December 26th, 2005

lead me

ew. i just threw up in my mouth.

i've done this twice in the past half hour... just threw up a little bit. and it's so nasty, but now my throat burns like hell.

i'm eating crackers and drinking milk, and i took a pepcid. anything else i should do?

i apologize for being so gross.

did you get yourself anything for christmas?

i just ordered my christmas toy. :)
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Quick question:

Is it legal to send out a bunch of home-printed cards to friends and family that have a trademarked character or theme on them?

And if it's not technically legal, is it really a "big deal" if we do it anyway?

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I'm considering splurging on a massage, because my lower neck and shoulders have really been hurting lately. I've never had a massage before and I'm not sure what I kind I want or need. What is the difference between all of the different types of massage - Swedish, total body, deep tissue, and others? What would be the best for chronic muscle tension? Is there anything else I should know about getting a massage?

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Hmmm... my laptop can only go online for 5 minutes or so..
AIM, MSN, YAHOO messengers work fine, online games work fine, but web pages don't load.
They do, but only for 5 minutes and I have to reboot if I want to go to web pages again.

The problem occurs with wired / wireless connections. Windows firewall is on, but I put it off to see if it's the problem, and it's not. I have no other firewall. Well, there's the wireless router, but doesn't seem to affect my other laptop like this.

I've tried it on campus with wired and 3 wireless connections, and home with a wireless connections, and the problem keeps happening.
No spyware/viruses/trojans, don't ask about that. It's not that.

Any clue what might be going on?
If I set up a proxy, the net will work, but I don't have my friend's proxy anymore as he's gone to India and the server is down.

... help? :(

.. Like, after I wrote this post for the first time, the connection didn't work when I pressed "update journal"...

babies on the mind

I had another dream I was pregnant.

This is starting to freak me out.

What have you heard it means to dream this?
For the people that have been, how common was it to have dreams about it throughout the pregnancy?
Have you ever had a dream telling you that you were pregnant and then finding out you were?

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My sister got an Ipod for Christmas. I got a Creative. She has had nothing but problems with hers, and mine has been so easy to work with.

If you have an Ipod, why did you choose an Ipod and not anything else?
Did you have a hard time with your Ipod (formatting it, installing Itunes, ect)?
How long did yours last (if its broken)?
Do you wish you would have bought a different kind?

What would you do?

X-posted to my own journal:

This has been bugging me, so here's the brief rundown.....

I know some gossip about my friend Lisa's new fiance. I know that it is TRUE gossip because the person who told me wouldn't lie about something like this. It's bad stuff... I could see it potentially breaking them up or at least giving Lisa pause in her decision to marry him.

The other friend is a good friend through one of my best friends. Lisa and I, while we ran in some of the same social circles, were never really THAT close (she loved to gossip about me and my best friend Sam and I had to get in her face about it a few times to tell her to fuck off). I saw Lisa back in August at our friend Christine's wedding and she was really sweet. We had a nice conversation and I met her now-fiance there too.

So what do I do? Do I keep my mouth shut and not say a word to her? Because what happened could've been an honest mistake on his part. Maybe after that, he wised up and realized that he was being a jerk or something.....

Any and all advice would be nice.

And if I put myself in her shoes, I think I would want to know. But I don't want to start any drama and I don't want to betray my OTHER friends' trusts.
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All right. Indecision time.

Do I want to read Portrait of an Artist: A Biography of Georgia O'Keefe (Laurie Lisle); An American Tragedy (Theodore Dreiser) or The Death of David Debrizzi (Paul Micou)?
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I need to wipe off my harddrive, but I want to back up my files first. I'd like to burn them all to CDs, but my burning program isn't working so well. Is there a site that I can upload about 2 GB of files to? Especially .mp3 and .psp files?

Also, how do I go about clearing my computer off?
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(no subject)

1. What would be your ideal living circumstances (city, rural, suburb; description of what you'd like your house/apartment/condo/whatever to be, etc)?

2. What is your age and and how old are your friends? If there is a big age difference, just say the youngest and the oldest ages. Is there someone that you would consider "too young" or "too old" to hang out with, or does it just depend on the person?
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(no subject)

Is there a way to tell if something is real fur or not?

I have a white fur coat that was given to me as a present and I'm curious to see if its real fur or not but I can't find a tag on it and don't really know anything about fur.
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(no subject)

Do you guys think the bible based arguments about homosexuality were more or less the same ones that motivated(somewhat)the arguments about interracial interaction in the past?


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My son has an Egg, Wheat and Peanut allergy. So there are A LOT of foods he can't eat. Does anyone have any ideas for foods I can give him? He is only 8 months, but I was just wondering for later on. Anyone where who has those allergies?

Also, I'm going to ask her doctor about this one too, but Does anyone know if Rice Flour has anything to do with wheat? I don't think it does, but I know flour comes from wheat. Just wondering.

