...

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Okay, I know i'm risking being mocked relentlessly for this, but I figured I'd toss it out there...

I got a thing in the mail yesterday from Carnival cruise lines and some hotel in Florida... apparently the hotel is having a grand opening, and for reasons unknown, they decided to send me a $1600 "travel voucher" which covers a stay in the new hotel, a rental car for the week, and then a cruise to the Bahamas on Carnival. I read all the fine print on the back and the only negative thing I could find is that you have to cover your own transportation to and from Florida, and that taxes for the hotel and rental car may apply. Is this even worth looking into? Are there hidden catches that they might try to spring on me if I tried to use this deal? Am I horribly, horribly naive for even thinking that I might get something for free? :P
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1. Do you consider yourself to be high-maintenance (either in an emotional way, or an appearance/money type way)? In what ways?

2. Do you prefer fruits or veggies?

3. Where do you usually buy your furniture?

4. It seems like most people seem to think their mothers are great cooks. Do you?

5. Have you ever been arrested? For what?
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long-term trip packing

On Thurdsay, I leave the country for a semester abroad in Spain. I know I have about a million things to do before I go, so what I am asking for is your tips...
-What/how should I pack? Are there any ways to better utilize the space in my suitcase so I can bring more things?
-Is there anything I should do prior to leaving or specifically bring? (I know I need to make photocopies of all of my documents, passport/visa, etc.)
-Do I need to prepare my computer in any way other than having the appropriate power/plug converter?
-How should I deal with bringing pictures? Should I get a photo album or pack them loosely and hang them up when I get there?
-Anything I forgot?

Thank you!
My Kansas icon.
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There is a pseuds corner community on Livejournal, but no one seems to be using it.

Does anyone want to start up a new community?

For those who don't know, Pseuds Corner is a column in Private Eye magazine which takes the most pretencious utterings from hacks and others and prints them. Livejournal definitely needs a community like this.
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Big-head dog calendar.

What is that collection of pictures of dogs with the BIG HEADS called? Like, used in calendars and on gift bags and stuff like that?

And McDonalds did the Happy Meal toys about two years ago?

The pictures are taken at a funny angle so their heads are enormous and their bodies are tiny....

I tried google but I obviously don't know what to search for.
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A quick question -

What vitamin, mineral, herbal, supplment pills or tablets do you take? Why do you take them? And how often/how much do you take them? And also, does it help for whatever reason you're taking them for?
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A friend of mine gave me her old cell phone. It's T-Mobile and I have ATT. I know there are websites that say they'll unlock it. Has anyone done this before? Does it work?
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Commenting in tiiiiiiiiiny fonts and horrible colors

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no way to change the way your comments appear by default.

Why do people insist on commenting in tiny writing or pink or purple font?

1) It takes more work to spit out whatever the eff you want to say.


So, if you comment like that, why do you do it?

Do comments and writing like that annoy you as much as they annoy me?.
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scroll on mouse

when you use the scroll button on your mouse, do you use your pointer finger or middle finger? what is the right way?

edit: reason i'm asking is because i bought a mouse that is supposed to be "ergonomic" but it feels weird when i use the scroll button with my pointer, which i have been doing my whole life. but feels more ergonomic if i use my middle finger. i guess i'm trying to figure out if i've been doing it wrong the past 10 years or so or however long it's been since the scroll button was invented.

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Does anybody know how to clean a dvd player? Mine's this small silver thing, that probably cost about 20 bucks. It's particularly evil because it likes to start skipping/stopping right before the climax of a movie.
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Are there any ways of transporting fish that won't kill them? Fish are allowed at my college, but it's a two hour drive away. Is there some way I could get a fish, and be able to bring it home at the end of the year/spring break? I can't think of any way that wouldn't hurt it.

What sounds do you hate?

I can't stand the sound of people filing their nails. It grosses me out, and when my roommate does it I have to put on headphones to drown it out.

This may only appeal to women

Have any of you had that bitch Aunt Flo visit you more than once in a month?

She came on Dec 2-10. Then the bitch returned Dec 16-21. Now the stupid bitch is back today! I am sick of being her cherished niece.

This has never happened to me. Usually I'll skip a month or two.

I don't know if this is from the abuse my body had taken with my eating disorder all these years or what.

I've been eating disorder symptom free since March 2005.
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Have you ever been at a wedding that was interrupted/called off after "does anyone have any reason why these two should not be engaged in holy matrimony" (or whatever it is) has been said?

bonus points if someone burst into the church to call off the wedding (not that it's great to have a wedding called off, i just am curious to hear about a real-life account of this, not a movie scene)

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(1) When in your life has honesty worked out better for you (or someone you know) better than a lie would have?

(2) What is the point of giving a convicted criminal a sentence of, for example, 300 years, rather than a life sentence? Also, what is the point of end-to-end life sentences, or similarly concurrent life sentences?

(3) What's your favorite music video ever? Why is it your favorite?
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To anyone slightly crafty--

If I were to put a record (as in the ancient music form) in the oven at around 250 F. until it was pliable, do you think I would be able to easily cut in into a shape? If so, what should I use to cut it?

