December 28th, 2005

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maybe this has been asked in here already. and if this is the case then i apologise. i want to take my boyfriend to see "the chronicles of narnia" but he refuses because it might ruin the book for him. i went ahead and saw it without him. so my question is, considering i have only read the first book in grade school, is the movie as close to the book as it's going to get? thanks!

laptops are confusing.

i am shopping for a laptop. i have no fricking clue what i am doing. i read the specs for these machines and i have no clue what they mean. i want to be able to play the newest games on it and i want to be able to store lots of songs and stuff and of course, not be slow. i don't want a mac. i've briefly looked at toshibas and some alienware stuff but i really don't know what i'm doing. would anyone be able to give me some tips about this whole laptop purchasing business?
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Are there any good at-home exercises for the thighs and butt that are easy on the knees?

I've tried to do lunges and squats, but it's really painful. My knees almost always pop, at least. Plus, my entire family has a history of knee problems, so I don't want to do anything that's gonna screw me any sooner than necessary.


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finally, i am interested in buying a digital camera. i've never owned one before. i'm not strapped for cash, but i just want something simple- i'm devoted to film(before my slr stolen) but a digital camera seems all the more practical. i have no need for recording movies...i don't need a big memory card...i just want a simple digital camera that is durable and dependable.

not above $300. I prefer under $200. i also have a mac, and supposedly kodak easy share cameras might not be compatable with my mac in 2-3 years? this is clearly not my field.

any suggestions?
thanks in advance.
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holiday getaway

so me and my friends are looking to get away about two weeks into january, before school starts back up.
we are all college kids so we need:
-something real cheap
-something preferably warm
-something exciting that we would be worth it for kids in the 18-20 age gap

we live about an hour out of nyc, and are willing to drive or fly (both within reason.)

one friend suggested a cruise. i did a few when i was younger but if we did that, we'd definately need to find something that actually came with either activities we'd enjoy or even kids our age. most cruiseships cater to families, an older set and kids mainly and we are in that awkward limbo phase where we're caught in between. but cruises are very economical. and all-inclusive is key because we're real bad with unexpected fees we miscalculated.
(ps-i know some cruise lines don't allow guests without parents under the age of 21 or 25, so that's something to consider.)

anything reallyyy, minus only maybe la (hate that place), las vegas (ditto), seattle (within distance of school), dc (boring) and probably anything out of north america (time/money constraints.)

so questions--
-anyone have any ideas?
-where's the cheapest place to find tickets? (priceline, expedia, cheaptickets, etc.)
student universe is such a joke. it says it can get you to europe from new york under 200 dollars, and then this happens:
$198.00 + $202.00 taxes & fees = $400.00

thank you.
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I got a webcam for Christmas! So exciting to finally be able to turn one on for all the cute girls I get to see on their webcams when I find them on personals sites or just random incoming IMs I get from time to time. So I set it up and test it... and the shape of my face... changed? MURDER. DEATH. KILL. Or something...

I've always threatened to start alternating days of weightlifting and running and basketball or football. Three hours a day or so. Things like this tend to get me motivated to start... and then I never decide on a plan, never get started, and obviously never keep going. Has anyone ever gotten the same initial motivation and actually stuck with it? What do you do to keep yourself interested? To narrow the responses even more, has anyone started this when absolutely none of your friends exercise in any way at all? How did you make new friends to work out with? I'm sure I'm forgetting some questions in this line, so go ahead and answer anything else you might think is related.

Off chance that it will be useful... I'm 6'1, 230, bench around 250 still, curl around 60, run a 4.5 40-yard (the one thing that never seems to change), and I'm in decent enough shape to play any sport I want for two to three hours at a time.

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Is there a program that will let you design houses fairly easily, and then project an artist's rendering (or something like it) that you can see?

Basically, a complete design program, from the beginning blueprints all the way to the finished product. I can accept it if it doesn't have blueprints, but I would love to see the finished version of the house.

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1. Are a lot of restaurants going to be closed New Years DAY?

Me and my bf's 2 yr anniversary is the 1st of January, I wanted to take him to The Melting Pot for dinner and i just realized a lot of places might be closed.

2. Have you ever eaten at The Melting Pot? It's a fondue restaurant

3. Was it good? What did you have?

4. Did people dining there dress up?
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Anyone know how I could do a data extraction to pull just the "Current Music" entries out of a bunch of old posts?

That is: I'd like to make a list of all the songs I've listed in the "current music" field in my entries. is there a way to do that, with some automated technique? (I'm sure it exists, but if I've got that kind of knowledge or access is the issue)


Answered! thanks.
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if you answer phones at work...

I answer phones and so part of my job is listening to all the tricks sales people use to try and convince me that they should be connected to some one in the company (it's my job to make sure they don't). I've heard everything from guys pretending to be from our copier company (asking me to read the number of the copy machine meter) to people pretending they are from Microsoft. Sometimes they pretend to be a personal friend of the owner or manager even though they don't even know their direct line or how to pronounce their last name.