Edit: Thanks! Rice flour is a wheat substitute. So that's good. We'll see his doctor on the 29th and get more ideas then. My husband and I don't have any food allergies, so we're trying to get ourselves as prepared as we can. We're hoping he can grow out of it like the doctor said.
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So I got a gift card to Bath and Body Works for Christmas. I'm not really into this sort of thing since I just like simple bath stuff (bar soap and a washcloth are good enough) and don't use lotion (can't find any that aren't greasy or sticky feeling). So what other kinds of goodies can I get there besides their lip gloss? I haven't been to one of these stores in a couple years.
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I just bought a flat panel monitor, and when I first hooked it up, it didn't work at all "no signal" was displayed. So I tried to hook up my old monitor again and it then said the same thing. I unplugged everything, and put it back in, and still no signal. Then I waited awhile, and it finally loads windows, however, as soon as windows is fully loaded to new monitor cuts out. I was wondering if anyone knew what may be wrong. Thanks

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Can someone please help me? I've been searching google and can't find it. Does anyone either know where I can find some good step by step instructions for wrapping the lid and bottom of a gift box separately (where you can open the box and then put the lid back on and the wrapping stays in tact) or have instructions of your own? All I can find is hundreds of pages on how to wrap the whole thing and when I search with terms like lid, bottom, separately, etc I find things that just tell you to wrap it that way but no instructions.



A couple days ago, I had a collection agency call me AT WORK to try to get me to pay them.

Now, the charge is BS. They told me I owed $900 from a hospital visit at a certain hospital. Now, I did in fact stay at this hospital- but it was two years ago, when I was a minor. So they shouldn't be calling me to get me to pay it, right? And how did they find out where I worked in the first place? And is this legal? I've heard from some people that they aren't allowed to call you at work- that it's harassment, and I've heard from others that it is perfectly legal for them to do so.

So I talked to my mom about this, and she said that if it showed up on my credit report (which it hasn't yet) that I need to dispute it, and that I need to contact them to find out what's going on. However, I have no idea which collection agency it was. Is there any way I can find out?

Gah. I'm overly paranoid about my credit score. Both my mom and dad are in major debt, have horrible credit, and it's really hard for them. I currently have no credit, and I don't want to mess it up.
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tracking and media mail

I just made a sale on The last time I sent something media mail, it either got lost or the person I sent it to decided to be a meanie and filed a chargeback against me saying he didn't get it. To dispute a chargeback you have to have proof of delivery and I didn't have that, so I couldn't contest it.

So now I have to send this media mail, but I want to add tracking or some kind of delivery confirmation to it. Is that doable with media mail?

edit: is this what I'm looking for? all I have to do is add delivery confirmation...
don, ufc, mma, frye help

I'm pretty new to but ever since I got my new debit card I've made a couple orders on there. And I was wondering if anyone knows how I can clear my list of completed orders, or if that stays on there forever. Just curious, so thanks in advance.
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Good Vacuums

Does anyone have a Dyson vacuum? Are they really worth the high price tag? What are some other vacuums, if any, that you have found can stand up to dog hair and don't crap out after a short time?
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1. Do you have a favorite/lucky number?  Where did it come from?  Do you ever use it for anything or is it just kind of there for when little kids ask you?
2. Do you have an alterego/alias/fake name you use when subscribing to magazines you don't want to pay for, i.e. Phoebe Buffay from Friends = "Regina Phalange"?

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Has anyone ever used Upromise before? What did you think of it?

As it turns out, one of my student loans is serviced by the company that Upromise is partnered with that helps you pay off current loans.

I like the idea, but I dislike the idea of all my credit card infomation being at one more company.

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Are there any experiences with religion you had as a kid that really stuck with you?

The only one I can remember really well was getting a pamplet on God and Jesus, and it had this story of a little boy that was squirmy and restless in church, as most little boys are, and when he got out of church he ran into the parking lot and threw his Bible to his brother, who missed it. It fell on the ground and got scuffed. When they went home, they found his dog dead and he said that he realized that was his punishment for playing with the Bible.

To this day it makes me go o___o
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recovery disks and garter belts

I need to format a Toshiba Satellite 1135 Series notebook, but I'm missing a recovery disk. (the third) I have no idea what to do. I know some HPs will allow you to make an extra set. Does Toshiba have the same? Will I have to buy a new recovery disk? Where would I get one? I tried their site, but couldn't really find anything. Is there something else I can do entirely? I'm clueless ;_;

Also, is there a way to keep thinner garter belts from rolling?
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My sister is looking for a good "non-fiction documentary-ish" book. She's looking for something about politics or history (so long as it isn't exclusively Canadian politics or history), or food. It has to be relatively interesting for a 15-year-old, but doesn't necessarily need to be particularly easy to read. To give you an idea of her tastes, she likes books like Alias Grace, The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Count of Monte Cristo.

What book do you recommend for my sister?

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You know someone is stealing your son or daughter's money whenever they come to your house. You need to catch them in the act in order to tell their parents about it or else the parents will get highly defensive, thus ruining interpersonal relationships. How would you manage to catch them in the act? They have been doing this for over a year now and they have gotten very good at it.

Edit: the subject in question is not a little kid, she is 18

In a related question, how do you rig up an ordinary pc webcam so it can be used as a surveilance tool?