December 27th, 2005

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Is the public generally more accepting towards women who say that they are lesbians than towards men who say they are gay? Why?

Horrible wording, but hopefully you get the gidst?!

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I know y'all probably don't remember this, but I posted in a panic a while back about some help for a micro exam. Well I passed it and passed the class, so thanks sooo much for those who helped me out with some info. :)

Now onto my new question...I got Sims 2 University expansion pack for xmas and I'm having trouble installing it. After the main stuff was done, now it says "Please insert Sims 2 CD 4 to continue." I can't figure out what that is. I've inserted both university CDs, and the one I use to play regular Sims 2. The only other one I can think of to try is the installation CD for regular Sims 2, but I'm not sure where it is and I don't want to go through a major overhaul of my room to find it if that's not what it means, b/c I'm not sure why it would need that for this.

I've emailed tech support but they haven't gotten back to me, and their phone line is busy all day with the post-xmas rush of questions about games. And I can't shut down my computer till installation is done, so that's why I come to y'all, in case anyone here has this game or is good with computers in general.

Any ideas? Any tips are appreciated! I'm at a loss. (the site doesn't have an answer to my question, btw, I've already checked)
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Comic recomendations

I've been getting into comics lately and I'm looking for some suggestions as to what I should buy next. I like fantasy, especially dark fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. So far I've read V for Vendetta, JTHM, The Sandman, and Black Hole
Pam jazz hands by drumbeatdrops
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I just got a CD player that plays mp3 CDs because my old CD player was a worthless piece of ass. I thought my old one was an mp3 CD because it played them like one, and it came with a disc that installed a program that converted CDs into what I (kinda stupidly) thought were mp3 CDs. They acted and played just like mp3 CDs, but they were a different kind of file.

Since my last CD player, the POS, was a Sony Walkman I'm worried that the not-mp3 program installed spycrap into my comp that will make it impossible to create an mp3 CD on my computer.

My questions are this:

1. If Sony has indeed installed spycrap, what should I do?
2. Where do I find a good, free, CD to mp3 conversion program?
3. Should I take the new CD player back and just break down and plonk down the extra cash for an ipod or some other similar device?
4. If you answered yes to 4, what should I get? I have a PC, and I hear ipods sometimes give you problems on a Pc as they're geared toward Macs. What gives me the most bang per buck? What has the best customer service, reliability, price, etc?
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This is a question for glasses-wearers--not people who wear them to read or drive, but must pretty much wear them all the time in order to function...

Assuming you're at home/in a place where you could find your way around blindfolded, if you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or something, do you put your glasses on or not? Does putting your glasses on sort of signify "it's time to wake up now" to you? And if so, do you think that's more a mental thing or a signal your body has learned to recognize over the years?

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Help me with my grammar here:

Which is correct?
My family are vegetarians and I grew up with....


My family is vegetarians and I grew up with...

I think it is are but vacation causes my brain to rot.

The Receptionist Classic


I've been put in charge of coming up with the drink to toast the New Year with. The boyfriend and I are not fans of the traditional Champagne. Wine isn't up on the list either. I'm looking for ideas.

What do you like to toast the New Year with?


After I graduate from college, in about two years, I want to move to Canada, probably the Toronto area.
I am from the midwest US, and don't know anyone there, but will be visiting this summer.
What do I need to live there? How do I get paperwork done?
Can I just go buy a house or rent an apartment and live there or are things a lot more complicated?
I'm not sure if I want to pursue a graduate degree or not.
I know I have to live there for three years before becoming a resident.
Any information would be great.
Thanks in advance.
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1. I just found a website called Couch Surfing. There are loads of members all around the world that will "host" people who are travelling for free. I think this sounds like a great idea and a great way to make friends in other parts of the world, etc but of course it seems like there could be some safety risks (even though you can choose members who are verified).

Is this something you would ever consider while travelling? Why or why not?

2. It seems like most jobs require either a uniform or a dress code of "business casual". Are there any jobs that still require that you dress very professionally? The only one I can think of is lawyers off the top of my head.

3. Are ALL businesses in a mall required to have the hours of the mall? Even restaurants, salons, etc?
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Good piercers in NYC?

Does anyone know of an online directory with reviews, or a list of the good piercers in New York City?

When I got pierced in LA, I was helped by this great online listing I found that had comprehensive reviews of pretty much every piercer in the city. It helped me find a totally awesome place. I'm getting kind of weary of the place I've been going to (Cutting Edge) and having some problems there, so I'd like to switch, but I don't want to go just anywhere. I googled, but I can't seem to find any similar directory though :(

Alternately, anyone have any recommendations? I live in the Village but I can go pretty much wherever. I've heard good things about Triple X and Andromeda... any thoughts from the New Yorkers out there?

eta Nevermind, I got impatient and went to Andromeda. :D
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Pass it on.