If you answer calls at work, what tricks have you heard sales people use to try and get get you to connect them to some one in the company?
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Imagine that you are the main manager for a company. You have two relatively new employees who were hired within the last few months so should have found their groove by now.

Employee number 1 is an incredible worker when he is there. He is the best with the clients, brings in the most money, and has the most requests to work with because he's just that awesome. BUT he often is up to an hour late for work, or doesn't show up at all and says that he didn't know he had to work that day and has plans so he can't come in.

Employee number 2 isn't that great at his job. He's not terribly bad at it, he just kinda skates by just for the sake of having a job. Clients don't care to work with this person because he is not that great at what he does. But he is always ten minutes early and always stays ten minutes late and is always the first to volunteer to come in on busy days.

If you had to let one of them go, which would you choose and why?

stupid ddr extreme question. hehe

In DDR Extreme, how do you quit on Endless Mode? I'm in workout mode also, so I'd like to save my "progress" if possible. Thanks :)

Edit: Sorry.. that was rude. Here are some more questions for everyone!

1. Have you played DDR before? If so, do you like it? (I haven't met anyone who played it and didn't like it, unless they just hated it because they suck at it. hehe)
2. If you've played different versions, what's your favorite? (Extreme, Ultramax, etc.)
3. Do you know anyone who's managed significant weight loss (mostly) from playing DDR?
4. Um... Do you like peanut butter?
5. What's the best air freshener to use on a smallish-sized living room? (The one I just bought, some plug-in thing, is WAY too strong for this room. I can't imagine using it somewhere like a bedroom.)
6. What's the best dark chocolate you've ever had?


I only wash my hair every second day. This is because I've heard washing it too much strips the natural oils and is generally bad for your hair, plus I'm much too lazy to wash and blow dry every single day.

Towards the end of the second day it starts to look oily and heavy, and loses the shape of my hairstyle. It doesn't look very nice.

Is there anything I can do to prevent my hair from getting oily?
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So, my computer's been running slow for the past while year since I've had it, and I've pretty much narrowed down the cause to the amount of media files (which really, isn't that much, two gigs at most when I don't have a movie downloaded) and The Sims 2. Why this is happening, I don't know. Whenever I play the game, it's really, really slow. So, I've decided I want to uninstall it, while keeping my families at the same time.

How do you back up families in the Sims 2? I just want to keep the families and their houses/neighbourhood data. Nothing else.
Alternatively, any suggestions for speeding it up? According to a nifty site I found, I don't have enough RAM to run it smoothly (enough to run it, not enough to run it optimally), so how would I go about freeing up some? (If that's possible, of course.)
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Question about Japanese culture/folklore...

I was watching Pom Poko, and I think I 'get it' for the most part, except for a few scenes or quips. One of them being when the old woman tanuki tells those that are gung-ho to go kill humans that she'll teach them one technique, but if they mess it up they'll be stuck like that for five days. When they ask what it is, she turns around and says "dead fox" while turning into a pale orange/dull white fox. Then it abruptly switches scenes. Why does she say this, and what is the significance of a dead fox (if the subtitles are translated correctly) in Japanese culture?
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1. I'm planning on going to NYC this summer for a week. It'll be my first time there. What are some things I should go do while I'm there, and what are some things I should avoid (either b/c they're overrated or just not worth the time)? Also, I'm wondering if I should take a day trip to NJ (and if so, where?), or should I wait until another vacation to do that since this will be my first time to NYC?

1b. Also, how much spending money should I take? How much does transportation cost (cabs, subway, etc.) if I need to go a longer distance than just a decent walking distance?

2. Anyone seen Vanilla Sky? Just saw it on tv the other night for the first time, and wanted to know what others thought of it. Collapse )
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motivation (or lack thereof)

How do you get motivated to clean?

My apartment is a pit. It isn't necessarily dirty, but very disorganized. I'm on a three week break from school, and I have barely done anything. I can't get motivated. I think some of the problem is I have undiagnosed (until January, that is) AD/HD and so organizing myself is hard, but I like to be organized. I get too distracted eaisily. I keep thinking of things I could do to reward myself for cleaning (read, watch TV, get online), but then I just do those things instead. If I have to work in the evening, I can hardly get motivated at all, because when I DO get going, I hate to stop in the middle of what I'm doing.

I've read stuff online, tips and such, but it's mostly geared towards people that live with others. I live by myself, and I'm honestly not home a lot.

I'll take pretty much any suggestions you may have...I know what I want to do...I just don't have the gumption.
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This is an abstract question but I'm having trouble wording it to not be literal.

Anyway, let's say you have to complete a task and you've only been provided an inappropriate tool to do it. How do you complete the task?

Collapse )
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I've had that little stomach bug thing going around, so I haven't eaten much of anything in the past few days. Now I'm hungry.

I want a ham and cheese hot pocket so bad. And I'm stranded here at home.

I have ham and cheese... what can I do that would come close?
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caffeinated candy?

