December 29th, 2005

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Is there anyway to put videos on a video iPod that you didn't buy from the Apple store/iTunes?

Does anyone know if Apple plans to add more types of videos to the store anytime soon?


When you buy a head of lettuce (regular iceburg, nothing fancy), how do you store it?
Wash it first?
Crisper drawer?
Chop it up, then put it in a bowl & refrigerate?
Plastic bag?

& how long do you usually keep lettuce around before it's time to throw it out?

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Do you find New Year's Eve to be exciting, or depressing? And why.

I usually drink, have/attend a party, and come off as pretty alright. But I've noticed that in the back of my mind, I'm actually kind of depressed about it. I think it's more so because so much happens and changes through out a year, that it's kind of like saying goodbye to experiences and good/bad times for good.

Hm. I'm getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled tomarrow, so I won't be functioning properly this New Years Eve, and all I can think about is how depressing that is, that I will be home alone, medicated.

Yikes. Sorry to ramble.

New Years Eve - yay or nay?
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I've got the travel bug but don't know where to begin planning...

If you have 2-3 weeks to backpack through either Europe, Africa or Australia, where would you go?

If you've traveled around, do you have any favorite towns/cities that you would recommend checking out? Any specific sights that you liked?

Please, someone rescue me from this mundane american life!
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Do you guys know of any good short term volunteer organizations? A few friends and I are trying to work out how to volunteer overseas (we have our hearts set on Thailand) over summer break, and August is the only time we all have off. A 4-week program would be best, if possible. I've looked into Global Service Corps, but they're a bit... pricey (2.6K for a month?). So... suggestions?
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Who is this friendly fellow?

Found at Nana's.
We can't quite figure out who he is, what he does.
He seems nice though.

Any guesses?

We've kicked around the following...


He's not a "Little People" and he has no set that we could find. He was just hanging out in the toy box.
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Two questions!!

1.) Did anyone catch the MTV Real Life I have OCD episode yesterday?? I caught the part where the girl had a huge fear of throwing up so she would do rituals to try to ward off the barf gods or something... (I had to go and didn't get to catch it)I was wondering if anyone knows what treatments they made her do to try to get over her emetophobia. Someone told me she had to write the word puke over and over and over...

2.) Does anyone have or anyone know (other than ebay) where I can buy a discontinued perfume?? I am looking for secret 55 by Victoria's Secret. It is my favorite smell, and its been discontinued and I am running out...

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Ive had a bad cold all week, stuffed nose, plugged ears the whole 9 yards. Today I will be spending atleast 6 hours flying about 15 traveling. (sitting in airports, driving etc) Im worried about the plane and my sinus' anyone know any tricks to alleviate sinus pressure/pain so I can avoid that feeling of my head wanting to explode while in flight? other than sudaffed?
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different personas

I've noticed that some people who are very professional at work tend to be very wild and crazy when they go out. I guess we're all like that to some degree, one personality at work and an entirely different one at home or in our free time. What is the difference between your work personality and your real life personality?
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who pays for this service?

I was going to update my profile on when I remembered that only people who pay for the service can see it anyway. And I'm thinking that there's no point since probably most people who use it just have a free account. Am I right? Do you have a gold membership on
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Is there a website where you can fill in an extensive list of all the food ingredients you have, and it will come up with a week's worth of recipe suggestions for you or something?

I usually use, but they only let you search for 4 ingredients at a time. I want something that will just collate all the food that can be made with what I have all at once.
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Chocolate milk?

Is chocolate milk really that much more unhealthy than like 2% white milk?

I read an article a long time ago that was pro-chocolate milk saying it was a good way to give your kids calcium if they don't like to drink white milk.. which makes sense...

But then people online throw up a big stink to people who give thehir kids chocolate milk, saying they are a bad parent just for that alone.

So what's the deal with chocolate milk anyway?

I personally love the stuff =)

A few queries

1) Can anyone recommend any free anti-virus software for my computer? I don't really want one that is 12 months free then payment required after that.

2) Say, for argument's sake, I was in a room where people were smoking certain illegal substances. How long should I wait until I donate blood again in case certain substances worked their way into my bloodstream?

3) Can anyone recommend any drinking games to play on New Year's Eve? There is going to be around 5-6 of us (at the moment....) I'm going to google this one as well but I figure I would ask.

sirius or xm?

Does anyone have Satellite radio?

Should I get a satellite radio? I can afford it, but saving the money would be nice also. I've got about 2000 CDs, close to 100 gigs of mp3s, and more podcast subscriptions than I can keep up with, and a subscription to Audible for books. But yet, I yearn for the ability to turn on the radio and hear great underground 80s or other music that I don't have in my collection (and don't particularily care to buy), and that either just isn't available on regular radio or I have to put up with crappy tight rotations, tons of commercials, etc. Plus, the exclusive talk content of satellite is tempting as well.