When is somebody else's news appropriate to share with a third party?

For example, is it appropriate to tell your mom that youur friend from high school is engaged to her boyfriend?

But then, is it appropriate to tell your mom that another friend from high school is having a quickie marriage just so her friend can legally stay in the country?

Is it appropriate to tell one friend that an old friend (whom she has lost contact with but you've stayed in contact with) is expecting a baby with her husband of five years?

But then, is it appropriate to tell a friend that an old friend accidentally got pregnant and is not staying with the father?

Is it appropriate to tell a friend that another friend just got her masters degree in phsychology and now has a great job?

But is it appropriate to tell a friend that another friend dropped out of college and is now working at taco bell?

You don't have to answer those questions individually, but what I mean is it EVER appropriate to pass on somebody else's news? I mean, it's impractical to assume you can pass on your own news to every person you have ever known in your entire life... so of course news getting passed along can be a good thing. But is it only ok when it's good news?

What if it is bad news but you don't express any negative undertones when sharing the news?

What if it is considered good news by the first party but you do express negative undertones when sharing?

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Parents, single moms, nannies, babysitters... how do you calm down a screaming child? How do you stop the child from throwing over-the-top tantrums for NO REASON? Also, how do you teach a very grabby "mine!" child to stop grabbing everything in sight?
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What sort of obstacles are there to marrying someone to help them get a green card?
And if I married someone to help them get a green card, how much trouble could we get into if found out?
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Vegan favor

Can some vegans/vegetarians read over this post in my journal and shed some light on the many questions I've got there?

It's sort of a long post to stick directly here in TQC, even though it's mostly questions. I'd talk about it with my vegan cousin, but she's two states away, and her school schedule is opposite my work schedule >_<

If you're not interested in discussing it with me, can you recommend a good vegan comm I can post it in to get thoughts/discussions going?
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1.)If you had an invisiblity cloak, what would you use it to do?

2.)Do you watch cooking shows? What's your favorite cooking show and/or cook on TV? Do you hate any cooks on TV?

3.)Why do people name their ipods? For those who do, do you actually use the name in sentences? for example: "I love listening to fluffy"
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1. Do you go to a therapist/psychologist/someone of that nature?
1b. How long have you been going?

2. Do you hate it? What do you hate/why?

...Just curious. People I talk to always say they hate it. Personally I'd love to be able to talk to a professional (and am considering it).
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Movies to watch

I bit the bullet earlier this month and signed up for Blockbuster Movies Online. I did so mainly because I like the kind of movies that don't stay on the shelves very long - indie films, foreign films, documentaries, that sort of thing. Can you recommend some to add to my queue?

To give you a better idea of what sorts of films I like, here are some of the movies I've seen in the past few months:
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Shiny stuff

Mostly for the girls, cause... it's different for guys.

If you wear a necklace, how long is it. Is it just a chain or choker? Does it have a pendant? If it does have a pendant, how big? For those with multiple necklaces that they wear often, answer for which one you wear most often.
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Grrarrr! Printer help?

I'm about at my wit's end with this bloody machine.

I've been trying to fix my parents' printer while I'm home for the holidays, but so far no dice. It also seems to have a really bizarre problem, that looking in the printer manual or random Googling doesn't seem to have fixed. It is an HP LaserJet 3150 printer, on a computer running Windows 98.

My parents have dial-up Internet, with the 56k modem in the computer. However, their printer is a combo printer/fax/copier thing, so the telephone wire of the modem runs through the printer before ending up in the phone socket.

The printer "cannot be found" if I try and print any document, webpage, etc. from the computer. However, I can go into the printer configuration settings on the computer, and print a configuration report without any trouble.

In the Control Panel/Printers, the printer is greyed out and offline. However, it can make copies and send/receive faxes without a problem, as long as they are done through the machine itself, and not attempted through any computer interface.

I have no idea what the problem is. I thought it could be with the connection between the computer and the printer, but since it will print a configuration report request sent from the computer, it can't be that.

Can anyone help? Has anyone experienced anything like this? I've never seen anything like this before.
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What's a good remedy for when you feel hungry and nauseous at the same time?
I tried chicken noodle soup earlier but it made me feel sicker. The thought of eating makes me want to throw up but I'm so hungry that I'm miserable. I really don't think something like Pepto Bismol will help either. What can I do?
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how does Alcoholics Anonymous work?
I should probably be more specific- i was just about to go out for coffee with a friend, who has been in AA for some years now. All of the sudden, in mid-discussion, she jumped up and said she was sorry but she had to get to a meeting. She all but ran out the door.

Of course i'm not upset with her, but it left me curious. Does this mean she was having a big craving just now, and had to get to a meeting to deal with it? Are there AA meetings going on 24 hours a day for things like this? What if there was no meeting, would she just have to phone her sponsor?