Any recommended crafty communities?
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Hey, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I have a photobucket account. well a few of them actually, and i find that there is not much space and i need to get a new account pretty quick. so what i am looking for is somewhere similar but with more storage space? i don't have any money that i can afford to spend on it.

also, what does the word 'von' mean? i have a t-shirt which reads 'von bitch' i'm guessing 'the bitch'?


- also, i know this is pretty random but can anyone help me out here? my mums memory is really really bad. she is 60 and i really worry about her memory. is there anything that can be done? medication or supplements or anything at all that can help a bad memory in general? i fear its getting really bad. she even forgets where i live somedays.
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1. Does anyone out there with partners get lonely?

The reason I ask is I have been working alot recently doing overtime. I worked half Christmas Day and will be working New Years Day. I also had to work for the duration of his holidays. He also works weekends so I don't get to see him much. He goes off and does his things after work leaving me to chill at home while he's out. While I realise he need him time and I need me time I secretly want him to stay at home with me or do things with me. Heck I don't even mind tagging along with his mates. We all get on famously! I spend alot of time alone doing me things but I get lonely. I'd ang with my mats but I only have a couple who are away visiting relos interstate.

2. Am I a bad person??
Working New Years means I can't go to a mates bbq as planned with my bf. I was really looking forward to it and work was going to give me time off, but the time off was taken back at the last minute i.e. today. A huge fight with my bf saw him say he wouldn't go to the bbq since I was pissy at him going without me. I caved and said "Don't worry about it go. Have fun. You deserve it". Am I a bad person because I secretly want him to not go to the party or have a crap time without me??
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For the ladies:

1. Do you hate clothing shopping as much as I do? Cause I really hate it.

2. Would you prefer it if women's pants were sized like mens were? Rather than being a size 8, you'd have to find pants that had a waist of 36 and inseam of 34. Do you think most women would like it/hate it? I can see it being easier, but I can see women getting really down because they have to say their waist size in inches.

3. What size bra do you wear? When was the last time you were fitted for a bra? Was it close to the size you thought you were? I was wearing a 34B, but when to Nordstroms this week and was fitted as a 32D! I didn't even know that size existed, but the bras fit really well. As a followup: Where do you like to buy bras from, and why?

4. Fannie May chocolates: Do you Love/Hate/Never Had 'em. If you've had them, what's your favorite? I love the milk chocolate vanilla buttercreams.
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cookin' in the kitchen...

I have a new Crock Pot. It's large, big enough TO SERVE "4-5 people". (edited because I did not realize the way that would be interpreted. oops, ha ha.)

What's your favorite Crock Pot recipe? Or do you totally hate them and think they are appliances of Satan?

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How do you determine when to confess to a wrongdoing?

Do you let common sense guide you, e.g. if you probably won't get caught, don't say anything...

Or do you let your conscience be your guide, e.g. you confess out of guilt...
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We've done zillions of "what do you look like" posts. But now I'm wondering... What did you look like as a baby? :D If you've got any pics please share! I want to see babies, yayyyy

If you have none of yourself, photos of your children will suffice. Teehee.

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Silly question

The sound of people coughing/clearing their throats really annoys me. I mean, really. As in, I have to leave the room before I punch someone.

A friend of mine told me that this may be an indicator that I could have very mild OCD. Is this even possible? If there's a slight chance of it being that, I have an appointment with my psychologist on the 13th, so it's not like I'm relying on you guys for medical advice, I just want to know if it may be a good idea to bring it up with her.
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a lady in my apartment building left a note on my door asking me if i wanted to have coffee. im not entirely clear on whether its supposed to be friendly or romantic coffee, but either way im not really interested for a few reasoms (chief among them being that im 22 and shes in her 30s).

SOOOOOOOO what do YOU think the least painful/messy/rude way to decline her offer would be? shes a nice person and i dont want to hurt her feelings, plus ill be seeing her around the building.


PS - i need some new people on my friend list so add me if you so fancy and leave a comment (not on my journal though cuz to you it would appear that i have no entries cuz theyre all friends only).


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Have any of you tried ginger for nausea? My motion sickness is getting pretty bad. Almost every time I go on the bus or train now I end up feeling awful. I remembered seeing on MythBusters about the ginger tablets working. I'll probably pick some up next time I go to Walgreens because they're really cheap. I'm just curious if you've tried it and if it worked.

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1. What are these cartoon characters from?

Image hosted by

b. Should I cut this picture?

2. What should I have for breakfast tomorrow? (I don't eat red meat, so no sausage or bacon or anything.)

3. Have you seen The Producers? Did you like it?

4. What programs do you have to protect your computer from spyware/viruses? Do you feel it's adequate?
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Just a bunch of questions for no reason.

1. What do you do when you're really, really bored?
2. Why do you stay at the job you're doing now?
3. What tv shows can you not miss?
4. How will you spend new years day?
5. What do you love about the season you're in now? What do you hate about it?
6. Are you happy with your body?
7. Do collect anything? What is it? Why?
8. Cats or dogs?
9. Is your job stressful?
10. Would you prefer to live in a big, bustling city, a very small, quiet village or an average sized town?
11. What physical atributes of whichever gender you're attracted to do you find attractive?
12. What kind of natural disaster happen around where you live?
13. What's your opinion on the movies coming out of Hollywood now?
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