Would satellite be of any use to me, or should I just focus on listening to the music that I DO have and forget about the rest?

If I got Satellite, should I go for Sirius or XM? XM is cheaper, XM has more music choices, but Sirius has some serious (hehe) personality draws with Howard Stern (husband is a huge fan, actually worked with him many years ago) and other talk personalities and talk stations.

If I get one, I want something that I can take with me (portable) as well as play in my home. We do not have a car (we live in NYC), so that isn't a concern now. It might be in several years, but we might just want a new player by then.

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oil filled heater problems

I have a Delonghi oil filled heater that I've had since October and we use it pretty regularly. In the past few weeks it's started to trip its safety switch and shut itself down, but after I unplug it, leave it alone (usually overnight since I'm about to go to bed anyway), and try it again in the morning, it works. Lately I've been having problems getting it to even come on when the ambient temperature is over a certain value (between 65 and 70), but I think that's a thermostat error on my part.

But right now my problem is that it's making loud popping sounds -- like grease popping, but not that rapid. I know it's normal for it to make that during first operation, but it's three months old and it's never done this before. There are no leaks that I can find, it's warming up like normal... but is this something I should be worried about?
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I was talking with someone a long time ago about European countries, and he mentioned one that has excellent schools but high taxes (though the taxes were, in his opinion, very much worth it). Does anyone happen to know which country he was talking about? I cannot for the life of me remember.

Also, I've tried googling but have come up with nothing. Is there some sort of test/quiz out there (a REAL one) that will match your personality or political and religious beliefs to the country that you'd be best suited for?

And finally, I'd really like to move to Europe. Which European country do you like the most, and why?
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I was wondering....

If I do the warm up part of Carmen Electra's Striptease Aerobics, which is just basic warmup and stretching, and leave right away for the gym is it nessecary to warm up again at the gym??

I was also wondering if anyone knows any sites (other than snapfish) where I can upload my digital pictures and get free prints for doing so?
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Is there a free downloadable programme that lets you rip DVD's onto your hard drive? So you can make music videos with them? I'm not really up-to-date with anything like this and I don't nessecarily need a "good" one just anything that would work!

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Someone said to me that they found someone else's whole criminal history on line very that possible? Is there like a website to go to for that? They didn't pay for the information and they supposedly did it from a library computer. I'm just skeptical.

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I'm thinking of getting a cellular card for my laptop (so I can connect to the internet from anywhere, even without wifi) and I'd like to know about how many kilobytes per second I can download. Thanks.

first time microwave user

If I microwave food in a dish that isn't 'microwave safe', will it break the microwave or just the dish? Is there a general rule for what can and can't go in a microwave? I'm guessing metal stuff wouldn't be too happy in there, but what else?
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Collapse )

2. What is your favourite song that was released this year? For me, it's probably Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens.

3. If you could create an awards show, what kinds of people would you recognize (actors, moviemakers, authors, musicians?), and what categories would you have?

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who helped my sister find books in my last post. She bought two, and has placed several more on reserve at the library, and thought that there was "too many good books, dangit"!
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If when you were a child, you asked your parents,

"How does Santa Claus get in our house since we don't have a chimney?"

what did they tell you?

Mine told me Santa had a magic key. I thought that was stupid since it wasn't in any books about Santa. I think I'll just tell mine that he's magical and he can walk through walls if he wants or something but he thinks sliding down chimneys is fun.
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smelly tape measure

I have a strange question, but hey, it's worth a shot. I have a tape measure (the floppy kind, like this but yellow) that I used to store in the tack room at the barn. It was in a box with some hoof packing, and now it has a strong, horrible odor (kind of like tar). Can you think of any ways that I might be able to get the smell out? I tried soaking it in soapy water, but that didn't do a thing. The smell is really strong, and I want to keep the tape measure with my knitting stuff, but not if it stinks. Thanks!

stupid question

i have a tombstone pizza in the oven, directly on the rack, to come out in about 10 minutes. i'm really short and the door will be in my way. how do i get it out without burning myself? how do i even get it off the rack? i don't even have something big enough to put it on except for the cardboard that came in the package.

edit: answered, thanks!


If you were shipping about 13 boxes across country which company would you use and why? Or which company would you NOT use and why? Would you insure the packages? Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL or another company I am not aware of.

Reason for question: I moving and shipping all my things then flying there.
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sorry, here's another santa question:

If you have kids, will you tell them Santa is real/play the whole fantasy out for them?

And why or why not?

On one hand, I think the whole magic thing is awesome to believe in when you are a kid. On the other hand, I'm really not a big fan of Santa honestly. On one hand, some people tell me how horrifed they were to learn their parents lied to them and its important not to lie, on the other hand, it certainly didn't scar me to find out and i was glad i'd had a chance to believe and all that.