  • is there any caffeinated candy that you know of? (other than that Jolt Gum, and penguin mints, that is)
  • Is it good?
  • is it easily acquired-- that is, can you get it at a regular store, rather than ordering from the 'net?
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    Let's say there is a small group of people who are going to split the cost of something. Some of the people are single and some are in couples. Do the couples get away with only paying one share? The answer is pretty obvious if they're splitting something like a check at a restaurant, but what about other situations like gift giving?

    For example, you've got person A, B, and C. Person B and C are in some sort of long-term relationship such that their finances are intertwined. If A, B, and C all decide to chip in on a gift for a mutual friend, is the cost split 2 ways or 3?
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    Point-and-click adventure game

    My sister and I are looking for one of those point-and-click puzzle games, sort of like Crimson Room. It deals with an alien on his little alien planet who is about to be hit by another planet or rock or whatever. So he gets into his ship and goes over to the other planet to divert its direction so that his home isn't destroyed. I found and played it with Mozilla's StumbleUpon once, but I can't remember the URL and this computer doesn't have Mozilla, let alone StumbleUpon. Google didn't turn anything up, but perhaps I'm not using the right key words (I used 'point and click' + 'puzzle' + 'game' + 'alien', and different variations of this). Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and hopefully have the URL? Thanks!
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    mp3 players anyone?

    Where can I find a mini SD card for my philips mp3 player? Walmart, where I got the thing, doesn't carry them, and Philips doesn't either!!! and I'd rather not spend a bunch of money for it.
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    1) Can you use a debit card online? I've heard people say you can, but I'm not sure.

    2) I've never seen the bill (or whatever it's called) for my debit card just because my mom always looks at it and it's under her name anyway, but when the bill comes, does it say where the purchase is from or does it just say the amount of money spent and amount of money left in the account?

    And to add a REAL question...

    3) Do you find that store brands are worse or the same than name brand items? What are some store brand items that are just as good as name brand items? What are some store brand items that are nothing like the name brand?

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    My DVD/CD RW drive on my laptop isn't recognizing a blank DVDRW when I put it in. When I try to burn something, it says to insert a disk. When I try to open the drive through My Computer it says there is nothing in there. It recognizes all other CD/DVDs. Any ideas on what's wrong or what I should do?

    Nielson Ratings

    Does anyone actually have one of those Nielson black boxes?

    What are other ways tv ratings are measured? I mean, how do they know if millions of people viewed a certain program?
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    We're watching the funny commercial show on TBS right now, and they just showed the Dr. Pepper commercial that uses the "I would do anything for love" song, so.. uh..

    What won't Meatloaf do for love? Besides share his Dr. Pepper, clearly.
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    These questions are inspired by psychics on Larry King tonight. Hope they haven't been asked recently...went back over several days' worth of posts.

    1. If you could, would you want to know the date and circumstances of your death?

    2. Do you believe that there are legit psychics out there? What about spirit guides and empaths?

    3. Do you believe that there are people that can communicate with the dead?

    4. Do you believe in ghosts or other spooky things?
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    Cell Phone

    I just got a new cell phone. It's an LG VX8100. Every place I've looked says it has a speakerphone. The instruction booklet included says nothing about a speakerphone.

    Could anyone familiar with an LG VX8100 tell me how to access the speakerphone? If it's important, I'm on Verizon Wireless.
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    Quick question in case anyone might know:

    I bought something on the 22nd that has a 10-day return policy, which will be the 1st of January.


    1. Are malls even open on New Year's Day?

    2. If not, can I return it the 2nd, after 11 days and it will still count since it wasn't open on the 1st?

    I can't return it before then because I'm wearing it the 31st, haha. Bad, I know...
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    Heart Rate Monitors

    I just got a heart rate monitor for Christmas...a Timex that goes around my chest.

    I'm wondering if you should feel anything while its working. I had it on for about 20 minutes tonight and I could have sworn I felt like electrical impulses.

    It's weird chest/heart kind of feel...strange is the only way to decribe it, and its been at least 60 minutes since I took it off. Is that normal?
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    strange questions today...

    Okay. I'm making a present for a friend, and I have a couple odd questions.

    I have two industrial-sized Hershey's syrup cans (with the syrup all out), one I want to make into a jewelry box (can? haha), and the other I'd like to fill with chocolate-scented candle wax and make it into a candle.

    So here are my two conundrums-

    I need to figure out how to put a clasp on the lid and can so that the top can open and close shut. But since the can is round, it's going to be hard to do. Is there a special clasp I can buy that would fit or can be fitted to something curved?

    Second, where can I find that much chocolate-scented wax? And does anyone know of any good websites that tell how to make a candle that big, and how to get the wax in there?

    Thanks- if I get any responses. Hehe.
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    I just made a voice post to my journal. Can I ask you guys - is it intelligible at all?

    Also, for anyone with a video iPod: have you watched video on it? What did you watch? Was it enjoyable? Was it worth the 1.99?
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