December 25th, 2005


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1. Is there any reason to buy a brand name ceramic knife over a "no name" one?

2. How/where can you download subtitle files for an anime movie that are separate from the movie itself? I've got some anime here that I can't understand.

ETA: I'm looking for the subtitles to Paranoia Agent.
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Virgin Mary.

These questions are going to make me sound so stupid so please be nice... I have zero Christian knowledge, heh.

If Mary and Joseph were married, why was she still a virgin?

And why did people so readily BELIEVE that she was a virgin when she was pregnant if she was already married?
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Question about Jewelry

Sooooo my wonderful darling boyfriend bought me a very sparkly present for Christmas but I'm a little confused. He was joking around about getting me something sparkly and saying how he didn't know what to get me and I tried to tell him he didn't have to buy me something sparkly but if he did... to make sure it was silver. All of my jewelry is silver. I don't wear gold.

He bought me a cubic zirconia tennis bracelet. It's very sparkly and very pretty. The little label in the box says "STER SILVER CZ" and it's stamped "925" but.... it's gold colored. What gives? I'm confused.

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Any ideas what's going on? It's very pretty but I'm afraid I wont wear it cause I wear 3 rings, a watch, another bracelet, and earrings that are all silver. I'm thinking of going back to the store and asking what's up.
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is it possible to have the lcd screens on digital cameras repaired, and how much would it cost? the screen on my camera (hp photosmart r607) cracked on the inside. the camera still takes pictures and works like normal, except for the screen. would getting it fixed be worth it, or should i look for a new camera?

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For those interested, I've got pictures of how the double bit ax wrapping worked out...
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And so it isn't question-less,

I found this at Starbucks, what is it called and do you have a recipe?

edit: It could be called the "Peppermint Brownie", but I've never heard of Andes chocolate candies being referred to as peppermint..

Merry Christmas y'all...

Where could I get a list of fonts included in Windows?

I have gathered loads of fonts from here and there, so now I don't remember which I had to start with. If you use a font online that other people don't have, obviously they won't see it...
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i just got a bitchin 7.1 speaker system for my computer for christmas and i might have a problem. is there any configuration that i need to do to make it go through all 7 satellite speakers? my music doesnt come through the 2 rear speakers. does the music have to have support for all the channels? i'll try a DVD and see if it works then.
i know that i could just try the customer support, but it's christmas, they're busy, and you guys are smart and fast.
any suggestions?
thanks and merry christmas.
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What did you give for Christmas this year?

I gave my brother a Pinnacle Studio USB-500, my other brother a gift cert to the local Army surplus store, my dad some headphones and mittens, and my mom a heavy-duty weedwacker. (Hey, it was on her list!) I also bought one of my LJ friends a book and donated to her favorite charity.


Does anyone know if there are USB wires to convert video camera footage to your computer for Hi8 cameras, or is it strictly a DV advantage?

If not, are there any other ways to get Hi8 footage onto a computer?
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wisdom teeth

For those of you who have your wisdom teeth or have already gotten them taken out:
How old were you when they came in?
How did you know they were in/about to come in? (Regular dental checkup? Pain?)
If you've had them taken out, what kind of procedure did you have? How long were you out of commission? Was it really that big of a deal?

I think a wisdom tooth is coming in and I'm a bit scared.
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any (good) cheap recipes?

A little backstory:
My boyfriend's the stereotypical 'living off of Ritz Crackers and old mustard packets' bachelor. I want to break into his apartment and a work week's (6 days) worth of dinners for him. The thing is, I don't have a lot of money. So, would anyone like to share some inexpensive meal ideas?

So far I've got eggplant parmesan, veggie stir-fry, broccoli/chicken ranch pitas, and bbq chicken pizza planned
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For those with iPods:

What's a good carrying case? I guarentee I will drop it, so I want something sturdy that will protect my baby, and looks good. I'm rather picky about style. I want something sleek if possible, and either dark/black colored. I have one of the new iPod videos.

Also, what's a good, fairly inexpensive FM transmitter for iPods?

And for general music fans:

I have a $25 gift card. What songs should I get? I have a truly ecclectic taste in music, so throw anything out there.
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yo. Got a digital camera for Christmas, and i'm wondering what everyone's experiences with photo hosting sites is like.

That is, what's your opinion of Flickr, Shutterbug, et cetera, when it comes to merely hosting photos online, and perhaps linking to them at times?


question regarding AIM

I had AIM, an old addition I am assuming on our older computer, recently acquired a newer PC and downloaded AIM triton or something like that? apparently this is the new version. well i dont have my profile anymore, it did have my screen name and buddy list but my away messages are gone too. Anyway to get those from the old addition? (my guess is no since the old computer is now upstairs and not hooked up to the internet) but i just thought id ask, and also is there anyway to just use my current screenname and download an older edition of AIM?

Happy Holidays:D
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If you could date one tv character, who would it be? (based on their personality playing that character and looks)

If you could date one tv actor (one that you hate the character they play but love them) who would it be?

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what is the psychology term that refers to the act of recognizing information that supports one's convictions while discarding information to the contrary? for example, if somebody who believes in astrology reads their daily horoscope, they'd likely make connections between the reading and their life and cite it's accuracy while ignoring any bits that may not correlate to their lives. i hope this makes sense, i remember the term from class and not being able to remember it is driving me crazy!

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I have a combination DVD-RW drive/CD drive in my laptop.

A few months ago the CD drive stopped working, but the DVD-RW drive still works. I can play DVDs but installation CDs and the like are simply not recognized by the drive.

Why is it that one part of the drive doesn't work but the other does? Is this a minor problem that can be easily fixed or am I screwed?