I probably will tell my kids though, simply because i enjoyed believing in santa when i was a kid.

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Attention all people with dog knowledge.

We have an Australian Cattle Dog that is not able to be trusted in the house unattended while we are not home.

Several suggestions have been made and I wish to discuss if this idea is or is not a good one.

A suggestion was made to leave the dog in the garage while no one is home. The question is simply about IF or IF NOT the dog will be comfortable in the garage in all seasons.

We had a long debate over if the dog could be fine in the garage through winter, or summer. Some of us felt the dog would be tortured physically to have to endure the temperatures. Others felt the dog would be fine, because dogs are rugged.

Do you think it would be unhealthy to place the dog in the garage for several hours at a time, OR do you think the dog will be comfortable?


We are debating "how much can the dog endure"? We have several other options, so alternative suggestions are not the point of this post. Just a simple YES the dog will be fine, or NO the dog will suffer will be fine.

I am a big animal lover and am open to opinions on what dogs really can endure.

Thanks :-)
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So... have you gotten sick this year? When? With what? How long did it last?

I'm surprised I haven't because my mom, dad, sister, and coworkers have all had death colds over the last few months and I got a sore throat a couple times that I thought would turn into a cold but never did. ::knock on wood::


What's the best way to replace your electrolytes? My brother swears by pedialyte(sp?) but I'm just not so sure. And since running a 5k is one of my new years goals I'd like to know how to keep those things balanced.
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Hi there!

Would anyone happen to know of any mp3 resizing software? I used to use mp3 resizer, which was fabulous, but my trial expired and I can’t be bothered messing around with international money orders in order to get a registered copy so I’m looking for alternatives.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Question about social ettiquete..

My friends are all planning to go out clubbing for New Years eve. Most people would jump at the chance, but there are a few things making me reconsider.

- I'm a classic textbook introvert. A night of drinking and forced social interaction will really really drain me. Of course, this will lead to me sitting in a corner trying to be alone and people coming up to me and asking "Joey, what's wrong?" when there really isn't anything wrong, I just want to be alone.

- There are four people there who I would rather not be around. My ex best friend and his girlfriend, who have constantly tried to cause drama with me since they got together, another ex friend who royally fucked me over by getting with my then boyfriend behind my back, insisting there was nothing going on and then getting with him officially two days after we broke up, then going to Uni and cheating on him with half her campus. The fourth is my ex boyfriend who was not very nice to me at all. In fact, I have a restraining order against him, but I don't think I'm allowed to ask him to leave since he was invited.

- Both of these combined with my lack of self restraint means there WILL be harsh words, or even punches, exchanged between me and the four people up there. My friend Ross is much stronger than me and CAN hold me back if it comes to it, but I'd rather not do that, since it would put a damper on the night.

On the other hand, some really really great friends will be out with me, and I want to have some fun with them. However, I'm considering not going because of the potential for a great big fistfight with me in the middle.

What would you do in my situation?
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I was just watching the opening scenes in 'Chicago' and I was thinking:

am i the only one who is only semi impressed with renee zellweger in 'Chicago?'
I liked Catherine, but Bebe Newirth was better.

Bebe Newirth(Lilith from Frasier- who is really a great singer and dancer)played her part in the revival and did an amazing job. I wish she had gotten the job.

also-damn scientology for ruining travolta. he was supposed to be in this but did 'Battlefield Earth' instead.

Also,Richard Gere did not do any of his tap dancing scenes.
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My google-fu has failed me. I'm looking for a specific site that I had bookmarked a few years ago... it was a fish in a bowl and you could do various awful things to it (bomb, poison, etc.)*. Basically it was a weird sort of stress reliever. Does anyone know where I could find this site, or if it even still exists? If not, do you know any similar sites?

*Note that I do not condone abuse of real fish or any other pets. It's just a game.

More religion questions

1. Sexuality:
1a: Why do many religions forbid premarital sex?
1b: Why do many religions forbid homosexuality?
1c: Why do many religions forbid masturbation?

2. God's existence

2a: If some scientific thing proves 100% that there is NO God and there is no afterlife, do you think people will be shittier and be even more self serving or do you think people will for the most part stay nice and do good things for others because it "works and makes everyone's life easier?"

2b: If some scientific thing proves 100% that there IS a God and there is some kind of afterlife, do you think people will change their ways hoping that they won't go to hell?

And this one doesn't exactly have to do with religion, but it can:

3. Why do people get shitty for others for having sex? For example, those who do have sex had harsh words to say about Paris Hilton and Severina Vuckovic when their sex tapes were leaked on the internet. Is it because they were female that they were judged so harshly?

4. Why is the double standard there? Why are women seen as whores for even having sex with more than one person if at all and men are praised if they fuck the entire cheerleading squad and an entire all girls Catholic school?