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another question about corrective lenses! but i think some of this has been asked, once, a few months ago.

if you have glasses and contact lenses, which do you find work better, or are they equally good?

and do they have the same dioptric value?

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and, for fun, which do you think look better on your face? since getting new frames, i think i look about as good with contact lenses as i do with glasses, but i don't look like the same person. =P
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Roman Empire and Christianity History

Lately, I find I've been increasingly interested in a particular time/place/subject of history. I'm wondering if any readers of this may have ideas of books (fiction and non), movies, DVDs (again, fiction or documentary), to keep me occupied during this current obsession.

What I'm interested in is the Roman Empire and early Christianity. Specific topics include:

The rise of the Roman Empire
Everything relating to the Roman Empire from government to buildings to religion to daily life to food to wars to entertainment and so on
The naming of Christianity as an approved state religion (or sponsored state religion or whatever the status was that it was granted)
The splitting of the Roman Empire into 2
The fall of each of the Roman Empires
The post-Roman Empire vacuum that was created after the 2 kingdoms fell - i.e. what happened next? Dark ages and so forth

Basically, everything there is to know about the rise, the fall, and the effect of The Roman Empire, and every concievable thing in between.


Early Christianity - post Christ's Resurrection and Ascension
The early history of The Vatican - how did it come to hold the power of the Christian Church in most of Europe until the Protestant Reformation?
Eastern Orthodox Christianity - when the Roman Empire split, what was happening in Constantinople wrt Christianity?
History of the early Popes until the middle ages, what each pope did, etc
Beliefs and practices of Christians until the middle ages, and how beliefs and practices changed during that time
When did people converted to Christianity and what was their religion before that? And what did they bring to Christianity? For example, as far as I know, the Norse were among the last to convert. The beautiful Stave churches were their local contributions to Christianity. They may have been used as Christian worship houses, but their original purpose was possibly more related to their Heathen religion that they practiced before converting. Also interested in who was the first group to convert, what year, etc

Basically, everything that there possibly is to know about the Christian church from about 40AD to 1100AD.

So, what books, DVDs, etc would you recommend?

Highest ocean wave

Any physics and/or geoscience geeks out there in TQC-land?

I read about waves being 100 feet high in the sea during bad storms. I wonder what the biggest possible wave could be. Could it be higher than 100 feet 31 meters?
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This holiday season has got me interested in helping people, which was way overdue. I know that 'giving knows no season', so, I wanted to reach out and try to help others this upcoming year. So:

1) Does anyone have suggestions on where I could start? Are there some national organizations that always need volunteers or maybe some that frequently get overlooked?

2) Have you had good/bad experiences with certain groups?

I could just donate blood or clothes but it seems too passive for me. I want to really get my 'hands dirty'.
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Religious types

Why are they so often cruel and judgmental? So many of them seem to totally miss the point of their faiths and just cling to the dogma and use it to put each other down and be "holier than thou." They'll call each other names. They'll tattle on each other to clergy if the faith has clergy. They'll go into attack dog mode and do their best to make people feel like shit.

It makes me want to say to hell with organized religion and just totally do my own thing.
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I recently got a Collapse ) phone. I was wondering if anyone here owned this phone or knows anything about it. What ringtones are hte best to download? I know each phone handels different types of ringtones better then others. Thanks.

Camera indecision

I'm trying to decide between three cameras, price is not a factor.

Should I go for:

(a) the Nikon Coolpix S1, which is very compact & lightweight but doesn't have a viewfinder

(b) a Canon camera with a swivel-screen feature (so I can take pictures of myself and see them on the LCD screen while doing this) and a viewfinder, but is a bit heavier & bigger than I'd like

(c) the Nikon Coolpix P2, which is small but not super-small, and can send pictures to a computer within Wi-fi range (but I haven't been able to configure it successfully yet), but doesn't have a viewfinder or a swivel screen.

I've already purchased the Coolpix P2, but can exchange it easily, even though I've been using it. HOWEVER, I bought it in Chicago (I'm on vacation) and I live in California, and tomorrow is the last day I could exchange it, so I need to make a decision by tomorrow. :/

So which one do you think I should go with? Should I take the one I have back and go camera-shopping again once I go home, where I can take it back if I don't like it?

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This is something that came up in a discussion with my parents... do any of you know a MALE who has a pierced navel? Or have you at least heard of a male with a pierced navel? Because obviously tons of girls do that, but I've never heard of a guy with a pierced belly button!

ETA: Pictures are a plus ;)
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Tonight I should:

go to the local rock show/friends house (he leaves near where it's being held so I can go there if the show's dull)
see the The Chornicles of Narnia
watch episodes of That 70's Show
watch Fawlty Towers
go to bed early

Saw Narnia! Thanks for the help.